I broke from the kiss and pushed her to her knees.   My body blocked the water from the shower head as she dropped to the tile floor.   She pushed forward trying to reach my cock but I held her back with a hand on top of her head.


The stream hit her in middle of her chest.   I lifted my hand from her head and she looked down to watch my piss run between her breasts.   Her finger traced the flow down to where it dribbled between her legs.   She rubbed her pussy lips mixing her juices with my urine.


I pushed her head back and stepped closer.   I felt my cock stiffening in my hand as I raised it slowly and watched the piss move up her chest and neck.   She smiled up at me as she felt the warm stream moved upward.   I slid my hand down the side of her face and used my thumb to force her mouth open.   I aimed my cock directly at her face and the warm fluid splashed on her chin.   Some went into her mouth and the rest ran down her cheeks and neck.   I watched her throat convulse as she swallowed the liquid pooling in he mouth.



The stream reduced to a trickle and I pushed the head into her mouth.   She sucked out the last droplets as I pushed my swelling head deeper.

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    My cock became fully erect and she wrapped her hand around the base to keep me from choking her.   With my hand on the back of her head I thrust into her mouth while she used her hand and mouth in unison.


The frequency of my strokes increased as I felt the familiar tingle.   At the last minute I pushed her head back and pulled my cock from her mouth.   She continued to stroke as the first rope of cum shot across her lips and left cheek.   She stopped stroking and squeezed as she aimed directly for her mouth.   Nearly all of the second shot wen into her mouth with a small remainder lying across her bottom lip.


She moved her lips forward to suck the last bit of cum from the head of my cock.   My legs were weak and I leaned forward to brace my hands against the wall.   Releasing my cock she stood and moved around me to wash the cum and piss from her face and body.