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Topic: Young white wife gossip get's her in trouble"Finally,god I finally put all the honeymoon stuff away". . . beautiful young bride Mona Johns whispered. Falling in her favorite chair she could finally relax.
KNOCK<KNOCK. . . "Shit,who could that be Mona thought to herself,opening the front door.
"Oh Otis,hi". . . Mona said.
"Yessum Miss Mona,I just wanted to let you know I would be working today,you sure be looking nice today Missum Mona". . .

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  . Otis replied.
 "Ha Ha Ha,thank you Otis". . . . . Mona said. RING<RING<RING,"gotta go Otis,I'll see you later thanks. Before she closed the door she noticed a huge bulge in Otis's jeans. She quickly closed the door.
Otis chuckled to himself that he caught the sweet young bride checking out his 14" flashlight thick dick.
"Oh hi Jean,let me get a drink and we can chat,I've got so much to tell you". . .

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  . . . Mona said in the phone.
"So how was the sex". . . . . Jean ask.
"Well John was so tender and nice and it didn't hurt as much as I thought being my first time and all". . . . Mona said.

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 "So did John last awhile or did he shoot fast". . . . Jean ask. "Your so bad,ha ha,no it was over pretty quick,ha ha. . . . . . Mona replied.
"Well I have to ask you is his thing big,ha ha". . .

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  . . Jean ask.
"Ha Ha Ha,I don't know I guess about 5 or 6 inches and its pretty thin so it didn't hurt at all really". . . . . . Mona replied.
Otis chuckled to himself,the young wife had forgotten to close the window airing out the house so Otis was getting an earful about the young couples honeymoon.
"OMG Jean you know Otis the black gardner John hired,God he is so fat and ugly,ha ha,he lost 3 or 4 teeth and has those thick black man's lips,God he's gross,but this morning you should have seen the huge bulge in his jeans". . . .

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  . . . . Mona said.
"I know,black men are so gross but they say they have huge things". . . . Jean replied.
"I know I can't understand a word they say,ha ha ha,and poor Otis damn he's dumb and ugly ha ha ha,but his thing is huge,ha ha. . . . .

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  . Mona was giggling.
"A girlfriend of mine went black and she never went back to white men,she said her black boyfriend put his big thing in her and she would orgasm so hard that would make her faint". . . . Jean said.
"REALLY,GROSS<Jeez she let a black man put that thing in her,OMG". . . . . Mona laughed.
"She said she couldn't get it in her mouth,his thing was so big". .

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  . . . . . Jean said.
"Gross,John wanted me to put his thing in my mouth,I told him I wouldn't do it,I think that's the grossest thing,jeeeeeze". . . Mona replied.
Otis listening underneath the window decided right then he was going to fuck this young bitch.
"Okay,I've got errands to run,I'll talk to you later". . . .

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  Mona said.
"Ha Ha Ha don't let Otis put his thing in you,you might like it,Ha Ha. . . . . . Jean joked.
"OMG he's like 60 years old,gross,okay bye". . . . Mona hung up the phone.
Mona walked in the kitchen to put her glass away and she looked out in the back yard. There was Otis with his thing out of his pants pissing in the garden.

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  Mona caught her breath,she couldn't believe how thick it was and so black,it just hung limp and it must have been 8" long.
Otis turned his head and Mona jumped away from the window but Otis saw the curtain drop. Old Otis was laughing and thinking I'm going to fuck that little white pussy.
Mona was shaking as she was shaving her legs and pussy,she reached down and her pussy was just leaking. She closed her eyes and all she saw was Otis's huge thing. As she was putting her makeup on she was grinning to herself,she had never had such naughty thoughts,his black cock,the word embarrassed her. . Maybe I'll turn the old man on,she pulled up a yellow thong over her freshly shaved shapely long legs. Mona stepped into a lite yellow sun dress that hugged her hips and ass and her sensitive nipples of her 36D exposed a nice cleavage. A heeled sandal gave her legs great contour.
Otis heard the backdoor open and when he saw Miss Mona he thought,this little whore showing off.
"Otis,I'm going shopping,I'll leave the house open and be back later,okay". . . .

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  . . . . Mona ask. She felt Otis's eyes roaming over her body and his eyes stared at her beautiful full breasts.
"Yessum Miss Mona,I'll be right here,you sure look purtty today Miss Mona,Wow!". . . . . . Otis said.
"Why thank you Otis,your so nice" . .


