The Time Shifter Chapter 36


The next morning, we showered together and went to breakfast atDenny's (yes, they have Denny's in Japan, too) before he left. Inthe early afternoon, I assembled the equipment I was going to taketo the audition, which included my Strat, my Marshall combo amp(which was more than loud enough for a small rehearsal room) andthree effects pedals (a digital delay, a phase shifter and anoverdrive unit). I dragged the lot over to the taxi stand at thetrain station and took one to the rehearsal studio I was supposed tomeet the rest of the band at. Mai was already there and when she sawme walking up with my stuff, she assumed I was the girl who wasgoing to audition for them. She did a double take because of myresemblance to Mari Hamada. "Moushikashite Aiko-san deshou (You areperhaps Aiko-san?" she said. "Hai (yes)," I affirmed. She took meover to their practice space and I hooked everything up and warmedup. Shortly thereafter, the rest of the group turned up. They werecomprised of Miki Goto, who was a classically trained pianist whobranched out into electronic keyboards, bassist Seri Kamayama, anddrummer Akemi Saijo.

They set their stuff up after Mai introduced me to them. When theywere done, Mai suddenly said, "play something for us. " This wasweird because I expected them to want to play with me from the getgo, but I decided to do Deep Purple's "Burn. " Miki jumped in with meas soon as she recognized the tune since Jon Lord was one of herfavorite keyboard players ever. They asked me if I knew "CrazyNights" by Loudness and we jammed together on that. I asked if theywanted to do "Beat of Meta Motion" by Vow Wow and we did a renditionof that.

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   Then I just started doing the opening tapping sequence ofVan Halen's "Hot for Teacher" They told me to wait a minute and theyhuddled in a corner of the room. I was in.

Unfortunately, there were problems. The drummer just wasn't up to standard. After everyone else had departed I hashed overthe possibility of bringing in a more aggressive and powerfulskinswoman from the U. S. Furthermore, they had never done a real gigbefore and they didn't even have a name for their group yet. We werealso going to need a second guitarist so that the rhythm partwouldn't lose body when I went to solo. Mai was a hell of a singer,though. She was a music education major in college and was 20. Mikiwas the oldest of us at 23 and was working on her MA in musicperformance while the rhythm section was held down by a couple of 19year olds.

Finding a second guitarist wasn't that difficult. At my suggestion,we just put up notices at a couple ESP academies (these are guitarschools run by the manufacturer of some of the best instruments inthe world) that said, "ladies band (which is what all female groupsare called in Japan) looking for second guitarist with advancedtechnical ability. Must play aggressively, be a hard working teamplayer and disciplined. " That soon got us 19 year old SatomiKuramoto, who was exactly what I wanted.

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   She could do Yngwie stuffno problem and she liked to show off her considerable skills.

At the rehearsal after we drafted Satomi in, we chose to call ourband Ominous Twilight. The drummer still just wasn't cutting it, soI put an ad in Music Connection in L. A. . "All female hard rock bandseeking hard hitting double bass style drummer. We are based mainlyout of Japan but will be operating within the U. S. , too, so you willneed to possess a passport. Must have tight meter, fast, punishinghands and be willing to work closely with the bassist to become anexplosive rhythm section. We will provide the drum kit when youaudition. You must be in good physical shape. No druggies, flakes orlosers! For touring reasons, you also cannot have any kind ofcriminal record as an adult!" I created a Hotmail address to havethe hopefuls respond to.

My involvement with the band was taking a bit of a toll on my workperformance since I spent a lot of my mental time devising ideas forsongs, lyrics and marketing us to audiences. I was still so smittenwith Tsutomu, though, that I was able to focus on just him when wewere together.

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   Tsutomu was a business major, which would come inhandy down the line. However, the more I worked with him, the harderit also became to keep my hands off of him. I mean, when you seeyour boyfriend, it is only natural to want to give him at least anoccasional kiss. On one occasion, I snuck him into the girlsbathroom and sucked him off. When I attempted to smuggle him backout one of the other girls saw us. "Hey you two! Knock that shitoff!" she said to us as she scurried down the hallway. Fortunately,she didn't report it to any of the higher ups, though probablybecause discussing it would be embarrassing for her more thananything else.

