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I was horny as hell. I had watched a little porn. I had a hard throbbing cock but I couldnt jerk off cuz my family was all around. I grabbed my bottle of lube and went in search for a safe place. I went down stairs and saw that no one was there. I went into the kitchen, but I couldnt do it there because anyone could come in at any time. I looked out my window and saw my backyard. I opened the door and walked out. I always liked alittle thrill and the thought of being caught. I was still rubbing my cock to keep my hard on. I went to the side of my house, there were no window there. But there was the neighbors window right in front of me. It was hot outside and the sun was at the very beginning of setting. I dropped my pants and my cock flew out.  I started to rub my growing 6 incher. Moaning every stroke.

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   I got the lube bottle out of my pocket and lubed up my cock. It was all slippery from the lube and sweat. I was rubbing harder and harder, moaning loader and loader. I took of my shirt and was completely naked. My faded six pack was showing and there was sweat running down my body.  I tugged on my balls and rubbed only the tip of my cock. I felt like i was ready to explode. With a few more pumps and a couple more moans i exploded. My warm jizz went every were. The grass, the trees near by, on my faded six pack. (it had been 3 weeks since i last jerked off, i had alot of cum to shoot) After I was done pumping the last of my jizz I sat down exhausted. I was panting. I looking front of me and there was the mom from the next house over. I could tell she was impressed but quickely walked away. The next day the phone rang and the caller id was from my neighbor.

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