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                                                     I am a regular reader of sex stories from here. After reading so many stories I decided to post one which my gf told me few days back. This is my 1st story in ISS. Hope u like it and appreciate it. It is 100% true incident that happened wid my girlfriend Lina(name changed) 1 year back.

                                                    Let me introdece myself. I m Anil. I am a student persueing btech at Bhubaneswar along with my girlfriend Lina. Lina is a fir skinned girl. Very good looking. Figure is 30-28-30. A shy conservative girl then whom any1 will love to have as girlfriend. Few dats back she told she hid something from me and wanted to tell. I enquired and this is what she told……

                                                    It was during her 12th class. We hav came into relation only few months ago. She used to live in hostel nd I couldnot meet her regularly due to personal issues.

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   She wanted someones company. At the ground floor of their hostel there lived anathor boy named Ankit. He was taking engineering coaching. Due to the sexy figure of my gf, he got an eye on her. He started talking wid her by coming to her room. They spent hours togeather. My gf liked his company not knowing his intentions. They used to go to parks. Also went to movies togeather. Their clossness increased. She hid all these from me.  

                                                   Gradually Ankits intentions showed up. He started touching her intentionally. But Lina thought these were accidents. He hugged her tightly many times to feel the softness of her breasts.


   He touched her breasts wid his elbow while riding his bike. My gf was unknown to all these as we hav never kissed too. Every touch he did made her body shiver with uncontrollable desire which was unknown to her. Even 1ce he proposed her but she denied ankit saying she has got a boyfriend. He asked her for a kiss once bt lina refused. He started sending nonveg messages to her. She also replied. They started talking dirty about sex, mastuburation etc.   He once saw her coming out of bath in towel and his desires broke all boundries.

The real incident took place the day after. It was october month. At near about 2pm after noon ankit came to my gf’s room and knocked the door. Lina was studing wid her friends. He said to lina dat he is going to net café to fill form for aieee, does she want to come. Lina readily agreed as she would get more time to spend with him.

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   She got ready quickly wearing a red salwar with a dip back. Countable number of hair was falling on her face. Her white face looked awesome. She went and sat on his bike and both went. In the way he touched her boobs wid her elbow as before.

Finally they reached the net café situated at a lonely place. The owner of the café was ankit’s friend. Ankit said something in hiis ear. He then went to the corner cabin and told the man to shift to the adjacent one and gave the corner cabin to Anlit and Lina. They finished the formfillup work soon. And they were upto facebook soon. After sometime ankit gave lina his mobile and said he has got something for her. There were four unnamed vedios. Lina played one and it showed a blue picture clip in which a man was fucking a girl forcefully. Lina objected and said what is this, I don’t like these things.

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   Ankit told u vl like it keep watching. She watched it for some time, and felt a wild sensation in her pussy. She wanted to watch more but gave it back to him to protect her image. He took the mobile and watched the movie himself. That was the first thime she came to kno what a slut she is. Watching bp wid a boy other than his boyfriend at a lonely place and getting excited bt it.

She was deep into her thoughts when she felt a kiss on her sexy back. She looked at ankit angrily and warned him nt to do it again. Then she got a call from her father. As she was talking with her father, ankit sensed the opportunity, grabbed her arms and started vigorously kissing her back. She could not shout due to the phone. She cut the call nd tried to shout but she couldnot. Some strangre sensation of her body stopped her to shout. He was kissin er back like a hungry animal. Lina knew in her mind it was wrong but her body wanted to b satisfied.

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   She now knew she had got a slut’s body. Her body was now no different dan a whore who wants to get satisfied at any cost.

Ankit tried to open the chain of her salwar. She gave a weak protest wid her hand. The protest was forcebilly eliminated as ankit bent her arm around her back. He completed his attempt and opened the chain. His eyes shined seeing her white sexy back in bra and semies.

He slid her salwar to below her boobs and kissed and smooched her back. Lina was moaning loudly due to excitement. She had forgoten everything except the fact that she wanted her body to b satisfied. Ankit also knew the slut is all his now.

He was smooching her back, neck, arms and she was moaning. He now tried to pull the salwar out of her body. Lina responded without any force. She has now completely submitted.

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   She put her arms up and he easily took the salwar out. And there my girl friend was sitting with her hair opeb in semies and bra with a goldlen chain just ending at her cleavage. She was looking lyke a sex godess who can satisfy any1. He firstly pressed lina’s boobs from over her semies. Each forceful press was making lina’s pussy wetter and wetter. He slid the arms of her semis down and put his hand into my gf’s bra and touched her milky white soft breasts for the 1st time. He again started pressing even harder. It paind bt lina loved to b treates lyk the slut she is. Ankit turned her towards her and started smooching her neck nd cleavage wildly. She was horny as hell. Now he shifted the smooching to her back nd pressed her boobs simultaneously. He opened the hook of the bra and down it fell to the groung releasing the sexiest breasts made by god.

Now he pulled her to his lap. She agreely came. He started pressing one boob and licking the other.

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   He playes with each nipple one after anathor, pincked them and licked them. Her nipples are blakish brown in colour. The blk nipples enhanced the beuty of her white breasts. . ankit started sucking one nipple after the other. He paused for sometime to look at her face. Lina said in her ear “don’t stop please” nd dragged his mouth again to her boobs. He sucked them hard this time.

While he was sucking her npples, his hands moved downwards. He tried to open the knots of her pants. Lina hold his hands and said nt there please. But he was in no mood to listin. He forcefully held her hand and opened her knot with the other hand and and straightway put thant hand in her panty searching her pussy in the hair. He found her wet cunt and slid his finger directly into it. Lina let a loud moan.

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   Ankit wanted to show lina what a whore she is. She whispered into her ear- how r u feeling slut. She didn’t reply.

Lina my gf whom I never touched is now sitting inside a cabin topless in café on anathor boys lap who his sucking one of he nipple while one of his hang is playing wid the other breast and other hand dip inside her panty purried in her wet cunt nd enjoying it. At that tym a call came to her cell. It was me. he had to receive it. He received my call. He said hello in a shivering tone. I enquired where she is. She said with a friend . she was talking with me while ankit was vigourously fingering her pusy and playing with her breasts. The feeling that he is using my gf while I m taking wid her made him more horney nd he went wild. Lina couldnot control so she had to cut the phone. She was moaning lyk a slut forcing his head onto her breasts like a whore.

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Finally she had a orgasm and came in ankits hand. She says it was the biggest orgasm she ever had.   Ankit then kissed her boobs for the final time nd said I used u this much rest is for your boy friend. She then dressed up nd came back to her hostel on his bike. When she woke up she realised her mistake. And told me all afterwards.





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