Dorm room discovery part 1


In my sophomore year of college I moved in with one other girl, a junior who seemed friendly and nice. She was not attractive by conventional standards and had no dates, she seemed to be more interested in her college classes, and getting top grades, than going out on dates, but she seemed interested in my boyfriends and often shared stories about her failed experiences in the dating world. We used to joke about sex and laugh about how horny we always were. She with no dates and me with the occasional date but afraid to and not ready to have sex.

     One Saturday in October I came back to our room after a date that had culminated in some kissing and petting. I was very aroused but had told my date that I wasn't ready to go any further. He had been touching my breasts through my shirt and kissing my neck. If I had had such a date at home I surely would have gone to my bedroom and masturbated before falling asleep.
     In the dorm, our beds were on opposite sides of a single room and I had not yet masturbated in the presence of Julie. When I needed the release of orgasm, I'd head down to the showers, and under the water, rub my aroused pussy until I exploded. I had done this several times, and after a date, when it was so late, I'd be the only one in the showers, and I could be noisy, and not worry about anyone hearing me. This night, however, I was terribly aroused and when I came home it was well past 1:00 AM and I could tell from her breathing that she was asleep. My favorite technique has always been to lie on my tummy and rock gently back and forth on my right hand which I cup over my pubic mound. In this position I can let a finger slide over my little hard clit, and rub it to my heart's content. I have always been able to reach an orgasm that way with a minimum of noise or motion.

     After making sure that Julie was really asleep, I stripped down until I was almost naked, I left just my G string panties on.

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   I love to masturbate while wearing a G string, it make me feels so sexy and naughty, to feel my ass cheeks naked and the string tight against my ass hole as I climax.   I quietly climbed into bed, slid over onto my tummy, pulled the blankets up, cocked my ass up, and slid my hand down the front of my panties. Cupping my mound, the excitement of getting ready had warmed me up down there, I could feel the slickness of my heated juices along my pink opening. It spurred me on, to feel my lust, and I gently went to work rocking and rubbing away. I wanted to be quiet and not disturb my sleeping roommate. A few minutes into my little session I was shocked to feel Julie's hand on my shoulder. I froze like a deer in the headlights, having been caught in the act, terribly embarrassed. But before I could move my hand Julie bent down and whispered in my ear.

     "Please don't stop. I want you to keep going," she said.

     I didn't know what to do. I was scared and excited at the same time. Julie sat on the edge of my bed, pulled the blanket down to my waist and began to rub my shoulders.
     "Please keep going" Julie begged, "I want you to have a climax. You need it" she urged "and I want to help you by making you relax.

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     Gently she rubbed my shoulders and my back and as she did my inhibitions evaporated. I began squeezing myself again and pressing into my hand with my pelvis, slowly rocking against my bed.

     "That's exactly how I like to do it," Julie whispered, her voice a bit husky. "I have been waiting to see you do this for more than two months," she added.

     I started to get really turned on, and I rocked harder and Julie let her hands drift down to my bottom, gently cupping my cheeks and developing a rhythmic pressure of her own. As I rocked she applied pressure, making my thrusts even more delicious. Then she reached over to my hips and began holding me off the mattress.

     "Slow down a little" she begged. "I want to enjoy this. "

     Her urging made me feel even more desperate as I was now thrusting against nothing.

It was a delicious and frustrating pleasure as she delayed my orgasm.

     With her hands on both of my hips and the bed covers pulled away, Julie suddenly straddled me placing one knee on each side of my legs and as she did she gently lowered herself until her pelvis pressed against me, I could distinctly feel the warmth of her sex against my bottom. She wasn't wearing any panties and since I had only the string of my panties running up between my cheeks, I could clearly feel the outline of her vulva against my naked cheeks. She was so hot and moist that I shivered with excitement. Then she opened the pyjama top that she was wearing, tossed it away, and I felt her nude body as she pressed her bare breasts tightly against my back.

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   That did it, and I exploded in orgasm, my body shaking and shuddering, whimpering my passion into the pillow. It was the most powerful climax that I had ever experienced. Julie's hot nude body pressed against me a dozen times, imitating the undulations that I had been making as I tried to meet her thrusts with the arching of my back. Suddenly she let out a moan, her body shaking and writhing against me, I could feel a gush of her hot juices flowing out against my ass as she exploded in climax, squeezing the entire length of her body against mine. Julie lifted herself away from me and as I turned to face her she let herself back down so that we were face to face.

