Good Sex to get me pregnant, Part 1

Short Sex

″I don't want to Jeremy. ~I plead. ″I'm ovulating this weekend!~I say, and I'm not lying either. If I got pregnant. . . my life would be over. Jeremy looks down at my Double D's which are basically falling out of my bra. I'm in only my small bra and thong. He licks his lips as his eyes lower down to my pussy. I rub my pussy to tease him, because he's turning me on, even though I don`t want to become pregnant.
Jeremy sighs as he`s in only his boxers. He slips off my thong and stares at my pussy. I take off his boxers and reveal a Twenty centimeter dick. I get horny and unhook my bra and it falls to the floor.
Jeremy sucks my tits as I feel his dick hardening.

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   My nipples harden and I cum. Then, Jeremy suddenly shoves his dick up my pussy. I gasp as I hit his G-Spot and he ejects sperm. I come and my orgasm is so big that It feels like I'll rip in half. He stops there and redresses me. ″What the fuck?~ I ask. I just wanted to get a whore pregnant, I'm moving tomorrow, bye Eve. ~ Then he left.
Thar night I wasn't sure what to do. Most teen moms have adoption or abortion, but I couldn't do it, just couldn't.

1 Month Later

Positive. All three of my pregnancy tests said positive. I'm only 16. What a great way to ruin my life.


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