The Ring


“Hold on a minute, you’ve been following me?” I spoke accusingly. “Yes Sir, in the wrong hands, this ring will bring nothing more than pain. I had to do some research before I declared the next barer of this … this truly magnificent gift. Please, do not fear me, I mean you no harm. I only wish to bring you satisfaction and happiness. Now please, place this ring on your right hand, third finger. ”He hands me the ring, I cautiously take it from his giving fingers. Upon placing it on my finger, it feels too loose. I start to remove it as it does not fit, then suddenly, I feel it adjust to the proper size, and I cannot remove it. I look at the man with confusion and a slight hint of panic, and I struggle to get the ring off, but it’s not budging. “Sir, please, it is no use trying to remove the ring, it will only free itself when it is ready. ”The shock of this happening is setting in, and I cannot say a word. I stand there dumb as the strange man walks away, leaving me with this ring attached to my finger indefinitely. After a moment of silence, I realize I am standing in the grocery store, looking like I’ve just seen a ghost. I quickly look around and find that I am now the center of attention, something I’ve never been too fond of. I abandon my shopping cart and walk hastily toward the stores front exit.

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   Once out of the store I run to my pickup and drive away. Soon, the embarrassment I feel over what just happened fades, and I start thinking about the man, and this ring. I recall what he said about never having to worry again, and I look at the ring. It’s nothing much really. It’s a solid white gold band, almost like a wedding band. Finishing the long drive home, I arrive at my house. It’s in the country, a nice little piece of land. I enjoy the isolation of my 30-acre property, that’s surrounded by vast farms and crop fields. I park my truck and walk inside, my wife greeting me at the front door. I give her and kiss and bid her hello, and walk past her. Down the hall and into my bedroom, I sit in the recliner I usually read in. I sit there dumbfounded for many minutes before I realize Elizabeth, my wife, just did something she has never done before. I’ve always kind of like the idea of the wife greeting the husband at the door with a kiss, I guess I was influenced by the unrealistic values of 50’s television. She has known my preference for this for the duration of our marriage, but until today, she has never indulged me. I decide to just blow it off, fearing that if I make a big spectacle about it, she’ll never do it again.

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   I gather my thoughts of today’s trip to the store, and I stuff them back and out of the way. Walking into the kitchen where my wife awaits, she shows her concern. “Are you ok dear? You seem upset over something. ”“I’m fine, just been thinking about some things. I wouldn’t worry about it though, just feels like one of those days. ”“Okay. Where are the groceries?” She asks after a short pause. Oh no, I didn’t get any groceries I thought. “I guess it must have slipped my mind honey, I’ll head to the store now. ”“Okay Kevin, be careful. ”I walked back out to the truck, and drove away to the store. I stopped at a closer store this time, we never shop there because it’s so expensive, but I’ll make an exception today. I sped through the store, collecting the items for the coming week. At the register, the cashier lady commented on my ring saying it was very nice; it’s not too much she said. I thanked her and then loaded my bags in the truck.


   Once home, the kids were there to help me carry the groceries in, and I didn’t even have to ask them. I usually have to chase them down and make them help, but not today. I chalked it up to just another stone in the road. I sat in the family room watching television, noticing how helpful the kids were being with their mother. I sat and pondered about what that man meant, what could this ring possibly do for me I thought. I was interrupted by the sounds of my 11-year-old son yelling in pain. I jumped up and went into the kitchen; he had set his hand down on the cook top. The burner was on high; Elizabeth was draining some grease from the meat she was browning. Alex was in so much pain; his hand was already blistering and was as red as fire. I placed his hand under the faucet allowing cold water to trickle over the wound. It broke my heart to see him hurting like that; I wished the pain would go away. Just as that very thought passed through my mind, he stopped crying. I looked at his hand, and it was still slightly red, but no longer was it blistered. He had experienced weeks of healing in a matter of seconds. He began complaining that the water was cold, and then he jerked his hand lightly away.

