Shelly was sure the others were asleep by now.   It had been at least 20 minutes since she heard a sound from anyone except their soft breathing.   Mike, beside her, was definitely out. He’d had quite a bit to drink, and after 3 years of marriage she knew the rhythm and sound of his breathing when he was asleep.
Shelly was enjoying the camping holiday with Brent and Debbie, but sleeping with another couple in the holiday trailer certainly put a cramp in one’s ‘marital privacy’.   Two or three days wouldn’t have been too bad, but now after 6 nights without any sex, she was almost going out of her mind. Shelly loved sex and wanted - needed, it every day. To top things off, her passion was certainly not abated by seeing Brent every day.   “Debbie was a lucky girl”, Shelly considered. She couldn’t help but imagine what Brent was like in bed. Earlier today, it was all Shelly could do to not stare at Brent in his Speedo.   She did secret a few quick glances at his substantial package and was rewarded with a warmth in her pussy that had been nagging her since.
‘Yes’, she thought, ‘I’d love to have a sampling of that right about now…mmhhmmm’, a light shiver ran over her at the thought.  
She was certainly not going to be able to sleep tonight unless she was liberated from the passion she was almost past controlling.
She considered waking Mike, then decided against it.   Were she able to convince Mike to make her cum, she was so horny she knew she wouldn’t be able to control her fervor, and would be way too loud in the little camper.

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   She decided she would have to solve this little dilemma herself.   She felt that she could maintain some control that way and would hopefully not make much noise – although she was almost past the point of caring about now.
It was pretty warm at this time of year, because of that Shelly had worn only a light nighty over her panties tonight. The nighty was light cotton, and covered her to mid thigh.   Shelly was laying on her side and peered through the subtle light in the camper. She looked over at Brent and Debbie’s bed to ensure they were asleep.   Brent was closest and turned away from her. Seeing only the gentle rise and fall of the covers from their breathing, she felt a certain amount of confidence as she slid her hand under the covers of her bed.
Slowly Shelly moved her hand along her outer thigh to the hem of her nighty.   Gently and quietly Shelly took the hem of her night gown and slid it up over her hip.   Her ears piqued to any sound of stirring from Brent and Debbie, she silently raised her hip off of the bed to slip the right side of her nighty up to her waist.   She felt naughty and extremely horny as she slid her hand down to her panties.   It reminded her of when she first discovered the joy of fingering her pussy when she was thirteen. She had been in the same room as her older sister.   Shelly had made herself cum countless times with Jenny sleeping quietly only 10 feet away.

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Slowly she slid her hand under the waistband of her panties as she gently brought her knees apart.   Raising her knee high she tucked her left foot behind her right knee as her fingers slipped through the light hair of her pussy.   She continued to keep a cautious eye on Brent and behind him Debbie, as her fingers sought out the throbbing itch of her pussy.
An unintentional moan escaped her as Shelly’s fingers finally touched her wet clit.   She was absolutely soaked and as she slowly circled two fingers over it she could hear the slurping sounds of her juices under her fingers.   Reflexively she thrust her pussy forward against her fingers her eyes closed in pleasure. She slid her hand further into her panties - as the bottoms of two fingers and then the top of her palm slipped wetly over her clit she sunk two fingers as deep as she could into her itching slit.
She was having extreme difficulty remaining quiet as she stroked herself, her fingers soaking wet with her own juices.   The pleasure was incredible as she massaged her clit with her palm and wiggled her fingers inside her musky wet canal.   She found herself starting to gently hump her pussy against her own manipulations and had to make a conscious effort to settle herself down.  
Slipping her fingers out of her needy slit, she slid one finger along her lips up to her clit and back down again, with only the tip of her finger between her salivating pussy lips.   Her panties were now a hindrance to her and she determined she had to have them off.  
She opened her eyes to once again survey Brent and Debbie’s sleep.   She saw that there was no change in their position and then noticed that she could see almost clearly in the camper now.   The full moon had come out from behind a cloud showering   their little camper in a soft glow.

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Since everyone was clearly asleep, Shelly boldly rolled to her back and raised her hips. Hooking both thumbs in the waistband, she slid her panties down over her bum. Bringing her knees forward she slipped the panties off –just as she heard a stirring in Brent and Debbie’s bed.   Shelly froze and listened closely.   Someone was turning over.   She slowly lowered her feet to the bed then layed very still, as whoever was moving settled.
If she wasn’t so horny she might have decided that it would be too reckless to continue, but she was very aroused and determined to cum – tonight.   Shelly layed still for what seemed an eternity, then feigning sleep sounds, turned her head to take a cautious look at Brent and Debbie.   She saw in the soft light that Brent had turned toward her now and was breathing quietly, still asleep.   Now, out of her panties, she felt a freedom that was erotic and naughty as she quietly slipped her damn underwear under her pillow.
Mike, pretty much passed out beside her, was not a big threat to wake up, but with Brent stirring the threat of being caught added excitement to her already overly excited passion.
Her knees were still drawn up and as she slipped her hands down her tummy her knees instinctively separated.   Her hands with a mind of their own continued down her body drawn by the needs of her pussy.   Again soft wet sounds could just barely be heard as she slipped one and then two fingers into her eager pussy.   She slowly and deliberately massaged her desperate pussy.

