The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 19


Mike and Jessica cuddled for about half an hour and then Mike, afterrousing his freshly sex battered slut, told her to put on her bikiniwhile he got dressed. Jessica reached into one of the drawers thatwere embedded into the platform of her bed and pulled the littleoutfit out and put it on, Mike's cum descending into the crotch ofit as they sat there playing guitar. Mrs. Hamada, who had changedinto a more typical soccer mom ensemble, stopped into Jessica's roomto announce that she was going to do the grocery shopping. Sheimmediately noticed the smell of sex evident in the space, whichcaused her to get a "wet on" herself as she realized that herprecious daughter had just gotten her brains fucked out. That causedthe 44 year old milf to reminisce on the drive to the supermarketabout some of the things she had done in college, especially duringspring break. "God, if Carl knew how many guys I screwed he neverwould have married me," she snickered to herself. She especiallyrecalled one incident where her and two of her girlfriends, alsoAsian, had gotten drunk while hanging out poolside at their moteland then got invited up by some hot black guys and, after sharing ablunt of what they said was chronic with them, they had a mini-orgythat left her sore for two days afterward.

She loved the way the athletically built and well hung players justtook what they wanted. She was sitting on her back on the floor withher head against the couch chilling, giggling at their overtures toher and her pals and generally feeling really good when one of theguys just pulled her bathing suit bottoms off and started fuckingher with his eight inch cock. Something seemed to happen to hermentally and she ultimately put it down to the synergistic effectsof the booze and pot, but she felt floaty and was more than goodwith letting them do what they wanted with her and bareback at that. She thinks she may have been balled as many as eight times, sucked anumber of cocks, two of them  cumming on her face, had who knows howmany orgasms, and was still dripping cum down her legs when she gotback to the room her and her girlfriends, who were as equally used,shared. And she had been boned by at least three other guys beforethat, she couldn't remember the exact number. When she returnedhome, she got tested and fortunately the results were negative. Shemet Carl four months after that and married him a year followinggraduation.

Jessica, of course, didn't want to know any of that.

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   Jennifer toldCarl she had only been with ten guys in her life, but the actualnumber was closer to 50. Almost all men are delusional about howmany boys/men their girlfriends and wives had been to bed with. Thebest policy is to just let it go, that women get horny as men do. Everybody needs life experience and that includes sex. In fact, ifsociety, and men in particular, weren't so uptight about the what istermed a "slut" issue, more men would probably be getting laid andthe whole annoying bullshit kabuki game playing between men andwomen would be at least truncated, if not ended altogether.

Jennifer was pretty happy with her life. Jessica's health and socialproblems threw her for a loop, but after that, Carl had enabled herto be a stay at home mom and they had a nice house in a goodneighborhood with academically competitive schools. Jessica neverreally gave her parents any trouble other than the noise from herguitar playing, but when she started getting good at it Jenniferdidn't mind the racket as much. Carl also lasted longer in bed thesedays and Jennifer was having more orgasms as a result, too. And whenJessica did finally become sexually active, the guy she choseactually seemed to be good for her and not some random hopheadgoofball. Jennifer was also glad that she had put her daughter onbirth control since her own sexual history, where she learnedparents can't keep an eye on their kids 24/7, made that thepragmatic option.

The hypocrisy in Jennifer, though, was that if she walked in on Mikeand Jessica engaging in BDSM, she would have thrown a fit despiteher own need to submit to a man merely so she won't look like afreak, too, when, in fact, she was. Carl tied her up on occasion, though not as much as she would have liked, but not in the elaborateways Mike did Jessica, and that kind of domination wasn't really inCarl's blood anyway. Like too many other people, Jennifer thought ofBDSM as a "beat me daddy eight to the bar," as an old pop song hadit, proposition and not as an elaborate communication and lifestyleritual that emphasizes the rights of the subbie over those of thedominant first.

Mike and Jessica went to his house, where they hung out in or nearthe hot tub and the pool, though on his lap because sitting on theconcrete steps would hurt her sore ass more.

