Extraterrestrial Love


Not being able to have children was one of the main reasons for our divorce. Sometimes I felt guilty, yet other times I felt lucky to finally be alone. Marriage was beautiful at first, but then it lost all its purpose when the idea of family came up. As a little girl, I always envisioned marriage to be unconditional love between two people. A marriage was supposed to be respect and loyalty. I don't know where all of those things were lost, or maybe they were never there. I drove my small blue Plymouth Neon car down a long road that led me to my parent's home. Ever since my divorce I had to move back with my folks just until I could get my life together again. My divorce had been hard on my parents as well. They were both very old fashioned and now figured I wouldn't be able to find another man who would be interested in me since I could not have children. My folks meant well, and I knew they loved me. It wasn't their fault they had been brought up with such strict morals. I drove my car with the windows rolled down that night. The wind seemed to be picking up and I could see the corn fields sway to the rhythm of the breeze. I quickly pulled out a tissue from my purse to dry my crying eyes before getting home. Otherwise I knew my mother would interrogate me with a dozen of questions on why I was crying.

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   I was almost arriving home but I felt I needed to cry just a bit more. I decided to pull over to the side of the road. I put my head on the steering wheel sobbing like a small child. I closed my eyes hoping all this pain would go away. I was crying for a few minutes when I heard a loud noise. I opened my eyes and looked up suddenly, I saw a huge bright beam that almost blinded me. It came out of one of the cornfields out on the road. This light was extremely bright and I had to pull over on the side of the road. I should have been afraid to get out of my car but I wasn't. I never felt more safe my entire life. I tried as hard as I could to see what that light was. I squinted my eyes and could now see two bodies looking as if they were walking towards me. Not really walking more like floating. I felt my chest heave up and down feeling somewhat excited of what was going on. The light seemed to finally dim letting me open my eyes.

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   It seemed as if the wind had suddenly stopped just sending a cool fresh breeze all over my skin. I heard footsteps in the grass but yet I still couldn't tell who was walking, or shall I say what was walking. I saw two bodies approaching me. The sky was so dark that only the moonlight and stars allowed me to see their silhouettes. I stared closely and with just a blink of an eye, I suddenly felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I shuddered and quickly turned around. There I was face to face with a creature that looked human in some ways and in some ways looked so odd. He was male that was for sure. He was tall and looked very powerful and strong. His skin was more like an olive green color but yet it had a small hint of a brown tone. I stood there speechless and then the other creature stood in front of me. This creature seemed just a tad smaller. He obviously was male as well. It looked like a father and son. They both had big dark eyes shaped like humans only huge.

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   Their mouths were also like humans but instead of pink lips, their lips were a tan color. They didn't do or say anything to me. They stood there talking a language I've never heard in my entire life. They're aliens! I thought to myself. I'd heard such stories about extraterrestrials but I never believed them myself. I watched them and they watched me closely. We were studying each other's movements and reactions. The younger creature reached out with his huge hand to touch my face. I stood there numb as he ran his cold, soft hand on my face. I closed my eyes feeling the strange sensation run through my body. I just felt my body being lifted up. I tried to look, where I was going but I couldn't open my eyes. It felt like I was flying, in a smooth swift flight. It was only a few seconds by the time I was able to open my eyes again. I stood there in a strange place.

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   This place was covered with red and blue lights. The atmosphere was almost pleasant. I could see other creatures walking around, more like floating around speaking gibberish. I stood there wishing I could understand them and talk to them. The walls of this place were a bright silver color and the floor was dark as midnight. Their chairs didn't really look like chairs, but more like strange designs in shape of triangles and rectangles. There were at least seven creatures in this place. Where the hell am I? I thought silently. Suddenly, I felt myself fall to the floor as I felt as if I was in an airplane that was taking off. Was this their ship? I landed on my butt and felt as if I was stuck to the floor. I kept wondering where they were taking me. Would they ever bring me back?It was only a few minutes and I felt the movement stop. I was finally able to get up from the floor straightening my long skirt and blouse. The creatures walked around me and I saw an opening ajar. I curiously looked and saw the creatures walking out slowly.

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   I followed them and I stepped out looking back I saw I was in their beautiful ship. Their ship was huge and looked as if it were made out of metal. I turned to look at the place we were at now and saw what it looked like millions of these creatures with their eyes on me. I was dumbfounded as they all ogled my every little move. I looked very closely and it seemed as if all these creatures were male. Was there no females? They all looked strong and big compared to my size 4 body. The father, who was the creature I had first come across with, grabbed my hand walking me towards the rest of the aliens. Out of the blue, I felt someone lay me down on the ground. It wasn't a dirt ground, more like a soft cushion I was laying on. I looked up with my eyes wide as the father leaned down to kiss me. His mouth was cold but soon got warm as his lips met mine. I felt his slimy tongue enter my mouth and I fully accepted it. The feel was more erotic than a human tongue it seemed. It was just so slimy and slippery from his own saliva. We kissed passionately like lovers do when they first discover their feelings for one another.

