More of my Friend and His Wife Pt. 2

True Story

Well, Gina and Roy began to come over a lot, Gina and me or Gina and Alice or Roy and Alice and or Gina. Any combination at all. One day I came home and Gina was there doing her pussy with a toy that Alice had. She was on the couch and a porn movie was in the VCR. I came in just as her orgasm happened and so enjoyed the show. She opened her eyes and pulled out the toy, "Come one and fuck me. " and so I stripped off and did just that. After I did it she pulled back her legs and took to the toys again, fucking her self like crazy. "Can you fuck me again?" she moaned and so, after watching her I was hard and slipped in again and she went wild. I filled her pussy again and she still was needing more. "I really need to fuck something, anything. " she said. "anything?" I asked her and she said, "Yes, anything. . . just get me laid.

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  " and so I told her to keep playing and I would be back.

I walked to the other side of he complex and knock on Darlene's door and she came to it, naked as usual, her and her husband were nudists. Her two dobermans sat on the floor relaxing. Mind if I borrow them for a while?" I asked her and she got their leashes and told them to go with me. They liked like they knew something was up and I let them smell my fingers that had been in Gina then they really were excited and one of them had a cock showing. I got to the apartment and opened the door and Gina was still at it with the dildos. I told one to sit and then told Gina to get off with her ass available and bend over the edge of the comforter. She did looking at the dogs and was nervous. "Okay, now we will take care of them pussy. " I said and led one to her ass. He began licking and Gina jumped and then settled down. He licked some more and he drove her to an orgasm which seemed were right there anyway. The dog moved back and then I slapped her ass some and sure enough he mounted and he started humping looking for her pussy. She helped him, "I can't believe I am fucking a dog. " she said and I laughed, "And I am getting it on tape.

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  " I said and she only moaned as he sank into her. A few thrusts and he was in and she was pushing back against his knot. "Oh my god" she was saying over and over. Then the knot went in and she almost screamed. "Oh fuck, what was that?" she asked. "Well, lets just say you two are together till he finishes with you. " The doberman was in charge now and she was having one orgasm after another. He was pumping his cum into her and she was enjoying it so that she was just moaning at how good it was. Well, the first one was done and he slipped out and was licking himself and I told her, "clean him up. " and she seemed to be in a daze and she took him in her mouth, "Oh yeah, you have really become a slut Gina. " I said. She finished him and the other was licking her pussy now and I told her to kiss him. She let his tongue go in her mouth and then she sucked on it and then bent over so that he could get to her pussy. He mounted with no problems and was soon humping her ass since I had guided him there and she was moaning and protesting and then the knot went in and she buried her head on the cushion so that she did not scream. He was humping like crazy and after about a half hour came out of her.

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"Stay there. " I said and I mounted her ass too and fucked her good, not as good as the doberman but good enough. I laid back and said, "Okay you got two more cocks to clean up" and she went to the doberman and sucked him and cleaned him off and then me. After she cleaned me she looked at the dogs, "They look like they still wanna fuck. " she said. "Well, see if they do. " I said and she began mas sagging both cocks and the dogs laid back letting her have access to them. Soon she was sucking cocks and then she got in the position and slapped her bottom again and she was mounted again. First one then the other made her have several orgasms and then she laid in the floor, scratching and petting them both. Her hands always went to their cocks and she was hoping to get them going one more time. There was a knock at the door and Darlene came in and she looked at the dogs and Gina and said, "Well, I guess we know who got fucked. " and she took them back home. Gina stayed in the floor and Alice came home and asked what was up and I told her. She took off her clothes and put a strap on on and rolled Gina on her back and ate her pussy then sank the strap on into her and made sure she was totally used up. We left her laying in the floor, naked, with cum leaking from her ass and pussy.

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   Several times that day someone knocked on the door, took out a cock and fucked her and left saying thanks. "So do you think that Gina is a slut now?" Alice asked me. "Ya think?" I said and we laughed. .