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   The water felt good,though, against the butt that Mike had reddened. They then went upto the music room, where Mike had Jessica lay in his lap while theywatched tv after laying towels on the cushions. Mrs. Alyea came upto check on them every now and again, but all Mike was doing wasstroking his girlfriend's head or holding her hand.

By Thursday, the soreness from Mike's spankings had ceased. Fridaywas gig day and as they loaded in during the early afternoon, theywondered how many people would turn up at the American Legion hallthey rented. One highlight was that Tony put in an appearance sincethe venue wasn't all that far from  his house and he helped the banddo last minute equipment and sound checks. The answer was more thandouble their last concert, 87 to be precise, and since they wereable to accommodate everyone this time they could keep the doorsopen and the room cooler. This crowd was rowdier, but there weren'tany incidents and the band smoked their way to three encores, andthat was even after they had added "Revelation"  to their main setlist. The kids they taught at the guitar store were there as were afew from their first outing, too.

And like with that first time being a tribute band, punters lined upafterward to meet and talk to Jessica. A few of them groaned whenshe told them her and Mike were boyfriend-girlfriend. Nevertheless,they wanted to take pictures with her even though Jessica hadmisgivings how she must have looked after playing for more than twohours. Mike was fine with the attention she was getting. He had beenpositioning her for it and it meant that the more fans bother herthey weren't bothering him.

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   She saw some cellphone cameras outshooting video of her during their set, too.

There was a group of women at the show and the next day Jessica gotan email from one of them, asking her to audition for a well knownall female Iron Maiden tribute band. Jessica turned them down,saying that she was still in high school and her academic andpersonal life weren't going to allow her the time to tour with them. "I probably wouldn't even be allowed into a lot of the places youguys play," she posited because of her age. She also told them thatnext time any of them are at their shows let them know and they cansit in for a song or two.

Now it was a week until the show at the L. A. street fair and theywere revved up and ready to go. They were going to be second on thebill and allowed to play for an hour plus encores.

Saturday, the band met and watched the video that was taken of thegig. There were few complaints with the way they felt they played. Mike told them that when they do the street fair gig he wanted totear the place apart. So they were going to rehearse every day fromMonday through Wednesday. "Listen Travis, we know we aren't verylikely to be able to hold on to you, so this is a big chance for youto really strut your stuff and get a good gig," Mike explained. "Sobe sharp and let's destroy those motherfuckers.

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  " he urged him. "Thanks y'all," Travis drawled. "Really 'preciate it," he reacted.

The following Friday, Mike rented a bunch of equipment as backupsbecause they wanted to expose themselves as little as possible topossible theft or damage of their own stuff as well as a truck tobring it to the venue. After he and Dennis tweaked the rental gear,all was left was the psychological prep and they were hungry andready to kill.

They loaded in early Saturday morning and then prayed none of theirstuff would "mysteriously" disappear. Then they all wandered aroundthe fair having fun. They were supposed to go on at five, but delaysmoved that back an hour. Then some douchebag dj from a local radiostation came on to announce them while the band followed him on tothe stage. Travis sat Jessica in her wheelchair, which caused a lotof "huh?" kind of looks from the several thousand onlookers. Butafter she shredded up her solo part in the opener, 'Aces High," someof the crowd wanted to know "who the chick guitarist is. " By thetime they were through "Children of the Damned," the third song intheir set, the crowd was going bananas and Mike and Jessica gotmajor  applause for their execution of a harmony guitar  part in it. They took out "Somewhere in Time" and instead did "Rime of theAncient Mariner" earlier and then followed it up with "Revelation,"a good guitar showcase for both Mike and Jessica. They left thestage since their hour was up, but  the audience asked for an encoreand they came back out.

Travis began by introducing the band members, the biggest cheerbeing reserved for Jessica, who heard a couple guys proposingmarriage to her, which made her laugh, and she waved at theperpetrators.

