Cabaret Adventures-Ch. 3 Blazing Kitty

Sex In Public

Tall, slender, with black hair, shoulder length, but in pigtails tonight, Fantasia had a new act. She was 27 years old, and had been dancing for eight years now. She always tried to come up with something different—something that would draw men’s attention towards her while on stage; something that would generate a few more George Washington’s into her G-string.
Her new act was quite daring, provocative, and yes, even dangerous, but damn!! It definitely was a show-stopper, and I was going to make sure that the fire continued, even after it was put out on stage.
During her first set, Fantasia did the usual dance routine, taking off the bikini top on the first song, peeling away the G-string on the second song, and finishing the set completely nude, showing off her smoothly shaved, soft and tender pussy lips for all to see. She did not have much in way of tits, being so slender, but some of her other attributes more than made up for the lack of breast play.
I approached her on the second song, just after the G-string had been tossed aside, and stood at the end of the stage, giving her a sly smirk and a raise of the eyebrows, trying to send her a very subtle message that I really enjoyed what was before me, and would like to enjoy it a bit more when the music was done. After slipping her a five-dollar bill, Fantasia squatted down, put her arms around my neck, leaned forward and whispered into my ear, “I’ll be down to see you in a minute, and after my next set we’ll go have a bit of fun!”
Shortly, she came out of the dressing room, fully clothed in a sexy black bikini top with matching bottom, and the sexiest pair of black high heeled dancing shoes I have ever seen. These were the kind that had the strap that went around the calf several times, ending just below the knee. God, did that give me a nice feeling down below as she sauntered over towards me and sat down.
She crossed her long, slender, olive-skinned legs, and placed her hand on my leg, very close to my crotch. She started rubbing and caressing my leg, ever so slowly moving upwards towards the happy pole. I, in turn, placed my hand between her crossed legs, as near to her love spot as I could get, and began to probe and stroke very gently. She responded by uncrossing her legs, grabbing my hand, and placing it inside her bikini bottom, pressing it against her pussy.
We played like this for several minutes before I told her to stop for a little while, as it was getting very close to a messy finish, and I wanted to save that for later on. She grinned at me and told me that I would not be disappointed.

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   We each ordered a glass of wine, drank it, and shot the breeze for the next half hour or so. The DJ then called her name; she leaned over, kissed me, and said this would be her last set of the night, and afterwards we could have a little fun.
“You’re gonna like my finale on stage,” she said. I asked her, “what do you mean?’ to which she replied, “just watch. You’ll see. ”
The first two songs went as usual, but then on song number three, she pulls out a book of matches, lights one, and sticks it on her nipple. Then she puts another lighted match on the other nipple. I am thinking to myself, “this is un-fucking believable!! She just set her tits on fire!!” The best was yet to come, though.
By this time, several guys had surrounded the stage to not only get a closer view of things, but to drop dollar bills all over the stage floor. They were going ape shit over this act. I took my place at the edge of the stage, and she looked at me and said, “watch this, baby!” With that, she took a match, lit it, and slid it into her pussy lips, flame extended outward. She leaned back on the stage, held her hips high in the air, smiled, and said, “ok guys! The pussy’s on fire!! Somebody put it out!!”
With that, all the guys leaned over and blew on the match to blow it out. She then said, “I hope all of you made a wish when you did that, because somebody’s wish is going to come true in about five minutes. ”
I knew she meant me, but I didn’t let on. I just went and sat back down.

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   She came out of the dressing room and came over to me, grabbed me by the hand and said, “Let’s go baby!! I want you to fuck me while the pussy is still warm!!” We proceeded back to the corner of the bar, where it was very dark and secluded. We sat down on the couch, and she pulled one of the chairs over in front of us to seclude the area a little bit more.
She didn’t even wait for the song to finish playing. She took off her outfit, sat down in my lap, facing away from me and began to grind. “Come on sweetie. Gotta get this thing hard, because you are going fuck the shit out of me,” she said.
I told her, “Oh don’t worry. It’s getting nice and hard sweetheart. Oh yeah, one thing though. I haven’t fucked a girl, or even jacked off in about a week or so, so don’t be surprised if this don’t take too long. ”
As I told her that, she leaned back, put her arms around my neck and told me to just make sure that I stay inside long enough for her to get hers too, because she was really horny. “When I put the match in my cunt, it gets really warm, and that turns me on. I always get a guy to fuck me after that because otherwise, I have to use my vibrator in the back dressing room, and it’s just not the same as a real dick, so fuck me good,” she said.
I unzipped, pulled out my rock hard dick, slipped a Trojan over it, and she sat back down. As she slid her warm, moist cunt down onto my shaft, the feeling of ecstasy and sheer pleasure overcame me almost immediately.

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   I grabbed her pigtails ever so gently and tugged on them just a little bit. She responded by leaning her head back for me to get a better grip on them. I told her, “Damn! With your hair in pigtails you remind me of a little school girl, sweetie. ”
“Guess what,” she said. “Right now, I want to be your little girl, and I want you fuck your little girl and shoot a wad of cum into my little pussy. Will you do that for me, Mister,” she asked.
“Oh sweetheart, that’s definitely what I am going to do, because I will do anything my little girl wants me to do for her,” I said. As I told her this, she started humping my dick even faster, bouncing up and down in a rhythm that accompanied the hip-hop song being played by the DJ. I felt a load building up, and I knew that in a few seconds, I would be shooting a hot wad of sperm into her cunt that would probably fill the condom to capacity, since it had been over a week since I had jacked off. I hadn’t even fucked a girl in over two weeks, so it was going to be a geyser.
Sure enough, it was about time to erupt, so I told her, “get ready sweetie, because here it comes!” With that, I thrust my hips hard into hers, and she responded by tightening her pussy muscles, clamping down around my love stick, and pressing in against my lap.
After I had shot the largest load of cum that I had shot in several months, I suddenly felt something warm and sticky. “Oops! I forgot to tell you Mister, your little girl here, well she’s a squirter. Sorry about that, but oooh, did it feel good to have your cum shot up into me,” she said.
I told her, “don’t worry about it.

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   That’s why they make stain remover and color safe bleach, my love. ” With that, I kissed her on the cheek, tucked everything back in neatly, and went home to dream about matches, flames, and the erotic things that could be done with such stuff.