New School, Same Shit, Pt 4?


I was loking at my diaries from my Middle School years and found that I seemed to be seducing as many teachers, both male and femae, as I could. I do know, even thought I did not write it down, that my Bi-Polar disorder was really out of control at the time. Mine manifested itself in sexual promiscuity and still does to this day. I feel like a zombie when I take my meds and so do not take them unless I know I have to.

Well, I was in school and was really building a few great relationships beginning with the Principal and the Assist. and a couple teachers and several girls and guys. I also made friends with a few High school seniors. I was in calss one day and minding my own business when a woman came to the door and waited till class was over. As I was leaving she said, "Brenda Gordon?" I looked at her and said "Yes, that is me. " and she smiled and looked down at my chest. I had no idea what was going on but she said, "I am Ms. O'hara and I need you to come with me please. " I said "Sure, where are we going?" and she said, "Wel, there are some people that I think you need to talk to. " and I said sure and we turned down the administrative hallway. She was attractive and maybe in her late 40s. We got to the doors at the end and she opened one that had no name on it and stepped aside and offered for me to go in before her.

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   I did and she smiled as I said, "So what is happening, whay have I done now?" I said in a playful way. "Oh, we will talk about all of that in a litle, first come on in and relax. " I went in and sat in a comfortable chair and began to relax, "Well," she said as she walked behind a desk and opened a folder, "I see that you have a few friends that you socialize with. " "What do you mean socialize?" I asked her and right away I decided that she was going to have to go to a lot of trouble getting information from me. "Well, you know, hang out with, people that you are close to. " she said again and accented the "close to" part. "Well, isn't it god to have friends that I am "close to?" I said the way she did. "Well, not always, especially with the many that you have. Aren't you afraid of so many close relationships?" she asid. "Why should I be afraid?" I asked her. I had on a wrap around dress that tied at the waist. My favorite to wear and especially if I wanted to have a little fun at or after school.

I had on a thin bra and it always seems that by nipples know before I do that there is going to be sex going on. They are still that way today. I had my arms crossed some and found the tie at my waist.

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   I did not do anything yet but waited. I crossed my legs and let my dress fall open showing my legs up to my thighs. An eyebrow went up on Ms. O'hara's face and she seemed uncomfortable. I thought "God, it is working, she is not so sure of herself. " and she looked at her folder. "You line with your Aunt and Uncle?" she asked. "Yes, they are the greatest. " I said and she turned a page. "You have very high scores in all you classes, that is good. " she said. I let her talk. "How long have you been taking meds for Bi-Polar disorder?" she said. "Since I was 11' I told her and she looked again at the folder. She seemed like she was really struggling to get to the subject so I said, "Is there anything you wanna cut through the crap and ask me Ms.

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   O'Hara?" I said. She was startled and looked at me her face and neck geting red. "Well, we just need to know how serious your disorder is, how does it manifest itself?" she said and I loked at her, "I like sex. " I said bluntly. "No, that is not correct, I love sex, with anyone and anything. " she was now totally red and nervous. "Can I tell you anything else" I hesitated and then said, "Or perhaps show you anything?" I said and my fingers had slipped the tie at the waist, al I had to do was stand up and let my dress fall open. "I really think showing you would be better than answering all those questions. " I said and she looked at me and almost whispered, "I am sure you are right, and how do you show me?" she said and I stood up, my dress coming open and she sat back in her chair with her mouth open. The dress fell to the floor and I carressed myself all over. I smiled as I undid the clasp of my bra and it fell to the floor and y breasts came out, nipples hard as rocks and ready to play. Ms. O'Hara still sat there frozen her mouth open. I walked to her side of the desk and she turned to face me and I looked at her smiling, "You know, when someone has thie mouth open like that they must need a nipple in it and I leaned forward and put my nipple against her mouth and after a second she began sucking it softley. "Oh yes, suck my nipples please, do the other.

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  " and she moved to it too. She was making me very wet and I leaned down and took her face in my hands and kissed her lips genley and she moaned and said, "We cannot do tis. It is not right. " she said. "But does it feel really good?" I asked her. She breathed heavy and whispered, "Oh yes. very very good. " and she sucked my nipples fist one then the other. I had slipped my thong off and I stepped back so she could look at me. She did up and down and then I took her hand and stood her up and got close to her face and sai, :It is not fair that I am naked and you are not. " and she said, "Someone will come in. " and I walked to the door and locked it. "There now, how is that?" I said as I I undid her blouse and then her skirt. I carressed her all over as I took off her clothes and then undid her bra and her 36B breast had lovley dark nipples and I sucked htem as the escaped her bra. She moaned and was getting weak.