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   "You guys better not be tired. We wanna hear you singwith us on this one! 'The Trooper!'" The members of the group wereso jacked up now that they did the song at a near thrash metaltempo, which only excited the audience more and by the time theyfinished their second encore tune, "Number of the Beast," they weremelting faces and Jessica was getting off on hearing the signal fromtheir guitars rebounding off the near by office buildings andplaying to the sea of fist pumping humanity in front of her. Theywere asked back for another encore and kept the crowd rocking with"Die With Your Boots On" and "Iron Maiden. "

That was it for their contracted time. When the dj came back onstage, the crowd let him have it. "Hey you faggot, bring the bandback on!" Then chants of "Maiden! Maiden!" broke out and not wanting to cause a riot, the band emerged from backstage. "Thank youL. A. ! Boy, y'all sure been good to us tonight. I hope we'll be backreal soon! Now it's time to "Run to the Hills!" A cry of recognitionarose among the crowd as soon as they kicked off the opening riffand then they sang lustily, as their voices echoed all over the fairsite. And that was it. They were able to account for all of theirequipment and then got stuck in a humongous traffic jam on the wayto the freeway. They ended up getting a couple of beach bar gigs outof this show. Jessica expected that the street fair would be thebiggest crowd she would ever play in front of. She could hardly waitto see the video.

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They were able to make it a four camera shoot, but it took a coupleof days to edit it all down to a single coherent product. When theysaw it, they were blown away. It was like watching some other bandand not themselves just because of the scale of the audience, thefact that it  was the most professional stage they had perfomed onto date, they were so razor sharp and were called back for threeencores. They made a copy of it for Tony and Carl took it to him athis work. "Man, Carl, your kids really delivered. The crowd wasgoing apeshit! They were great at the Legion hall gig,  but Jesus,they played like they were on speed at the fair. You should be proudof your daughter. She's phenomenal. "  Carl had a huge grin  on hisface the rest of the day.

"Doesn't it feel weird that it was us up there?" Jessica asked theother members of the group. "Yeah, it was a trip," Dennis answered. "Well, it was because of you we got that gig babe. " "I guess Mike,but if you didn't bring me into the band it wouldn't have had anychance of happening. So you're just as responsible as me for thatshow. " "I must reward her for building her Master up," Mike thoughtto himself.

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When Mike drove her home, he told her that he liked how his fucktoytried to give the glory to her Master. So he promised that hewouldn't make her do anything kinky on campus the first week ofschool as his gift to her for that. "Thank you Master," she smiled.

The following day was a Wednesday and when Mike knocked on the door,Mrs. Hamada answered in a white bikini this time and then flashedher tits at Mike, as ordered. "Good girl, Jennifer," he said beforemoving on to Jessica's bedroom with a rock hard cock. His littleslave stripped and he had her blow him. He  returned the favor bysucking her erect nipples and when she began to moan, he went downon her and licked and sucked her clit to several orgasms, leavingthe taste of her pussy on his tongue for several hours. He then hadher lay in his lap and unlocked the nipple rings, after which hemassaged her milk nubs, thinking that the release of her sensitiveducts by itself would be very pleasurable for her and, by extension,putting them back on three or four days hence would be moreexquisitely torturous.

Jessica was enjoying the massage of her nipples immensely. Her eyeswere closed and she was moaning and sighing. "Fucktoy will nowmasturbate," he informed her. He continued his pinching and strokingof her teats while her lefthand began to make little circles on herclit, and Mike could see the moisture on her fingers as she playedwith herself. He loved watching the expressions on her pretty facechange, focusing particularly on the intensity with which she kepther eyes closed, more slack at times, more firm at others. Sheseemed to get cuter the closer she got to cumming for some reason.

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  She suddenly let out several big puffs of air. "Master, may yourlittle Asian fucktoy cum?" she begged. "Why should your Master allowyou to cum, fucktoy?" he teased. "Please Master, let your littleAsian fucktoy cum!" she pleaded again. "The next time fucktoy failsto directly answer my question she shall be punished. Now why shouldI permit you an orgasm?" Mike could see her slowing herself down soshe wouldn't abruptly push herself over the edge. "Because Masterloves his little Asian fucktoy," she guessed. "Emotional blackmailis not a reason. Keep trying. " "Because your little Asian fucktoyhelped Master get a good grade in physics last semester" was her newgambit. "Yes, Master must recognize fucktoy's patience when she hadto explain things to him over and over. Fucktoy may cum," herelented. Her fingers became a blur and within two minutes she washuffing and gasping as the orgasm took her up to the summit ofpleasure. When the orgasm subsided, Mike grabbed her hand and lickedand sucked her fingers, causing Jessica to giggle. "Fucktoy is sodelicious, both inside and out" he evaluated.

