Spying on my mother in law


I was in my attic one day when my Mother-in-law(who was temporarily living with us)entered the bathroom,which I was above,& begun to run the bath.I already knew that from the light fitting,you could see down into the bathroom.
So I decided to have a peep,curious at what she looked like naked,as i'd wondered for a while what her huge tits & arse were like,so I quietly got into a position to take a look & was really thrilled by what I saw.
I soon became excited & erect when I saw her huge,firm,round tits,big erect nipples & black bush & as she washed I began rubbing my cock.I became so turned on that I just had to get my cock out & masturbate  & slowly pulled on it as I spied on her.
She then stood up to wash her legs which enabled me to see her huge,fat,round arse & her large,deep,long,dark,crack wich seperated her cheeks.It was such an incredible sight & turn on I was soon on the verge of cumming & just as she bent forwards slightly,my cum began spurting out as I had one of the most intense orgasms ever.