  . . . Mona said. She was surprised she was so excited turning this old black man on. Oh she thought,as ugly as he is not many pretty girls paid him much attention especially a pretty white woman like heard the car door close. He walked up and got a great view of her beautiful tits. Otis put his large black hand on her hip steadying her,he felt her little thong thru her sun dress.
"OH,Otis you scared me". . . . Mona yelled. She noticed Otis's large hand on her hip.
"Here Missun Mona let me have those bags".

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  . . . Otis said taking them from her without  asking. He noticed how easily she did what he said. "Close the car door Missum Mona in a commanding voice. Missum Mona did as she was told.
"Missum Mona open the front door". . . . . Otis ordered. Otis knew then that this white girl never been around a man before.
Mona thought to herself that Otis had never said please or thankyou,a warmness was spreading over her body.

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  No one had ever ordered her around like this.
Otis was confident now that he was going to fuck her.
RING<RING,Mona picked up the phone. "Oh hi honey". . . . Mona replied. After a silence Otis heard the young wife groan. "Oh honey that's okay,I'll see you about 10 then,okay bye". . . . . .

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  . Mona replied.
As Mona was putting the groceries away Otis ask for a glass of water. As she reached up to get a glass she felt the yellow sundress ride up her thigh giving Otis a nice view. When she turned and handed him the glass his eyes were looking at her tits.
She returned to putting the groceries away. She put some beans on the top shelf and the sun dress rode up almost exposing her thong. This wasn't missed by Otis.
She next felt Otis's hands on her hips. Without turning she could smell his musky sweaty man smell.
"Otis,what are you doing,please don't touch me,please". . . . .

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  she begged.
Otis brushed her thick dark hair away from her neck, kissing her neck,whispering in her ear"mmmmmm Missum Mona you one fine white ho,so sweet. "
As Mona felt Otis's thumb and forefinger start pinching and rolling her nipples  she sighed"Oh Otis please stop,don't please,I'm married,oh please Otis stop,please". . . . . . Mona sighed a slight moan escaped her lips.
"I's got what you need to make you feel real good,I cans give you something you ain't ever had before . . . . . Otis whispered.

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"Otis,I can't,I can't,Oh please,mmmm ahhh. Oh please stop". . . . . Mona pleaded.
Otis slid his hand up Mona's thigh and her pussy was so wet it was leaking down her leg.
Mona was so embarrassed that Otis knew.
Otis whispered. . . . . "yo sweet little pussy is leaking baby,yo nothing but a white little tramp.

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  I'm goin to make yo my little white ho. "
Otis picked her up and carried her to the newlyweds bed.
He laid her on the bed and slid her thong down those young bride white legs and put it in his pocket. "Baby I's got to taste that sweet pussy". . . spreading her pussy lips with his thumbs.
"Otis no,no oh Otis please stop,aaahhhh as she felt Otis thick black tongue lick the inside edges of her fresh bride pussy. She felt her clit blooming and Otis's tongue expertly found it.
OOOOhhh,OOOTTTIIIISSS,OOOhhh AAAhhhh,oh god no please. . . . . .

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  Mona had never felt like this.
Otis looked up at Mona's eyes expertly licking her clitoris which was now totally exposed from under it protective hood. "You's like what this old nigga doin,you feel good miss Mona?"
Mona's hips were meeting Otis's tongue,Otis knew enough to know that he didn't want her cumming now that would come with his cock  stuck deep in her.
"Oh no don't stop,don't stop,please". . . . Mona pleaded. She had totally forgotten she was married and a new bride.
As Otis closed the door to the bathroom he turned. . . . . .

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  "get that dress off".
Mona's head was reeling as the dress slid off her beautiful young fertile body. Her mind was yelling,your married,your married,he's a gross black fool but her body was on fire,her nipples ached,her pussy felt like she had to pee it tingled so much.
Otis walked out naked his huge black belly and his tits were almost as big as hers with big black nipples. His cock was black as coal and the it hung down with a huge bulbous cockhead. Mona had never seen anything like it before.
"Come here". . . . Otis Ordered. Otis leaned down and took her left tit in his mouth  licking her nipple her aureoles were puffey with excitement. Then her right tit,he licked and sucked hungrily. You got some nice titties here ho,I'm going to enjoy them.
Mona felt Otis's thick black lips meet her's his thick black tongue probing her closed mouth.

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  Otis grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock. Her mouth opened sucking his tongue into her mouth.
Mona could not believe how thick it was and it was growing in her hand. They kissed deeply and she was losing herself as her hand was squeezing Otis's huge dick. Otis broke the kiss pushing Mona to her knees.
"Suck my dick ho,no teeth and look at me slut". . . . Otis was crazed.
"I've never done that,no please,no". . . . Mona begged.

