A Ghostly Encounter - "Dick or Treat Contest"


“There is no amount of talking or apologizing that will make me feel any better tonight. Take me home and we can talk about this tomorrow. ” I said tiredly. There was a wide spot of the road coming up and Jake decided to try and turn the car around and take me home. When he turned the car off the road onto the shoulder the car died. “Oh shit! What the hell?” Jake started swearing at the car like it would magically start back. “Jake I am not playing around. I want to go home now. Quit playing this little game and take me home now dayummit before I really get pissed. I have had enough for one night. . Take me home NOW!” I was losing control. I was mad and I wanted time to rest and think about things. “I swear I am not fucking around here. The car died. I dunno what happened.

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  ” Jake said in almost a panic. “Well since you dunno what happened I am going to walk home. I have had enough of this shit today. Fuck you Jake I am going home. ” I yelled. Upon opening the car door I noticed a cold wind seeming to come out of no where that almost took my breath away. I shivered at the ferocity of the wind as it blew past me. I pulled my jacket closer trying to keep the chill wind from touching my barely clad skin. I cursed myself for my choice of costume as it had very little material to keep me warm. My long auburn hair was whipping in my face hard enough to sting my eyes as I tried to walk back the way we had come. I could hear Jake calling to me from what seemed like a great distance away. I was so mad that even hearing this it did not register that a fog was beginning to close in around me. I wanted to cry but instead I looked to the moon, as my head lifted I saw that the moon had been covered by clouds and that I could not see anything in front of me but the deep misty fog that had enveloped me. I became a bit panicked at this latest development and called back over my shoulder to Jake who I had just left beside his car on the side of the road. “Jake.

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   JAKE! Jake answer me. I cannot see anything but fog. ” I screamed as loud as I could. My voice echoed in my ears as the fog muffled my screams. My hands began to tremble with fear as a chill ran up my spine. I felt eyes upon me. Who could be watching me? Why had I not heard them approach me? How did they find me in the fog? My palms became damp with fear. My mind reeled at the possibilities of what could happen to me lost in the fog. I began to run as if I could escape the clutches of the fog all around me. I only wanted to go home! I wanted to climb in my soft warm bed and go to sleep and forget about this horrible night. Though I wanted so much to be done with this night, it seemed the night was not done with me. I tried to scream again as I ran but the fog closed in even tighter to me and my screams just echoed around me in the night. The wind whirred by me swirling the misty fog around me, as if by magic the fog melted away. I looked around me. I had no idea where I was.

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   It didn’t seem like I had walked that far from the car yet nothing around me looked familiar at all. I began to panic at the thought of being lost in the woods at night. As if things had not been bad enough already. I continued to walk trying to keep my mind off the thoughts seeming to clog up my rational mind. After a short time I began to hear the beating of hooves. A horse! I was hearing a horse approaching from my right. My heart picked up a bit as I thought of the possibility of being found so soon after becoming lost in the dark woods. The sound of hooves grew louder and louder as I continued to walk. The horse and rider had to be close enough to see me by now. Suddenly I hear the rider speaking to the horse. “Whoa! Whoa I say!” the rider yelled to his steed as he came into view of me. I thought to myself that he had just come from a party as well since he was dressed in old colonial style clothes. His costume was perfect down to every last detail from his shoes and knee socks to his belt and hat. His pants and jacket were dark blue in color with shiny gold buttons going up the chest. The shirt he wore under his jacket was white and had frills around the neck and ends of each sleeve.

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   I was instantly drawn to him for some unknown reason. He looked at me searching my soul with his eyes. My heart leapt into my throat at the thought of this sexy stranger’s eyes gazing upon me. My thoughts turned to carnal images and my face blushed a deep crimson. The more images my mind played through the redder my face became until I thought I would pass out. My pulse raced and my nipples became erect as the images turned even more carnal and my legs trembled in delight. The silent stranger on the glorious black steed held out a hand to me offering me a lift onto the back of his horse. Instinctively I took his offered hand and he lifted me effortlessly onto the back of the steed he was riding. With a gentle prod to the horses sides we were off heading through the misty fog that was hovering just above the ground. My mind became a bit fuzzy as if time and space stood still as we traveled on the steed as if going back in time. All thoughts of the night before I met the stranger seemed to fade away into the mist. Images of a life hundreds of years before began to flood my mind. I could clearly see in my mind a plantation with lots of horses and fields of crops of all kinds. I could hear the sound of workers singing as they went about their daily jobs. I could even smell the sweet scent of magnolias blooming outside the bedroom I am sure was mine.

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   In my minds eye I turned and saw a image of what appeared to be myself dressed in a flowing dress of the deepest blue cinched tight at the waist with a low cut bodice exposing quite a bit of cleavage. My hair was held back by a little hat except for two long curls that cascaded down my shoulders to rest on my partially exposed breasts. I gasped at the sight before my eyes. Was this really me? The next image I saw was the handsome stranger walking into the room and taking me into his arms. I gasped again as chills ran down my spine. I was so turned on by the images floating through my mind that I need to be held by the stranger and needed to find release. I looked over the strangers shoulder and saw the first things on the horizon. The house was huge and surrounded by fields for horses and crops. Then I saw the giant magnolia tree. I was in shock, not mere minutes before I had envisioned this tree exactly as it stands right now. My heart skipped a beat. The horse galloped effortlessly to the front of the house and stopped at the steps leading up to the front door. The stranger put his hands at my waist and lifted me down from the horse letting my body slide along his until my feet touched the ground. I shivered in ecstasy as his body made contact with mine. His eyes burned deep into my soul with so much yearning that I knew I would not say no.