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   I felt somewhat excited and felt my nipples getting hard underneath my silk blouse. Then the father creature stepped aside and the son creature approached me. He too kissed me just like this father had, only with more fury. The other creatures stared in silence. The father creature stepped back and let his son continue his deed. He stood there with his strong arms crossed watching carefully. The son got up and it seemed as he was tugging on something between his legs. I felt my jaw drop open when I saw him pull out a huge big cock. This was on ordinary looking cock. It had to be at least 12-13 inches in length and 3 inches in thickness. The cock's color was a light green and brown. The head looked just like a human's cock, but it had big thick veins, more veiny than a man's cock would be. I gasped feeling scared now, but I still felt so stimulated. The son looked at his father for approval of some sort and the father just nodded his head. The son went back down on the ground with me lying by my side.

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   He stroked my long red hair pushing some of it out of my face. His hands crept down to my blouse and I felt undo button by button. I didn't even try to stop him. I was just so excited being with another person, or shall I say creature. My now ex-husband had been my only sex in my entire life, I thought I'd never get a chance to experience sex with someone else or something else. The last button of my blouse came undone and I was left there with my white bra as my chest went up and down from my heavy breathing. It was hard to tell the expression of this creature because of the blank look in his eyes. His hand was now shaky and he reached to touch my breasts over my bra. I let out a very small whimper. The slightest touch of this creature was making me wanna cum! He stood there numb at first and I saw his father come over with one of his long fingernails and cut my bra open letting my tits fall out. The cold air in the atmosphere was hardening up my nipples even more. The son looked down at my breasts and slowly ran his big hands on them. I started to squirm and as soon as I did, two other creatures stepped from behind me and held my arms down to keep me in place. The creature knelt his head down and glided that long slimy tongue on my nipples. I tossed my head side to side never having experienced so much pleasure.

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   One of the creatures that was holding me down also held my head in place to keep me from moving. It was wonderful torture. The son alien kept licking and flicking his tongue on my hard nipples. His mouth took in my entire tit keeping it in his mouth. It was feeling incredibly hot and felt my pussy soaking wet. He pulled himself up and I felt his hands run up my skirt. He picked up my long skirt and threw it over my stomach letting my white silk panties be exposed. He stepped to the side and looked at his father once again. His father walked closer and put his long fingernail once again this time cutting my panties open. The son kept his body to the side letting the other creatures view my aching pussy. The other creatures all began to speak loudly. The father looked at them and they all got silent continuing to watch. The son put his hands on each of my legs spreading them wide. He spread them as wide as I could go. I wanted to see what he was going to do next but the other creatures kept me pinned down to the ground.

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   I just felt something long and oily caressing my cunt. Oh God is he eating my pussy? He was gliding his tongue on my lips and his hand spread my lips open letting my clit creep out. I felt two other creatures come and hold my legs down. I was completely held down by four aliens while this one wonderful creature was starting to eat me out. His tongue started to slowly slide up and down my slit. He did this for a while and then started to flick his tongue hard and fast on my swollen clit. I let out a huge moan. The father alien just turned to look at me and then he turned to the crowd and nodded. It seemed as he was teaching this whole group how we human females like to be touched. My heart raced almost wanting to burst out of my chest as the son alien was now wiggling his tongue faster on my clit. I could hear loud slapping noises of his heavy tongue just smacking my clit. I was feeling the heat rise and I kept trying to squirm, but the other creatures had me pinned down very securely. It was just amazing. It'd only been a few seconds and I was so ready to cum. I knew it was going to be so hard that it was going to hurt but I was ready.

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   I was ready to have my first real orgasm. I felt his slimy tongue enter my opening sending me to the edge. He was fucking me with his tongue! I tried to move but I was I suddenly felt my whole body taut and I started to cum. I was shaking all over. Shaking so much it felt like I was going to break loose from the creatures that were holding me down. I felt myself explode all over this creature's long tongue. "Mmmmggghhhhhmmmm!" I moaned loudly letting out my cries of pleasure. I heard the whole crowd of creatures start speaking loudly as they witnessed my reaction. The father turned to look at them giving them some kind of signal for silence once again. The place went quiet once again and the son got up looking down at me. He got my legs and put them up in the air as he adjusted himself to get ready to fuck me. I was still shaking from the incredible orgasm he'd given me. His strong hands held my legs up as he began to enter me. I let out a loud yelp as I felt him enter my tight opening with his huge cock. The two creatures that held my arms gave me their hands for me to grip on to.