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   I stared at him in amazement as he ran out of the kitchen smiling, as though nothing had happened. The rest of the night was a battle for me; I couldn’t stop thinking about it all, none of it made any sense. I lay in bed that night, still thinking about it. Repeating in my head all the events of the day, all the words the strange man spoke, but the answers I sought were elusive. The next morning, I awoke feeling relaxed and refreshed, like I had the best sleep of my life in that night. I arrived at work right on time, 7 a. m. on the dot. I put yesterday behind me as I worked. I needed my wits today. It was a big day. I’m the general manager at a new and used Ford dealership, today was the unveiling of the new sale, and the new years inventory. All the cars and trucks were ready to go, the signs were all up, and everyone knew what to do. Nine a. m.

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   rolled around and the doors opened. We were flooded with business for the first few hours; it was chaos during that time. It started to simmer a bit around lunch, as it always did, and that gave me time to take a walk around the lot. I like keeping an eye on everything; I like making sure all the vehicles are in tip top shape for sale. While in the back of the lot, where we keep our stock, I found my sales manager. We started talking, having our daily discussion about the others in the office. We both commented everyday on the attire of the ladies in the office, who was wearing what, and what could be seen under or through it. We are both happily married middle-aged men, though we fit the description of dirty old men better than any other. We shot the shit for about 20 minutes, ending on what we thought of Sherri, the new girl, today is her first day. She is an attractive blonde with a small stance, which leaves parts of her body unbalanced and very noticeable. I’d guess she’s about 5’5, around 100 lbs, and that made her chest seem excessively big for her body. Her tits could be described as large, ripe cantaloupes that bounce with every step. She wore a sleeveless top that, from the right angle, left a nice view of her black lace bra, cupping those marvelous breasts. Her matching skirt left little to the imagination, showing off her long, smooth legs that glowed with a golden tan. We both remarked about how we’d like to bend her over a desk and show her whose boss.

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  I said I wished for once, that an attractive girl like her would believe in fucking her way up the ladder. We made the long walk back to the front entrance, then back to our own offices. I passed Sherri along the way, and I stopped and asked her how her first day was going. She responded saying that it was really nice and that she was glad she applied for the job. She then thanked me for hiring her, and giving her a chance. She had no sales experience at all, but I’m a firm believer in at least hearing everyone out, so I called her in for an interview. She was so hott, I gave her the job despite her lack of sales experience. I told her that if she had any questions, she could come to me anytime, that my door was always open for her, and I walked to my office. I did some paper work on some of the new sales, and I had just finished a big stack of papers when I heard a knock at the door. I stood and walked to the door, opening it I found Sherri standing there, her smile as bright as the sun. I welcomed her in to have a seat, and I watched her every move as she did so. “Brrr, it’s cold in here. ” She commented while wrapping her arms around herself and rubbing her hands up and down her upper arms. “Yeah, I’m not too fond of the heat when I’m working. These suites are pretty warm, can you handle it, or should I turn the air conditioner off for a bit?”“It’s fine, I’m getting used to it.

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  ”“So, what can I do for you young lady?”“Well, I wanted to ask you about the dress code here. I haven’t heard any complaints yet, but I know what I’m wearing is a bit on the short and skimpy side, what do you think?” She asked. “I think it’s fine, it never hurts to have a little skin showing around the lot, helps to sell cars. ” I responded half joking, half serious. “Great, I hate being bound by all these clothes, so the little I can wear, the better. I usually go bare whenever I can, I like the breeze. ” She declared with a provocative look in her eye. Oh my God, I thought, was she actually telling me this? I must surely be dreaming. “Bare huh? Well feel free. ” I tried to test the waters, sensing a sexual tone in her voice. She then stood up and walked over to the blinds, closing them, so nobody could see inside my office. My eyes grew wide as she turned after a brief pause. Her top was open and she was showing me her bra clad breasts and the sexiest tummy I’d ever seen. It was flat, tanned, smooth, and she had the subtlest hint of a six-pack. It hit me, it suddenly all made sense to me now.

