I married my wife Kelly eighteen months ago. We first met at the Sadie Hawkins Dance in our sophomore year of high school and dated ever since. She was my first girlfriend as well as my first time and I don't regret it in the slightest. I could not ask for a more perfect wife; one who makes my life happy and meets my every need. Though I have to admit before the events of this story I thought there was room for improvement. When we started dating I thought that Kelly dressed too provocatively. I thought she had a habit of wearing too much red and sometimes even showed cleavage. But she was a willing wife and changed for me whenever I asked her to modify some behavior that was not exactly ladylike. Our sex life has always been wonderful too. She performed her wifely duties anytime I needed it which was sometimes as often as twice a week and she produced a lovely baby girl. But things changed drastically last week. On Monday I suggested that we should get together Friday. This is my usual way of arranging for some intimate time. Friday I would take her into the bedroom, lay her down, look deeply into her eyes and then turn off the lights only to return to a waiting and receptive young women who felt so wonderful around me down there I would be lucky if I lasted five minutes. But when Friday rolled around I looked for her in the kitchen and she was nowhere to be found. I looked all over the house and finally found her sitting in a chair reading a novel next to our bed.

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   Walking over to her I smiled my most charming smile and attempted to seduce my bride. As I approached the front of the chair she was sitting in she stood up and kissed me full on the lips. Our tongues met in our mouths as she pressed her body to mine. I had never seen my Kelly so passionate before and in response I felt more passionate than I had ever felt. Kelly pushed against me harder and harder and eventually I fell back onto the bed. This was getting out of hand and if she continued to be so forward I was going to have to have a talk with her the next day. She leaned into me pushing me onto my back with the weight of her lithe and firm body. I had to admit even then that I was really turned on. In fact, my erection was harder than it had ever been. But I was also deeply worried. Was my beautiful wife becoming a slut? How would I ever walk down the street again with her on my arm if anyone found out what she had done in the bedroom? What if my mother found out?I pushed her off and pleaded for her to lay down on the bed in the customary manner but as I climbed in to get on top of her she deftly slipped aside and climbed on top of me instead. I really don't know why I didn't reprimand her right then and there but as I said I was really excited and for the first time in my life my penis was doing all the thinking. Kelly lay down on top of me with all of her nakedness touching all of mine. I could see her oh so sexy and perky breasts swaying beneath her as she moved about over me. I felt a softness to her skin in this position that I had never noticed before and the creamy complexion of her body made me breath in an inhalation of air that telegraphed my intense sexual hunger.

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   I was sure that my wife could see what was happening to me and I could feel my face grow hot with embarrassment. I was never so ashamed before but oddly never so willing to let something like this happen. She had both of her hands on the bed beside my shoulders and was supporting herself on her extended arms. This caused her hair to fall down around my face. I love her hair. My girl is naturally blonde and looking up I could see the bottom of her chin, her straining neck, and the area between that little cleft at the base of the neck and her cleavage. I don't think her tits ever looked as good as they did just then. I lifted my head up and kissed her chin working my way down to the space between her perfect boobs. What happened next shocked me - she lifted one hand and cupping one breast pushed it into my mouth. This new taste of nipple was very nice. In fact, I discovered that a women's nipple is a very different kind of skin than other parts of her Body. Her nipples were hard and long and I sucked first one then the other going back and forth between the two. This women whom I did not know but whom I still loved was lying on top of me in such a way that her private area was rubbing against mine. I could actually feel the hair that surrounded her down there touching my penis and when I thought about it I could discern different parts of her sexual anatomy using my penis to feel it. Honestly, right now this is what I wanted to touch and touch it I did.

