Revised and Complete: A Night Time Visiter


************************************************** As I strip down to my boxers for bed I cant help but wonder about my strange day. First my ex Steph walks into the cafeteria this morning dressed in a long sleeve black t-shirt, long black skirt, and shades. Now this isnt too weird I guess, but black LACE gloves as well? Too weird I decide, especially since its May and only a week till school gets out. I mean, all the other girls are walking around in little short shorts and spagetti strap tanks that their various parts of anatomy try and spill out of. Definately a weird one, my Steph. But then to top it all off, she stares at me all day! I swear I caught her peering into my classroom during her study hall. Flinging my clothes onto the pile by my desk I slip under the covers and turn on a little "Cradle of Filth" on my stereo with my remote. As I drift off to sleep I hazily decide it must have been my choice of night music that prompted my strange dream. noise at the foot of my bed wakes me up around 1am. At least I thought I was awake untill I saw Steph standing naked not a foot from my bed. Thinking that I am having another of those dreams I just sit up lazily and wait to see what happens. I am not dissapointed. Steph is about 5'6" tall, with creamy milk-white skin that just sets me to panting. Shes soft and smooth, her skin silky soft and tastes so wonderful. Her breasts are just the right size for cupping, I dont know her bra size, since I have never looked; but I would have to guess at least a large B or C. Her stomache isn't completely flat, but has just that little bit of baby fat that makes me grin like an idiot.

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   And her ass, well, its perfect. Not too big, not too little. A nice little "apple bottom" I guess you would call it. "I'm back love, the coppery taste of your blood is intoxicateing. " She moves her 5' 6 frame closer to my bed, stretching her hands out towards me. Grinning like an idiot I pull her into my arms and kiss her, a deep satisfying kiss that seems to last an eternity. A kiss where the very moon and stars explode inside of your head and you literally become ONE person with you partner. Its always been that way when I kiss her, and I hope it always shall. I groan as she starts to nuzzle my neck, nipping playfully at my ear. Kissing down till she gets to the spot where my neck meets my shoulder she starts to suck hard on my neck. I stiffen as she plunges her fangs into my neck, savoring the painfully sweet pleasure of her milking my shoulder. Cradleing her head against my shoulder. As she feeds I run my other hand over her ivory white skin. In the light of the moon I can see her body start to blush, and I can feel her skin start to heat as she syphons the blood from my shoulder into her hot eager mouth. Groaning in exstacy I pull her close, my dick pressed against her stomache as I hold her in my arms and float in that endless dream of completion.

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  Feeling the blood stop flowing as her mouth leaves my shoulder I lean down and kiss her, running my tounge in her mouth and tasteing the copper of my own blood. I have always loved the taste of my own blood, and to taste it in her mouth now makes me hard beyond imageining. My erection is almost painful. Steph kisses down my neck and chest, stopping to bite my left nipple with little sharp nips of her teeth. I shiver as she starts to kiss lower and lower. I lean back and recline on my elbows, watching as she takes me between her lips and into her firey hot mouth. I groan as she starts to bob up and down on my shaft, my hands trembleing as I run them through her dyed red shoulder length hair. I am lost in that moment, as I always am when she gives me head. I watch her through half lidded eyes as she continues to suck me off, looking up at me with those greenish blue eyes that seem to change colors with her mood. I start to whimper slightly as she moves faster. I can feel my orgasm building deep within my balls and I try to hold it back. I dont want to cum in her mouth yet. I push her off of me and onto her back. She looks at me as I start to kiss her breasts, skimming my fingertips lightly over her nipples. She lays back as I kiss down her stomache, nibbleing at her bellybutton in passing untill I reach the place I desire.