   The pain was excruciating yet I didn't want him to stop. Inch by inch was being inserted inside me tearing my pussy up making my hole wide. "Ooooohh mmmmmmmm!" I wailed out in pure ecstasy, as the creature kept putting more and more of his cock in me. It felt never-ending until finally he managed to get it all up my pussy. I felt like my pussy had swallowed a huge fat cucumber. I felt stuffed and so hot. The creature looked at me for a moment. Our eyes met and although it was hard to tell what he was feeling, somehow I knew he loved me. He loved me more than any other man could or would ever love me. It was strange, I don't know how to explain it, but that's how it felt. The wonderful creature began to fuck me slowly at first. I felt him thrust his body up against mine hard pushing his cock harder in me. I wasn't able to moan, I was completely out of breath. The feeling was mind-blowing like no other I had ever experienced. He made love to me while the others watched letting their minds absorb the beautiful love making between alien and human.

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   I felt the veins of his cock rub hard against the walls of my pussy. My pussy clenched his cock loving him inside of me. He began groan almost like a real man would. He pumped my pussy harder tossing his head back. He was fucking me so good that I wanted him to stay inside me forever. I could live in this beautiful planet with these magnificent creatures and never look back at my lonely life. I could be a wife to them all and please them any way they wanted me to. The creature picked up his velocity now fucking me fiercely and determined. My breasts were bouncing around madly while I got fucked. I was screaming and moaning. I felt the creatures cock so far up me I swear I could feel it almost come out of my mouth! His now warm hands were on my hips as he plunged himself in and out of me. I got a strange feeling inside me like I had when he was licking my pussy. I was gonna cum again! I was going to cum on this creature's cock! This was powerful, so powerful I actually broke out of the restrain of the other creatures that held me down. I threw my hands over my head as I came. I shrieked loud, louder than I ever had.

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   The creature was buried deep in me and I saw him slow down as close his eyes. He's cumming in me! Oh fuck! I felt a strange type of cum enter me. It felt a lot warmer than a human male's cum. This one was almost scorching hot. It was a lot of it too; I felt some of it drip out of my cunt and onto my legs. He didn't stop there. He kept jamming me with his cock and suddenly I felt some of the hot liquid come out of my mouth! His cum was slowly oozing out of my mouth. The taste was indescribable, almost like water. I had the hot liquid inside my throat making it tingle. My lips were now coated with the creatures cum. It was a cream white color and very thick. Almost like syrup. I licked my lips savoring this incredible taste. The creature slowly left my busted pussy and layed his head on my chest. I could hear him panting trying to regain his strength.

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   Cumming in me must have taken a lot out of him. I put my arms around him and I could feel he was no longer cold. He was a warm body laying up against me. The crowd was still silent as they just watched two creatures from totally different worlds fall in love. I was still clueless as to what had happened. I kept thinking different things. It must have been some sort of ritual aliens have in their planets. It's a ritual on turning a young alien male into a man. Or maybe it was sort of like their own movies they made. Like an entertainment for them to kidnap human women and let one of them be able to make her feel so wonderful like they had to me. I closed my eyes and suddenly felt myself flying again like I had the first time. This time the flight was even smoother. I felt like I was in heaven, in my own heaven. A place where no one would ever believe existed if I told them. It'd be my own little secret.

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   I was smiling to myself and suddenly was awaken by a bright light in my eyes. I opened my eyes and saw the town's sheriff, Sheriff Drake, pointing a bright flashlight in my eyes. "Sheriff?" I asked confused narrowing my eyes at him. "Are you OK ma'am?" He asked chewing his gum. "Y-yes I'm fine. Where am I?""You're in the middle of the road. I was driving up this road and saw your car parked. I figured you might have some car trouble but I found you asleep at the wheel. "I looked around and my car was still in park. I felt a slight chill through my skin. "Well I guess I must have fallen asleep. " I said quietly. The sheriff tipped his hat and laughed. "Well ma'am you gotta be careful out here. A pretty gal like you alone on the road, who knows what could happen.

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  "He began to walk away and I stayed still until he did. I looked up and saw the bright stars and moonlight. It had all been a dream! Just an amazing dream! I felt sadden and somewhat disappointed but at least I knew I'd always have that recollection. Oh what a wonderful dream it had been. I bit my lip remembering the feelings and sensations of the dream. Everything had felt so real, so fascinating. I turned on the car and looked down. My blouse was unbuttoned almost half way. and my bra was gone. I slipped my hands between my legs and felt my bare pussy with no panties. It was just a dream. Or was it? I drove back home with the wonderful memories those creatures had left for me. I would dare not ever tell anyone. Who would believe me? As long as I knew it was true that was all that mattered. The End.

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