Boarding School Adventures Chapters 1


Chapter 1- New student orientation, Girls

The students were split into two groups, boys and girls, as they entered the gates for their first day at Holley Fields School. They did not know what to expect. They had been told that this was a school for the gifted. However, the school also had a reputation for producing students who were sexually liberated.

The girls were lined up in one part of the large school hospital ward. A pretty young nurse with curly blond hair entered the room. "Welcome to Holley Fields School" she said warmly. "If you're wondering about the rumors you've heard. Let me assure you, they are all true. But in order to participate in our school's special brand of sexual education, we will need to inform you of certain policies we have. First of all, the school uniform. All girls are required to wear our school uniform, which consists of a knee length black skirt and a white blouse. On weekends, you are not required to wear your uniforms. However, you may not wear jeans, shorts, pants, anything with a closed crotch. Skirts and dresses may not go below the knee. This is to teach you how to sit like women.

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   You may choose to be dignified and hide yourselves, or be open and reveal yourself freely, however, you may never cover yourselves freely, you will learn to live being constantly exposed. This brings me to the next part of our school code. Please remove your clothes now. "

The girls complied nervously- they were not expecting this to happen on their first day at school. Most of them were wearing jeans or shorts. Soon the entire row of girls stood in their underwear.

"You'll have to remove your underwear too. " said the nurse "don't be shy"

The girls cautiously slid down their panties and unfastened their bras, the row now stood completely naked. The nurse moved down the line, addressing each girl. She approached the girl at the end of the line. She had dark brunette hair, almost black, with a slight wave, that wound its way down slightly past her shoulders. She looked cute and innocent, with pouty lips and piercing brown eyes. Her creamy white skin shone in the harsh lights of the ward. Her breasts were a small C cup, with very pale aereolas and nipples. She was curvacious and shapely without appearing emaciated- she maintained a healthy weight.

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   Her pubic hair was darker than the hair on her head, and it grew fairly wild. Mary was trembling. It was clear that she had never appeared naked in front of a stranger before, let alone dozens of them.
"Mary Underwood?" the nurse asked.
"Y-yes" Mary replied.
"The blood test you submitted to the school proved you negative of any sexually transmitted infections. That means you passed the first part of our hygiene test. However, the second part of our hygiene test is a bit more problematic for you"
"I- I shower every day, sometimes twice a day. I practice very good hygiene"
The nurse chuckled to herself
"That's not what I'm talking about" the nurse said affectionately, and she ruffled Mary's thick bush. "You just need a shave"
"You're supposed to shave that?" Mary said, confused.
"Look down the line dear" the nurse said.
Mary stepped out and looked at her peers. About a two thirds of them were shaved completely bald. Of the one third that still had pubic hair, most of them trimmed it or shaved the bikini line. No one had a wild bush.

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"Body hair on women is not attractive, and is unhygienic. " the nurse told her. "Lift up your arms"
Mary complied, and revealed a thick layer of black stubble.
"Mary, you have not been properly educated in the art of shaving. It is no fault of yours, but of those who raised you. Perhaps one of your peers can teach you proper shaving technique. The next time I see you, I will expect you to have removed your pubic hair. Go back to your place in line. "

The nurse then selected another girl from the line.
"Summer Lain?" she asked.
"Yes ma'am" she said confidently.
"Come before the rest of the students"
The nurse stood summer in front of the line of girls. Summer was a tall, graceful blonde girl, she was thin and smooth. Her blue eyes and pert breasts had extreme energy to them. However, Summer's crown jewel was her pussy, It was shaved smooth.

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   She had large outer labia, but they were tall rather than puffy. They almost completely obscured her inner labia, which were small and pink, and teased out of her muff seductively.
"This is the type of shave job I expect on all girls attending this school" The nurse said.

With the shaving policy explained, the nurse handed out birth control. "The students in this school are all free of sexually transmitted diseases" the nurse explained "and this should minimize the risk of pregnancy. This will leave you free to explore your urges without the need for other contraceptive methods. Dismissed, and enjoy yourselves" the nurse said.

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