The Goddesses of Sex - part 3: Leslie


Minutes later, I lay still with Ashley atop me, my penis still penetrated up her asshole. She breathed heavily, her head still rotated all the way around to her back where she had kissed me repeatedly, refueling my vigor after every orgasm … she, of course, one of the incredible Goddesses of Sex, never ran out of sexual energy.

But now I was spent, again, after multiple climaxes along with her … I felt my penis unstiffening even within her ass, and her hole didn’t seem as tight.

Ashley kept breathing, and I moved slightly, sliding under her back, greased with sweat and maybe more chocolate. “Mmm … you done?” she asked.

“I think so. Finally. ”

Her head turned around without sound and she bent her knees to get up, and my penis slipped out of her asshole, dripping the brown syrup. It coated her brown cheeks and my pubic hair, wet, sticky, a mess. Now, with my energy gone, it especially looked a mess.

Ashley turned around and bent lower, her long black hair behind her, her large brown breasts dangling below her neck. Her vagina, small and red, also slick with chocolate … minutes before, while sucking and fucking her otherworldly ass, I had hardly even noticed anything up her front.

“Looks like you need cleaning up,” Ashley said.

“You too. ” So weak. “But you’ve got your magic, or whatever … you can do it instantly, right?”


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  â€ She knelt straighter and her pussy dripped a chocolate glob, then she reached behind her back with both arms, grasped her ass cheeks and pulled to the sides, then let go — slap from back there.

I watched stunned as the chocolate goo lifted itself from my groin, tickling the hairs, molding with the syrup on my penis and coalescing in midair, floating as if in space … and then I saw the syrup cleaning itself off Ashley’s legs and pussy, wrinkling in the air. Then the blob of chocolate over me finishing sucking itself off and narrowed into a stream, shot over toward her blob … then all of it slipped down between her legs and Ashley bent her vagina forward, moaning slightly … “Ooo …” gurgling, slurping from back there, like water through pipes … she was sucking it back up her ass.

Damn. What a turn-on … if there was any possibility I would ever be turned on again.

With her slender, angular face still alive with that smile, Ashley turned and slipped off the bed, bent over to the floor and began picking up her clothes — black bra top and tight black jeans. She slipped the bra over her head, then leaned over and picked up something else — a thin scrap of purple fabric — and held it up, staring at me mischievously. “Oh, look what you did. You broke my thong. ”

I smiled, feeling as if I would go to sleep at any moment. “Just fix it …”

Ashley held it to her mouth and blew on it — and it twitched. She moved her arms down, sticking one long leg into the thong … repaired, instantly. I wasn’t surprised. Nothing surprised me anymore.

Earlier, Melinda had magically dressed me, but I figured I might as well do it myself this time — I had to get my energy back.

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   Melinda had also refueled me, after our “session” … with her magical kiss. Ashley might do the same, although it seemed impossible now.

No matter. I got off the bed, found my clothes, and started getting dressed. Ashley was sliding one leg down into her jeans, then struggling a little, fitting the waist around her bulging ass cheeks. I put on my underwear, then shorts, then belt, then t-shirt … leave the shoes and socks. Ashley had stripped herself fast without having to worry about those.

Now she was redressed, and she stood there, waiting for me. “Ready for some more?” she asked.

I smiled as I sat down on the bed. “You know I’m wasted now. Help me. ”

“That’s because you’re mortal. ” Ashley grinned and reached down to my hand, pulled me off the bed. Standing next to her I could see right down her bra top, her incredible curves inside … but it seemed like no big deal.

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She walked before me to the door, her huge, firm ass weaving under her shorts — and it didn’t seem all that sexy. Nothing did.

She would have to correct that soon …

At the door Ashley twisted around, then her arms wrapped around my waist and her beautiful face tilted up … yes … and I bent down, my eyes open, hers closed. Our lips touched and she pressed close, shifting her head from side to side as we kissed, hard, wet. And I felt the strength return. Physical. Sexual.

I mumbled around her lips, “Oh my god. ”

She let go and pulled back. “Does that do it?”

