A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 16

Mind Control

The incident with the last girl he picked up took put a damper onhis enthusiasm for going after the Japanese locals with hispenlight. So he concentrated on screwing Yvonne, Ryoko and Aolaniafter enjoying the various historical sites in Japan during theday. . Ryoko continued to play informal tour guide to help hernon-Japanese compatriots negotiate their way around her nativecountry.

In mid-August, their final day in Japan came. "So how do you feelabout going back to California?" Evan inquired of Ryoko. "I likeCalifornia better, but it was really great you allowed me to revisitJapan. I definitely feel a need to come back every now and then. ""Yeah, I noticed all the manga you bought. " "Yeah," she giggled. "Idon't think it will be that long before we'll be back, sweetheart,"he pointedly informed her. Ryoko's eyes fluttered quizzically. "Didhe just tell me he's going to propose to me?" she wondered.

That  night, as he held Yvonne in bed, he said, "thanks for comingwith us, babe. There's just no way I would have enjoyed it as muchas I did without you here. " "It's going to be weird going fromJapan, though, right on to a college campus just a few days later,honey, just when we've gotten used to being here," she chuckled.

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   "Noshit, huh?" he rejoindered.

The flight back went off as smoothly as those things do these days. They were definitely glad to be back in their own beds, Evansandwiched by Yvonne and Ryoko. He hugged them both hard before hefinally slipped into dreamland while they comforted themselves withhis warmth and love before they, too, nodded off peacefully.

Less than a week later, Evan and Yvonne were on the campus of theiruniversity as freshmen. He was immediately delighted by the muchimproved quality of the women he saw both walking around the groundsand in his classes.

That Friday, though, Evan told Yvonne he needed to talk to her aboutsomething serious. "How would you feel if I married Ryoko?" heinterrogated. "I would be totally jealous of her, but not hate her,"she explained. "Does that mean you intend to have kids with her,too?" "Yeah. She and you would be great mothers to our kids. Nothing, hopefully will change in my relationship with you. You'llstill be in my bed every night unless, of course, you find someoneelse you want to do that with. " "No, that's not going to happenEvan. I might find someone to have children with, but I want you toraise them.

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   It just sucks so much, though, that you can't be the oneto impregnate me. " "You're telling me, Yvonne. It makes me so hornyto think of implanting my seed inside you and watching your bellygrow. "

"Why did you decide you want to marry Ryoko?" Yvonne cross examined. "Well, for one thing, I'm not sure that when she turns 18 she'll beable to go to college at in state tuition rates or even if she'llhave to return to Japan since she will be considered an adult andable to act on her own and not as a dependent. Secondly, I love her,she loves me and she also loves you and, especially, Aolani. " "Sowhat are you going to have you guys' kids call me?" she wanted toknow. "They'll call you 'mommy Yvonne' and Ryoko will just be 'mom'or 'mommy,'" he predicted.

"I guess this was inevitable," Yvonne reasoned discontentedly butnonetheless in a resigned manner. "The important thing you need toremember, Yvonne, is that you're still first in my life, alwayswill  be and I'm hoping that all of us can act as a support systemfor each other so that you're protected if I do something reallystupid and I'm not here anymore. " "I know you don't mean anythingbad by this, Evan. It's just that in my heart of hearts I want youall to myself. " "I know what you mean," he replied. "That's why Igave you that ring. To me, you and I will always be spirituallymarried even if we can't do it legally.

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   I will love you with all myheart, Yvonne, until I draw my last breath. Let's just try to make alarger circle of love for you, me, Ryoko and Aolani and whateverkids we might have. " "Okay, honey. I'll keep treating Ryoko andAolani like my little sisters. " "You do that, Yvonne. You're like myfirst wife, Ryoko is wife 1. 5 and Aolani is wife number two," hepropounded. Yvonne embraced Evan and they shared several warm, softkisses.

 The next day, which was a Saturday, while Ryoko was over atSophia's, Evan went to a jewelry store and bought an engagement ringfor his Japanese girlfriend. Sunday, he took her to her favoriteJapanese restaurant and proposed to her and, at age 16, the youngbeauty officially had a fiance. They were going to wait until shewas 18 before actually becoming man and wife so that her parentswouldn't freak out and try to rescind the guardianship they hadallowed Evan's parents to have over their daughter. They were alsoafraid that the State Department wouldn't recognize a fiance visafor a minor. Therefore, they wouldn't notify her parents until arelatively short period before the wedding.

"Welcome to our family for real," Yvonne laughed when Evan and Ryokocame home. She hugged her beloved brother's betrothed and Ryokoreturned, "thank you sis.

