The Time Shifter Chapter 44


Saturday morning, my crotch was sore from the battering it sufferedthe previous night with Jeff. I also wondered how well he sleptfollowing the revelation that I was way underage.

At around noon, Kevin came over. We spent a couple of hours in mybed naked just fooling around. He got me really wet by having a goodold time sucking my nipples before I went down on him and extractedhis cum from his balls with my mouth. We dressed, I gave him hisguitar lesson and then we worked on him learning more of the GreenDay tune. "Hey baby," I began," "do you mind if I hang out with youand your friends at school?" I requested. "Sure babe," he tolerated. I kissed him for that. The time zipped by and he had to leave fordinner.

When he was over Sunday, I was super horny and romped on his cocklike it was the last one on earth. The thing was that when my ardorjust seemed to peak like that it was usually an indication that myperiod was about to arrive since it was due Monday and, sure enough,I felt the cramping in my third period class and went into thebathroom afterward to insert a pad in my panties.

After fourth period, I strode up somewhat hesitantly to Kevin andhis three buddies Larry, Trent and Jason. I gave him a hug and alittle kiss and then he introduced me. I hugged his friends and thenwe sat there eating and just screwing around. Kevin held my handalmost the entire time.

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   "Are you guys a couple? Larry inquired. "Notreally, but we are really good friends," I replied. When the bellrang, he walked me to my class and I kissed him goodbye. I told himI wanted to walk to his house with him after school. It ended upbeing the four of us and the other three parted from us when theygot to the block they all lived on. Kevin led me into his house andI was confronted with his mom. I wasn't expecting that since so manyfamilies have both parents working or it is headed up by a singlemother. She greeted me and wouldn't let me go into his bedroom withhim. So he fetched his guitar and I gave him a guitar lesson for thenext few hours. For an amp, he had a Fender Frontman, which was apretty crappy combo piece. He had to play quietly while his momwatched some daytime talk show.

"Misty, can I talk to you for a minute?" his mom asked. I went tosee what she wanted. "Aren't you a little old to be hanging aroundmy son?" she feared. "No, Mrs.

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   Baker. Kevin is actually three monthsolder than I am. "You sure are developed for your age," she remarkedjealously. "I'm not sure how to respond to that Mrs. Baker. It's notmy fault I look like I do. " "I didn't say it was, dear. I justwanted to make sure Kevin wasn't getting involved in something morethan he could handle. " "Okay Mrs. Baker," I blankly retorted, notsure how to react to that. I got up of the couch and drifted backover to Kevin. I can't say I was totally surprised at what she said,but it made me a little uptight.

We continued with the guitar lesson. I told Kevin what his mom said,which understandably embarrassed and annoyed him, while I watchedhim work on the final section of the Green Day tune and then had himtry to play it from the top. At 5:30, I went home and cut two moreYou Tube videos, both old Scorpions tracks,  "Pictured Life" and"Backstage Queen.

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When I came home from school Tuesday, I checked my You Tube messagesand there was an emal from someone purporting to represent a certainmedia conglomerate that also owned amusement parks and America'smost beloved sports cable channel saying that he had been watchingmy channel for a while and would like to talk with me and my parentsabout perhaps building a tv series around me. He urged me to callhim at a phone number. I didn't want to call him from home and riskgiving away my number, so I went to a pay phone and punched it in. Awoman picked up announcing that she was with the firm he claimed tobe a part of. I asked for the guy and she transferred my call.

"Hi Misty! How are you kiddo?" "Uh hi (Mister X). You said youwanted to speak with me about being in a show?" "That's right. Lookdarlin', I have another call I have to take. Why don't we meet overat the entrance to (a secondary part of their amusement park)Saturday and we can talk. " "With all due respect (Mr. X), I don'tknow if you're some sex trafficker or pedo. I'm not just going to gomeeting strange men who I have no idea who they are and I think youcan understand why. " "Yeah, I get you kid. Let me get this call andI'll get back to you. " "Okay," I assented.

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   I had a seat on thepavement while I waited for him to switch back over to me. Finally,he came back. "You still there Misty?" "Yeah. " "Sorry about that. We're just juggling a lot of projects right now. "I believe it," Igiggled. "So about the meeting. There is a group of offices on oneside of (the secondary amusement park). I'll leave your name and youand your folks can come up to one of the offices there. I usuallywork out of our L. A. office, but they're not open on the weekends. Since you're in the general vicinity of the park it's better if wemeet there. Can you be there around two?" "Yeah, that's no problem(Mr. X).

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   "Great!" "By the way (Mr. X), my parents both work onSaturdays and they can't be there, so I'll just be there myself. ""Whatever works," he recognized. "Okay (Mr. X), see you Saturday. ""Okay hon. Have fun!"

This was going to be good lulz. When Saturday came, I was dressed inwhite short shorts and a deeply scoop necked white tank top thatdisplayed my cleavage to an almost obscene extent plus a pair ofwhite heels. I called a cab and it dropped me off at the gate to theproperty he spoke of. I told someone at the box office that (Mr. X)was expecting me and I gave my name. She handed me a laminate andone of the employees escorted me to what passed for the officesthere. The receptionist sent me up to the office (Mr. X) was using. His door was open.