“Mm-hmm. ” And I stared down at her chest. “And you are incredible. ”

Her eyes sparkled. “Do you want more, or would you like to go out and try someone else?”

She was so sexy. For a moment I pictured picking her up, taking her back to the bed and re-stripping her, ripping her thong off again and sucking the chocolate out of her ass.

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   And yet … “No offense. But yeah, I’ll try someone else. ”

“That’s what we’re here for. ” Ashley opened the door to the larger room outside. “Don’t worry about offending anyone … but if you want to bed my ass again, anytime, let me know. ” She looked back and grinned. “For now, I’ve got nothing else to do but watch the game. ”

“Absolutely …”

The game was football, on the big-screen TV, and four of the girls were on the chairs and couches pointed toward it. Melinda, the Mouth, in her shorts and cream-colored sweater, and her incredible, elastic mouth was fully closed now, looking its right size. The slender-legged Asian girl in the bathrobe sat beside her — she had introduced herself as Sashiko, who would swim underwater while having sex, or something.

Ashley and I were there and she took her own chair and leaned back, fully reclining.

On the other couch was the girl in the tight black leather-like bodysuit, who had been here when I had arrived with the others. Courtney Clone, she had said. Anybody you’ve ever taken a second look at … I probe your memory and then I assume her characteristics: body, clothes, voice, memory, even setting. … I become someone else, and give you an experience.

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But next to her was someone else, an amazingly petite and young someone else — so young, that even with my restored vigor, I was afraid to try this. Was it even right?

She had given her name in the car. Leslie Little. Her slender face was framed with a mass of long, straight blond hair, now turned toward the TV screen.

Then Leslie noticed me looking. She grinned wide in my direction. “You’re done with Ashley?”

“Um. Yeah. ”

Leslie’s eyes narrowed, sultry and teasing. “You enjoyed her ass, didn’t you?”

Well, no secrets here. “Uh-huh. ”

“You can have my ass next. And everything else. ” Her eyes squinted and she leaned forward. “Wouldn’t you like to come play with me?”

In the car, she had teased me to pinch her.

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   Instead I had touched her leg, far above her knee — and she had taken my hand and slid it up underneath her thigh-length denim skirt, with the frayed edges. My hand. Up her skirt. Between her legs, so soft.

The other girls looked in their mid-20s. But Leslie … so young!

My heartbeat raced.

“How old are you?” I asked.

Leslie leaned back, assuming a sultry gaze with her blue-green-shadowed eyes. Courtney, next to her, wasn’t even watching. “Eighteen,” Leslie said. “But I know I look fourteen to you. ”

No way. I can’t do this.

Slowly I shook my head, but my pulsing blood told me otherwise. Imagine her, naked.

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“But I’m a goddess.

” Leslie stood and stretched, her pink top tightening against her breasts. “Fourteen. I am 14 only by human standards. What do you even know about the goddesses?” Now she stepped forward, swaying her hips and now moving her hands across her chest, then to her sides, tracing her curves. She stopped before me with her breasts inches from my stomach. “We’re not subject to any kind of rules here, even physics. You’ve seen that already. ”

So sexy. So beautiful.

Leslie broke my silence. “You want me. I know you do. ”

Now Courtney looked up and locked eyes with me. “She can only be herself, Seth.

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   I can be anyone. ”

I swallowed as I stared. Courtney was older. And even more magical. And with what she said she could do …

Then I looked down to Leslie’s young, gorgeous face. “Take me, Seth. ” Her lips pursed, moist and soft. “Please. I know you’ll like me. ”

Imagine her. Naked.

Leslie’s hands dropped to her skirt. She bent down the waist edge, revealing the top band of her white lace panties.

I had to have her. “Okay.

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Her face came alive and she squealed, jumped once, then slid around the couch, bare feet on the floor. I came after her and she went to another door, in the other wall — a smaller, thinner door. She turned the handle and it swung in, and I followed her in.

