Topic: WOULD I DARE TO Would I dare to.
 That's what I'd been asking myself for sometime. This tale gives the my wife died,I'd find myself wondering about the future. I reasoned,I was to old to start again with a new relationship,but sex was very much to the fore in my thinking. Okay,I thought,as our sex life had been very exploratory for years past. How about trying other way's. I had no interest in paying for sex,so plumped for toys. Not proprietory toy's but things around the house,vegetables included or even other's I manufactured myself. Great,I could use various items on my cock,with varying amounts of success. But I found it far more interesting,if I tried the feminine touch. That was; fucking myself up the ass.
 Great,I tried my wife's dildos and vibrator. Manufactured outlandishly long dildo's of varying thickness. - Incidentally,I was surprised to find my ass could take a longer cock than my wife's cunt could. Now armed with this knowledge,the inevitable thought strengthened in my mind. What would it feel like? A real warm fleshy prick,thrusting in and out until it shot sperm into my rectum.

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   Of course,I knew of the various gay bars in town,but had no desire to get some bloke trying to kiss me or any of that stuff.
 All I wanted was a good ass fucking with the surge of spunk that my tight ass would draw from whoevers cock got lucky. I surveyed all friends and family and drew a blank. Although I did empty my sperm when wanking and thinking what it would feel like if one of them fucked me. One in particular that I'd caught fucking my wife some years earlier. I got a buzz from this because she'd told me exactly why and what it had felt like being fucked by this guy.
 His failing health had put the blocker on this option as it happened. So what to do? I knew one park where gays plied for sex,but I thought it to near home. Then out of the blue,an item in the local paper aroused my interest. A report claimed a bloke had been caught with a flash light watching bloke's giving each other one up the ass. Further to that in not so many words he was wanking off while watching them. This was all obscurely misted in legal jargon,but it amounted to what appealed to my needs,with the added benefit of being watched,which I hadn't considered. Just the thought of this made my dick wet.
 So,it was clear because of the report,I'd need to reconnoitre the area in daylight and dusk to assess for a plan. I knew the area well as it was a large open space with trees bushes and grassland.

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   Having done this recc'y, a plan started to grow in my mind. If at dusk I went there and spotted a flashlight glow,I'd be on the right track I concluded. If I happen to see someone getting ass fucked that would be an added bonus although I would only take the tinnest of torches just to avoid falling over anything as the darkness grew more intense. I had an old military item,ideal as it had a red filter to cut glare if required.
 So armed,I went on my expedition. I left my car a distance away and now clothed in only a shirt and shoes. No trousers or boxers I thought should a horny peeper see me with his light,who knows he may proposition me for my ass. I traipsed across the grass getting hornier as I went. I knew my cock was dripping precum as I went because in the cool of the evening every now and again a dribble would drip and land on my thigh as my cock swung with my stride. A new thought occured,what if I came upon a body offering me a fuck up his ass. Would I take the option? I felt inclined too as with every step my anticipation made my cock more excited about this option. We'll wait and see eh!
 Spotting a glint,I wasn't even sure if it was a flash of light,I headed towards it. A darkened shadow appeared before me from the murkiness. Though dark I knew where I was and drifted to where I knew an old tree stump was lying half down. I in the daylight had decided,if I was going to have a cock,this tree stump would be just right,it would allow me to bend forward and let whoever it be fuck me doggy fashion.

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   I dropped my small bag with my other clothes in,onto the ground and just rested my hands on the bough. A light crunching of bracken followed. Then, "Jake,there's one here that looks a likely one for you" a bit more hasty movement and to tempt whoever Jake was I started doing some squatting actions while gripping the bough. I could feel my asshole opening as I descended then my cheeks closing as I came back up.  "Fuck he's already got only a top on,what do you reckon,his ass looks good with those movements he's doing" I felt myself very smug,as being a novice I clearly had drawn these horny bastard's to my honey without knowing how it was done by other's.
 Closing up on me now. "Hey dude' you offering or tormenting?" 'What did you have in mind? I'm new to this neck of the woods,in fact its my first time' "Jake hear that,a virgin ass,hey dude' you're no kid,how come?" 'Its a long story,but I'm available' - I stopped and pulled my ass cheeks open,- for some in here' letting my cheeks go. "Jake,you going to take him while I watch? Hey dude' you up for two of us? one at a time that is,we like to watch each other dishing it up,if you get my meaning" I said nothing but nodded a yes. "Jake,get yours out,want it as you're stood dude?" I answered for the first time. 'Yeah I figure this will be the best way to take one,do you use anything to help it?' "No,we'll ram you in the rawl" 'No. I mean,if you're to big or more likely I'm too tight,have you some KY. or something,I've got some here in my satchel' "Fuck jake,this boy is prepared,it really is his first time. I can't wait for this" Jake now spoke for the first time. "You can take first shot if you like Sid,you've set the camcorder alright have you?"
 Camcorder? Fuck I'd not thought of them filming me getting it in my ass! 'No mug shots mind,this must be anonymous' "Sure is dude' we like filming our guts fucking against the ass,especially the ring clinging on to our cocks,of course if we pull out to shoot over your asshole,we love that filmed. Only one of us will shoot up you,while the other will pull out to cum over your asshole and balls" Having gone this far,I was sold on the idea of getting both options.

