Summer fun


My friend Jen and I, both 14 at the time, were spending the night after we got out of school for summer vacation. Today, we had got in my pool, which was very large, and was surrounded by a large wooden fence. Jen had put her cute little swimsuit on after I just put my boring black trunks on, and we began having typical fun, like splashing each other, riding on each other's backs, you know, just that typical teenage fun.

By the time we had finished that, she was trying to put her pool shoes on, and bending over while doing so. God, her little ass looked so good. I had a petite fetish, which I guess was typical for teenage boys. I loved her little body with her developing tits and her flexible figure. I started thinking about what it'd be like to have some fun with her. But I knew I couldn't do that. But it never got me any less turned on.

I went over to Jen, who was sitting on the side of the pool with a towel over her legs, and I could see her finger's movement. Yes, she was rubbing her little pussy. God, that got me so hard. I quickly hid in plain sight, took off my trunks, and started stroking my already erect cock. I didn't even look at her then. But when I looked up, there was Jen, watching me jerk off to her.

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   I was shocked.

"So. . . you like watching me rub my little cunt, huh? You want to fill it with your cock, right? You want to suck on my clit?", she asked. God, what a girl! She removed the bottom of her swimsuit and pressed her pussy up against my bulge in my trunks. I was going out of my mind. . .

"Oh, Jen, baby. . . please let me do it with you. . .

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  ", I said, all the while gripping her butt. She was like, "Nick, are you crazy? Your mom's home", she said with a laugh. "She won't care. Besides, she can't even see us. We have plenty of time to stop if she comes out. ", I said to her, trying to coax her into it again.

"OK, Nick. . . but you have to be the one doing it all. No riding on top", she said. What a joy. She took off her top, showing her developing tits, and sat down on the side of the pool. I quickly put my head to her shaved pussy, putting my tongue in there as deep as I could and licking it senseless.

"Oh, god, Nick, that feels so fucking good!! Lick my little virgin cunt more, baby, more!", she screamed.

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   I hoped my mom wouldn't hear us. On and on, I licked her little pussy, with her girl cum flowing out. God, she tasted so fucking good. Boy cum was gross (I tasted mine), but girl cum is something else. I swallowed all of her juices, then began licking on her clit to see if she would squirt like those pro girls in those porn videos.

"FUCK NICK NOT THERE OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE", she yelled, all the while bucking in delight. I could feel her little pussy tightening around my tongue, and finally, she did the unbelieveable. She squirted her juices out, and I quickly wrapped my mouth around her, although almost choking on all her fluids. I kept my tongue in there just to make her feel better. She stopped cumming, and jumped in the pool with me. She quickly bent over on the pool steps, my cock making contact with her little butt.

"Fuck me, Nick. Fuck my little virgin cunt so hard, Nick, I want your cock. I want your cum in my pussy, and I want it in there so bad, Nick, fuck me please. ", she begged.

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   I obeyed her, and started rubbing my cock up and down her little pussy. Ah, god, her juices were so hot on there. I finally made my way in, and was greeted by angels.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHH FUCK IT HURTS NICK DONT MOVE YET", she screamed. I had torn her hymen. Blood seeped out, but I knew this was normal. I waited for it to finish coming out, then I cleaned off her pussy and put it in again. She still complained of it hurting until I began thrusting harder into her.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. . . Nick. . . oh, yeah, FUCK me like that", she said seductively.

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   What a little slut. God, I loved it. I surprised her with my roleplay skills. "So, you're my little slut now. Are you gonna let me fuck you from now on?", I asked her. "Oh, yes, Nick, I'm such a little whore. I love your cock. ", she said. Then i surprised her by going harder.

I started thrusting in and out, going faster and harder by the minute. "FUCK YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH NICK HARDER BABY HARDER!", she screamed with my cock pumping in and out of her. I was about to cum. "Oh, Jen, baby, I'm gonna cum in your pussy, baby, I'm gonna cum deep in your pussy. ", I told her. She didn't say anything, but I know she wanted it.

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   I went in as deep as I could, slamming her one last time before I finally blew my load inside her pussy, awarded with an ear piercing scream of pleasure.

"YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH", she screamed, as my cum exploded into her pussy. Her pussy was also exploding with girl cum, mixed in with an overflow of my white boy cum. We stopped cumming, and then realized that we had been in there for hours and my mom was probably looking for us.

"Oh, shit, Jen, we have to get out!", I said in horror. We quickly put our swimsuits on, dried off, ran out, and went back into the house with my mom sitting on the couch. "Oh, shit. ", I thought. But she just winked at me, and I knew that she knew what we had just done. I didn't care. at least she wasn't mad.

When we got upstairs, we quickly fell down on my bed and kissed each other. Taking our suits off, I locked my door, planting passionate kisses on her face ever so often. "Ah, Nick, that was soooo good. ", she said.

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"I know, right?", I said. I layed down on top of her, and then my erection reformed. "Uh, Jen?". . . .

"Come here, Nick. ". Oh, yeah. . . .

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