Newreporter finds Satan and fucks him in a satanic orgie


Joan is sitting at her office going over news reports when her boss named bill comes in. Bill: Joan you heard about that demonic church a few streets from here? Joan: what Christian has not I have heard of demons, sex, drugs, alcohol you name it is their. Bill: I want you to go uncover and do a report their maybe even interview the priest if you can. Joan: ooh I bet that will send the ratings threw the roof I will do it. Bill: you had better take this small portable camera put it in your purse. Joan put the camera in her purse jumped in her car and was on her way. She saw the big stone brick building with black doors and a sign that said church of Natas. She knocked on the door. A man in a black robe came out he had blond hair blue eyes and an upside down pentagram on a chain around his neck. He said hello. Joan: said im Joan a news reporter from ch. 89 and I wanted to do a story on this church. He said welcome I am pleased to meet you my name is Natas I am the priest here. Joan: I would like to video tape a service here would that be a problem. Natas: Not at all we don't have anything to hide, we are so misunderstood in the public eye people lie about us but don't even know us. Joan: said is it true you have sex, do drugs, drink and invoke demons? Natas: yes.

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   Why is that wrong? Why would god create us with these desires if they are wrong? Surely, god would not create something it did not like. Joan: but the bible says it is a sin. Natas: we do not follow the bible we follow my teachings. If you want people who follow the bible, you will not find them here. Get ready to video our service and report it I must get ready. I will talk to you more later ok. Joan: ok. Natas left and went in another room. Joan thought `that sure is a friendly man he's not what I expected at all' she set up the camera and sat in a chair. People in black robes started putting black candles in a circle and standing around it. Natas said: Our father Satan who is in hell holy is your name Your kingdom is here on earth your will be done On earth as in hell, give us this day what we desire and need. Lead us into temptation and deliver us to the evil one. For yours is the kingdom the power and glory All hail Satan. Followers: hail Satan! Natas: `now for the satanic supper' he carried a basket of beer bottles around and said drink. They grabbed the beers.

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   Natas then carried a basket of drugs and cigarettes he said Smoke, snort and inhale what ever it is that you desire to do. Natas: said let the orgies begin! A portal of fire circled around the floor and demons came out from it they were in the forms of beautiful naked people. The poured beer down their bodies and said drink of me. One was a woman she poured beer down her breasts. A follower grabbed her, started licking her breasts, putting his finger up her pussy, and stroked it. She moaned ahhh faster! He moved faster and faster. Another went to two men and said you both share me. One man grabbed her, laid her on the table spread her legs, and started pounding her pussy. Another stuck his dick in her mouth and she started sucking. A male went to a woman follower, reached under her robe, and stick his middle finger up her pussy. While rubbing her ass with the other hand she yelled aaah take me take me now!!!!!! A woman went to another woman and opened her robe and poured beer down her body and slowly grabbed her and licked up and down her body. The follower said do you have a dildo. The woman said yes, then laid her on the floor and stuck it up her pussy thrusting it hard as she could. A man went to another man and lifted his robe and stroked his back till he bent over. Her thrust his dick in his ass, reached around, and stroked his dick.

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   A group of demons saw Joan one said look at that reporter she's judging us lets give her something worth judging! They surrounded Joan in a demon form black wings, fangs, horns and fiery flesh. Joan curled up in a corner crying loudly and yelled please leave me alone! The demons grabbed her arms and legs and picked her up. Joan screamed and pleaded please I do not want to do this! They tied her arms and legs to a table in a room by itself. Natas wondered were Joan? He asked a follower. She said some demons took her in that room over their she was screaming, shaking and crying I do not think she really wanted to do whatever their doing. Natas panicked and yelled OH FUCK! NO! He ran into the other room. Natas saw the demons laughing at Joan. natas said leave her alone! One demon said we want to fuck her. Natas said theirs plenty of whores outside to fuck why are you wanting to rape this woman? The demon said she is judging us. Natas said and you think this will make her think better of us? The demons lowered their heads in shame and left the room. Natas undid the chains and held out his hand to Joan. She got up she said thank you, I think I had better leave. Natas said maybe you should stay in here a little while until the orgies is over. Natas hugged her as she cried into his robe then she dried her face. Natas said I know I am not the kind of priest you are used to telling your problems to but I will try to help you the best I can.