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  I have a hunger of my own now, and it cannot be denied. Licking the inside of her thighs I gently start to lick her shaven pussy. I start at the bottom and give it one long sensual lick, then start to trace lazy circles over her clit. Suddenly and without warning I plunge my tounge deep into her, tasteing the nectar of her womanhood as I have so many times before. I still feel, no matter how many times I may do this, that this is the nectar of the Gods, and that I a mere mortal should be struck down for tasteing such sweet bliss. Licking slowly, my hands and fingertips danceing across her nacked stomache and thighs I delve deeply into her. I luxuriate in the feeling of her soft thighs against my shaven head as she twists and moans for me to never stop. Her breath comes in short gasps now, and I intensify my whorship of her temple. Delveing deep and swift into the currents of her juices as I bring her to the brink of orgasm. With one quick swipe of my tounge across her swollen clit I feel her stiffen in her ecstacy. I run my hands over her thighs, knowing her nerves are afire with her lust. She stops moving and I give her pussy one last kiss as I slowly lick and nibble my way up her body to her neck, where I nip and nibble till she is giggleing. Pulling my head up she kisses me and then roughly throws me onto my back and straddles my waist. Smiling impishly she slowly lowers herself onto my shaft, both of us savoring that first feeling of penetration. Grinning at me like a siren calling sailors to their doom she starts to ride me, bouncing slowly yet firmly on my 7 inch member.

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   Her hips roll and I run my hands over her body, exploring it as if I had never before felt the wonders of a woman. Groaning I start to raise my hips a little with each rock of her hips, matching my thrusts to her rythem. Faster and faster she bounces, her face a mask of exstacy as she strives to make me take that plunge into the fires of orgasam. Grabbing hold of her hips I slow her to a stop and smile up at her, my eyes meeting hers. She knows what I want now, we are in total sychronization as we often are in this position. Rolling off of me she gets onto her hands and knees, that beautiful ass of hers raised. I can just faintly see her juice soaked pussy in the moonlight as I kneel behind her, teasing the head of my dick between her netherlips. I slowly push into her hot moist slit, savoring again that first initial feeling of penetration. I can hear her moan softly as I bottom out in her. With slow and deliberate strokes I start to glide in and out of her. I can feel her fingers as they alternate between carressing my swollen balls and playing with her own swollen clit. Grabbing her hips I start to pump into her faster and deeper, slamming my hips against her and watching the faint ripple of the flesh meeting flesh across her ass. Digging my fingers into her hips I start to piston as fast as I can, feeling her pussy clutch and carress my shaft with the multitude of talented muscles it contains. My eyes roll back as I savor the feeling of her pussy on my shaft, much as I savored the feeling of her mouth on my neck as she fed earlier. I am filled with a carnal lust as I feel her start to quiver beneath me.

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  I start to pump faster, trying to match my orgasm with her impending one. I feel my balls start to tighten and she starts to shake as her fingers fly over her swollen clit. I feel her stiffen and the muscles of her womanhood tighten around me, driving me over the brink and into that lava pool of orgasm that you can only reach with one you love completely. It was as if we shared that orgasm, our seperate climaxs feeding each others and we cum. My eyes roll back into my head, and its as if a forest of sparks has exploded behind my eyes. I collapse, and all I see is black. awake the next day, naked and covered in sweat. Smiling to myself I get up and head to the shower, thinking what a wonderful dream. In the shower I pleasure myself, replaying that dream of all dreams in my head over and over. Stepping out of the shower I clear the mirror of steam and look at my reflection. I start to feel dizzy as I look, and see two small punture wounds in my neck. Could it have been real?!?! My mind reels as I stumble back into my room and sit on the edge of the bed, a towel around my waist. Running a hand over my shaved head I try to focus by looking around the room and I spot a note on my bedside table. With shaking hands I pick it up and read the following message:"My Dearest Apple of Blood,I shall see you today at school. Dress in long sleeved shirts and pants, for the sun may bother you a bit today, with your loss of blood.

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   But drink lots of fluids and regain your streangth, forI shall love you again this night. "There was no signature, but I knew who it was from. Smiling to myself I go to my closet and grab a long sleeved black shirt and my cargo pocketed Tiger print pants I made in clothing class. Getting dressed I run downstairs and grab a couple doughnuts from the cupboard and a half carton of Apple Juice. If the woman of my dreams and love of my life will give me another chance, I think its worth a little blood. OKay, I shant repost this story again. I just wanted to give you all the finnished product. I do hope you enjoy it. It probably would have fit into the Romance section too I guess, but the Vampire twist dictates that I put it here. Enjoy, and I will try and write another story soon. .

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