Spanish teachers are the best


It was 4 pm and I was at Dupont catholic highschool for yet another detention. The Spanish teacher kept me for the third detention this week. I will admit detention wasn’t a total waste of time since the teacher was pretty hot. Being 27, she had the most shapely ass I’d ever seen. I’d spent many hours dropping pencils, erasers, or anything I could find just for the chance to see up her skirt. Her best assets however were her small, yet perfectly round, perky tits. Sometimes her nipples would show slightly through her blouse, which would make me want to fuck her right on the spot.
Although she was curvier than most Spanish women, she was totally fuckable in my eyes. I could’ve sat and dreamt about her luscious body all day but I needed a cigarette, so I asked to be excused. When I got to the washroom, I went into the stall and sat down. As I day dreamed about screwing my Spanish teacher right up the ass, bent over my desk with everyone watching, my cock became instantly very hard and I reached my full length of 5 and half inches. As I sat trying to take my mind off her perky tits and tight ass I thought to myself
"I knew I should have jacked off this morning. "
But I knew myself well enough to know the only way of getting rid of my Miss Alvarez fantasy was to jerk off. Since I couldn’t go back to class with a hard-on I decided to do the deed quickly. I pulled out my full hard cock, and I started to rub and fondle my balls until the point where I was ready to fuck anything that walked. I closed my eyes and imagined Miss Alvarez begging me to eat her out.

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   I heard the door open but thought nothing of it since I was being quiet. I continued my slow rhythmic motions as I heard the door opening again. For a split second I thought what if that person saw me through the door crack. I worried for a moment, but hurriedly decided to get back to the task on hand.
I slowly stroked my cock for what felt like an eternity. I could feel my balls wanting to explode with the passion and ecstacy I’d felt so many times before. I continued fantasizing about my teacher as I stroked circles around the head of my fully erect cock. I felt my load beginning to bubble inside me when I suddenly heard moaning outside the stall door. I quickly zipped up and rushed the door open only to see a sight from the heavens. There she was, the woman of my dreams, Miss Alvarez, spread eagle, feet on the sinks, pussy in the air, masturbating. Instantly I felt my cock grow even more. There was no hiding my erection from her, not like it mattered judging on her position. My cock was huge.
"Miss Alvarez!" I managed to choke out from the bottom of my throat. "What are you doing!?"
"I caught a peek of you through the door," she replied in her sexy Spanish tone "I thought you might like it if I join in on the fun.

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I felt my cheeks go beet red. Somehow the thought of her catching me in my most private of moments made me long for that sweet Spanish pussy even more.
"Sit down in that stall again or it’s another detention for you" she said as she slowly fingered her beautiful pink pussy, which I could now see was totally soaked with her juices.
I obeyed the teacher and sat again in the stall. I pulled out my still erect cock and shivering from the pure excitement of the situation at hand. My hands were freezing cold and I let out a small moan as they made contact with my cock. I began to stroke my cock again, watching her finger her sweet hole. She rolled her head back as her tempo increased. She inserted a finger into her pussy as she licked her lips and stared straight at me.
Miss Alvarez undid her blouse and exposed to me her perfect tits. Her beautiful nipples were erect and ready to be sucked. I felt my body continue shivering and I increased my tempo. She rolled her head back again and jammed one more finger into her pussy. She started to moan as I watched her juices flow down her fingers.
"Fuck me like a good little schoolboy!" she screamed in total ecstacy.

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I couldn’t take it any more. My cock exploded into the biggest orgasm I’d ever had. I felt my thick cream spurt all over myself as I stroked faster and faster. My whole body was trembling as I felt myself contract to squeeze out the last few drops of cum I had left inside me.
Miss Alvarez got up, totally naked and came over to me, she got on her knees and cleaned off my cock of all the cum. As I went to get up she said
"Aren’t you going to return the favor?"
I got on my knees and cleaned her sweet pussy of all the juices. When she stood up, we got dressed and she said
"So, detention next Wednesday ?"
She smiled at me and walked away.