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  He took me by the hand and led me into the house and up the stairs. Upon reaching a door in a long dark hallway he lightly kicked the door open and pulled me inside and tight against his body. Instantly his hands were undressing me and tossing my clothes all over the floor. His hands were calloused from hard work but the roughness felt exquisite upon my silky soft skin. The moonlight filtering through the magnolia and into the window left dappled areas of light on my skin and the floor around us. The bed nearby was untouched by the light and the stranger was walking me backwards towards it while his hands worked magic upon my flesh. The back of my legs touched the bed and I felt myself sinking into its softness as I felt the hardness of the stranger upon me. His hands at my breasts making my nipples erect and sensitive as his mouth kisses my neck and ears, trailing kisses all over my face and down to my heaving breasts. My breathing was coming in short gasps and moans as his hands worked me into a freny. I would my hands in his hair and pulled his lips to my breast. He took my nipple into his mouth and suckled like a hungry babe at breast. I arched my back to give him more access to my breast and felt his hands running along my sides and down my thighs. My skin was on fire from his touch. Everywhere his hands had been was tingling and where his hands were was lit a hot brand had been applied to my tender flesh. The electric shocks flowing between us were intense and I wanted this night to never end.

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   He leaned off me just long enough to remove his shirt and unbutton his pants and it was then that my eyes caught sight of the most glorious piece of man flesh I had ever seen. His erection was obvious as it protruded from his pants. It was long and smooth with a mushroom shaped head that looked ready to explode from desire. I reached my hand down and took the length in my hand and began to work it up and down slowly pulling a moan from his lips. He leaned back more as my movements became faster. My whole being screamed out wanting to feel his manhood buried deep inside me yet I could not stop my hand from moving to pull him down to me. He moved his hands from the sides of me on the bed and put them on top of my hand willing me to stop my movements. My hand slowed and finally stopped. He looked deep into my eyes and saw the desire burning brightly in them. He slowly inched his way down the bed until he was kneeling in the floor and my already soaking wet pussy was right in front of his face. He reached out his tongue slowly and ran it the full length of my wet slit bring a moan from my lips and making my body twitch all over. He took the sign of pleasure as it had been offered and buried his face between my thighs. His lips and tongue sought out my swollen clit and sucked it into his mouth while his tongue made circles on it making me shiver from head to toe uncontrollably. I buried my hands in his hair and pulled his face even closer to the pussy he was ravaging with his tongue. Suddenly I felt a finger slide into the wet recesses of my body.

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   I arched up wanting more, so much more. His hand worked fast in and out while his lips and tongue worked my clit until an orgasm hit me unlike any other I had known. My body shook all over and I broke out in a sweat. My hands curled up in his hair and my legs quivered from the intense sensations running throughout my body. He never stopped his movements until my body began to relax and my fingers let go of the grip I had on his head. When he slowly began to stand up his manhood looked even bigger then before. It was engorged and his excitement was obvious. He looked deep into my eyes again as if asking permission to continue. I nodded yes to him and he slowly moved towards me until the erect head of his manhood was pressing at the awaiting lips of my wet tunnel. He reached between us with a wicked grin and ran his hard cock the full length of my wet slit teasing me into a furthered state of arousal. With one movement he buried half of his length inside me and I arched up and screamed out in ecstasy. His hands sought out my breasts and caressed then lovingly while he slowly began to work his throbbing manhood in and out of my wet tunnel. My body was reacting to his in more ways then I ever thought possible and I was approaching another orgasm. My body began to quiver all over and the muscles deep inside my tunnel were pulsating on his hard member. He began to move faster and deeper until he had his entire length buried deep inside me.

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   My body shook from orgasm as he continued to pump into me making me his for this one night. He leaned down onto my pressing me further into the soft bad, his hands sought my hips and he grabbed them and slightly rolled my hips up a bit to get better access to me. My body exploded. My entire body trembled and shook while moans of joy and passion escaped my lips. My hands dug into his back as he thrust harder and faster into me. My muscles were pulsating faster upon his manhood and I felt him stiffen a bit and his manhood began to throb more and then jerk as I felt the first streams of his hot cum filling me. I screamed out in orgasm again at feeling his seed spilling deep inside me and making me feel whole. We laid together entwined as our bodies shook and trembled from the intensity of our joining. My hands ran lightly up and down his back tracing the muscular outline of his manly physique. A smile crept upon my face. I was in sheer orgasmic bliss. My body was no longer under my own control. We lay there on the bed still holding one another as we drifted off to a light sleep of bliss discovered. My mind kept playing images from our time together and it made my heart skip knowing that I had given myself willingly to this handsome stranger. I awoke a while later when he moved trying to ease himself off the bed.

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   I looked at him and smiled brightly knowing that it must be time for me to go. He grabbed his shirt and put it on quietly, smiling and sneaking glances at me from the corner of his eye as if to remind him of me always. I grabbed my clothes and began to put them on. I smiled knowing that this night would be one in a million for us both. The stranger took me by the hand and led me out to the awaiting horse by the door. He climbed up and lifted me up behind him. Soon we were off through the forest heading back to the place where he had found me at. We arrived at the spot where he found me at and eased me off the horse, took my hand in his and kissed it lovingly. Then he pointed in the direction I should be walking. I started to walk then after a few paces I turned around hoping to have one last glimpse of the handsome stranger who had changed my life but alas he was already gone, swallowed up by the deep misty fog. I turned back and continued to walk. I walked farther and farther until my legs started to grow weak from exhaustion. It was just then that the fog closed in and I seemed to fall into a deep sleep. I awoke with a start to see sunshine streaming in through my bedroom window. I was still wearing my costume yet my panties were gone.


   The images from the night before began to flood back. Was it a dream? Was it real?.