Rainy Day 3


More of my life with a mommy and her young daughter


Gina walked naked into Anna’s room just after I had taken my sweet new princess’s cherry. Stepping over to the bed, she ran her hand slowly along Anna’s back and sexy but sweaty bottom. Anna almost purred as she felt her mother’s touch.             “I can see that someone’s been having fun. ” Gina said, “But I do think there is still room in this bed. ”            With that, she climbed onto the bed beside Anna, leaning down to kiss her neck.             “Do you mind sharing, Daddy?” she asked, “Watching you two was too exciting to pass up. ”            Gina’s hand slid over her daughter’s body and slipped between her thighs which opened at Gina’s touch. Soft fingers probed Anna’s oozing pussy and then brought the nectar and cum to the lips of a loving mother.             “You taste good together. ” Gina said, pressing her wet fingers to Anna’s lips.             “Daddy says you taste good, too, Mommy. ”            Anna turned towards her mom and reached her small hand between her mom’s legs. Gina’s pussy was already dripping with anticipation from watching the show we had put on moments ago. Anna slipped two fingers into Gina’s hot hole and then tasted the honey from her fingertips.             “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Mommy.

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  ”            My cock was rock hard again watching the two beautiful girls exploring each other  and I leaned across to suckle one of Gina’s nipples as Anna slid her fingers again into Gina’s pussy. Anna tasted her mom’s juices from her fingers again and then began to move a bit down the bed and between Gina’s legs.   She spread her mom’s wet labia and tentatively probed at the engorged clit.             “Yessssss, right there, baby. ” Gina cooed.             Anna began to lap at Gina’s clit like a kitten with milk and Gina’s hips rocked and bucked at her daughter’s tongue action.             I slipped off the bed and stepped behind Anna, whose position on her knees between Gina’s thighs was just too tempting. Anna wiggled her fine round ass as I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her still oozing opening. I grabbed her hips and with one thrust, I plunged my meat inside her again. Anna’s ass rose to meet my thrusts as her pussy clinched my cock in its slick velvet grip. Despite the distraction of my pounding member, Anna licked at Gina’s clit in a steady rhythm and Gina’s body was quaking with climax after climax.   I rammed deep inside Anna in hard fast thrusts and suddenly could not hold off any longer.   As I felt Anna’s muscles clamp on my cock in orgasm, I exploded deep in her womb again. One last thrust and I held it deep inside, my cock throbbing and twitching inside as more and more of my seed filled her.             Anna fell forward onto her mom’s tummy, spent from the actions both ways.

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   As she moved forward, my cock popped out of her tight twat and stood still at attention, cum and little girl juices dripping down its length.             Gina raised her head from the bed and looked at my meat and then to my eyes.             “That looks delicious, Daddy. May I ?”            Anna lifted her head and smiled naughtily.             “Me too, Daddy, please. ”            The two princesses say up and pulled me back onto the bed on my back.   Anna’s small hand grasped my hot shaft and Gina leaned in to tickle the swollen helmet with her tongue.   Anna’s tongue soon joined in, sliding up the length of my cock and lapping at the tip with her mother.               “Like this, “Gina said, opening her mouth to engulf my meat. Her lips took in my entire length and then let it slide back out. As her mothers mouth let go of my cock, Anna’s mouth took over. She wrapped the head with her lips and then tried to swallow my pole as she had been shown. She gagged with it halfway in but then tried again, getting most of it in her young mouth. Gina caressed my balls as her daughter’s head bobbed up and down over my groin. My hand went to the back of Anna’s head and I began to thrust upward into her mouth.

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   At first surprised, she quickly relaxed and kneaded my member with her lips as I fucked her throat.             Gina watched her daughter and watched my face and soon could see how close Anna was getting to making me erupt like a cum volcano.             “That’s it, girl.   Suck it til it’s dry. ” She egged Anna on.             My cock let loose and my cum went flowing down Anna’s throat. She kept sucking like a veteran and soon drained me of every drop. I fell exhausted onto the pillows. My two princesses curled up with me and we all fell fast asleep.             We sold my house and left the lease on Gina’s and my sweet princesses and I found a quiet house in the country. Gina is now expecting again.             I hope it’s a girl.