Haunting Women


I'd live in this small Texas town my entire life and this road was a strange looking road. Maybe there had been places in my town I'd never seen. Only owls and other strange birds could be heard up in the high trees as I walked slowly shivering feel so cold. I kept my arms crossed as I walked and my head down. It must have been over twenty minutes until I finally saw people. They were hard to make out since it was so dark and only the moonlight lit the earth that night. It looked like two women waiting at a bus stop. That's strange, the city bus doesn't pass by here so late I thought to myself. As I got closer I could faintly tell that these women were all wearing black. I couldn't really tell their ages since they were turned with their backs facing me. I got closer to them and they still never turned to see me. All three women looked skinny and their dresses were all long and black. They seemed to be wearing hats as well. It was a strange outfit to wear but I didn't think anything of it. Suddenly, I felt a really cold wind blow right through me. That small wind made me shudder with fear.

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   I didn't want to talk to those women, but I had to know where I was and how I could get to the nearest phone. I approached them quietly clearing my throat. "Excuse me ladies? I-I'm kinda lost here, do you all know where I am?"It sounded so stupid, but I was scared and nervous at the same time. I waited for an answer but they kept their backs turned to me. Rude women I thought to myself. I thought maybe they hadn't heard me so I repeated myself again. "Uh ladies? I'm sorry to bother you, but can you tell me where I am and where is the closest payphone?"The women seemed to gather together and whispering something. I couldn't make out the words but the language was foreign to me. Oh fuck they probably don't even speak English! Oh Great! I still waited for them to say something to me but it was no use. One of the women turned around. I almost gasped to finally be able to see her face, but instead I just saw a black soft cloth covering her face. It was a veil from her hat hiding her identity. She quickly turned away as I tried to make out what she looked like. They continued to whisper to each other and little by little their whispers got louder and louder almost making my ears hurt. At that point I felt my heart racing fast with terror.

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   I knew something wasn't right about these women. I felt almost numb not wanting to move, but I can't remember how I did it, but I ran. I ran fast away from the two women. I didn't even know where I was running to, I just wanted to find a safe shelter. As I ran all my breath was getting shorter so I decided to stop and just walk. I figured I ran pretty far away from the two women in black. As I walked slowly I could hear the small branches on the ground crackling as I walked in the quiet night. I walked over two miles when suddenly I heard some footsteps behind me. I turned for moment to see if maybe another human was there with me, but no one was there. No one except the two mysterious women. I felt the color of my face drain as I saw the three women walking my direction fast making the branches crack louder with their high-heeled black shoes. They looked as if they were carrying black small handbags with them as well. Both women had veils covering their faces. I stood almost frozen, as they got closer to me. I started to run once again never been more scared in my entire life.

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   Their footsteps and the sounds of their handbags swinging in the air were heard as if they were only a few inches away from me. I didn't want to turn around, I just kept running looking around but not seeing one other single human I could find comfort in. As I ran I felt my body begin to slow down. I was getting so tired and the cold air was making my bones hurt. I didn't want to slow down though, I tried to push myself to keep running and get away from those scary women, but instead my body gave in and I stopped hearing the sounds of the women behind me. I gulped not knowing what these women wanted from me after all I had just asked them a simple question. I didn't want to hurt them. I heard them stop behind me whispering again to each other. I kept wanting to know what they were talking about. I didn't look back, I couldn't look back. I felt so frozen with fear and my heart was racing almost wanting to jump out of my chest. "L-look I-I'm sorry if I said something to upset you both. " I stammered nervously. They said nothing. I just felt one of the women put her skinny hand on my shoulder.

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   Her hand felt light as she touched me. I felt her move closer to me putting both arms around me. I reached back with my hands slowly wanting to feel her skin. She felt so cold, colder than my own skin and yet she felt soft. Her hands trailed down my chest slowly and down to my pants. She grabbed my cock through my pants hard making me almost jump up. I panted hard as she stroked my cock over my pants gently and with grace. Her touch was just incredible I never wanted her to stop. The other women came to my side and grabbed my hand. She held my hand in hers and slowly eased it up to her mouth. My fear was slowly leaving me and now I was quickly feeling nothing but lust. The woman that was behind me, got on my other side getting on her knees and unzipping my pants. I knew my cock was already hard as a rock and full of desire for these mysterious women to suck it and to let me cum in their mouths. The second woman slowly put my finger in her mouth and sucked on it so nice as if she was sucking on a cock. I still couldn't see her face and I didn't care to see her face anymore.

