The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 33


In March of that year, in other words, a month earlier than wherethe last chapter left off, there had been a major fracture in theprogressive metal band Brujo's Spell. Their lead guitarist bailedbecause he no longer saw a future in music and he was going to goback to school. The singer subsequently also split due to artisticdifferences. Having seen some of Mike's videos on You Tube, bandleader, keyboardist and main songwriter Adrian Creightoncontacted Mike and asked him to audition for the group. Mike wroteback and explained to him that the band would also have to take inhis fiance. Creighton, thinking, "Oh fuck, you gotta be kidding!"responded by asking who his fiance was. Mike rejoindered that hisfiance was Jessica Hamada and she was as good if not better than hewas. "Holy shit! You're the boyfriend of Jessica Hamada?" Creightonbegan. "Fuck yeah she's welcome to try out, too" and gave Mike adate and time for the audition and told them to learn any two songson the sextet's website.

The day of the audition things went smoothly. Because the originalshad only one guitar part, Jessica played a third harmony on top ofMike, which made it sound more melodic and crunchy sweet. "Okay, youguys got the gig," Creighton informed them. By the way, you know anysingers?" "Yeah, I got a real good one for you," he hinted.

Travis had left Mike's group to join Malicious Wizard only to thenhave that group disband due to internecine squabbling two monthslater. Mike phoned him up to give him the news that the southern boywas the singer in his band if he wanted it. "Beats doin'nuthin," Travis drawled amicably.

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The new additions brought new bravado, energy and charisma to a progband that was floundering in an already moribund Southern Californiaclub scene. Creighton couldn't believe the tight ferocity with whichMike and Jessica tore into the material and Travis strutted andvocalized like he was a rock god. This was an entirely differentband now and the extra guitar brought new arranging possibilitiesfor their songs. They started meeting to come up with new materialand rehearse. Mike asked Creighton to put off booking gigs untilschool let out so that everybody's schedule would be clear.

In the meantime, Jessica's advocacy for Wendy giving her daughterbirth control pills bore fruit. Mike's brother and her would be ableto begin having unprotected sex by June 1st at the latest. As onecan imagine, Mike's urging him to put off sex with Lizzy seemedexceedingly hypocritical and a bit cruel to little bro even thoughLizzy had no compunction about sucking or stroking his cock for him. Nonetheless, Mike was being careful more out of regard for Lizzythan his brother.

Lizzy's submission was also deepening. Mike had him using a lot ofthe same gear on Lizzy that Mike did on Jessica and Jennifer,including the locking nipple rings. The trouble was that, unlikewith Jessica, who could have them on her all day since she wasn'trequired to expose herself to any of her classmates due to herhandicap, Lizzie had to disrobe before gym class and she couldn't have them on her without getting a lot of very uncomfortablequestions asked of her and maybe even Wendy finding out. So littlebrother had to keep taking them off of her at lunch time. Theyfinally gave up on the idea of using them during school. Instead,they would only be used during their sex play or on weekends whenthey would pick her up and take her to Mike's.

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   However, he did someof the other things Mike did to Jessica, having her insert avibrating egg into her during lunch, putting the nipple rings onwhile she was wearing a blouse and then driving around while she hadno bra and her blouse was open right down the bottom of hercleavage. She deeply desired to  be tied up and, on one occasion,they went to Jessica's, where Mike tied Lizzy to the headboard withher cunt fully open and up front while she was blindfolded andgagged and then Jessica went and got her mom, and they all stoodthere and discussed Lizzy's body. Lizzy knew that the voice wasJennifer's, which added to the humiliation of being talked aboutlike she was a piece of meat. Lizzy not only then had very heavyorgasms when little  brother ate and fingered her, but her ridethrough sub space was so satisfying that it took more effort thanusual to wake her out of it.

The first weekend of June, Mike's parents decided to take anothertrip to Lake Havasu, leaving the two Alyea brothers alone. Knowingthat, Mike and little brother planned his first sexual experienceout to the last detail. Saturday afternoon, Mike and little brotherfetched Lizzy and hauled her over to their house. They played for alittle while in the pool and hot tub, her little hardbody makng hiscock tent his shorts. They made out in the jacuzzi and he conveyedto her how glad he was that he had her as his girlfriend and that heloved her deeply, how privileged he was to be the recipient of hersubmission. As they broke a kiss, he commanded that they goupstairs, where he pulled the sofa bed out before telling her tostrip her little white bikini off. Now he knew she had lost hervirginity to a previous boyfriend at 14, so this wasn't her firsttime. But it was his and he didn't want to look like a rookie. Heordered her to her knees and demanded a blow job. She smiledplayfully as her tongue glided over his extended member before shepulled it up to lick and suck his shaven balls. She liked how bighis seven incher looked and how she could barely get her hand aroundit.

