Hotel fun


     After the first day in the hotel  I was bored silly My hubby was working late like always and I had been alone all day and night so, I decided to walk the hotel to see who and what was about this night . I grabbed the key to room 902.   I got down on the first floor as I turned the corner I saw the sign that said pool and Jacuzzi. I thought to myself hmm. . . This could be interesting. I walked along the hallway not seeing a soul most had already checked in or where in bed somewhere I figured. This Hotel was beside 95 and right next to a truck stop. Matter of fact the back where my room was faced the lot where the truckers parked there rigs for the night. I thought maybe a trucker might be checking in late and night and want an eye full. Yes I like to show my body off to strangers or to anyone really that likes to look.
 So any how  I preceded to the pool area it was dark when I saw the janitor walking out from the Jacuzzi room. I asked him if it was to late to go swimming. Now mind you I saw on the wall coming down the hall a sign that said pool open from 9 to 9 daily. Yet all the pool lights inside the pool and Jacuzzi where still on dimly light but still on .

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   This was an older man maybe in his late sixties or so and I asked him if I could sneak into the Jacuzzi For a dip and I promised to be very quiet. He asked me if I had a room key and told me if I did all I had to do at any time was put in it the slot to the pool room and I could get inside . He would not tell if I did, but said he had to keep all the ceiling lights out. I said fine. " If you want the jets at full power you only have about half hour then they shut down there set on a timer. " I though hmm well lets see if this works.  I asked him if he minded if I just got in now ,my suite was in the room and I didn't want to waste time going up and getting into it to only have a minute or to enjoy those jets. Should have seen his eyes light up . He nodded and blushed as he went on in his room shutting the door. I figured he must  have  had  one of those video cams set up to watch the pool from his office or something. So I went on in grabbing a few towels , then walked back to the changing room and undressed wrapping a towel casually around my body.  That was when I then noticed the camera on the wall slowly following me and I then knew for sure he was watching and it excited me all the more. Also all around the pool where large  open windows leading to the parking lot where anyone could look in to the pool area . I walked to the Jacuzzi and slowly  dropped the towel standing  buck naked knowing this old man was watching me at every turn. I  moved dipping my foot in the water my hand running up and down my breasts even tweaking a nipple every now and then till I slowly slid on in the warm water.

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   I felt around finding a very  strong jet and back into is leaning over feeling the jets pulsating again my back door. Oh. . . God. . . Did it feel good And It didn't take long before I turned around to have the jets pouring at my clit as I faced his office grabbing both tits and pulling nipples hard and fast . They where erect, rock hard and rather large I do have larger boobs, 44 D and very large dark nipples. And boy  I  did get off so good knowing I was being watched. I leaned back relaxing in the water the jets hitting my back and bottom still as I lead back closing my eyes and feeling my tit's squirming in the water arching and moaning loudly hearing my cries echoing in the empty room or what I thought was empty but my voyeur on camera and me. That's  when I heard a sound I opened one eye and saw this man beside the glass wall in the work out room stroking his cock and banging it to the glass for me to see he also enjoyed the show.  I just continued to play and pull my nipples out as far as I could now as I moaned still squirming in the water but slowing down from my climax I shut my eyes and smiled.
 Next thing I knew , I heard the door click Yes I was frighten I will not tell you that, but excited even more to think this man was in here now cock in hand to show me his show . I was keeping my eyes shut a little longer to intensify the sensations and the wonder , till I  then felt a  pair of hands at my tit's behind me.

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   I moaned louder and leaned back, my fingers slid into my pussy rolling my clit,  then I felt a second set of hand on my tits. That was when I then opened my eyes wide  to see two very good looking men rolling my nipples and smiling at me.  They both smiled watching me not a word spoken only that knowing smile had both watched my show for the camera? I smiled and then they joined me in the Jacuzzi. I  was sat in the middle as I had, one on each side of me one went right to kissing my boobs  sucking my nipples and the other fingering my clit. I lower both hands below the water reaching to this cocks in their pants  and stared to stroke, a dick in each hand. All three of us where moaning and groaning they both stood up and pulled there pants down to there ankles there cocks standing straight out at me throbbing and pulsing even dipping pre cum from the tips of each one.  Oh I  could not held myself I stroked both then sucked each one fully down taking every inch on their long beautiful cocks. . . One at a time slowly savoring the flavor the feelings of each cock. The one older man pulled me closer to him  squeezing my tit till it hurt as he then sat down then pulled me on top of him, I felt that huge ridged cock slide up into me right away  every inch of him filling my pussy at once.   I rode him and rode him hard. While I sucked the other man off this time. Tits bouncing hard the sound of wet flesh hitting echoed in my head , this made me suck all the harder to the second man I was going to town on his poor cock not that he minded much  it was not long and he was cumming wildly, and so did I. Oh god yes  feeling his hot cum, shooting all down my mouth and dripping down my chin.

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   As the whole time the camera was moving to see all of us in every way. it got me off so  darn good again. My camera man was really getting a show did he realize  he would get when he let me in the pool just  what he would be witnessing . I hope he was jerking off good and hard in there. And hoped the old man could take it. I laid back in the water now lifting my pussy to him in  silent offering begging for more as the man I was riding pounded me hard with his thick cock spilling his big  hot wet  load inside of me. I felt every spurt, every shot of his cum hit my walls . he jerked and shoot off the last of that milky  cream flooding me good and  wet oh god I was soaked
 They smiled and said "  same time tomorrow"  with a wink nothing more . Got up pulled their  suites up and walked out not a word not a hint who they where nothing . I had no idea who they where ,or where they stayed. Laying there a bit I smiled and moaned I was in heaven and  knew I had to get back to my room , so I grabbed the towel and walked to the changing room , got dressed and walked back down the hall way. The janitor opened his door , he stepped out smiling like a mad man and handed me a note as he locked up . I walked to the elevator . As I waited for the elevator doors to open, and  I read it. It said.

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  Dear room 902.
I loved the show and you looked so good fucking my sons in there . I can't wait till next time so I can sit in the room this time and watch. I have the whole thing on tape so I can watch it any time I want and yes I do want more then you know . I blew my load three times on you sexy. . maybe next time I will join in.
janitor night shift.
Jon. I was so hot and turned on I would have gone back to him right then and there but he was gone. I went to my room got undress and turned every light on in the room and stood in front of the open window, in front of better then fifty trucks and played with my self. I have no idea how many saws me that night , but I heard quite a few air horns blow, and lights flash. Tomorrow night before I return to the pool room , I think I will check out the truckers again then get nice and wet then go to the pool for my threesome?
to be continued
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