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Its was a cold fall evening, it had been raining and it still had a slight drizzle coming down, a friends wife was in the bar and had managed to let herself get somewhat tipsy. she was a attractive petite woman, 23 years old, 5'2" 110 pounds, long blond hair, pretty blue eyes, nice little breast and a sweet round ass, she was wearing a denim mini skirt, with a red button up blouse and was really looking sexy as hell, mmmm damn I would love to fuck her, wait what was I thinking this was my best friends wife, they were high school sweethearts, they lost their innocence to one another in the back of my truck. she walked up to me, laid her head on my shoulder and told me that she thought she was drunk, then giggled. she said she was going to head home, I told her that I thought it would be a good ideal if I drove her home, the weather and all, besides she had been drinking, not to mention I would love to fuck her sweet round ass, damn my best friends wife was drunk and looking very sexy and all I was thinking about wanting to get into her tight little ass what the hell was going on here, I realized what I was doing, I was going to take her home and try to fuck her, but oh did she look so fuckable, as she walked to the truck I walked behind her watching her little round ass, she turned around to me and asked why was I walking so slow for, I just smiled and told her I was checking out her sexy ass. she laughed and turned back around and gave me a cute little shake, that made my rock hard cock twitch as she looked over her shoulder and giggled. once we got to their place, I could see that my best friend was at work, she got the door opened and we walked in and I shut the door. I pulled her to me and spun her around and pinned her to the door, as I looked into her blue eyes, I whispered I want to know what you feel like as her eyes widened. I got to know, as I kissed her I pulled back to see what her reaction would be, she licked her full red lips as I kissed her again running my hands down to feel her ass, her tongue danced with mine as everything around us vanished. I picked her up and carried her to their bedroom, I laid her onto the bed kissing her, as I slowly took her clothes off admiring her beautiful little body, kissing her breast and sucking on one then the other, I could her soft moans of approval as I kissed and licked her sexy body, I kissed her on her inner thigh and she moaned out louder as I continued kissing and licking my way up her thigh. I softly licked her clean shaven pussy, I could taste the sweet juices on her pussy lips, as I kissed her pussy sliding my tongue into her. running my tongue around the inside of her lips. I licked her clit sucked it into my mouth as she cried out, I softly sucked and flicked my tongue over it, I would gently chew on her clit as I sucked her. I licked my tongue back down to her wet pussy, she was ready, I pulled my shirt off and undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, as she raised up taking my hand she got up off the bed, she helped me out of my jeans. as she knelt down before me she looked up at my rock hard cock, I could see in her eyes she liked what she seen, I'm not gay or anything like that but being best friends and all you kinda know things, and I knew that I had a good couple of inches more cock than he did. she took my cock into her small hands as she caressed it licking her lips she kissed the head of my cock. I thought I was going to cum all over face right then as she took the head into her mouth and began to suck as much of my cock into her mouth as she could.

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   she pulled back and kissed her way down along the shaft licking my balls and softly sucking her way back up to the head of my cock, she looked up at me. the site off her pretty blue eyes looking up at me as she knelt down before me with my big hard cock in her mouth was all I could take. I had to fuck her, I pulled her up and laid her back on the bed, I pulled her to the edge of the bed placed her legs up over my shoulders. I positioned the head of my cock to her tight little pussy. I pushed the fat head inside her tiny tight pussy as she moaned out loudly, she was so fucking tight, it almost hurt my cock as her tiny tight pussy wrapped around me. I pushed my cock half way its length into her pussy. feeling her tiny pussy push back against my cock was a feeling I will never forget. she cried out as my cock forced her tiny pussy to stretch around me. her body was shaking she was crying out as she cam, I could feel her cum wash inside her pussy. as I pulled out leaving the head just inside her pussy then pushed the entire thick length of my cock into her tiny tight pussy forcing her tiny pussy to stretch and allow my cock full penetration, she screamed out as she felt her pussy being stretched to its limit. , I looked into her tearing eyes, she was beautiful, my best friends wife was now stuffed full of my hard cock. I began to slowly pull my cock out and slid it back in a little at a time working her pussy stretching her so I could fuck her pussy good and hard, making sure she was going to be wet enough for the hard fuck she was about to receive. my thrust faster and harder now she was moaning and crying out as I fucked my cock into her little body. her breast swaying as my balls began to slap against her ass,mmmm her ass, I pulled out of her turning her over I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to me and with one long stroke I slid my entire length back into her hot wet pussy. she screamed out as my cock pushed even further into her pussy, my cock deeper than any other cock she had ever had.