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   She stroked the root of his penis while her mouth enclosed thehead and then began sliding up and down the entire length of hisengorged weapon. Her nipples matched the color of her dark brownshoulder length hair, wavering as her body and head devotedthemselves to getting him off. "Oh fuck Lizzy, faster babe" hemoaned and her head nodded rapidly as his cock slid in and out ofher mouth and then he felt it twitch and pour a big draught of hissemen all over her piehole. She collected it on her tongue,exhibited it for his viewing pleasure and then gobbled it down.

"Get in bed with me Lizzy," he firmly insisted.   He took his timekissing her, trying to make her feel comfortable and loved, hishands wandering all over her strong body he scooted his body downand his mouth found her right nipple. Her milk duds were a tadthinner and shorter than Jessica's but still delectably suckable andshe moaned and sighed every time his tongue and lips manipulated it. His righthand floated down to her clit, his middle and ring fingersflicking and nuzzling her nubbin while he endeavored to elicit moresounds of pleasure out of her teats. After about ten minutes ofthat, she was beginning to squirm and press her clit into his handfor increased friction. "Oooh Goddddd, that feels so good," shestuttered, as her breathing  was now imbued with more gasping, herheart racing a mile a minute. He slid his body down further and between her legs. His tongue darted at her clit and then slatheredover it, kneading and rolling it in the bargain. "Oh fuck yes baby,ohhhh," she moaned, her clit feeling so hot, so stiff. "God baby,suck it," she begged and he began to do that and it wasn't longbefore she was thrashing about, her nails sunk into the bedding. Herjuices were a banquet of sweet tastes for him and he attacked herclit with a vengeance, sucking longer and harder as she drew closerand closer and then squealing when she began to orgasm, pulling hishead into her crotch in ecstasy.

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He was hard now and ready to lose his virginity. He tried to pointhis cockhead at her opening. She grasped it and guided it to thecenter of her hole and he pushed his dick into her, Lizzy feelinghis thick seven inches cleaving her vaginal walls in twain,eliciting a long moan from her as the muscles of her cunt clampedaround it. For little bro, he couldn't believe how this felt, thevelvety grip of her sugar walls caressing his baby maker as hespeared her over and over, trying to remember the sensations of eachthrust for later reference when he was alone. "Oh my God Lizzy, thisfeels amazing," he blurted. "I've been wanting you for so long," sherevealed to him. "Fuck me hard and fast baby, give it to me rough,"she implored and he started shredding her insides with his slashingcock, as it sliced her right up the middle without mercy, little brogrunting and growling as she gradually climbed up the mountain ofpleasure, her legs wrapped around the middle of his back to takeevery last inch of him inside of her, her breathing increasinglyshort and throaty, focused solely now on the sensations from hergroin, her brain trying to suck them in as if she were a thirstywoman gulping a bottle of cold water. "God, so good, oh shit baby,oh fuck me!" she cried. She felt something stab her and then theheat from that stabbing sensation bleeding all over her body,causing it to shudder and writhe, her eyes concealed under hereyelids while her brain milked the last microsecond of pleasure outof it.

Little bro was gratified that he didn't go off before she did and relentlessly pounded her, his balls full of his cum andneeding to vent them. His breathing was deep and short now, his dickflinching and basting her slot with his gooey, slick fluid, hissperm beginning their swim into her womb seeking something to linkup with and create a life. Five days later, all the sperm he ejectedinto her would be dead, their mission thwarted by modern science. Little bro had put a point on the board in the game of manhood andhe held Lizzy as he rested to recover his senses. "God Lizzy,," hesaid, lightly stroking her cheek, "you're so beautiful. I love you,"he declared.

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   "I love you, too," she placidly countered. He gazed upand down the length of her perfect body, her neatly sculpted bushdotted with his cum. Jessica warned him to be patient after hisfirst time with her and just live in the moment and try to make herfeel valued and secure. "Are you happy babe?" he asked. "So happyhoney," she quietly replied.

For little bro, it was game on and he intended to take it to herbigtime from there on in. But there was going to be a bit ofhousekeeping to take care of first.

Sunday, Lizzy had a meet. Mike, Jessica and little bro went to roother on, sitting next to her parents. Jessica did most of the talkingand Mike would chime in every now and again with a joke or somethingto try to look engaged. Little bro was uptight and trying to stay onhis best behavior, acting like a bashful schoolboy. Lizzy finishedsecond in her event, making her much happier but still not likinglosing. They all hugged her after she changed into her streetclothes, with little bro enthusing that she looked like a humanrocket in the water.