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  But her eyes couldn't believe how beautiful his cock looked. 2 large veins ran thru his dick and huge golf ball size balls hung down.
"Just lick it sweetie,pre cumm was oozing from his slit". . . Otis ordered.
Mona liked the taste and the cock head head was like velvet and the manly smell was intoxicating. Mona opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue out to cushion its entrance and Otis inserted 3" and started humping her beautiful mouth. Another inch,another. Mona's throat felt full and her breathing was becoming harder and quicker. Her pussy was leaking down her thigh.
"You like sucking old Otis's cock,here lick my balls you cocksucking slut,mmmmm that's it,mmmmm yeah baby your going to be a great cocksucker,that's it take my nuts in your mouth you white trash whore. "
Mona was extremely hot being called these awful names.
Otis pulled his dick out of her mouth and now he was rock hard all 14".
Otis pulled her on the bed and kissed her deeply feeling her soft titties pressing against his chest.


  Her smooth body felt good under his huge black body. Mona kissed Otis deeply feeling his huge cock poking her smooth belly. She felt Otis's thick finger in her pussy it was so wet. Otis knew his new ho was ready.
Otis moved his fat body positioning his cock in Mona's slit rubbing the large cockhead wetting it with her cunt juice. He spread her legs.
Mona was crying,. . . . "it's to big please Otis no,no Otis,I'm married,please don't do this. "
Otis pushed the huge bulbous head of his cock into her love tunnel and pushed and 2" entered,the walls of his sluts pussy was expanding welcoming the huge invader. Her pussy was on fire Otis cock was feeling hot.
OOOOOhhhh,GGGooooddd. .

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  . . . Mona cried out.
Otis didn't care,he pulled out and pushed again entering the love tunnel going deeper her tunnel was expanding geting used to this huge black intruder,her pussy was so hot.
OOOOHHH AAAAAAhhhh god,I"mmmmm CUmmming ohhh shit. . . . Mona cried out. But something else was building deeper.
Otis pulled out and pushed again this time Mona's hips met his thrust. Otis still had 4"'s left and he could feel the protective cervix wall protecting her treasured womb. Otis slowed the pace pulling out and letting his new whore's pussy get used to his size and he was enjoying her hot pussy. She met him and fell into his rhythm,suddenly Otis felt a stirring in his balls,he picked up the pace.

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AAAAhhhhhh,OOOOhhh,MMMMMMmmmmOh God,Oh God,Oh Pleasssse,mmmm.
Otis now could feel the cervix wall breaking suddenly he entered her most treasured place,it clamped lovenly on the unexpected visitor. Otis looked at Mona and her eyes were rolled back in her head,she was meeting him thrust for thrust.
OOOOhhhh GGGGGooooodddd mmmmmmIIII''mmmmmm ccccccuuuuuummmmiiiinnngg, I can't stand it,AAAAAhhhhhh.
Suddenly a twitch in Otis's cock and it expanded and grew. From somewhere deep the black baby batter was racing for release. Otis's huge body tensed and suddenly wave after wave of black spunk flowed into her most treasured fertile womb. OOOhhhh yyyou my slut now mmmmm you whore,sprut gob after gob coated into her pussy.
Mona's white legs pulled Otis deeper,wrapped around his fat old black body. OOOOOhhhh bbbbabbbbyyy ,ooh baby,,,aaahhhh,God.
They were still,cumm leaking out on the young brides married bed. Suddenly Otis pulled his huge dick out of Mona's pussy. Mona had fainted and old Otis was admirring her perfect body. He leaned back and put his hands behind his head.
Mona stirred and rolled over putting her head on Otis's chest.

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  Hey baby get down there and clean my dick,lick it clean. Mona looked at him hesitantly, Go on get down there and clean my balls to.
Mona was tasting her juices and Otis's cum for the first time. MMMM that's it baby,clean it all. Mona started licking his balls wet with her juices.
Yo my ho now,my woman understand?You'll never be satisfied with white dick again. I'm going to fuck you when I want,understand?
Mona had Otis's dick in her mouth and muttered uuummm,okay.
"Okay baby finish up I gotta go". . . Otis said. heard Otis's truck pull away,she knew she would never be able to say no to him. Her body was still tingling and her husband,he would never satisfy her.
She rolled over and spooned some of Otis's cumm out of her pussy and licked it off her finger. Ahhhh OOOOOhhhh god Mona orgasmed again.

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RING<RING<hello,Oh Hi Jean. . . Mona replied. Should she tell her what happened.
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