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   Every time I say I wish for something to happen, it does. Everything I’ve always wanted, I have and can have. She walked towards me, my cock jumped in my trousers. It was like her top was caught on something behind her, as she moved forward, the top stayed put, slowly sliding off her beautiful shoulders. The bra was next, and it followed in the same motion as the top. It was a front clasp bra, and it seemed to burst open with the tiniest flick of her fingers. Her melons were like those of a very well endowed 16-year-old girl, perky, teardrop shaped boobs that didn’t swing, and they didn’t bounce anymore. The weight of them held them down, the firm flesh jutting out at me. This dream was getting ever better; she now stood in front of me, holding her supple globes only a foot away from my face as I sat on the edge of the desk. She reached behind her and unzipped the skirt; it stayed in place though, hugging her round hips. She wiggled a bit and the skirt began falling, pulling my jaw with it. She was wearing nothing underneath her skirt. I followed the waist of her skirt as it fell down her stomach, revealing first the belly button, then the trail of soft flesh leading down to the traditional porn star strip of fur serving as the icing on the cake of her womanhood. It was trimmed neatly, forming an arrow of sorts pointing right to the honey pot, the source of her sweetest pleasure. There before me stood the most incredible body I’d ever seen, and it was being presented to me.

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   She hopped slightly and smiled, as I looked her over. I couldn’t do this though, I’m a happily married man, and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that in any way. “Sherri, I can’t do this, it wouldn’t be right. If I have sex with you, I’ll never forgive myself. ”“Please Kevin. ” She begged. “I just want to show you how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me here. Let me show you, we don’t have to have sex, not really. ”Intrigued by this I indulge her, “Well then what do you have in mind?”She didn’t answer, she just tilted her head to one side and smiled. She knelt down between my legs and placed both of her hands over my now throbbing hard on. She massaged her hands up and down the length of it through my trousers, squeezing and stroking. Next, she unsnapped and unzipped my pants, setting my bare cock free from the confines of my pants. I wasn’t wearing any underwear either. She tugged at them, so I rose a little, allowing her to slide them down my legs. She stopped at my ankles, and just left them there.

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   She glided her hands up the insides of my legs, tickling the hairs. Her hands reached my groin and cupped my balls. She rolled them around in her hands, feeling the skin loosen from her warm and gentle touch. She released her grip with one hand and reattached it to my shaft, my dick twitching as she squeezed. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and placed the tip of her thumb directly on the tube running the length of my manhood. She slid her hand up slowly, applying pressure and forcing my precum up the tube, and out of the little hole at the top of her stroke. She again smiled when she saw the clear fluid spurt from the hole. She stuck her long, pink tongue out, and greedily licked up the escaping juice. She licked her lips and went back for more. My cock was so hard now that I could feel it swelling from the blood rushing, my veins were bulging, and it felt like the skin was going to rip it was swelling so much. She trailed her tongue up and down my member a few times. She then rounded the top and nestled her lips over the head. She started sucking hard, allowing her teeth to make the gentlest of contact with the glands. Her tongue probed the hole, looking for more precum, which she soon got. My cock contracted and oozed another dose into her wanting mouth.


  She looked up at me with those big, beautiful green eyes; I gave in right there. I didn’t care what happened, as long as it happened. She dove down over my cock, forcing all 8 inches into her mouth, and eventually her throat. I could feel the tight quarters between her tonsils as my head broke the plane. She held it there for a few seconds, almost humming while she sucked, making her throat contract around my engorged member. I decide to test the power, and said in my head that I wished I could hold back for an hour. I knew I was about to cum, so if it was going to work, it would only be another minute and I’d know. She pulled me out of her throat, and slid her lips back up the shaft, stopping just before she reached the sensitive ring around the head. It was only a brief stop before she plunged herself back down again. That was the motion that she continued. She went all the way down, forcing me into her throat, where she just bobbed up and down a little for about 30 seconds, then she would come back up for a breath of air before heading back down again. It was working, 15 minutes into it and I still hadn’t cum. This was the best blowjob I’d ever had and I was making her think she was doing something wrong, awesome. Wait, she thinks she’s doing something wrong. “Oh yeah baby, that feels so good.

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  ” I moaned for encouragement. “Don’t stop, just like that, show your boss how much you appreciate him, oh yeah. ”It worked, she kept going. After about 30 minutes, she was obviously getting impatient with me, and she started impaling herself with my dick harder and harder. Another 15 minutes gone and she was still going strong. It felt like I should have cum a hundred times by now, but I wasn’t. It was like I was able to drag my orgasm out for long periods, without actually cumming. It only got better when she started using both hands to massage my balls while she showed her smutty self to me. 5 minutes to go and I could hear the traffic pick up outside the office, I was growing nervous that someone would knock on the door, or worse yet, walk right in. The door was unlocked and my sales manager often came in at will. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, I smirked to myself. Oh my God, I could feel it coming. Holding back for so long was starting to take its toll on me. My balls hurt from the pressure, I had to release now, but I still had another 4 minutes left. I thought to myself that I wanted to cum now.