Monday, they went right to Lizzy's after school. Little bro had herkneel in front of him and he placed a collar on her, a white versionof the one Jessica always wore.

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   "Your name is now 'fuckpet,' heexplained to her. Your mind and body are both my personal propertyto use as I see fit. Fuckpet will call me 'Master' when we are aloneor among friends who know about our relationship. You will removethis collar only when you work out, bathe, are participating in gymclass or there is a medical need for you to do so. Does fuckpetunderstand?" "Yes Master. Thank you Master. " Lizzy then wept as hisownership made her feel so loved and secure, like she had anotherbackstop in her life in addition to her parents. When she was criedout, little bro said, "okay, fuckpet will proceed to the dinnertable and do her homework. " "Yes Master," she obeyed.

When Jessica and Mike gave them their guitar lessons after everybodyfinished his/her assignments, it was quickly evident that Lizzy hadcaught up to little bro and was going to leave him in her dust. Jessica was very impressed and heaped a boatload of praise on her,saying that it won't be too much longer, at this rate, before she isthe best guitarist in the room. This really hocked little bro offand he tacitly vowed not to be topped by her. In fact, with Lizzy's16th birthday only a few days away, Mike and Jessica got togetherand browbeat little bro into getting her a little 15 watt combo ampand some footpedals. Jessica and Mike combined to buy her a $500gift certificate to her favorite clothing store, signing the cardinside as being from "Mike and Jessica Alyea. "

Since little bro was now a Master and had a slave, Mike released himfrom his trainee status, but advised him to consult with him asnecessary.

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   Jessica, though, now had to use polite speech toward thebrother even though little bro had no power over Jessica at all. "Itwould most displease me if one or both Masters were acting in orbeing treated in an undignified manner. So fucktoy will confer on mybrother all the dignity that comes with being the dominant ofanother. But Master Mike reminds the young Master that he must actaccording to his status with self control and loving and reasonedtreatment of his slave and he will ask permission to talk to ortouch the slaves or subs of his fellow Masters. " Little brotherriposted that he would indeed honor those terms.

A little more than a week after Lizzy had her sweet 16 party, schoolwas over for the summer. Everyone ended up at Jessica's, where bothher and Lizzy were ordered to get naked and suck their Masters. Lizzy asked if the door shouldn't be closed and was astonished tolearn that Jennifer was a subbie too and knew about all herdaughter's activities. Lizzy could deep throat now and little bro'strigger was pulled first, disgorging his cum into his slave's hungrymouth. Mike chose to pull out of Jessica's cakehole and splatter herface with his seed. Mike asked his brother if he wanted to learn todo rope. Of course, he did. Mike told him to have his slave line upright next to Jessica and then imitate what Mike was doing. Mike gavehim a length of rope and demonstrated how to do a simple hand tie withJessica and Lizzy's hands behind their backs. Mike recommended that heundo the tie and do it again himself twice more so that he can get aphysical feel for it.

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   There was no problem.

"Hi Lizzy!" Mrs. Hamada said, as she walked into her daughter's bedroom. Lizzy's hand automatically shot up. "Fuckpet?" Mike's brotherrecognized. "Master, it seems to your fuckpet impolite to not respondautomatically to Mrs. Hamada when she speaks to her. What is the rulehere Master?" Mike turned to his brother. "Master,  may I speak to yourproperty?" "Yes Master Mike," his brother allowed. "Fuckpet, Mrs. Hamadais mistress of this fine house. Therefore, the authority of her and herMaster are higher than either mine or your Master's in this instance. So when Mrs. Hamada speaks to fuckpet she will respectfully answer her. ""Thank you Master Mike.

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   Hi Mrs. Hamada! Sorry it took so long to answeryour greeting. " "That's okay sweety. Please feel free to visit whenyour Master allows it. " "Yes Mrs. Hamada. Thank you. " Mike leaned overto whisper to his brother about something. Then brother suddenly spoke. "Master is impressed by fuckpet's regard for manners. As fuckpet knows,she is not allowed to pick her outfits. However, as a reward for herconcern, tomorrow fuckpet may wear what she wishes. " "Thank you Master,"Lizzy brightened.

Mike turned to his brother again and asked him if he would like to knowhow to do an ankle tie. He replied in the affirmative and they spent thenext few minutes going over it.