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   Jessica giggled oncemore and replied, "Thank you Master. "

Then an idea flashed across Mike's mind. "Master has to use thebathroom. He will return shortly," he explained to Jessica. Mikewent out her bedroom door, shut it, and then went out to thelivingroom. "Jennifer, take your top off," he insisted. Silently andwhile looking up at him in a very vulnerable manner, she untied herbikini top. Mike then pulled the locking nipple rings out of hispocket and before Jennifer's mind could really comprehend what hewas doing, he fastened them on to her nipples. "Now Jennifer, youwill tape that chain inside your top so it doesn't show and I willunlock you before I am ready to leave. " Because her nipples wereslightly thicker than Jessica's, the pressure on them was going tobe considerable, making them not so much throb as thump. "Okay,"Jennifer agreed in a mild tone of voice. "Good girl Jennifer. " AsMike walked back to Jessica's sanctum, Mrs. Hamada skipped off toher bedroom to do something about the chain's visibility.

When her nipples began to pulse, and they pulsed with someauthority, she found herself becoming sopping wet.

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   She couldn'tresist putting her hands up her top to rub them because they were sostiff. Every time she did that it sent signals to her clit and itbecame a vicious cycle until she retreated back to her bedroom torelieve her throbbing clit while also flicking her nipples as shebrought herself off several times with a pillow over her head sothat neither Mike or Jessica would hear her moans or cries ofpleasure. Mike wasn't even there with her and he was exertingcontrol over her. She waited anxiously for him to emerge from herdaughter's bedroom. With Jessica, the pulsation she experienced wasmore faint and gradual. With Jennifer, though, it was practicallyclubbing her over the head second by second. Two hours later, Mikefinally came out of Jessica's room. "Get naked for me Jennifer," hebarked softly. She did what she was told and she stood there. Hewalked around her inspecting her. "God, I want to fuck her so bad,"he thought to himself. "Mike, please take these things off of me,she implored. "Shut up Jennifer," he countered. Mike saw her eyesflutter and he knew she was beginning to go into sub space. Heunlocked the nipple rings and she reflexively rubbed her milk ducts.



"Jennifer, did you masturbate after I put the rings on you thismorning?" "Yes," she reported meekly. "Since you didn't ask me forpermission to do that, you must masturbate in front of your husbandtonight and then do anything he wants sexually. Do you understand?""Yes," she breathily affirmed. "Good girl, Jennifer," he validatedher. "Now get dressed. " Mike spun on his heels and re-enteredJessica's room and said goodbye to her after giving her a list ofsongs to learn.

Mike was taking a bit of a chance here, but he couldn't helphimself. Later that night, Jennifer cajoled Carl into going to bedearly, whereupon she told him to watch her as her hand began tostimulate her clit. Carl couldn't just watch his hot wife pleasuringherself. He leaned over and sucked on her nipples, which felt sogood to his wife after what she had endured with the nipple rings. He was both massaging them with his tongue and lips and alsohastening her toward climax. Ten minutes later, she felt a shiverand a shudder and then she came hard, which relaxed her and made herless resistant to doing whatever it was Carl had in mind. He climbedon top of her and fucked her waiting snatch, as she orgasmed threemore times before he finally unloaded into her. She had carried outMike's order and satisfied her husband, but she didn't know why shewas allowing Mike to control her the way he was now.

The secretive aspect of the fact of Mike's control made hersubmission to him daring and dangerous, two things that will usuallymake any woman wet.

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   But it wasn't just the furtive nature of it thatwas exciting, but there was something deeper that was resonatingwithin her that was causing her to be susceptible to his commandsand yet still allowing him to see her daughter and being glad thathe was. .

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