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   Sliding my hips this way or that I felt around with my thingy and the sensations were amazing. So Good I thought I might finish and waste it all between our bellies. Kelly sat up still pressing her, her pussy, (there, I said it!) roughly against my, well my cock, from a brand new and novel angle. Up to now I had laid still for the most part and just let her do what she was going to do but now with a new courage I reached up with my hands that had been passively resting at my sides and I touched her nipples which I had had in my mouth but had never felt with my fingers. Kelly arched her back slightly and moaned as I tweaked and rolled her nipples with my thumb and fingers. At this point I was a little embarrassed for her. Tracing paths with her fingers she drew all over my body with the first finger from each hand. She touched me all over. She touched my chest and my sides. She caressed my face and using the palms of her hands massaged from my abdomen up to the ends of my arms which she pressed to the bed above my head. She tickled my palms and kissed my wrists, again positioning her tits up by my eager mouth. And all this she accomplished while her pussy was being rubbed on my cock. After an eternity in which I dared not do anything to break the spell she had me under, or for that matter the spell which had captured her, she laid down fully on my body. Her legs were on my legs and her slit was grasping the shaft of my cock. Her torso, light as she was, held me down.

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   Her nipples rubbed mine and her arms were laid out directly over my own. She looked into my eyes. This was the most intense part. Here I was naked to the world and completely exposed and she was looking at me, right at my face and she knew what I was thinking. She always did. She rubbed and massaged my arms. Then, gently, for the first time she spoke: "Does that feel good?" My first thought was of her pussy wrapped around my dick without me actually being inside of her but I dared not imagine that she was talking about that. I answered: "Yes, yes, the massage is very good. ""Turn over" she said directly, "I will give you a real massage. " Was the sex over? It couldn't be. As mortified as I was I needed it to go on. "Roll over. " That was what she said. And it wasn't a question. I rolled over as if it were not me doing it.

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  Kelly stayed on top of me ending up straddling my butt. I felt her moistness in the small of my back and I liked it. She moved me about and repositioned me for my massage. My legs were close together so she could move down to rub the lower part of my back and my arms were above my head and out to the sides so she could rub my biceps or triceps at will. Don't get me wrong, the massage was nice, but we were just having the best sexual experience of my life and no massage could compare. Should I speak up? Could I ask for her to do it again? No, I couldn't. I would just have to hope that someday she would be taken by this desire once again. I had just resigned myself to going back to a life of missionary sex twice a week when I was aroused from my now relaxed and unaware state by the click of handcuffs being fastened to my wrist. I turned my head to look at Kelly - to see what she was up to. But I could not see her face. I don't know why I didn't just ask but I didn't. Kelly, my gorgeous Kelly again rubbed her pussy slowly up my back leaving a noticeable cool trail of wetness on my skin. "Yes! Yes. " is what I would have yelled if I had had the fortitude. I would let my women do whatever she wanted and I would love it.

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   I would love her and I would even love her more than before. She massaged my body and kissed my skin wherever her hands roamed. At one point she kicked my legs out to the side and crouched down between them. Reaching between my legs she actually grabbed my cock and balls and pulled them back awkwardly so she could easily see them. No one had ever touched me there or looked at me so intensely down there. I was newly shamed and any chance I had of regaining my hard on fled. The position she had my cock in was such that it was pointing down toward my feet and it was pressed against the mattress. When she rubbed my balls I started to get hard and stopped caring what she might think of me. Then it happened. She had been rubbing my testicles when she leaned down and kissed them. Really I'm not joking! That is exactly what she did. And she didn't stop there. She kissed my balls with her lips, lips that had been virgin lips when we married. She kissed my balls and she used her tongue and she tasted me, I'm sure of it. How could she not? Giving up any sense of control I gave in to the sensations and I enjoyed it. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   She ran her tongue all over my balls rubbing the cheeks of my butt at the same time. I loved it!! Her face was down there between my legs and my dick was so hard that it was really uncomfortable with it wrenched back in that position. Surely a dick was never meant to be hard and pulled back like this. I lifted my hips to give me some room to grow which is when the next unbelievable thing happened. I am typing the words and telling you what happened but I can scarcely trust my memory. I don't want to admit it but as the best sex of my life what else can I do but to acknowledge what it was. So, I was saying, I lifted my hips so I could have just a little more room and to relieve some of the discomfort when my not so innocent Kelly took one big lick from my nuts right up to my, well my, my you know, my center of my butt. She licked my ass and it was no accident. She swirled her tongue all over my puckered ring. I fought it, but you will remember that I was handcuffed. I wiggled and fought it but I liked it. She still had her hands, small and delicate, encasing my cock and balls and she licked me in long slow strokes from my ass to my balls and occasionally down my dick to the very end where she slurped up that stuff that seeps out before I come. She did it and I could resist no longer. No doubt you know how embarrassed I was, totally exposed like this. I was open to be seen and not only did she see me but she tasted me and smelled me.