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   You're lucky to have such a greatbrother. "  When they all went to bed that night, Evan had Ryokocuddle Yvonne while he held Ryoko. It was a tacit message that said,"I'll protect you, but you have to protect my twin sister. "

A bit over two weeks later, Yvonne reported to Evan that she mayhave found her sperm donor. It was a Taiwanese student named RobertFeng, who was in her biology class. "He's cute, really smart, tall,I think about 6'1", super nice and has a dorky but endearing senseof humor," she bubbled. "So have you started hitting on him?" Evanasked. "Not really. Because I've always had you, I never reallydeveloped that sense of how to flirt with guys. " Evan then lecturedher on how to get close to a boy.

She started making sure she would sit next to or near him and talkto him. The thing was that she would never be interested in marryinghim. She only wanted him to eventually knock her up, Simple enoughon its face, but she would have to keep him around for four years atleast before she would choose to get pregnant and then she wouldhave to dump him so that Evan could, in effect, be the child'sfather. It was all very complicated. For example, what if Robertasked her to marry him over that time? Or he just got tired of herand wanted to move on? She hoped that them still being in schoolwould prevent that from happening.

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   But then again, married collegestudents were hardly unknown.

She rearranged "her" bedroom so that it would look neater and lessof a glorified walk in closet for her and Ryoko for when she tookhim into it, if she got the opportunity. In a way, though, even ifshe couldn't keep Robert around that long it would give herexperience in relating intimately to men other than Evan. That couldeventually turn into something even better.

For Robert, what he liked about Yvonne was her gentle manner andeven temperment. He would eventually tell her that she was "aChinese girl trapped in a white chick's body. ," which cracked Yvonneup. Evan told his sister to take Robert to dinner after school, hertreat, so that they could get to know each other better.

She did that Monday and  Robert accepted. They went to a halfwaydecent chain restaurant across the street  from their campus andspent the ensuing couple of hours eating, talking and joking around. If Robert wasn't certain before if Yvonne liked him in a more thanstrictly classmates way he knew now. She hugged him goodbye and thencalled Evan to come pick her up.

Tuesday, Robert saw Yvonne and Evan having lunch al fresco justoutside the school cafeteria. He knew that she had a twin brother,so he scoped it out for a few minutes to make sure it was a guy wholooked like a male version of her and not another suitor. He thenwent up to them to say hi.

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   Yvonne asked him to have a seat and Evanmade an excuse to get lost. "Thanks for taking me out yesterday," hesaid. "It was fun sweety," she asserted. "You're a great dinnercompanion," she giggled. "Hey, I know a good Chinese restaurant. Youwanna check it out with me?" he implored. "I love Chinese food!" sheenthused. "Sweet!" he reacted.

They made plans for later that day and he eventually picked her upat seven. It was a little place in a strip mall owned by Chineseemigres. "They serve the real thing here," he lectured her. Theystarted out with some Dim sum and it progressed from there. "Oh myGod Robert, the food here is outstanding!" she praised. "If you wantreal Chinese food you have to go with a Chinese!" he smiled. "Jesus,this guy is really nice n both senses of the word!" she thought toherself.

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   She had a really good time and invited him to kiss her whenhe dropped her off.

As she lay in the arms of a slumbering Evan, Yvonne imagined howRobert's cock might feel inside of her since the only one she hadexperienced to that point was her twin's. She wondered howemotionally different it was going to be sleeping with her new beauas opposed to with Evan. She held her sibling's hands even tighteragainst her while she mulled everything over.

Wednesday, Evan and Yvonne conspired to create an opportunity to getRobert into her bed Friday. Thursday, she asked Robert over to herhouse after they finished their classes Friday. "It's kinda earlyfor me to meet your parents, don't you think?" he challenged. "Don'tworry, sweety. They don't care. You and I are adults, so they expectme to bring a boyfriend home occasionally. " "Okay," he tentativelyagreed.

Friday, Evan and Ryoko picked Robert and Yvonne up in his van andtook them home. Robert thought it odd that there was only a mattressand pillows in the back and not seats. Yvonne snuggled up to him asthey headed to her house, which made the mattress very comfortableindeed. Robert's heart leapt into his throat when Evan pulled intohis family's driveway.

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   In Taiwan, meeting the parents of yourgirlfriend is a huge deal. They all stepped through the thresholdand right up the stairs to Evan's room. They chitchatted for a bit. Ryoko was becoming increasingly affectionate with Evan, so Yvonnesuggested that they go to her room in order to lend the twolovebirds some privacy. "Your parents really don't care?" hequestioned again. "No, it's not any of their business," Yvonnepointedly rejoindered.