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   She played slowly to both remain as quiet as possible, and to maintain this sensation for as long as she could stand.   She was so horny she could make herself cum quickly if she tried, but she was loving the feeling too much to have it go away.
Gently she rolled her fingers around inside her pussy as she massaged her clit with three fingers of the other hand.   She couldn’t prevent the soft moans of pleasure from escaping her, and tried her best to make them sound like sleep noises.   She was trying to keep as still and quiet as possible but her passion was becoming stronger, and she was loosing what little inhibition she had left.  
She was now uncontrollably thrusting lightly against her hand as her fingers fucked her pussy with increased vigor.   ‘Mmhmm’ quietly sounded in her throat.   The camper was starting to rock slightly and Shelly almost didn’t care.  
She was enjoying this too much to make it end so soon – she wanted to cum, but wanted more to maintain the pleasure.   Slowing her pace she slid her fingers out of her drenched pussy and slid them up and down her wet lips. The camper was rocking too much now - she mustered all her control and slowed - then stopped her movements. She again piqued her ears to hear if there was any sign of others being awake.
The camper still continued to rock slightly though, even after she consciously stopped thrusting against her hand.   She stopped moving completely and there was still a slight movement of the camper.
Opening her eyes slowly Shelly’s senses were alert as she looked, felt and listened in the camper.

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     She could hear a slight noise from Brent and Debbie’s side of the camper.   As she turned her head slowly to look, the noise stopped and she could feel the camper stop its gentle sway.    She could see quite well in the soft light and Brent was still lying facing her, she could see well enough to tell his eyes were closed, but she could see by his breathing that he was not asleep.   He was not breathing gently and easily as sleeping people do, rather his breathing was rapid and more intense.   Shelly grinned to herself as she guessed what was happening.
Turning quietly toward Brent she discretely slipped out from under the blanket as she spread her knees. Again slipping her hand down to her pussy she slipped a finger inside and wiggled it quickly.   Soft sucking sounds were plainly heard now not muffled by the blanket.   Brent’s eyes opened then widened as Shelly’s fingers and pussy were plainly visible only a few feet away.   Brent smiled and slowly slipped his blanket back exposing his obviously fully erect cock.   Her suspicions were correct, Brent’s hard cock was evidence to the fact that he had heard Shelly’s play and had started to masturbate as well.   His cock was gorgeous. It was quite long and very thick.   As he started to stroke it, his fingers barely reached around it.   Shelly relished the view of her husband’s handsome friend stroking his huge cock only 6 feet away.

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The sight of Brent’s rock hard cock leaking pre-cum was hugely erotic to Shelly and she again buried two fingers deep inside her wetness. She stroked her fingers in and out in rhythm to Brent’s long stroking of his rigid cock.   They tried to maintain control of themselves lest they wake their spouses as they continued to masturbate for their and each other’s pleasure.  
Shelly was getting too, too horny now and was bucking harder and harder against her hand.   She ground her clit against the heel of her hand as she rode hard on her fingers reaching deep inside her wet slit.   Moans were coming more and more quickly from her as she fucked her pussy mesmerized by Brent’s stroking of his cock in front of her.   Brent’s stroking grew in time to her own play could tell that he too was close to orgasm. She wanted to see his cum, wanted to taste it.   She felt very mischievous, naughty and horny as she ached to cum and watch Brent cum too.
Shelly had her legs wide open and her fingers buried deep inside herself.   She was fucking herself forcefully now, too excited to be restrained - both she and Brent were on the verge.  
She could feel the passion welling up inside her, and knew she was past the point of no return.   Suddenly Brent tensed up, his hand stopped stroking his gorgeous cock, his eyes were squeezed tight as his whole body stiffened.   A stifled moan escaped Brent as Shelly saw his cock twitch then sprays of cum erupted from Brent’s hard cock.   Stream after stream of hot semen jumped from his stiff penis, landing on Brent’s stomach, his chest, his arm, the bed – it gushed uncontrolled from his hard cock as he lay taut in pleasure.

