Cursed - Part 1

Mind Control

<!--[if Emma turned and ran, her heavy breathing sounding above the silence that grasped the alley. She dared a sharp look behind her, saw nothing, and continued her relentless sprint down the road. Her long brown hair billowed out either side of her head, contrasting with her milky pale skin. The look of sheer fright only added to the image of the vulvnerable virgin, running from something in sheer terror. The long dress clung tightly from her body, sticking to her breasts with the wetness of rain. Her curved figure was truly magnificent, with her delicate nipples jutting out from the breasts, and her perfect arse from behind.
                Emma turned at the next corner, only to find her worst nightmares become reality. A man stood there, and had plainly seen her.
<!--[if The man roared, stepping closer. His long hair was styled well, matching his equally stylish suit. He walked quite slowly, confident even for upper-class, as he approached the now still Emma. Strangely she had stopped, instantly, and he seemed glued to the spot. As the mad approched, he ran his eyes over her figure, spending a moment taking in her unquestionably attractive body. Her eyes grew wide with fear, and he cheecks began to blush wildly.
<!--[if happens, you shalt not move, my whore. ”
<!--[if extended a hand, and ran his fingers through her hair.

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   She faintly shuddered, but there she remained, rooted to the spot. The man’s hand contined down the body, reaching the hips and then stopping. He grinned, his good looks noticeable in the dying evening light,
<!--[if your mouth,” he uttered, staring deeply at her dark red lips. They glistened slightly, and as she opened her mouth, he urged his finger into her mouth. “And now suck, as if it were my cock”
<!--[if stood content, as the virtually motionless girl, of no more than 17 sucked his fingers, working vicously with her tongue, her smooth mouth providing mist lining for his finger.
<!--[if now stop! It seems what my thoughts told me were only too true. You are indeed cursed, to eternally be the slave of others. I heard you were blessed the gift of complete obedience. That may have all been good and well when your gormless mother needed you to stop crying when you were in nappies, but now you have, shall we say, ‘blossomed’, it has turned into a curse. A girl like you could only wait so long until some sick bastard like myself would waltz in and steal you for my sexual gain. To prove my point, lets try a little game…”  He kept looking at her, noticing how her yes were wide with fear. Ever since she somehow became ‘blessed’, he was compelled to follow any order given to her, no matter how those orders may be. She realised now that perhaops he was right, and eventually some pervert would take control of her. But he would let her go sometime, and then she could go to the law. But she was shaking now, the reality of this pervert raping her, perhaps numerous times, making her white with terror.

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   Her rosy cheeks darkened once more, making her look the ultimate in the way of innocence.
<!--[if around,” the man ordered, and she instantly turned, allowing no time to even think. “And touch your toes,” he continued. Relunctantly she bent down, realising full well that the wet skirt from the earlier rain clung to her arse like an old man to life. The shame was so much, she would have threw up there and then had it not been to her body falling the victim of the orders.   The man reached forward, and grabbing the hem of the dress, he pulled it up, over her now exposed arse. He ran his fingers up the back of her leg, and suddenly slapped the skin with some force. He spanked her thrice more, leaving dark red stains for a few seconds on her milky skin. Now only her white panties were denying him seeing her virgin pussy. Sex would well rip her open, being not only a virgin, but not wet in the slightest due to fear.
<!--[if straighten up again, and follow me. ” He proceeded to walk down the alleyway, followed obediently by the completely helpless Emma. He walked into a building, and let the brunette follow behind. She was quite horrified as she continued, although her pace never faltered as her body set itself on following; that was the order given and she was helpless against it. But the building was large, with dark sullen rooms.

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   Down the corridoor they entered the biggest room of all, and found the walla ordained with shelving with some sickly looking instruments. Great phallic objects lined the shelves, and a strange wooden stool lay in the centre of the room, next to what looked like a stone altar. The stranger paced ahead, walked to a shelf, and taking a small dagger turned back towards Emma. Her heart missing a beat due to absolute unfiltered terror, she was mortified as she stood there helpless as he approached.
<!--[if continue, but if anybody thinks it is worth it! (nuttynicnak@hotmail. com)