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   Tell me how you feel. Joan said I do not know part of me was scared to death of them demons but part of me wanted to be the demon poring beer on her self and having people fuck here it looked like she enjoyed it. Natas: hmm I see well you were scared cause of the way the demons I sent away was treating you because you did not know what they was going to do. Me and you are here by ourselves and I am not going to hurt you lets take it slow and you go with your feelings if you want to stop just tell me and I will stop. Natas hugged Joan and rubbed her back slowly he gently put his lips to hers and kissed. Then he slowly rubbed down to her butt. She grabbed his arm. He said ok hold my hands and guide them so you feel you have control. he unbuttoned her shirt and slowly kissed on her neck. She put his hands under her breasts. He held on breast and started gently licking the nipple then held the other one and licked it gently. He bent down, rubbed his hands up and down her waist, and licked her skin. Natas: I got some beer you want me to wash you. Joan: yes I do He poured beer down over her breasts and slowly licked it off. Joan: mmm feels good.

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   She guided his hands to her pants button. He unbuttoned her pants and took them off then the shirt and panties. He said how is being naked feel. Joan: it feels strange but natural. He poured beer over her body and gently rubbed her belly. He kissed her head then her boobs sucking on then licked her belly. She put his hand on her leg. He slowly rubbed her leg then licking it then the other leg. Joan lied down and put his hand over her pussy. He curled his hand around it and gently stuck his middle finger in and out of it, Joan said ahhhh! That feels so good! She put her hand on his mouth and spread her legs. He bent down and slowly licked the inside of her pussy and put her legs on his shoulders. She jerked and said I am ready. Natas: you ready to fuck. Joan said yes I am. He unzipped his pants and slowly put his dick in going in and out.

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   She said go faster. He pumped faster and faster. She yelled ohhhhh yes yes! She finally said iv had about enough. He lay beside her and gently kissed her. She said that is the best sex I have ever had. Im glad you came in here. She said I guess we better get on with the interview. They put their clothes on. She said what is your full name? He said my name is said backwards if I said it forward, it may scare you. Joan: Satan is your name. Natas: Yes, I am Satan called daemon, Lucifer, Beelzebub, prince of darkness and all other dark gods' names. Joan trembled and said so you are Satan? Natas: yes I don't mean to scare you its just who I am. Joan: but you don't look like Satan? Natas: I am in human form Joan said prove it. Natas said all right. Black smoke surrounded him and horns grew out of his head, his eyes turned to flames, his skin turned to the color of burning iron, big black wings sprouted from his back, claws came out of his hands and feet, and a pointed tail came out his back.

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   Joan yelled it is you! Natas said do not be afraid I did not show you this to scare you. Im the same nice friendly person you just got threw sleeping with. Joan: but you do not act like what I have heard of Satan. Natas: nothing ever is as you heard it was. What else would you like to know? Joan: why were you kicked out of heaven? Natas: I got tired of god making me a slave he is a slave master so some angels and me ran. We also taught humans to think for themselves obviously god don't like that. Joan: I think I will cancel this interview who'd believe me. Natas: don't say anything but what I have told you that way I look like the nut. Im used to people thinking im nuts hell it goes with the job. Joan: I will see you again sometime but I need to go. goodbye Natas said ok goodbye and snapped his fingers and she appeared in her house. later Joan decides to quit her job as a reporter and joins the church of natas Have you found Satan? He wants to wash you with beer and if you will let him he will fuck you. He wants to free you from the shackles of Christianity and help you be your true self and go with your feelings. .