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   I pulled her panties down and moved her to sit in the chair again and sucked her nipples and kissed her.

"Now for the best part" I told her and I put her legs apart on the arms ofthe chair. She had a bathing suit trimed pussy and I began licking around the lips and as she got wetter I went into the slit and so, finally, slowly sucked her clit into my mouth. With two fingers in her pussy and sucking her clit she began moaning and her hips moved to keep up with the fingers and tongue that controlled her now. Suddenly she had a sweet orgasm and she tensed up until it washed over her. She collapsed in the chair and I went to her face, still with mine soaked with her juices and kissd her eep. "Oh that was marvolous. " she managed to whisper. "Good, now you do me. " I said and went to the couch in the room and laid down and spread my legs and she came over and said, "I have nevere done this, whay do I do?" she said and I told her, "Well, all that I did and anything that you may think feels good. " and she kissed me and said, "That is the only time anyone has ever done that to me. " and I said, "Well, Hun, that is not the last time, I promise. " and she found my clit and began playing with it and slowly she sucked it and began fingering my pussy. I got a very evil feeling and so started talking to her, "Do you think I am a slut?" and she said "No, no you are not. " So normale people act like this then?" I said and she said, "Well, no.

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  " "Then I am a slut, a whore, rght?" I said and again she said no. I half sat up and began moving her hand inside me, "Now three fingers Dear. " I said and she slipped thee in. "Now four. " I said and then four went in my hungry pussy. "Put it all in, fist fuck me, come on. " I said and she hesitated and then her hand was in my pussy and I began going nuts on it. I had two orgasms right togather and soaked her arm. I stopped and kissed her again and she kissed me back. We stayed there a while, kissing and hugging and all and then I said, "I wanna to introduce you to one of my friends if you don't mind. " I said and she looked at me. "In school?" she asked. "Oh hell yes. " I said and put my dress on as she dressed.

We walked down the hall and the ofice dor was open and thePrincipal was there and he smiled, "Well, Ms.

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   O'hara, has everything gone well with the interview?" he said and I looked at him, "It has gone great, can we talk to you for a moment?" I said as we walked into his ofice. I could see he already had an erection. I closed the door and locked it and with the other hand took off my dress and went to him and unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock and swallowed it down. He laid back and moaned and I looked at Ms. O'hara ad said "Get naked and come over here. " and she did as if in a daze. I kissed her and tuned her towards me and sat her down on his hard cock, slipping it into her pussy and then kissing her all over as she moved up and down some. "Oh this is so bad, we should not do this. " she said as she moved up and down. "But we are doing it. " I said and now you will do it anytime I want to. " and she moaned louder. His hands were on her hips and he was moving her and son she was riding fast on his cock and I was trying to eat her pussy as he fucked her. He let out a growl and she moaned loud and he filled her pussy with his cum and she had a really great orgasm. After a little I moved her off and laid her on the couch and said, "Come on and give me a good fucking.

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  " and he came over and I ate her cum filled pussy as he drove into my hungry pussy. We moved to a 69 so that his cock and bals were going in me and were right over her face. Soon he filled me up and his cum was squeezing out around his cock and she started to move and I told her, "No no, eat all that cum, do it now. " and she did and his cock got half soft and fell from my pussy down onto her face and I told her to suck him and clean him up. She did as she was told and when he got hard again I moved so that he could be in a better position and she could suck him really good. I was telling her how to suck and everythng and she seemed like a willing student. "Okay, here it cums," He moaned and his cum filled her mouth and she gagged a little and I told her to swallow it and she started to but could not. I kissed her and took it from her mouth and she kissed me and said, "Thank you. This is the first time I have done a lot of things today. " We all sat around naked and slowly got up and dressed and the scent of sex filled the room.

She looked at me, "Well, I hardly know what to write on my profile for you. " and I said, "well, do what you like. I refuse to take mads when it stops me from having fun. " and she walked nextto me down the hall. I walked to her car and she got in and withot looking arond she kissed me on the lips.

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   See you tomorrow, "I said and she smiled, "I hpe so. " and she drove off.
more later.

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