House party


Ok, well so my life hasn't been so great recently. After i moved out of my apartment, I bought a new bigger house. 3 story. So I decided to throw a party after everything was all set. To make the house look good, I decided to put a full system of speakers on each floor. Sorta like a 30. 5 sound system. (30 speakers) (5 sub woofer.

(Ding Dong)
I answered the door.
Hey babe. I said.
Heyyyy, she said. I gave her a kiss then i guided her to the couch. I turned up the sound system and it shook the whole house.
The doorbell rang again. I opened it and a whole crowd of people came through the door
Then I saw my ex.

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   She was looking fine and she was single. She looked better than my girlfriend.
So then I decided to turn up the stereo and everyone was having fun. There was a fight in the backyard which made it fun. Then after the fight, I was hanging out with my girlfriend. My ex came up to us and asked me for help. I lost my keys somewhere, She said. So to be a nice guy, I went to the backyard to look for them. We came up to tree and she told me, You're happy with that blond lie right? I told her, Yeah why. She said, Well you might be better with me. I want you back. I said, Well what are you gonna do about. She said, Ill tell you what I'm gonna do. She pulled me towards her and she kissed me. Then I said, Wow.

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   She was surprised too. We'd better get back to the party before anyone suspects us, she said. I think you're right, lets go. I went back to my girlfriend and we were out on the balcony. Enjoying the moon light. We ,made a long kiss while the moons light was shining on us. Then we went back to the party. I told her i was gonna go to the store to get more beer. She said ok, Ill wait here. So I went to the store, got alot of beer put it all in both coolers. I went back home. I went through the back door to avoid any traffic. So I put the coolers back. Then I went to go to my bedroom. Right in front of my eyes, I saw my ex girlfriend, naked.

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   Waiting on the bed for me. She told me to lock the door. I kissed her this time. Then she helped me take off my pants and shirt etc. She sucked my dick. Then I told her if she was a virgin or not. And she said no. So she got on top of me. We went slowly for 20 minutes then we started to faster. And she was moaning loudly. Then we switched positions. We were going faster and faster. Nobody could hear us cause all the walls were soundproof. Loudly as she moaned, The bed was rocking faster. We were going too fast, I didn't realize that my girlfriend came in.

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   She said she was disgusted. But we made up. She said she wanted part also. So My ex and my girlfriend were both sucking my dick. It felt so good. Then my girlfriend got my load. It turned out she knew how to deep throat. So my girlfriend got on top of me. She was TIGHT. It felt so good. We went faster and faster. Then I shot my load in my girlfriend. She said I'm gonna have your kid. Then my Ex wanted some and I whispered in her ear, That she would later. .

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   So then We all went to the bathroom and took a shower together. Well, It was a whirlpool bathtub. So we enjoyed it naked.

The End


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