     "That was so beautiful" she whispered.

     Julie's head came forward, her lips parted, and for the first time in my life I kissed another girl passionately on the lips. After a very long, passion filled swirling wet kiss she let herself slide down my body with her breasts rubbing along my tummy until her mouth was at my breasts. She took a nipple between her lips and began suckling against me and as she did the orgasm that had filled me just a moment before began to build again. She lowered herself down, her mouth and tongue leaving a trail down my body, she slid my panties off, and I felt Julie lightly kissing her way from my navel down through my smooth shaven pubic area, licking me like a kitten. She gently pushed my legs apart, ran the tips of her fingers along me, and kissed my folds, spread open and swollen with sexual excitement. Then, she licked my inner thighs and all around my pussy, relishing the taste of my juices. When Julie had finished licking up my juices, I felt her fingers gently part my lips, I could feel her hot, panting breath against my opening, as the tip of her tongue softly probed my vagina.

     My heart was hammering, I had never let anyone do anything so wickedly sexual to my body. My body started to respond, and any inhibitions I had quickly flew away, l could feel my body reaching, reaching for that second orgasm, and Julie locked her mouth around my throbbing, hard clit, and her tongue stroked up and down it, swabbing at me, over and over.

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   That did it, and I could feel my stomach convulse, and the wild fluttering of my inner folds seconds before I was consumed.

     I cried out, "Yes, Julie, Julie, Julie, oh my god, I'm, I'm, I'm cumming!"

     I felt the wild spasming start, as I fell into the most glorious orgasm of my life, tearing a howl of pure ecstacy from me.

I reached down, cradled Julie's head in my hands as my orgasm swept through me, I was letting out grunts, gasps and moans of pleasure, I'd never felt anything as wildly pleasurable as Julie's tongue and mouth, now licking hungrily, sucking all the juices out of me.

     Then Julie raised up and swung her leg over me, I felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through me as her beautiful sex was only inches from my mouth. I watched, fascinated, as Julie's hot crimson love flesh hovered above me. It was wildly erotic seeing Julie's beautiful sex that close and it ramped up my arousal to a fever pitch. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. The heat from between Julie's legs warmed my face, I could smell the scent of her arousal, hot and musky, and it made me dizzy with desire. She had been fingering herself while she licked me, and her hot crimson love flesh was spread open like a flower, her neatly trimmed triangle of red pubic hair glistened with drops of her love cream, everything was dewy wet.

     "Go ahead, Lisa", she whispered, "Look at how hot and juicy you've made me. Go ahead baby, taste my desire, you know you want to. I'm gonna keep licking you, and make you cum again. "

     I could feel Julie's tongue stroking gently at the folds of my pussy again, and that clinched it. I suddenly saw, in my mind's eye, a picture of myself and Julie, locked in a lesbian 69, and I was even more fired up. She was right, I couldn't wait to taste Julie, and I ran my fingers along Julie's pink trail, hearing her soft moan as my finger slid just inside her hot tunnel.

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   My tongue quickly followed, sliding along Julie's luscious pink inner lips. Once I got a taste of her musky sap, I couldn't stop. I pulled Julie's pussy tight against my face, and I ate Julie's pussy ravenously, my tongue dipping into Julie's fiery center, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding my mouth. The taste of her juices filling my mouth spurred me on, and I felt Julie started flicking her tongue against my straining clit, intent on licking me to another wild orgasm.

     Even though it was my first time giving oral sex, I think I did well, judging how I could hear Julie gasping and moaning, as I licked her steamy center.   I copied her technique, and I wrapped my mouth around her hard, erect clit, and started to flick my tongue against her, over and over. I could feel my body reaching, and I held on tight, licking wildly at Julie as I exploded, my pussy writhing wildly with my 3rd orgasm, a few seconds later, Julie exploded with an incredible orgasm, washing my face with a tasty gush of juices, our cries of orgasmic release bouncing off the walls, as our bodies shuddered and writhed together in climactic ecstasy.

     Julie flopped down, her body totally spent, shaking from the sensory rush. God, it had been such a total, all body, powerful release, and I pulled Julie close, gently kissing and nuzzling her, letting her know that I had enjoyed it as much as she had. We looked at each other lovingly, no words needed to be said. I had the feeling that my dates with boyfriends were about to end, why bother when Julie was so close, so available, and so eager?


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