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   All I could remember was that the two women all had long dark black hair. I was lost with the woman sucking on my finger when I suddenly felt a pair of nice plump lips wrapped tightly around my cock. I looked down watching the first woman begin sucking me off. The woman with my finger in her mouth slowly let my finger go and go on her knees as well. Now both mysterious women were sucking on my cock. One of them had her head lowered as she sucked on my balls while the other hungrily sucked my cock and then they took turns changing places to suck on. I closed my eyes getting the best blowjob from these two wonderful women. It felt as if these women were here to only please me and that was all. I took a quick peep down and could see both women had their veils lifted up enough for me to see their nice thick red lips sucking on my cock. I kept feeling my balls swell up more and more with each stroke of their beautiful mouths. Both women were obviously experienced in blowing a guy. I grabbed each of their long hair with both hands and gripped tightly. I bobbed their heads to the rhythm of my pleasure. Only the sounds of their lips smacking on my cock and balls could be heard loudly. I could feel them taking turns wiggling their tongues on the head of my cock slowly licking up all the prcum that was dripping out.

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   A long rope of precum was the only thing that separated the first woman's tongue from my cock. My heart was now racing as I felt I was going to cum so hard! "Yes! Oh fuck yes! Suck me off! Both you!" I moaned as they two women continued to take turns deep throating me. I knew I was going to cum so hard. It'd been years since I'd gotten a blow job and these two wonderful women were going to definitely make up for all the time I never got sucked. The second woman mostly kept her mouth on my balls. She sucked and licked them so deliciously. Her skinny hand grabbed them moving them around as if she was getting my cum ready to burst out of my cock. "Hmmmmgggghh oooh yeah!" I rasped as I felt my cock about to explode. I grabbed their hair harder pulling on it as if I wanted to choke both of them with my cock and balls. "Keep sucking me. I wanna cum! Oh fuck keep sucking my dick!" I yelled out as I felt my body begin to tense up. I felt a hard and thick burst of cum blast out of my cock. I could see my milky white cum shoot out inside one woman's mouth while the other woman practically had to grab my cock out of the first woman to get a taste of my cream. It felt like I was shooting gallons of my gooey cum into these two women. My balls felt like they were draining huge amounts of my sperm and I swear I could feel my cum just keep shooting out in long hard spurts.

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   The two women continued to drink me up. They guzzled my cum like water licking their red lips to clean my cream off. It was such a strange feeling, but I felt like I was never going to stop! Like if I was going to just cum inside these two women for the rest of my life! Suddenly I saw a huge bright white light in my eyes. I kept hearing voices but the two women still continued to suck me. I wanted them to stop. All this cumming was at first exciting but now scary. I wanted to get away from them immediately. I tried to look away from the huge bright light but I couldn't. I knew the light was going to help me get home. These wicked women were just distractions. They kept trying to suck me harder as if they wanted to keep my attention focused on them but I couldn't resist the bright light. I began to feel weak but suddenly I was gasping for air. Then the women were gone. I opened my eyes seeing doctors and nurses around me. I panted hard and I could feel I had came.

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   My sticky cum was running down my thighs. I was so confused. "Yes! He made it! Doctor he's alive!" I heard one of the young nurses squeal. "Ok good we got him back. He's back!" A male doctor announced. I slowly tried to regain my consciousness trying to remember how I ended up here. Suddenly flashbacks came to my mind. All I can remember is that the cold November night was dark, foggy and rainy……Oh my God! The two women were death! I remembered now the horrific car accident I was in due to the fog that night. I almost died but luckily the women didn't have enough strength to take me away. Even now years after the accident, I still have nightmares about those two women chasing after me as I hear the branches on the ground crack under their high heels. .
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