For my son Pt2


This is part 2 of my second story, (My first was Losing it all tonight) comments very welcome, nice comments and I’ll write more.
We’d practiced putting condoms onto her big 12’ dildo, including putting them on with your mouth, that took some doing with a 12’ I can tell you. Monique lent me some of her slutty outfits for my first time out. I was pretty nervous; would anyone want to fuck me? And more importantly would they give me the money first? Still Monique thought I looked hot all dressed up in her short backless dress and matching black high heals and she assured me the John’s would come running. We tottered out to Monique’s patch a short distance from her apartment, I felt so exposed in that tiny dress, and it was pretty cold, my nipples were rock hard. We just walked up and down for a bit till the first car cruised past. We walked over, Monique told me to let her do the talking.
“Hi baby, you looking for a nice time?”
“Yeah, how much for a blow”
“Well you can have either of us do that for $60 or for $80 we can both do it. ”
“Yeah fuck it I’ll have the both of you do it, you got somewhere?”
We got into his car and drove quickly back to Monique’s place, once inside the John started to grope both of us. Pushing his hands up our skirts as we walked along in front of him we took him into the lounge and sat down either side of him.
“So baby, are you sure you only want the blow, or do you want to go all the way with us?” Monique took her top off letting her big tits spill out and I wriggled out of my dress.
“Yeah we’re both so horny, it’d be a shame not to fuck us” I said, playing the horny hooker role. “If you like you can watch Monique fuck me with a strap on first. ” I started to stroke his chest as he sat there looking a bit bewildered.
“I’m married, I only wanted a blow job, my wife won’t”
“Baby there are a whole lot of things me and Monique will do that your wife won’t, now please, tell me you want to watch her fuck me before you do” I was really starting to get the hang of this slutty way of talking. Monique lent across the John and French kissed me deeply groping my tits with one hand as I slipped my hand up her skirt.

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“Yeah, how much though?”
“We’ll do it for $400” Said Monique.
“I’ve only got $380” He said pulling a hand full of notes out of his pocket
“Good enough” I said and grabbed the notes. Monique stood up and took the money off me and walked out to get the strap on. I sat down on the coffee table facing the John and spread my legs slowly I reached down to my cunt and started to finger myself while he watched, it was clear how turned on he was by my little display, I started to slide more fingers into my wet pussy and he sat with his erection bulging in his pants. “Do you like that?” I asked he just nodded dumbly as I pulled my pussy open for him making it gape open the way Monique taught me. Monique walked back in with the dildo strapped on, it was the same 12” one we’d had so much fun with the previous day. I snapped my legs closed as she approached me. “No not that one it’s too big. ” I looked over at the John “My pussy’s to tight for that please don’t make me do that” I pleaded, I knew I could take it but I thought it might turn him on, it did.
“Now it seems to me you took the money, and I want to see you get fucked, so get on with it” He smiled a cruel smile as he sat back on the couch as I lay back on the coffee table. Monique positioned herself between my thighs and I could feel the cock at the entrance to my cunt. I grinned at her letting her know I was only playing.
“Please don’t you know my cunt is too tight for that” I begged again. Monique started to push the dildo into my cunt. I played my part and pretended she was hurting me.

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   Soon she had it all in me and began to fuck me building up a good rhythm, I started to get really horny as she did so the thought of this complete stranger watching me get fucked who was going to fuck me in a few minutes was driving me crazy. I started to cum as Monique fucked me to heaven. The John told us to stop as he wanted to fuck us now; Monique took the dildo off and asked what he wanted.
“I want to fuck the little one while she eats your cunt. ” Monique rolled a condom down his cock as I lay there playing with my pussy and tits. He knelt down and gripped my by the hips manoeuvring me into an easily fuckable position for him. His cock slid easily into my wet pussy as Monique lowered her snatch towards my face, he loved it as I started to lick her cunt, he roughly grabbed my tits and mauled them as he fucked me. Monique spread her outer lips with one hand so I could get better access to her clit with my tongue; she started to cum as she watched me getting ploughed by the john. I could feel the john was going to cum soon as the pace of his strokes increased. He suddenly pulled out. “I wanna cum in your face” He announced as he pulled the condom off, I knelt down as he stood up and started to stroke his cock. Monique reached forward and started to do it for him at the same time she grabbed my hair and yanked my head back my mouth opening in surprise, then he came shooting hot stick cum all over my face, some landing in my open mouth some splashing down to my chest as Monique’s expert hand milk the last drops from him. He stood there breathing heavy as his cock got soft in Monique’s hand, his cum was running down my face and breast, I swallowed what was in my mouth as I knelt in front of him. He buttoned his fly and walked out. Monique looked at me kneeling down and covered in some guy’s cum.

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“Did I do good?” I could feel his cum sliding down between my tits as I knelt there.
“Baby girly you did fantastic, you even made me cum. ”
“Did you like watching him pound my pussy?”
“Oh yeah that was hot! And FYI you eat pussy sooo well. I never thought a 15 year old could do that so well. ” I blushed at the praise as the cum slid down my belly. “Now let’s get out on the street again. ”
Within half an hour I was back on the street, a different dress, a nice tight purple mini dress that hugged my curves. The next guy just wanted me. He drove me round to a dark ally.
“What do you want me to do baby?” I coyly asked him.
“I want you face down on the hood. ” I did as I was told and I rolled the condom down his already stiff cock. I then bent over the hood of his sedan spreading my legs for him. “Wider” He told me and I spread myself as wide as I could, then in one shove he was deep inme, fucking me hard, gripping my waist as he really let me have it hard. I was so turned on by the rough way he was using my cunt I couldn’t help but cum. 

   My legs were weak as he continued to pound me as his orgasm approached, then he was coming himself, I could feel his cock spurting inside me. He stepped back and I stood up, as I turned round he was pulling the full condom off. I felt so amazing that I could make a guy cum like that in only a few minutes. By the time I got back to the corner Monique had gone, so I went home well pleased with myself.

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