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   No I'm not kidding. She pushed her face down between my legs and took in a long deep breath through her nose smelling my cock and my balls. And in some way I was relieved. She did that and she saw me and knew me and still she obviously still loved me and adored me - how could she not and do what she did? I felt accepted. It was overpowering. It was the relief to every problem I had ever had. I raised my ass up in the air and gave myself to her. Not in words but the deed was obvious. I was admitting I liked this and that I would do this now and forever. She took one last lick of my anus inserting her tongue just a little then kissed her way down my balls to my cock. She kissed me hard below the head of my cock just before flipping herself onto her back, sliding under me so my cock could easily go inside her mouth. I knew that people did this kind of thing but never imagined it would be me doing it. Yet here I was fastened to the bed on my knees with my dick between my wife's lips. Again it was great and I loved it! I pushed in a bit. Then did it again and again.

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   Kelly had her hands on my butt and she pulled my in at times and pushed my out at times. I was getting close to cumming when, placing her little finger at the entrance to my ass she pushed her finger inside me. That was it! There was no holding back now. Her finger touched some part of me in there that drove me wild and I came and came. I remember every spurt and each one of them went into my wife's mouth. Incredible!She extricated herself from under me and lay down on top of my body again with her warm flesh touching mine. This was an intimacy I had never known before and I would never live without it again. After a few moments my love crawled around and sat down at the head of the bed. "Stop", I yelled, "your butt is going to touch the pillows. " Kelly laughed slightly and throwing the pillow to the floor sat down with one of her legs over each of my arms. Scooting forward a little she moved her pussy closer and closer to my face. I was trying to figure out what she was doing. I was aghast by the sight of her bush moving ever closer till it was the only thing I could see. I could smell her sex and I tried to turn my head aside but she took hold of my hair with both fists and said: "You will return the favor and you will like it. " She wasn't mean - just right.

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   So I determined that if that was what I needed to do to keep the feelings coming then that was what I would do. She spoke again: "This is my cunt and my cunt loves your cock. It loves your tongue too. It has been waiting for over a year for you and it can wait no longer. C'mon lover boy you know what to do. " I pressed my face into the mass of hair that surrounded her pussy and just sort of moved my closed mouth around; nuzzling her bush with my nose. After a time I had to take a breath and when I did I could smell her sex again. Only this time I liked it. It was musky and sweet and sour all at the same time. Actually it was indescribable and it excited me greatly. When I looked I could see parts of her pussy amidst the hair. I pulled back to get a better look and she obliged by pulling her outer lips apart. I really looked. I looked hard and long. And I found myself needing more.


   This time I smelled her with intention like she had smelled me earlier. Then I started using my lips and my tongue. I didn't know what to do but she didn't seem to mind. After a while she had an orgasm. I never saw her do that before and to be completely honest would have previously thought her slut if she had. But that wasn't the way it was now. She sighed and cooed and sank down into the mattress after her orgasm. Her taste was still on my lips and it was as if she finally belonged to me for the first time. I suppose I belonged to her too now. I really belonged to her. When she got up she straightened the room just a little, put on her bathrobe, and kissed my on both of my cheeks as she removed each handcuff. My throat was dry and my voice cracked when I first spoke "How. . . how did.

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  . . did you know I would like that?"She knelt down by the side of the bed and said sweetly: "Honey, I know you better than you know yourself. " I just lay there spent and exhausted. As she walked out of the room she looked back "Tim, dear, you know you loved that more than anything. And you know that you want me to get some more adventurous clothes too, don't you? After all, I know you better than you know yourself. " "That's right beautiful" was all I could say, "you can do whatever you want. " She smiled a mischievous smile and said: " Oh I will, things are going to be different around here and you are going to absolutely fantastically fucking love it!" And I knew she was right. .

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