Leslie was behind me, and she closed the door. “My bedroom,” she said. It was very small, with a single pink-quilted bed, surrounded by bare, pale yellow walls that allowed about two feet of space to all sides. “It isn’t very big. It’s just petite and beautiful, like me. ”

My breath caught in my throat. “You are,” I said.

“Oooooo,” Leslie cooed. “You really think I’m pretty?”

“Absolutely. ”

Now she fell silent, and smiled sweetly at me. Then her eyes narrowed. Her face took on the expression of a seductress.

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“Stare at me,” Leslie said. “Don’t be nervous. I want you to see every bit of my young body. ”

So I stared. Without saying a word.

Leslie was slender. Petite. Her delectable curves were outlined clearly under her pink, tank-top-like shirt and denim skirt. Her shirt’s neckline curved only half an inch above her ample breasts — they were large and round, tight under the thin fabric. The shirt’s bottom edge fell several inches above her waistline, revealing her trim midriff and deep navel. Her shapely hips rounded to the sides of her short skirt. Its ragged bottom edge ended just below her thighs and revealed bare, slender legs underneath. Bare feet.

Her face. Young and smooth, with blond hair almost to her shoulders, and blue eyes.



I just stared.

“You’re beautiful,” I said.

Leslie smiled, her eyes turned downward. Almost shyly.

“You’re melting my heart,” she said, and then looked up. “And now. Wouldn’t you like to feel my heart?”

I swallowed. My mouth was dry. “Uh-huh. ”

Leslie reached forward and took my hand. Her touch lingered.

She pressed my fingers to her neck. Warm skin.

Her breasts were only inches away. Leslie’s lips parted, widened her smile.

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   Shining, white teeth under moist lips.

“Come on down,” Leslie said. “Under my shirt. ”

Gently Leslie pushed my hand down. Under her tank top. My god. And over her bra and left breast. Warmth. Soft flesh, under thin lace fabric.

I did feel her heart beating. My own was thrashing wildly.

Leslie spoke in a near-whisper, “Touch my skin. Feel me. ”

My fingers moved up and then under her bra cup. And my hand clasped around Leslie’s boob.

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   Soft, round. Her nipple hardened, pointed and hot against my palm, and her other breast was also excited — I could tell even though her pink shirt and bra.

I stared at her upturned face, my hand not moving, just absorbing the warmth. Her shadowed eyelashes fluttered as her green eyes slid upward, staring at me, her mouth barely open.

My fingers wriggled over her breast. Beneath — I felt my penis bulging ever harder.

“Oh, yessss,” Leslie purred. “Squeeze my little tittie. ”

I did.

Then Leslie’s lips narrowed. Now … I bent lower, my own mouth ready, and met her face. Our lips fastened together. Hers were small and dry, then she opened further and I felt the wetness. We kissed in and out. Clasp, clasp.

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   “Mmmm. ” Smack. “Oh, Seth. ” Kiss. Then we pressed in again, tighter. My fingers squeezed Leslie’s breast and my other arm wrapped around her back, embracing her. Leslie’s lips wriggled in my grasp and she gasped in delight. “Ohhhh. Ohhh, mmm. Oh, yes, oh. ”

With her body, she pushed toward me. I stepped backward, my hand still clasped over her breast. Then I felt the bed at the back of my legs and I sat down — her face followed me down and she leaned over, standing before me, her hands at my sides and embracing me. Her tongue drew back in and her lips closed for a long kiss, wetter and hotter then before. Savoring.

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My lips pressed into hers, hard. Leslie’s sweet breath was all over me.

Then I broke off suddenly and slid my hand out of her bra and shirt.

I moved my hand down across her covered breasts, stroking her softly. I stroked her navel, then slid my fingers from left to right over her tight stomach.

Leslie’s neck bent lower. Her eyes were wide and she feigned an innocent expression.

“Seth, don’t you want to take off all my clothes now? Wouldn’t you like to see me nude?”

I nodded and Leslie retreated, still standing in front of me while I sat on the bed.

First, I pulled off my shirt, over my head and tossed it away. It hit the wall and slid down to the floor.

Leslie grasped the bottom edge of her pink shirt, as my eyes traveled up and down her long, slender bare legs.