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     It was all Shelly could take – as Brent lay across from her, his cock erupting cum - a great rush of pleasure came over her - she bucked hard against her hand and felt the wash of orgasm roll over her.   She reflexively plunged two fingers inside her and held her hand tight to her pussy.   Rocking the heel of her hand against her clit she bucked hard against it, grinding her itching, aching clit to satisfaction.   Her orgasm, so much in anticipation, was intense.   She was barely able to suppress her squeals of passion and pleasure as she rode her hand through her orgasm – the vision of Brent’s cock shooting cum making her pleasure even more intense.
Slowly the waves of her orgasm subsided, and as Shelly lay in the afterglow she smiled at Brent and winked.   He winked back smiling, he was a beautiful sight to her right now – naked and covered with his own cum, brought on by his excitement at her own play.   The orgasm she had, intense as it was, only took the edge off of her passion though.   Now actually seeing Brent’s cock she had an even greater urge feel it fill her up.   Tonight might not be the best situation to do that however.
They both lay quietly now surveying their situation.   They listened intently to their spouses breathing.   Shelly surmised that Mike had slept through the entire thing and Brent indicated to her that Debbie too was still asleep.   ‘It was a good thing that both Mike and Debbie had tied into the whisky that evening,’ Shelly considered. In retrospect she was certain that she and Brent had been not very quiet.

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     She even remembered the camper squeaking slightly from their play.   She was too wrapped up in her pleasure to really think about it at the time mind you.   Thankfully though, it appeared that they were undiscovered.  
Brent was in a bit of a state however.   He and the bed were covered with his cum.   He looked down at the sprays of cum and frowned.   He gave Shelly a funny look and she suppressed a giggle.   Reaching under her pillow she pulled out the panties she had tucked there.   She held them up to him with her eyebrows raised in a questioning expression.   He nodded with a grin and she gently tossed them over to him.   The implication was not lost on either of them.   Tonight he would be using her panties to wipe his cum from himself – another time her panties might have his cum in them for a better reason.
The panties she tossed landed on his chest. As he picked them up he could feel the dampness on his fingers.   Sliding the crotch of them between his fingers he shrugged his eyebrows at Shelly and then winked.

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     She smiled back with a slightly shy/embarrassed look - knowing herself how wet she had been before she removed them.  
Brent then did something that surprised her.   Taking Shelly’s panties in his hand he drew them up to his face, and took a long breath of her scent.   His body visibly wilted as be smelled the erotic juices of her pussy on the panties.   It struck Shelly oddly to see Brent sniff her panties.   She was slightly grossed out, but she was more aroused. The thought that she had turned him on so much that he wanted to smell her underwear was very arousing to her.   Arousing so much in fact, that she was surprised to feel a familiar warmth growing in her loins.
After taking several long whiffs of her scent from the panties, Brent removed them from his face and began to wipe up his cum with them. Sometimes Shelly found cum to be kind of gross, but tonight even after her intense orgasm she was still horny enough to find it a turn on.   As Brent moved slowly to keep from waking Debbie, he rubbed the panties over himself, wiping the cum from his chest, stomach, arms and bed into Shelly’s panties.   He was not really able to absorb a lot of it into the scant filmy panties, but he cleaned it up enough to have it not running down his body as it had been.
He held up the panties to Shelly with a ‘Now what do we do with these’ expression on his face.
Shelly held her hand out to him and waved her fingers, indicating that he was to toss them back to her.   He made a funny ‘grossed out’ face and tossed them into her outstretched hand.

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Shelly caught them and brought her hand back to the bed.   Having seen Brent smelling her panties had stirred up erotic thoughts in her, she knew exactly what she was going to do with her now cum covered panties.
With a coy smile at Brent she winked and held the panties out letting them hang free.   She could see the wet patches of Brent’s cum clinging to the filmy fabric.   She held a finger to a string of cum that was starting to hang down from the panties.   Wiping some of the stringy cum with her finger she smiled at Brent and drew her finger to lips.   Maintaining her gaze on Brent, she opened her mouth and slid her cum covered finger onto her tongue.    Brent’s eyes opened wide as Shelly grinned naughtily and sucked the cum off of her finger.   Withdrawing her finger from her mouth she smirked at Brent and visibly swallowed his cum.
Brent smiled back at her, visibly turned on by Shelly’s actions.   He was still on his side, uncovered, facing her and she could see that as she sucked his cum off of her finger his cock was beginning to come back to life.
Shelly returned her attention to the cum soaked panties. Looking them over carefully, she found a large patch of cum and drew the panties to her mouth.  
Shelly slipped out her tongue, and touched it to the cum covered spot.   First taking long licks she then placed the panties against her lips and sucked the cum into her mouth.


   After swallowing the spot of cum, she surveyed the panties again, finding a fresh spot to suck. Each time she found a fresh spot she hungrily sucked in all the cum she could.
Brent watched in amazement and arousal as Shelly sucked all of his cum off of her panties.   His cock had responded to the sight of Shelly sexily eating his cum.   Although it had only been 10 minutes previous that it had shot great gobs of cum in a fantastic orgasm, his cock was now fully erect again. As Brent watched Shelly sucking his cum from her panties, he instinctively began stroking his fully erect cock.
Shelly, satisfied that she had removed all of the cum she could from her panties looked over to Brent.   Seeing him stroking his cock again made her grin.   ‘As turned on as I am’ she thought.   She smiled at him and shook her head from side to side pointing at his hand wrapped around his cock.
She mouthed to him,.