My Red Haired Goddess: Pt. 1


My Red Haired Goddess: Pt. 1<!--[if It was December, a few days before New Year’s Eve. I had spent the entire week resisting masturbation for her. Though she lived in Ohio, and I in Texas, I was more than ready to have sex with her and only her. We had met in a chat room four months earlier and while I wasn’t ready to truly commit completely (I. E. “pop the question”) I knew that this woman was someone I could spend the rest of my life with.
            She was the first person who could drive me to have multiple orgasms, and this was simply over the phone. And we had both gotten to the point that we could barely even get hot without each other. It was going to be a week of bliss for me, and I prayed that I didn’t fuck it up. She was going to come down just to see me, and I knew that almost half of the week would be taken up, just acting out everything we had typed on the computer and said to each other over the phone.
<!--[if I woke up early that morning to run around the house and make sure everything was clean, if not immaculate. She knew that I was a messy person, but I wanted to show her that I would go to good lengths just for her. I smiled and picked up the box that held her Christmas present in it. She had told me many times that all I had to do was put a bow on myself or my cock and she’d have already had the greatest Christmas present I could get her, but I knew that I wanted to get her something special. Something she could show her friends to let them know that not only did I exist, but also I did love her (I don’t think the vibrator I got her for her birthday a couple months before would be good for that).

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   I sat on the couch and listened to some Christmas music, waiting for her to call and let me know that she was on her way. I had dozed off and begun to dream of her and I making love in many different positions when the call came, “Hello?” I asked.
            “Jason?” came the voice from the other end.
            My heart nearly leapt out of my throat when she said my name, “Anne, hi! You almost ready to come down here?”
            “Meh, my dad’s being an ass. Asking me things like ‘where are you going to stay,’ and ‘you’re going to use protection, right. ’ But yeah, I’m pretty much ready. ”
            I chuckled and sighed, yawning slightly. “oh are you tired?” she asked me, “I can let you go and you can get some sleep before coming to get me. ”
            I growled low into the phone, “no, I’m fine. I was just dozing off and dreaming of us again. ”
            I could almost feel the smile on the other end, “Oh? Do tell. ”
            “Hm, well it was about midday and we were in bed still, right?”
            “Right. ”
            “I had just woken up a little and was curled around you, with you facing away from me. I softly kissed your neck and started to rub your stomach. ”
            I paused for a moment, smiling to myself as the memory of the dream became vivid.

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   I could hear her starting to breath heavy on the other side of the phone. “You woke up just a little and smiled at my touch as I slid my hand down your stomach to your underwear and rubbed your pussy over the soft fabric. ”
            “hot,” she said.
            “I began to rub harder and harder and your breathing became heavier, I moved your underwear to the side and slid a finger into your pussy, keeping my thumb on your clit. I probed inside of you until I felt you tense up from hitting your g-spot, then rubbed it lightly. You began to grind against my hand, pushing my thumb into your clit harder and harder. ”
            She moaned into the phone, and I wanted to bring out my own cock and start rubbing myself, but had made a promise to myself that I’d wait for her to come down here. “Soon you began to just fuck my hand and I leaned over you and kissed you deep and hard, rubbing my tongue against yours and using my other hand to play with and massage your breasts, rubbing your hard nipples with my fingertips. ”
            She moaned again then whispered into my ear “bring it out, I want to hear you. ”
            “I-I promised myself…”
            “I don’t fucking care what you promised yourself, I want you to bring it out and jack off over the phone or I’m not coming down there. ”
            I slowly brought my seven and a half inch penis out of my pajama pants and began to stroke the bottom of it with my thumb and index finger. At my mere touch it sprang to full attention and my breathing began to quicken. “What else happened?” she asked me.
            “I kissed down your neck and chest, lifting up your shirt and pulling it off your body, then began to suck on your nipples. ”
            Her breathing quickened as well and she began to moan into my ear, which turned me on more.

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   I reached over the arm of the couch and brought out my baby oil gel that I used as lubrication and clicked it open. She gasped and chuckled into the phone, “I heard your lube again. ”
            I poured a small amount onto my fingertips and spread it over the bottom of my cock, then wrapped my hand around it and began to slowly, but firmly, stroke it. My breathing intensified as I could feel that I was already close to cumming. “What else did we do?” she whispered into my ear, her voice shaking.
            “I would pick up the pace with my fingers and you would grind harder into my hand to match, until…until…”
            I heard her breath get even quicker over the phone and she began to moan and whimper a little, “I love you. ” I whispered.
            Her moans became louder and I could no longer hold it back. I grunted and twitched as I came. Long, thick streams of white semen shooting out of my cock and landing on the floor. “I love you too,” she whispered into my ear, and my orgasm intensified tenfold.
            As we both came off of our orgasms we chuckled and breathed heavily into the phone. “God that was good. ”
            “Yeah, it was. ”
            “Damn you’re good at this.

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            “I know. ”
            I looked at the clock and sighed, “when do you leave?”
            “I should leave in about five minutes. ”
            “Alright, I love you. ”
            “I love you too…. oooh, chills. ”
            I confirmed the airline and flight number with her, making sure that she and I were as synchronized as we could be. A few minutes later she said that she had to go and would see me in a few hours. With much reluctance, I let her go, excited that I would see her before the end of that day and we would spend the next week living out our fantasies with one another.
            After listening to the dial tone on the phone for a couple more seconds, I sighed and hung it up, then leaned over and set the alarm for a couple of hours later and fell back asleep, dreaming of more things to do with my red haired goddess.
<!--[if Chapter One.