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   Before I could finish the thought, she slid her head down after a breath and just barely had I entered her throat again. My cock jumped with fury as I felt the first of many hot jets of cum fire into her throat. It caught her by surprise as she started gagging. She didn’t pull me out though, not yet. I was light headed and I swear I saw stars falling around me as I filled her throat with my spunky love cream. This cum was lasting a long time, longer than ever before. I reached down and pulled her head back; I wanted her to taste the nut juice she fought so hard for. The next shot landed right on her tongue, she moaned through my dick, sending a vibration through it. The vibration excited me more and she could tell, she started humming again while she slid her tongue around my cock. I felt that she had had enough, so I pulled her head back again, pulling my dick free from her clinching lips. I started shooting the rest of my load on her beautiful, makeup covered face. I squirted in her nose, on her eyes, lips, cheeks. There wasn’t a clean spot on her face when I was finished, and when I was, she took care of that. She started licking her tongue as far around her mouth as she could reach, trying to get what I wouldn’t let her have. This sassy little girl was a cum slut.


   She wiped up the jism with her fingers, scooping it into her mouth. Before she had a chance to speak, I said to myself that I didn’t want her to want a thing from this, just the satisfaction of knowing she gave her boss an excellent blowjob. When she did speak, all she said was thank you, and then she dressed and left, giving me a kiss on the way out. I pulled my pants back on and walked out on the showroom floor, feeling like a new man. The rest of the day at work was utterly boring. I couldn’t wait to get out of there, and when I did, I took one of the brand new Mustangs home, instead of my truck. The whole ride home my mind was racing with the possibilities of this gift. I could do anything I wanted, anytime I wanted, I was truly free. When I got home, my wife again greeted me at the door. The kids again were very helpful making dinner. I didn’t watch the television while they worked as I usually did; instead, I watched them, slaving away to make my dinner. I watched my two teenage daughters run this way and that way, getting pots and pans and various cooking utensils. My eldest child, Amanda, had just turned 15, and she was a stunning recreation of her mother. Already standing 5’8 tall, she carried with her a healthy 34 C bust, her tits even more astounding than Sherri’s. They looked to be rock hard, they never moved more than a quarter inch or so, but they were oh so soft.

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   Her height was mostly in her legs; they went on for days. Every part of her body was well matched with every other part. Her ass was young, and firm and round. The sun dress she had on was constantly creeping up into the crevice between her cheeks, giving me a nice clothed view of her ample buttocks. Then there was my youngest daughter, Samantha, or Sam for short. She is 13, going on 14 in two weeks. Her body was almost identical to her sisters. She was wearing her soccer shorts though, and I could easily see her panty line through the thin material. The pattern of her panties was even visible. She wore white cotton panties with a small floral design. Looking at these two, I didn’t realize how excited I was. I suddenly felt the pain in my crotch; I was at full attention and ready to fire. I calmly stood up and walked down the long hallway to our master bathroom, locking the door behind me. I dropped my pants in a hurry and began jerking off, I couldn’t see anything in my head but my daughters, and it sent me over the edge rapidly. My legs were so shaky; I just leaned against the counter for a few minutes.

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   Once I felt stable enough, I walked back out into the family room, and sat back down. Only 5 minutes later and I heard them calling for dinner. All through dinner I couldn’t help but stare at my daughters eating, the way their lips moved around, just sent shivers up my spine, I had to have them. I had always had incestuous thoughts about my family, but they were always over ridden by the though of what could happen. Most kids are really screwed up by that kind of thing. I couldn’t bare the thought of putting my baby girls through that, so it always remained a thought. Tonight however, things changed. I knew I could have my way with them. I knew I could either make them totally okay with it, or make them forget it happened. With this ring, I can do anything. To Be Continued?This is my first attempt at a supernatural story. Be gentle. .
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