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In Boca Diane tended to stay with the two 15 yr olds teaching them all about sex. Jessie and I were left to ourselves most of the time. The second day the girls came over Jessie asked Diane, "Why is it that Teresa does all you tell her to?" Diane looked at me and old her "Because she has to. " "She is your slave?" Jessie asked and the other gils came to us as we talked. "Well, a few years ago we put her under a hypnotic spell sort of and I hae the trigger words that makes her obey anything I say. " Diane said and smiled looking at me. "Wow, that is wild, wish I had her as my slave for a day or two. " Jessie said and Diane looked at me and said to her, "That can be arranged if you really mean it. " Jessie snuggled up to me and said, "Yeh, I mean it. " Diane came to me and whispered in my ear and I felt that feeling of being attachd but watching from outside everytime the command took over. I sat on the couch and Diane said, "Teresa, you will be Jessie's slave until 10 Am tomorrow, you will do anything she says and will do it as she says, is that clear?" Jessie looked at me and said, "Are you really my slave?" "yes I am" I heard myself say. She left and came back in with her bikini top (for a 32A) and gave it to me and said put it on. I did as she said and it did not cover my 42EEE tit nipples. She brought me one of my thongs and told me to put it on too and then she dressed and said, "Come on, to he beach for us. " I got up and she grabbed towels as we walked out the patio door past the pool and out to the beach. She had wrapped the towel around my waist and so my top was all but exposed.

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   "Let's just walk a while holding hands like lovers. " she said and I did. My tits swayed from lack of support and lots of people stared as we walked by. We stopped at a place that was semi open and she sid, "Take off the towel and stand her for everyone to see. " I did so and a few people moved closer with their blankets. She grabbed my hand and said, "Come on in the water, lets go. " and we ran and of course my tits came right out. A few cameras came out now and there were several taking pictures. We got in to waist deep so I was still showing and she grabbed me and we kissed and hugged and her hands untied the top as if it were really doing any good. Her arms were around me and we kissed a lot and I was geting hotter and she was now teasing my tongue with her tongue. There were 3 guys standin now watching us play and they were obviously hard in their suits. Jessie got out and brought a raft out and we moved out into the water a little. The three guys came in the water too and were now about 30 feet from us. We were kissing and playing a lot and finally Jessie got on the raft and spread her legs to hang off one on each side and said, "Eat me. " I moved and got in a good placeand did as she said and the guys were watching her move with my face between her legs.

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   She had a nie orgasm and then she sid, "Hey guys, got hard cocks?" and they all yelled back that they did. "Come on over here and Tess will take care of them for you. " she said and they came to us. We moved to the place that had water a little shallower and she said to one guy, "Get on the raft. " He did and she told me, "Suck him off really good. " He laid there and I pulled out a nice cock and began sucking him of. His hard cock was a good size and made me hotter. Soon he gave me a mouthfull and I swallowed it as my orgasm went into the water. "Next" Jessie said and another guy got on the raft and I sucked him off too. The third guy said, "I wanna fuck her. " Jessie said, "Okay, do her then under the water. " He pulled off his suit and my thong was now gone and drove into my pussy hard. I was trying o keep abover the water and he tunred me around to face him and my legs wrapped around his hips and he filled me with cock. Anyone wants her ass while he is doing that?" me little slave owner said and a guy did just that, He filled my ass with his cock and I was riding two in the water. They finished and said thatnks for the fuck lady.

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   They got out and now I had no suit and Jessie said, "Get the towel and lets see what else is happening. " We had just walked a little and a couple came to us and asked, "Is this your mother or something?" to her. "No, she is my slave, she does anything I say. " Really?" asked the woman. "Yes. " Jessie said. "What can she do for you two?" Jessie said and the man pulled out a nice hard cock and said, "Well, she can suck this to start. " Jessie said, "You heard him do it. " We stood in the middle of the beach and I was on my knees sucking him and soon he filled my throat. "Can you come back to our plance we have some guys that need taking care of?" the woman said and Jessie said we could and followed them to a bungolo on the beach. We went in and there were a bunch of guys al around a game on TV. The man went in and sid, "Got some real fun for you guys. " and he gave me to them. Then Jessie said, "What about me?" She got her suit off and told them she was a young 18 and soon was getting fucked by two of them. I was being fucked hard and deep and so many that all I knew was that I was having orgasm after orgasm.

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  Later we both got up and the woman gave me a wrap to put on and Jessie was kissing a guy that had just fucked her. We walked out and down the beach. Jessie saw a bar down a ways and said, "Well, next on the list, you still my slave?" Yes I am i told her. "Good, hope you are ready for some more fun. " I am ready for all that you tell me to do. " as I said this we got to the bar and went in. . . . more next time lovers. Teresa.