Hymen Snap (Chapter Three)


I woke early on the day of my second encounter with Becca and had a long shower. Whilst I was in there I used some shower gel to lube up my cock and wanked myself off. I usually neither lube up when I wank nor wank in the shower, but that morning it just felt right.

I run a mail order vintage wine business so I work from home bar some consultation with distributors. As a result I spent all day waiting for three o'clock to come, getting more and more horny. I Googled '11 year old girls', but didn't find anything worth while. I then Googled 'Jailbait' and found some great pictures, but nothing that reminded me of my pint sized princess. Finally I looked up 'family nudism' and here I saw some girls, probably around Becca's age, completely naked. I cummed all over my keyboard after I had zoomed in on their tiny cunts and imagined it was Becca's head on top rather than the buck toothed juvenile.

The footpath was a ten minute drive away so I prepared to leave at 2 o'clock, in order to be significantly early. I decided I would take a backpack with me because there were several things I wanted to take in order to facilitate the process of seducing Becca. I decided to take a whole pack of condoms. If I did end up having sex with her I wanted to be prepared, especially as she would probably be aware of the existence of contraception and unwilling if I didn't use it. Plus a pregnant 11 year old is on no one's Christmas list.

In addition to this I thought I would take with me some toys to make the encounter more fun. I have a fine collection of adult sex toys and I decided to take all the ones that might come in useful.

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   To start with I packed a 7 inch ribbed vibrator which has a slender shaft and which I thought would fit nicely in her, at least for a couple of inches. Then I packed a remote controlled vibrating love egg which had given every girl who'd used it an amazing orgasm. Last of the vibrators I packed a rabbit vibrator which, even if she could only take a couple of inches, would provide proper stimulation.

Perversely I also packed a 10. 5 inch black, realistic dildo which in some corner of my mind I saw myself ramming into her amidst a flow of blood and cum. I then added some handcuffs and a ball gag, not, I told myself, to rape her with but to aid my fantasy. Finally I added several tubes of lube out of fear that once I tried she would not be wet enough to enter. At the last moment I added a whip and some anal beads, just in case, I told myself.

Once I had arrived and parked my car I set off down to the place where we had met the previous day. I sat down and looked up and down the road. No one was nearby. Slowly I removed my cock from my trousers and started stroking it, but when a female jogger came past I popped it away: I didn't want anything jeopardising my time with Becca.

It was five past three when I saw her. I left my cock on the outside of my boxer shorts but pulled up my trousers and did up my flies. I sat on a stump and waited for her to come along.

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   I could see that she had heeded my suggestion and put the dog on the lead, hopefully she would remember me. Internally I told myself not to be too eager or forceful, but I was too excited to take any notice of that voice.

'Hi Becca!' I said as she approached and whilst she didn't look too excited, she also seemed to know who I was.

'Hi. ' She said, somewhat nervously.

'I see you took up my advice and put the dog on a lead' I told her whilst moving over a little bit to make way for her. I was some way back from the road and she wasn't too close to me.

'Yer, I thought it was sensible. Don't want an accident. ' Was she remembering the sight of my cock falling pathetically from my pants?

'Good idea' I said, 'Why not take a break? Come and sit with me' I motioned to the dead branch next to me that I was sitting quite comfortably on. 'Don't worry'. She didn't seem to be particularly worried but tied the dog to a nearby tree and came over and sat down. By this point my pulse was racing and I felt like I was in serious jeopardy of accidentally firing early before I'd even got a chance to start working my magic.

'Do you like me?' I asked Becca. She nodded slightly.

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   'That's good' I said, 'Because I really like you. ' I placed one of my hands on her knee and whilst I felt her flinch she didn't pull me away. 'You don't have a boyfriend do you?' She scrunched up her face in cute revulsion and said 'No. ' I looked into her big blue eyes and rubbed her knee gently. With my free hand I lent across and brushed her blonde hair out of her face. 'Becca, do you mind if I feel your body?'

I think that the sexual implication of this question escaped her for she simply nodded and drove me to the point of almost irreparable horniness.

Slowly I moved my hands up to her waist and held her there. Then, gently, I moved them upwards and felt the developing lumps of her breasts. She had obviously graduated to a training bra as I could feel no nipples, but I didn't want to push my luck by delving underneath her shirt before I could be sure of her consent. One hand moved back down over her supple breasts, squeezing them tightly but not painfully, and making its way to her crotch. The other hand moved north towards her delicate, childlike face.

I held her face in the palm of my hand whilst my other hand pushed hard at the place where I knew her fabled cunt would be. The thumb of my hand at the face began to part her perfect, pink lips and run itself against the beautiful jumble of milk and adult teeth. I urged her to open up and she did so, allowing my thumb to enter her mouth and intuitively beginning to suck on it. Slowly my other hand began to rub her crotch until, suddenly, she broke away.

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'I need to go home. Mum will wonder if I'm late. ' She stood up and I almost dragged her back down, onto me. But slowly I too rose to my feet and stood in front of her.

'Can you come earlier tomorrow?' I said and she nodded, 'Good. I want more time with you. ' I leant forward and pulled her into a tight embrace. I could not resist smelling her hair and neck and my free hands began to grope at that tiny ass. I pulled her so close that I was sure she could feel my rock hard member between us, pressing against her stomach.

And then I let go. She untied her dog and sauntered off with the care free ease that only children posses.

The next day I would return and I was determined that at least one item in my bag of tricks would get used. As it was to happen, the real fun was only just starting.

More to come, leave comments if you appreciate or want to suggest ideas!.
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