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Well we came into a opening in the woods,their rest area they called it. I was the last on to get off the horse,and fuck I was pulled off hard. Then pulled up off the ground,being slapped and yanked around,very roughly. You fucked a of our guys last night and you alsosucked them all too,having all kinds of fun weren't you,bitch. You fucking whore,we watched you through the windows,all 7 of us. Getting your cunt filled and your mouth at the same time,you slut bitch. They ripped my pants and shirt off me,slapping my face,tits ass,belly,legs and every where. Pulling on my nipples and twisting my tits,pushing their fingers up in me,and even shoved their hand up in my. And one looked,hey lookhere,I tried loking but my head held the other way. Should we,hell why not,she will enjoy it,she does every one else. They got on both sides of me and picked me up,then I seen. I yelled,screamed and begged,no,please don't I can't ,no,no,no. and they slide me under and then went to the other side and picked me up,and one of them said ready,and I felt it rubbing around on my pussy,hold her legs apart,fuck spread her pussy open,thats it. I was screaming. I felt it going in me,it's hugh. Then it was in my pussy about 4 to 5 inches.

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  I was screwming,crying,begging to get it out of me. Push it in her more,I let out a cry,it's in to far. Then one strocked his cock and when he cum in mypussy it felt like he was bouncing me all over,and the worst,or maybe the best,then it was the best. Man his cum was way over filling my pussy,leaking and best yet I was having continous orgasms. Luckly the horse was tied real tight against the trees,and he was an older very,very gentle horse. Or my screaming and noise making would have startled him bad. But his cock was hugh,well hugh hell it was monster size,andWhen they pulled him out of me,the women guessed a full 10 inches of that big around long,long monster was in my pussy. Their was still a hell of a lot of cock still out of me. The women were still holding me right next to the horse,then again,let her have him again. They picked me up under the horse again and some one else took his cock and got it pushed up in my now orgasming pussy. Give it to her. They kept pushing me on it more and him in my pussy more,oh god ohhe's in me farther than last time,no,keep pushing it in her,I was wildly crying,yelling,screaming and trying to beg,and beg and plead and plead,for them to stop. and finally they did stop but left the horse cock still way up in me. Then the guestions came plowing in. Whats it feel like,does it hurt,is it too big around,is it too long,whats it feel like when he shoots his sperm up in your pussy?Tell us now.

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   . Really good,yes,no,just about,,heaven it feels like you are getting bounced all around,the sperm is very nice and warm,and he shoots a hell of alot of sperm in my orgasming pussy. Oh my god he's cumming in my pussy right now,feel his cock,see if sperm is leaking out of my pussy,yes your leaking,I've got my hand around his cock and boy is it throbbing powerful jolts. They pulled me off his cock and spewrm ran out. I feel all stretched out,I'm a little sore. I finally got it out,jack him off and watch and see how much he cums. They did and held me close and let him cum all over me. Man he does cum alot they all said. Then all took turns feeling,holding and stroking a horse cock. Then they told me, to back up to his cock and slide it in with you bent over,I did and his cock we in so,so. I was very juicy and cum filled and already had it in me twice. And plunk it poped in my pussy,only this time no one was holding his cock,he even started pumping my pussy,he pushed and it went in more as I also steped ahead, then 2 women held me so I couldn't get pushed ahead any. Oh fuck did he go in me then back out then in,then way in as he shoved and I was being shoved so hard I had to step ahead,hold his cock they yelled where he's up in her. Pulling him back out of me he started shooting another load of sperm in my pussy. The women perty well measured his cock,he got in your pussy damn good and far, It feels like it to.

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  Hey lets head back,come on girl, They made me ride nude. Back at the barn,they took my horse,then me in a stall. Then a bale of hay and a saddle blanket on itr then,get under him,spread and raise your legs high and wide, come on you all help me get him to let his cock out,finally he let it out and his cock went down on my pussy,he was soft,they stroked him hard. God did he go in me,beside they tied my feet up on top of his back ,that monster was free fucking me. They said don't worry he's already bee up in your cunt over 12 inches. I tried squirming around and moving up so he couldn't get in me too far. At one time I would have swore he was all the vway in me. When he started shoving in me I grabbed his front legs and pulled my self up and away from his cock what I could. I was climaxing still from the feeling of his cock and sperm. ,Thena repeat fuck. My arms were tired from reaching and pulling my self forward,so he could get his cock in too far. I was ready to give up,my arms wwere so tired,the women watching. I groanded out to them I can't take it any more,my arms won't take it anymore,my pussy is ssore and stretched,and I starting begging and thats all I remember. When I came too,they told me he went most of the way in my pussy. Laying their they asked me if I was going to fuck and suck their husbands and boy friends.

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   I throught to my self not today and said no. .