“Do you like my legs?” she asked.

“Yes. Yes, I do. ”

“You do know that I’m going to take off my skirt for you today.

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   I’m going to take off all my clothes. ”

Leslie’s ass. Leslie’s vagina.

She pulled up her shirt, revealing more skin. Then she slid it past her white lace bra.

“Do you want to peel off my tight, wet little panties?” Leslie asked. Her eyes gazed into mine and I halted, leaving her pink shirt bunched up by her neck. I stared at her face, transfixed. She spoke, never losing that sweet, innocent smile, just above her crumpled shirt above her breasts.

“After you do that, you’ll see my tight, young little pussy,” she said. “And it’s wet. Just for you. ”

Both breasts protruded toward me from inside her bra cups.

“Would you like to kiss my pussy?” Leslie laughed gently, batting her eyelashes. “Then you will want to lick my pussy and suck it.

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She waited for my answer.

“You want me to suck you?” I asked.

“Oh yes. Please. ” Leslie’s hands came down. She spread her fingers across her hips, then slid them up past her waist and bare midriff. Quietly she grasped the shirt at her neck. Without a word, Leslie slipped it up over her head … her hair came loose from it and she let it fall behind her.

“Put your tongue right between my legs, and I’ll cum on you,” Leslie said. “Then I’ll get your big, hard cock. And we’ll put it in my pussy, and you’ll push it in, deep, and wet, and you’ll fuck that young wet pussy. ” She sighed, her blue eyes drifted upward. “Oh yes. Long and hard. And over and over.

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“God …” I gasped. “Quit — quit talking dirty. ” She made my entire body blazing hot for her. I reached around her. She was almost completely topless, and so small and so slender, and so sexy.

I slid my fingers across her bare back and felt blind for her bra clasp.

 “You really want me not to talk dirty?” Her eyes teased.

“N … no. Keep going. ”

Leslie smiled sweetly. “I will. Do you want to see my titties, Seth? My soft, luscious boobs? And my nipples are sticking straight out. Did you know? Hard with lust. Lusting for you to touch them. ”

I had the clasp, but Leslie gently slid my hands aside.

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   “I can undress myself,” she told me.

My entire body shivered with excitement. Slowly my arms came back from around her and she stepped closer, arms bending. She slipped her fingers up through the shoulder straps.

Then Leslie’s bra fell forward, revealing her breasts.

I grinned wide.

Slender, pale young breasts. Dark red nipples contrasted sharply with the white of her skin and poked out. Hard. Aroused.

Leslie gave a little smile as she looked down to herself. Her hands reached up and she clasped each one, groping herself, sighing as she stepped slightly forward.

“Do you liiiiiike my young little titties?”

 “My god, Leslie. ”

Leslie moved forward. She sat down to my right, her hands stroking herself as she looked down.

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   My right arm stretched across her neck and I ran my fingers through her long hair, just watching her; then I squeezed her shoulder, brushed my fingers across her back and neck.

With my left hand I reached over. Leslie faced me with a sweet, narrow-eyed, wide-mouthed innocent smile, squeezing both her boobs as she thrust herself forward, offering them to me.

She let go, and I stroked her evenly, gently. I cupped her right breast with one hand, then moved my other arm from behind her back and faced her head-on. Leslie turned, brought both legs onto the bed as she faced me directly, flipping her hair out of her eyes.

I carefully pinched and rubbed her breasts. Fingered both nipples. Groped her slender orbs of flesh.

“Mmmmm. ” Her eyes closed. “Oh, that feels so good. Ooooh, yes. ”

“You like it when I rub your breasts?”

“I like. ”

I smiled, leaned forward, and Leslie met me halfway for another quick kiss.

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Then she leaned back, and just let me pet her.

Leslie sighed. She licked her lips. Her eyes closed. Her hands rested on her thighs.

Then as I groped her, my eyes wandered down to her thighs. Her denim miniskirt, riding high on her bare hips, still shielded my view of the space between her legs.