She sat on the bed crosslegged and bid Robert to join her. She hadhim lay his head in her lap. She tenderly stroked his cheeks whilethey conversed. Robert asked about the mattress in the van. "Duringschool, sometimes we like to nap during lunch or if we have longintervals between classes," she stated. "Or we'll kick it and listento the radio while doing homework. " That was factual, but it wasonly a half truth. She bent her head down and applied her lips tohis. They kissed this way for a few minutes before she laid down onthe bed "to get more comfortable.

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   She slid a pillow under his headand one under hers. He rotated his body so that he was on top of herand began resumed kissing her. He eventually started undoing thebuttons on her light blue blouse and then reached behind her back tounhook her bra. Yvonne sat up and shed both items, exposing herlovely little tits to him. They kept on kissing while he fondled herjugs and she popped the buttons on his goldish yellow shirt beforerunning her soft hands over his chest.

Yvonne was feeling hot and wet between her legs and her nipplesached at full erection. She pushed his head down and then felt hiswarm breath surrounding her milk ducts, followed by the sensation ofthem being gently pulled on via his suction. "Oh my God, Robert,"she said softly, the sentence aborted by a sensuous moan. She slowlybrushed his short black hair with her fingers as he built her fire. He unsnapped her jeans and his palm snaked down her stomach andunder her trousers and then her white cotton panties, encounteringthe moisture at the entrance of her  jade hall. He gingerly rubbedher vulva, Yvonne loving the friction that created against her clit.

Yvonne grabbed his hand and pulled it away from her snatch and thenrolled him over on to his back. She repositioned herself between hislegs and unhooked his belt and opened it. She pulled the snap of hispants apart and yanked his zipper down. But first, she had to gethis shoes out of the way and untied them and jerked them off hisfeet.

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   She reached inside the waistband of his jeans and peeled themoff of him, followed by his underwear. His 6. 5 inch uncircumcisedcock came into view and she smiled at him as she enclosed it in herlefthand. She stroked it a few times and it was already stiff andprecum was dribbling out of his fountainhead. She sandwiched hisprong with her lips and then eased them up and down his engorgedshaft, his slightly salty precum flowing over her tongue andultimately into her stomach. He sighed and panted as the sensationspiled up in his brain, the feel of her soft, wet tongue on hissensitive dick agonizingly pleasurable to him.

Her head bobbed up and down more and more vigorously and his ardorescalated as his meat stick became more sensitive until he relievedthe pressure in his balls inside of her yapper. She quickly gulpedthe salty, snotty cream down and then gave him a quick peck on thelips with a giggle. He plunged his tongue between her thighs andtasted her wetness, eagerly lapping it up. He rubbed the hood of theclit with it, alternating that with just the right amount of suctionto get her really going. She smiled subconsciously as those familiarfeelings accumulated inside of her and loosened her hold on herbreathing and her senses. "Ohhhhh God Robert, oh my God," shepuffed, as hhe continued his oral ministrations. He inserted afinger into her and felt for the ridges on her upper wall. Thesynergistic effect of the digital and oral stimulation heightenedthe build up and he was able to goose her into convulsions ofecstasy, which caused her to lubricate even more and the taste ofthat provided him an incentive to keep his assault on her little manon the boat going. The more he made her orgasm the more juicesfilled her love canal and it also increased her need for dick.



With his jaw beginning to wear out, he mounted her. She sighed asthe comforting feeling of his pole scraping against her moistvaginal walls reached her brain. She rested her legs on his hipswhile he hoed her furrow with his implement, another enjoyablesession of intercourse now underway. He felt the sweet vice of hervaginal muscles congregating around his invading weapon and buriedit deep inside of her over and over for both of their pleasure. "Ohyes Robert, oh my God, that's good," she gasped. He smiled at thecompliment as the nerve endings on his erect shaft and cockheadregistered the pressure her velvety hole exerted on them. "Oh fuck,oh fuck, ohhhhh," she moaned as she realized she was approaching hermelting  point, her breathing jumpier and raspier. "God, fuck mehard!" she desperately demanded and his pubic bone rebounded hardoff of her ass with each in stroke, dispatching her to nirvana. Hecontinued to deliver the goods to her hallowed hall and it wasn'tlong before her strangled, gasping voice demonstrated the intensitywith which she was cumming. He was just about there himself andpoured his swimmers. into her pool.

"Oh my God Robert, oh God," she said, as she attempted to get herbreath back while hugging him. He'd been with a couple of Chinesegirls back home, but this was his first white one. She held herselfagainst his lean body after having sealed their union as boyfriendand girlfriend.

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