Her First Time


My name is Jamal im 5`8 165 lbs 9 inch dick so, I liked a girl named Tiffany but I had a girlfriend. The next day was the schools dance and Jamal had something planned for tiffany that she`d never forget. When tiffany first arrived at the dance with her thick body and she had to be DD cups and her large ass and slim waist he couldn`t help to stare. He walked over to her and whispered into her ear im going to take your virginity tonight and kissed her on the neck. Shivers went down her body as Jamal told her this. Jamal wasnt even thinking about his girlfriend but only Tiffany the whole night.

Jamal had took Tiffany to the Science lab no one goes there after school so they started kissing slowly and passionitley then thats when it all got rough . He dropped his pants and boxers and pushed her head on his 9inch fully erect Cock she gagged on his dick a few times. jamal worked his way down kissing her neck then licking and sucking her huge DD breast slowly moving down and kissing her stomach and he reached her pussy and started giving her slight soft kisses that made her scream of pleasure he made her quiet down but she said im sorry it just felt amazing he smiled and kept eating her fat bald pussy.

He then turned her over and she was on all fours doggystyle and he said he had no attention of taking it easy for her first time . Tiffany wanted to stop him right then and there but that was her chance with him so she let him carry on jamal stuck the head of his huge cock in her fat pussy lips and tiffany let out a strong gasp and he went all in. Jamal was very experienced with sex rough sex that is . So he Rammed her hymen and she screamed he went faster and faster she was having so many orgasms she lost count jamal grabbed her throat ramming her tight fat pussy and he even started to moan he whispered this is the best sex ive ever had Tiffany would say the same but this was her first time He Shot his load all over her big round ass and she passed out for a minute and when she came to he kissed her and said will you be my girlfriend she smiled and said yes. they went back to the dance he broke up with his girlfriend and danced with tiffany the whole night.

This is my first story so I hope you enjoyed it.  


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