Now Leslie’s hand slid across to her navel. And lower. Her fingers toyed with the waist of her skirt, and slipped just barely underneath.

I gave both breasts a gentle, firm squeeze.

“Ooooohhh,” Leslie breathed, as her eyes slowly opened to focus on mine. “Oh, yes. ”

“Do you want me to touch something else now?” I asked.

I kept rubbing her as her eyes pinched shut, her chin raised.



“Mmm, yesss,” she purred. “Let me take off my skirt and then my panties. ”

Finally, I managed to let go. Again Leslie stood before me, now squeezing her own right breast with her fingers. With her other hand, she lifted up her short, edge-frayed denim skirt.

Her panties were there. Thin white lace, like her bra. The edges curved down from her waist around her slender thighs and dove deep between her legs.

I reached to her. Touched her thighs near her panty lines. Smooth, soft skin. I stroked my hands up and down. Then I reached up, under her skirt’s waistline, and found the waist of Leslie’s panties. Elastic. Leslie let go of her skirt and it fell over my hands.

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   I pulled down her panties.

They slid easily down her upper legs, but I didn’t see what was underneath. Not yet.

Leslie bent one knee up. One leg out. Then the other.

I brought her little panties to my face and pressed them close to my nose. Feeling the soft lace, I breathed in the scent of her body. Then laid them aside, and leaned forward.

Leslie gazed at me, eyes round and shining, mouth in a line, feigning complete innocence.

Just as she thrust her hip to the right and raised up her skirt with both hands, fully exposing herself.

A tiny, pale vagina. No hair. And glistening inside. Leslie was already wet.

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I reached forward, brushed her inner thigh and Leslie giggled with the touch. One finger extended, and I touched her vagina.

“Ooooh-oooh!” Leslie giggled. “Oh, that is niiiiiice. ”

She stepped forward, pushing closer to my hand’s advances between her legs.

I stroked her, first with one finger, then more. Leslie was hot and wet. Her little parts were trembling, slick with her juice.

Thin, sheen-covered folds of skin. Two fingers now. I tickled her vagina and she giggled again.

“Mmmm, please,” Leslie said. “I want a blowjob from you. Will you put your mouth down there and suck between my legs?”

I looked up. Leslie staring down to me, eyelids half-closed.

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   Her mouth was twisted in a sexy teenage half-frown, teeth just visible.

“Take — take your skirt off all the way,” I told her. “Do that first. ”

Leslie’s lips tightened into a grin. She stepped back and dropped her skirt over her naked pelvis. Then she swayed her hips from side to side … and that alone made me almost blow my load in my pants.

Still strutting, she grasped the skirt’s bottom edges. With a mischievous grin, she slipped the skirt down over her slender hips. Then lower. There was her lower midriff. Then her tiny, moisture-filled slit.

Leslie’s skirt slid to the floor and she pranced out of it. She weaved her body before me, her arms held high over her head. A striptease dance.


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   She was so small and petite. Long, blond hair; pale, slender breasts with perky red nipples, jiggling over her thin stomach; curved hips, and long, delicious legs. My gaze roved her, searching everywhere, savoring the sight.

 “Oh Leslie. Oh my god. ”

There came that innocent smile, as if this were perfectly normal, displaying herself for me this way. “I’m nude for you now, Seth. Just like I said. ” Leslie grinned at me seductively as she thrust her bare breasts only inches from my face. “And you liiiike my slender, luscious young body, don’t you?”

“I …” My mouth moved; I couldn’t say anything.

“Do you want me to dance for you?”

My god. “Turn around. ”

Leslie grinned and twisted, and bent forward, aiming her ass back to me. Then she jiggled. Her cheeks pointed daringly back to me, tiny and round, with tight, pale skin.

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I reached forward and slid my hands across her buttocks. Then I probed her crack with my finger, and slowly let my hand fall.

Leslie turned around, showing me her vagina again.

She bent to the side, swaying her body sexily, her hair falling to one shoulder and then to the other side as she weaved. “Mmmm. You’re thinking about what it will feel like to put your cock into me, aren’t you?”

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