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   Mike also advised his brother that ifhe forgets any detail of the tie to leave it out and have Mike show itto him again. Then Mike showed him how to tie them together so that thesub is bound on her knees and how it can be made into a hogtie. Mikethen showed him the hair corset, which took a little while, and how itcan also be used as a restraint component. Jessica then raised her hand. "Fucktoy?" Mike recognized. "Master, your little Asian fucktoy humblyrequests that he consult with fuckpet's Master over the issue of what todo if his sub needs to go to the bathroom. Holding back one's pee canlead to painful kidney infections. " "Your Master has made note of yourrequest and will consult with him over this issue. " Mike's brotherindicated that he made note of the issue as well and spoke to his slave. "Because protecting fuckpet's health is her Master's greatestresponsibility, he orders fuckpet to immediately notify him if she hasany health related concerns. Does fuckpet understand?' 'Yes Master. Thank you Master. " "Master Mike, may I speak to your property?" "Yes youmay," Mike permitted. "I thank fucktoy for reminding me of this issue. ""You're welcome Master," Jessica returned.



Mike's brother was feeling randy now and decided to fuck Lizzy. Helooked at Mike and wanted to know, "would Master Mike mind if I usedfuckpet on your property's bed?" "If fucktoy has no objection to it, Iwill allow it. However, I would also like to show Master another tiethat he might find stimulating in this situation. What say you fucktoy?""Your little Asian fucktoy has no objections Master. " "May I commandyour property?" Mike asked his brother. "Yes you may Master Mike. " Mikeuntied Lizzy and had her sit with her head about two thirds of the wayup on the headboard. Then he bound her arms to each side of the headboard and then with his brother's help, he anchored her legs to the sameattachment points as her arms so that she was spread wide open in a "v"and her pussy was put front and center. "I compliment Master Mike on anexcellent and very hot tie," his brother assented. "Thank you Master,"Mike acknowledged. Little brother got into bed on his knees and tookLizzy's face in his hands and started kissing her. "Is fuckpet in anypain?" he asked her. "No Master," she averred. He continued to kiss herand then started playing with her breasts. He decided to blindfold herso that she would be concentrating on only what she feels, not what shesaw.

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   He stood up on the bed and dropped his pants and stepped out ofthem. He stuck a finger into her pussy to ensure that she was wet. Whenhe confirmed that, he sat upright on his knees and placed his penis infront of her pussy and jammed it into her.

"Ohhhhhhh," Lizzy moaned, as she felt his thunderstick burrow into her. He grabbed her hips and began to thrust into her. Jennifer heard thenoise from the bouncing bed and came to have a look, too, witnessingMike's brother ramming his dick repeatedly into Lizzy's open cunt. "Ohfuck yeah, God, this feels so good," he sighed as she continued to moanand grunt slightly with each penetration of her sex, the erotic sightmaking Jennifer and Jessica very wet and Mike totally hard. Littlebrother's eyes devoured the beautiful body of his subbie while hispneumatic hips pushed and pulled his fuck stick into and out of her. Lizzy's eyes were tucked in her head and her perception of reality verymuch compromised as her Master used her pussy for his own purposes, herbarely 16 year old slit absorbing the attack and sending jolts ofpleasure to her brain. Little brother listened to how Lizzy wheezed andpanted more and more as she felt the heat accumulate inside of her andit only made him hornier. "Oh God Master, fuck me harder! Please fuck meharder!" she gasped and he ratcheted up his assault on her to maximumravage mode, forcing Lizzy's passion meter to pin to the red and a riverof heat to go through her like a tsunami and she started screaming inecstasy, her cheeks and the area just below her collar bone reddening,her nipples at full attention, his cock still impaling her over andover. "God Master, I love your cock so much," she moaned, as he reducedhis thrusting speed  to allow his muscles to get a chance to reload. Shewas taking his dick enthusiastically and hoped he could just keepslamming it into her. Unfortunately, his balls were at max occupancy andwith a couple spasms of his cock, he was firehosing her vulnerablewomanhood, defiling it for fun. He pulled it out and had her clean itoff with her tongue.

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Jennifer then walked up to him and made hand signals that she wanted toget in there. Little bro's eyes got real big and he gave way. Jennifergot on her hands and knees on the bed and commenced licking the drippingcum out of Lizzy's pussy in bettween sucking and tonguing her clit. Lizzy wondered who had their mouth on her sloppy vulva but didn't reallycare because what Jennifer was doing felt so good to her. "Was itJessica/" she wondered. Jennifer brought the teenager to orgasm beforefinally retreating. Mike's brother removed her blindfold and Mike untiedher. "Is fuckpet having any soreness or pain?" little bro asked. "NoMaster," she reported. Little brother sat next to her and cuddled andkissed her for a few minutes. Thus summer vacation began.

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