My 14th summer...........part 7


My 14 th summer. . . . . . . . . . . . . pt 7 Summer was on its way into fall, still a few hot days at the river. Things were always hot at the beach but that had been winding down some to. Ricky and I had found some new and exciting ways to watch the girls.

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   They sure seemed to like to eat each others pussies, and what beautiful little pussies they were. Sherry, you remember her, pussy eater, great ass, anyway, she was spending a lot of time at D. J. s house. I think they were having boys over too. We hadn't been able to catch them yet but we got luckier than we could have ever hoped one Saturday afternoon. Rickys aunt (donnie's mom) worked at one of the local parks. She was gone most weekends so the kids had the run of both houses. I had spent the night at Ricky's. He woke me up early but gently by stroking my cock until I had a raging hard on and the he dove under the sheets and took my entire 9 inches of raging hard on deep into his mouth. I turned around on the bed so I could reach his cock and started licking around the head and up and down the shaft, teasing but promising at the same time. I slid one and the another finger into Rickys asshole, he relaxed and I slipped in a third finger , I just had to fuck him. I stood up and helped Ricky get on his hands and knees, he leaned his shoulders down on the bed, leaving his very inviting ass sticking up in the air. I got behind him put one hand on his hip and took my cock in the other. Placing the head up against his asshole I gently pressed forward against him, my cock head slipping in past the crown.

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   Ricky relaxed the rest of the way and I easily slid clear to the hilt, all nine inches (we measured). As i slowly stroked in and out of his tight little asshole he got wilder and wilder, ramming his ass back into me, taking all of my cock he could get. Ricky reached back between his legs and took my balls in his hands. That was it, bingo, bango, boongo!!! "OH FUCKKKKKKK" I growled, slamming my cock hard and deep in his asshole, my cum exploding deep inside of him. After about three more strokes I yanked my cock from his asshole and sprayed the rest of my load all over his cute little ass. Knock at the door as it opens, "Have you guys seen. . . . What the fuck are you two doin, . . . . . .

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  I knew it. . I told D. J. you guys were queer for each other. " Sherry stood at the door, I am kneeling behind Ricky with my cock in my hand spraying cum all over his ass and back. Sherry closes the door and walks over to us and takes my cock in her hand. "Holy shit little boy. Where did you get that?" She stroked my cock a couple of times , squeezed a drop of cum from the tip and bent down and licked it off, running her tongue around the head. "You ever fuck a girl? Sherry asked, jerking on my cock squeezing my balls with her other hand. "NNo. " I answered, my voice shaking. "I have just barely seen a real one naked. "" Really?" she squeezed my cock harder. "Who did you see naked?""My cousin" I lied, it was her and D.


  J. but I wasn't going to tell her that, not with my hardening cock in her hand. "Want to?""Want to what? "Want to fuck a girl?" she squeezed my cock hard again. "And if you say who, I will tear your dick off. " another squeeze, followed by a lick and then she took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. "Well? she let go of my cock and stepped back, unbuttoning the top button of her low rise jeans. "Do you?" she pulled the top of her jeans and they came all they way open, she had nothing on underneath and I could see that tiny patch of pubic hair that I had seen D. J. s nose buried in. "You mean fuck you?" I stammered. "Are there any other girls here, silly boy?" she hooked her thumbs in the top of her pants and wiggled them down over her hips, dropping them to the floor and kicking them aside. She pulled the tie on her halter and it fell away, revealing those perfect little tits. She took two steps toward me and was on her knees in front of me with my cock in her mouth before I knew what had happened. She took my whole cock in her mouth all the way to my pubes. She let my cock out of her lips and took my hands and pulled me down on top of her.

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   " Fuck me. Fuck me now with that big, beautiful cock. "She threw her legs around me like a wild woman, pulling me to her wrapping one arm around me and taking my cock in her other hand and guiding it toward her waiting pussy. She rubbed the head up and down on her soaked lips, pushing the head in just slightly, then suddenly thrusting her hips upward, burying me to the hilt in her hot little snatch. "OH GOD!" I moaned. I had never felt anything like that. This was hot, soft, wet, silky, slippery. smooth. . . . . . . .

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  pussy!!!!!! I was fucking a girl!And it was Sherry, every guy in town wanted to or had fucked her. She was the only girl that Spencer and Donnie ever talked about. Well, Spencer always said he was going to fuck D. J. , Donnie's sister, but he didn't say it when Donnie was around. Sherry slowly worked her hips up and down, I finally got the rhythm and we started to fuck for real. Harder, deeper, she pulled her legs out and threw the up over my shoulders, opening her pussy completely to my thrusting cock, pounding deep in her, faster and faster until suddenly it happened, I came in as explosive an orgasm as I have ever had. Thrusting deep inside her I unloaded about a quart of cum. There was so much that it squished out and ran down the crack of her ass. Meanwhile, Ricky had jerked off watching us fuck and there was cum all over him, the bed, the floor, every fucking where. "O. K. you two. This is our little secret. Yes, Ricky I will fuck you too, just not right now.

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   I have to get home, I have a date. I will call you tomorrow or the next day. The three of us will get together and have some fun. Cool?' she pulled her pants back on , grabbed her top and threw it on and was out the door. Ricky and I stood there looking at each other. My cock still half hard and glistening with Sherry juice, him with his cock half hard and cum all over everywhere. "Holy fuck man, what just happened here?" Ricky asked in disbelief. "Well. . . . . . . .

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  exactly what you thought happened," I laughed out loud, this summer was cumming to an interesting end. . . . . . . . . . . . . pt. 8 cumming soon.

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  . . . . . .