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   I fucked her pulling her into me on each thrust. I wrapped her long blond hair in my hand and pulled her up to me kissing her neck as I thrusted into her pussy. I sucked on her sweet flesh, gently biting her neck as she reached around and took my balls in her hand, she kissed me hard pushing her tongue into my mouth. I could tell by the way she was kissing me, she was enjoying the fucking her pussy was getting. I pushed her back down on to the bed I pulled all the way out of her pussy and slammed back into her. she cried out as her body shook, my mind was on fire, I was fucking my best friends wife's tiny pussy and she was loving it, she screamed out as her orgasm took over her body her pussy squeezed my cock so hard I thought her pussy was going to crush it. she was grabbing at the pillows and sheets, she arched her back and screamed out my name as her body washed over with total bliss. I reached down and slid my hand under her pussy feeling her juices running out, I coated my finger with her cream and began to run my finger across her ass hole. I worked my finger around and slid it into her tight ass, she moaned out as I slid it all the way in her. my cock still buried deep in her throbbing pussy, I worked yet another finger into her ass. I slowly slid my cock in and out of her pussy, as I fucked my fingers into her ass. she cried out as she cam. my fingers now all the way in her tight ass, I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy and was now positioned pressing against her sexy round ass. she asked me to be gentle she had never done this before, her words sizzled in my mind. I worked my fingers open to stretch her out a little as I pulled my fingers out I pushed the head against her her tight opening.

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   she moaned out,as I pushed a little harder against her as the head slid inside her ass. she cried out grabbing the pillow to muffle her screams as I pushed more of my cock into her incredibly tight ass. not only was I fucking my best friends wife's tight pussy,but I was now fucking my cock into her round tight virgin ass. I slowly slid more and more of my cock deeper into her until I came to rest against her round ass. I was now fully buried in her body. her tight little virgin ass was now wrapped around my cock. I slid my cock out about half way then slowly slid back into her ass. as I worked my cock in and out of her ass she began to push back against me as she moaned out loudly, I slid my hands lower down onto her hips and began to pull out leaving the head in her ass and would slid all the way back into her. she would cry out as she felt her ass swallow cock. the room was spinning as I thrusted faster and harder into her. I was now pulling my cock all the way out and slamming back in to her ass. I could feel my balls tighten as I fucked into her ass hard and fast, I moaned out I was going to cum, she begged me to cum in her ass. I pumped into her as hard as I could, I felt my cock swell as my massive load pushed up through my thick shaft. she cried out as she felt the fat head swell and explode, not only had I fucked my best friends wife, I had now just filled her virgin hard fucked ass with my cum, I held her tightly against me while her ass milked my cock for all of its cum.
I collapsed on to her, my cock still buried in her ass, I kissed her neck and worked around to her mouth we kissed deeply as my cock softened in her ass.

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   I slowly pulled out of her hard fucked ass. my cum flowing out of her stretched open ass running down to her swollen pussy lips. my cock twitched and started to grow hard again. I grabbed a wipey from the bed stand and wiped my cock clean as it sprang to life. I rolled her over and I pushed my cock back into her pussy causing her to cry out. I thrusted all the way back into her pussy once again. I leaned down and kissed her as I fucked my cock into her. she was moaning into my mouth as she dug her long nails into my back, she pulled away crying out she was going to cum, she begged me to fuck her harder, I could feel my own juices flowing again, I slammed my cock into her pussy she screamed out as she came. I stared into her eyes as she shook and shivered as her climax flowed through her body, I kissed her asking her if I could cum in her pussy, asking her if she wanted to feel my hot cum in her pussy, she moaned out as she kissed me, as my cock exploded and my cum flowed into her pussy.

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