In order to conceal our relationship from his parents, he couldn'tbe sleeping over with me every weekend using the "going outdrinking" excuse. So on that day, we often went right from work tomy place, made love, and then he went home. On some Wednesdays, Iwould travel by train to his school, which was a bit of a schlep,and we would go to a love hotel while he was on a break betweenclasses to have sex. Of course, since we were still in the honeymoonstage of our relationship I was frustrated by not being able to bewith him intimately when I wanted. Sometimes, I would leave workafter whispering to him, "I want you inside me so bad right now" andfurtively grope his crotch before saying goodbye.

My job was also making it hard to schedule rehearsal time with theband. Yeah, we could get together three times a week, but we neededto do more than that. Also, the more time I put into the band themore conflicts it would create with when I would be able to seeTsutomu due to our work commitments as well as his college career.

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  At the end of April, I told my company I was going to resign. Imoved into a hotel room and now I could rehearse with the bandwhenever we needed to. We also began writing songs, many of themoriginated by our keyboard player. We had agonized over whatdirection we would take. None of them wanted to do thrash metal andI didn't really want to, either. The three of us who had bigtimechops wanted to do more than just dumb dumb four chord rock and sowe settled on a kind of neo-classical version of Led Zeppelin,basically. It would give us a fairly expansive palette to work with.

We also had to admit the role our looks were going to play in oursuccess. Again, at my suggestion, after every rehearsal, we headedto the gym to work out with a personal trainer I hired.

At the end of May, I went back to California and contacted thedrummers I was interested in. I rented a rehearsal studio in BuenaPark and had them come down to show me what they could do. Thebattle wasn't close. The only one who knocked my socks off was aBerklee graduate named Cindy Larson, who was a fan of Mike Portnoyand Mike Terrana. She was also just under six feet tall, a surferwith a killer toned body and blonde. Compared to the rest of us inthe band, since we were no taller than 5'5", she would seem like anAmazon.

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   She was a good  three inches taller than Tsutomu.

I took her back to my house and lectured her about how to handlebeing in Japan, including information about its criminal justicesystem and how to keep from doing anything that would embarrass theband. I also warned her that since we were going to Japan in July,when it would be hot and sticky, that she would have to be cognizantof staying hydrated, especially since the rehearsal spaces thereweren't air conditioned.

She was also a lesbian. I didn't know how the other band memberswould handle that, so I told her to keep that part of her biographyunder wraps for now. I also confessed to her about my ownbisexuality, which led to her flirting with me. We later went tobed. "God, I wish I had your breasts," she admired when she got agander at my C cups. She was an A cup, but I assured her that theywere cute while I sucked on them. Her trimmed bush was no impedimentfor my tongue, which traipsed all over vulva and wrestled with thehood of her clit while my fingers cleaved her pink slit. We ate eachother into a state of near delirium and topped it off with meholding on to one of her long legs while I ground my twat againsthers to a soul shivering orgasm.

Just for the sake of convenience, I had her move in with me. Sheknew about Tsutomu and therefore understood that I wasn't going tobe her girlfriend, but it was okay if she wanted to sleep with mewhen Tsutomu wasn't around.

By the end of June, I was ready for the return trip to Japan. Weleft on July 1st and installed ourselves at a hotel in centralTokyo.

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   The next morning, which was a Tuesday, I took Cindy on asmall tour of the city, showed her how to use the trains, etc. Shewanted to know how the surfing in Japan was and I had to disappointher by saying that the beaches are nowhere as nice there as they arein SoCal.

Wednesday, I accompanied her to her first rehearsal with the group. I'm glad I didn't have to be there when they told Akemi that she wasout of the band. The difference between Akemi and Cindy was apparentfrom the first few bars of a jam we initiated, which was over asimple II-V-I progression. The time was rock solid and the forcewith which she hit the drum heads was just this side of bonerattling. Not to mention the pulse she created with her powerfulfeet on the dual bass drums. The kit itself was brand new since Ibought it a few days before leaving Japan. I also acquired a coupleof Marshall stacks. In addition, I put together a powered pedalboard so that I wouldn't have to be reliant on just the batteriesinside my effects pedals.

I had rented that rehearsal space for the next year so we couldleave our equipment there, thus saving wear and tear on our backsand arms let alone on the gear. We continued to write songs and Icomposed, translated and edited all of the lyrics. We wanted to be aworldwide band and so they would all be in English. Thatnecessitated having Mai polish her pronunciation, too. She had loadsof power and was like a female Ian Gillan.

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   I imparted tips on how tocomport herself in front of a crowd, too, since she would be themost responsible for interacting with the audience as ourfrontwoman.

At the end of the month, the entire band packed up and came to myhome to spend their month long summer vacations from college withme. That would result in our rhythm section becoming very close.