Underground Home Alone


Once again, Nick was home alone. Both his parents were at work, and his brother was out with friends. Nick, however, didn't have many friends, espescially of the female kind, and that really bugged him. He was sitting on the computer, playing games and looking at some porn, when an idea struck him. Because he was home alone, he could do whatever he wanted. He thought about it for a while, then stood up slowly, considering his options. He closed all the curtains in the house, and all the outside doors, so that no-one could see him, and turned the stereo off, so that he could hear if his parents or brother came him. The last thing he needed was for someone to catch him at it. He'd been masturbating regularly for a few years now, but only normal, mundane, lie-on-your-back-and-play sort of stuff. Making a decision, he pulled off his clothes, leaving them arranged in such a way that he could put them back on in 5 seconds flat if the need arose. He wandered around the house for a bit, completely naked. When his wanderings took him past a mirror, he paused to admire himself. While he wasn't the fitest or slimest guy around, he still thought he was quite okay. And not that he was gay, but his eyes kept roving down low, to his sort-of-small and very hard cock, and his largish but firm butt. Some rather interesting thoughts crossed his mind. He checked again that there was no risk of being interrupted, then crept into his parent's bedroom.

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   Looking around, he noted his parent's drawers, and suspected he might find the sort of clothes there that he was thinking of, and a big pile of unsorted clean washing. He suspected that if he was to take clothes from there, they would be easier to put back without his parents noticing. He checked his safety one last time, then he dug in the pile, finally pulling out one of his mom's bra's and a pair of panties. He examined them for a moment, espescially trying out how to fasten the bra. He thought about it for a moment, then picked up the panties. They were the really big sort that went up past his belly button. He slipped into them slowly. They were a bit too big for him, but still close enough to fit him comfortably. He looked down, seeing himself in his mother's clothes. He picked up the bra, and slipped into it, fastening it at the front then turning it around, like he'd seen in one of the pornos he'd watched. slipping his arms through the straps, he noticed that the cups were half-filled. He walked out of the room, to see himself in the mirror again. Not the most attractive thing he'd ever seen, but it still turned him on. He noticed his erection was starting to build. While his cock was only 5 inches long, when fully hard, and only a fraction of that when soft, it stood out rather obviously through the thin cotton fabric.

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   He thought about playing with it, he hadn't had an erection this good in a long time, but he decided that this was only going to get better, and he shouldn't waste time. Making his way back into his parent's bedroom, he looked through the pile of clothes again. He found one of his mother's skirts, with a purple floral design. Continuing looking through the pile, he found the matching shirt. Considering the gathered female clothing, he tried to think of what he was missing, when suddenly the idea hit him. He walked over to the set of drawers, he opened the top one, and was confronted with endless socks. He shut the drawer, and opened the next one. Aha, he thought, goldmine, as he was confronted with an entire draw full of panties, bras, and pantyhose. He pulled one of the tightly rolled tan balls from the drawer. He unrolled it, and considered the tan pantyhose for a moment. He bunched up the legs on them, and then, sitting on his parents plush bed, pulled them on over the panties. The feeling of the pantyhose against his legs was amazing, making them feel silky soft and extremely sensetive. He stroked his thigh for a moment, then picked up the skirt, slipping ito it, then into the shirt. He felt his erection building again, and it was getting unbearable. He looked into the clothes pile again, and pulled out a sock, wearing it like a condom under the panties to prevent any embarassing 'tell-tale' spills.


   Finally, he could contain himself no longer. He lay back on his mother's side of the bed, the slowly pulled the skirt up. He admired his legs for a moment, then slid the skirt down again, reaching his hand through the top of it, and through the top of the pantyhose and panties, taking firm hold of his cock. Although the tight pantyhose had been holding it almost perfectly flat, he still had enough room to play. He slid his hand up and down his shaft, with his fingers running lengthways along it, and pushed it slowly far enough that his knob was in the palm of his hand. (He'd been using this method since the start of his masturbatory 'career', when his cock was so small and short that he couldn't grip it around) He squeezed tightly on his knob, enjoying the slight pain it caused, then ran his hand down his cock, and stroked his balls lightly. Finally becoming sick of the restrictive pantyhose, he stood up, and walked to the nearest mirror. He slid them slowly, seductively, down his legs, and then stashed them in his room when they were off. He would have to roll them up later. He looked at himself in the mirror for a moment longer, then slid the skirt up, and the front of the panties down. He slipped his cock out, and, removing the sock, held it in the familiar fist-grip. he began pumping his hand up and down, feeling one of the most amazing orgasms of his life start to build. Grabbing the sock right at the last minute, he let fly the biggest load of cum he ever had into the sock. After it subsided, he looked around, and grateful that he hadn't been caught, slipped out of the skirt and shirt, stuffing them back inside the pile of clothes. He stood there, in his mother's underwear, with his slowly shrinking cock hanging out the front of the panties, and looked in the mirror again.

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   His cock rehardened, then and there. Slipping out of the panties, and carefully unclipping the bra, he wondered what to do with them. Becoming more bold than usual, perhapds due to his renewed erection, he hid the underwear in his bedroom cupboard, along with the still unrolled pantyhose. He walked back into his parent's bedroom, his cock waggling from side to side and hitting him in the legs as he walked. Looking around the room, he decided to look in the drawers again. Starting at the bottom this time, he immediately his the jackpot. Lying there infront of him was a one-peice women's bathing suit, his mother's. He pulled it out, and looked it over. It was a sedate blue affair, completely covering at the front, though it dropped down low at the back. Getting the happy little sock back, and wearing it again, he slipped into the bathing suit, and admired himself in the mirror. Again he thought that even though he's not gay, his butt looked incredible in this, and wished that he had a camera. He slipped out of the bathing suit again, replacing it in the drawer exactly as it had been. He walked into the bathroom, and surveyed himself in the mirror again. He was quickly reconsidering his rigid non-gay status. He turned, and admired himself in the mirror.

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   Suddenly, he noticed that his hands had been pulling his buttcheeks apart, as if driven by some subconsious urge. He decided to give it a try, if only to get it out of his system. He picked up a bar of soap, and made his right thumb extra extra slippery. Moving his hand down slowly, and slid his soapy thumb into his anus, slowly. His eyes widened, surprised by a slight initial pain, then a naughty little smile found its way onto his face. Moving his thumb in and out, he found his erection building again. He grabbed hold of it with his left hand, while keeping his right hand busy behind. Moving his hands in sync, he imagined that he was going up inside himself. In no time at all, he ejectulated again, filling the bathroom sink with hot cum, and also covering his hand. He pondered for a while, then licked his hand experimentally, and found he rather enjoyed the taste, at first. He rinsed his hand, and got rid of the cum in the sink, then slowly removed his thumb from inside him, and cleaned the soap and crap from it. All of a sudden, he heard the front door being unlocked. He ran back into his bedroom, getting dressed quickly and pausing so he wouldn't look so flustered from his recent exertions. He smiled as his brother walked in the front door, and made his way back to the computer. The greatest session of his life, and they were none the wiser.

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