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"(Mr. X)? I tentatively guessed. "Misty? Holy shit! You lookamazing!" he blurted as he attempted to pad up to me to hug me. "Ithink I'll pass on the hug (Mr. X). Let's have a seat and tell mewhat you have to say," I asserted, knocking him off balance. He gaveme a weird look but nonetheless returned to his chair behind hisdesk of the moment. I smirked as he made his pitch. They werethinking about having me head up a program that chronicles thecompletely fictional adventures of an all girl rock band and thepersonal offstage lives of those characters. They hoped to find afemale guitar hero as well as a credible singer to be the focalpoint of it and thus that was why I was called. In other words, theywanted me to be a kind of Orianthi meets Miley Cyrus. They wouldhave a staff of songwriters provide the material used in the seriesand they would have us put out records featuring said tunes.

He asked me what I thought. I peered into his eyes intently. "(Mr.

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  X), don't interrupt me until I'm done because I have a counterproposal for you. What you're talking about is just lame. This isn't2007 anymore. You're going to need to do something that is morerelevant and hip to teens like me. Here is what I want to do: I wantto do songs that are like a cross between Death and Mercyful Fate. In other words, melodic death metal. In addition, I want to be ableto pick the musicians involved and we get to write all the songs. You will also front me $10 million and $1 million each to everymember of the band and we each get an equal share of 50% of thegross revenue the program generates . That would make your companyseem edgier and not such a kiddy venue and the group would have realmusical credibility while your past stars, including Miley, haveZERO street cred with musicians and the greatest share of my fellowteens. So there it is, take it or leave it," I declared. He wasgiving me "WTF?" looks.

"And let's face it (Mr. X)," I continued, "you can find a girl myage somewhere in the world who can play as well as I can, but youaren't  going to find one with the combination of my looks andability. Yeah, you could find some hot chick and give her a littlepreliminary guitar training and then have a studio guitarist overdubthe parts while she mimes to them, but it will look real fakey andeverybody will lose interest very quickly because of that. Also, ifyou let me play death metal on  your kids channel, your audiencewill grow beyond the usual eight and nine year olds who watch it toteens in junior high and high school who ordinarily would rathertake a bullet in the huevos than be caught watching  your stuff.

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  Hell, a lot of them may tune in just to jack off to watching me likethey did with Annette Funicello back in the 1960's. A biggeraudience means more advertising dollars and your shareholders willlike the bigger income generated. "

I knew there wasn't a chance in hell he would go for any of this. Iloved the fact, though, that he wasn't hearing my satirical pitchfrom one of the usual gaggle of agents and screenwriters, butsomeone who he thought was just a 14 year old easily manipulated andstarry eyed bimbo. I could tel he had been totally knocked off ofhis moorings. "Man, little girl, you have some real balls," heinterjected. "Yeah, I know. I see them in the mirror every morningafter I get out of the shower," I snarked, grabbing my boobs andgiving them a shake while I giggled. "Oh, so you're a comedian,too. " "No, just the hottest and most musically gifted girl you'regoing to talk to all year," I riposted. "So what'll it be, boy," Ichallenged coquettishly, "daytime death metal or the usual lame shityou guys have been producing since the 1950's?"

"You're something else, you know that?" he spluttered. "I know. If Iwasn't, you wouldn't have contacted me and asked me to come downhere," I parried. "Look dear, none of that shit is going to happenand you seem to be smart enough to know that. So how about you playball with us and we both get rich?' "Sorry, dude," I frowned.

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   "But Iwould rather be homeless than lame. " I stood up and walked outbefore he had a chance to kick me out.

As soon as I arrived home, I recounted the whole thing on You Tube,which was then picked up by all the gossip sites and celebrity asslick tv shows. My You Tube channel was bombarded with requests forinterviews, all of which I ignored. This also caused the companyinvolved a lot of public relations problems because the discussionbecame, "is that  brand showing its age and does its executive ranksneed new blood?," never mind that my counter proposal was justoutrageous. It became an opportunity for another media food fight. Some of my classmates insisted that I should have just taken theoffer and run with it, but others gave me big ups for essentiallytelling the conglomerate where to stick it through a littleperformance art. The show, btw, never got  off  the ground. It couldbe that I poisoned the well, so to speak, and kept it from doing so.

After a couple of weeks, the controversy, such as it was, died off. Kevin and I continued to fuck, play and hang out together. ForChristmas, I bought him a real Gibson Les Paul, a Marshall combo ampand a few stomp boxes plus a headphone amp that can run off thepedals, headphones for it and a powered pedal board to put theoutboard effects into. He was understandably blown away. I had toldhim to not bother to get me anything because I could basicallyafford anything I wanted and he didn't have any money other than thesmall allowance his parents gave him. That present not only turnedhim into a real guitar addict who played morning, noon and night,but after I gave him his lesson, we whiled away a lot of time  justlooking at guitar sites on  the net and catalogs together while Ilaid in his arms or reclined my head in his lap or he did in mine.

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   Ialso talked him into shaving his cock and balls so I wouldn't gethair in my mouth when I gave him a bj. We became so relaxed witheach other that he would just ask me to go down on him when hewanted head or I would ask him to fuck me because I was hot for agood drilling. I taught him how to relax so he could stave off hisorgasm and prolong my pleasure. He had also become a stellar pussyeater, even if I did have a hair trigger clit. I made sure that theother girls in my school knew about it, too. I did give him somewarning about what I was going to say about him in case he mightobject. We acted like boyfriend and girlfriend, walking hand in handto school together and then back home and he would often hold mewhile we talked to his friends during lunch. But it was stillunderstood that we could sleep with other people if we had thechance, though I impressed on him the vital nature of using condomswith them. I notified him that if he ever knocked anyone up or hegot a disease I would 86 him out of my life. I did, however, wonderif he spent so much time at my house not just for sex and playingmusic, but to either occupy my time or make other guys toouncomfortable to visit me.