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   The torch focused on my cock and balls, "Sid,he's dripping from his cock,hey dude,you want to give one of us some of your juice,you're leaking like a tap"
 'After perhaps but I need to know what receiving feels like' "Fine with me,that okay by you Sid?" "Yeah,fine by me,lets go to it" I looked behind and saw two hard cocks available to my ass,neither were massive but I knew I'd taken about 8 inches of a cucumber about the same thickness so was prepared for a cock.  The warm spongy head pressed at my sphincter,a harder pressure was added,I felt precum but it wasn't enough to let his cock slip in me. He nudged in and out against my asshole but it wouldn't give. The quiet purr of the camcorder blended in with his thrusting. "Give me your KY. dude' you're fucking tight and to tense. Relax a bit,let your muscles go so I can get past your ring"
 I bent forward to retrieve my satchel and as I did his cock slipped and touched my scrotum. As I straightened to offer back the KY. I tensed and squeezed my thighs closed on his hardon. Taking on the offer,he thrust backwards and forwards betwenn my thighs as his fingers endeavoured to push KY. into my ass crack. The rubbing of his cock was trying to push my balls out of the way. Without realising I was thrusting back each time with my thighs as he dry fucked me. "Stop you cunt,you'll make me go and cum between your legs if you don't stop" I rested as he worked his fingers up my asshole working a lot of KY' inside. The fingers vanished and I felt the cold slippery head covered in KY.

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   press again against my ass. Like magic I felt the bulbous head slide up my ass. As he got past my sphincter,he waited, "fuck he's making me cum" I could feel Sid breathing deeply and slowly,I knew that feeling,he was trying to control from shooting off to soon. Then he had me,he thrust up my rectum with pure lust,my bowel was about to feel the first cum it had ever received.
 A spurt hit me deeply,the many quick spurts that followed surged into my ass,I loved the feeling. My sphincter was now so sensitive I heard myself gasping with each little thrust he was now giving me. "Take it out slowly,let me get the slickness as his ass closes when the knob appears" I heard myself saying,'Yeah,make it real slow,I'd like a copy of it as well' "Okay! Okay! You got it dude' OOO! See that?" My shirt was way up my back and I now felt Sid squeeze the residue and let it drop on my back. "I'm done dude' stand up and let your back take a break"
 I stood and realised my ass ring felt as though I still had cock inside it. This was far more intense than any toy. "Ready for Jake now?" I spoke not,just presenting my ass for somemore fucking. This was also different in that he was very hairy and his body hair was tickling all over my bum and even my ball sac. I could feel a large helmet as well,he held it at my sphincter then thrust and in that one thrust he went completely up me and his scrotum slapped against my own. That was truly a weird sensation. Slap after slap his balls hit mine then the thrusting really got forceful. I knew he was going to blast and thought all thought of spunking up my back was now forgotten.

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 The first shot indeed spat inside my bowel,then in an instant he pulled out and the second blast squirted at the very orifice of my ass as he nudged it tight against the outside of my rectum. The pressure went and I felt spurt after spurt spew up the spine of my back. Then my ass opened for a further deep thrust into my bowel. Jake stopped all thrusting and stood stiffly up my insides until I felt his hardon softening. He slipped from my ass,leaving my sphincter pulsing with my racing heart beats.
 I stood together with them,our cocks dangling as though looking and weighing each other up as we faced one another. Sid caught hold of mine and started wanking it. My cock responded, "Ready to try me dude?" He turned and pressed his ass against my cock. It was clear that sometime after fucking me he had lubed his hole because my hardon was against a very slippery ring. He didn't bend over like I had,he just stood and rocked as I pressed at his asshole. I felt my cock slip up him. At this I gripped his groins and pushed as far as I could get my seven inches in him. Holding on to his knob I fucked extremely hard into his rectum as I was so horny I needed to cum PDQ. "Sid,I've got some shots from the front. Both of you open your legs wider so I can get some rear shots as he cums up your ass"
 With my legs open wider my calf muscles started hurting,I assume Sid's did as well,as, as I clung to his cock and groins he bent into where I had been just as my orgasm erupted deep up his ass.

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   My original shot was so deep up him he grunted as he bent over,then he got my further shots of spunk deep inside him. We hung still then and after I felt the sensation of softening up while still in his rectum,I slid it out and wiped my spermy residue against his ass cheek. Standing again,he switched the light on for a moment, "Just wanted to see what you'd given me" Another couple of flashes of light on his and his mates cocks. "That's what we gave you dude" In that instant,I realised that although Sid's starter had probably helped my new virgin asshole,Jake had a very large helmet and the fact he had had me second was a good job. Even now soft,it was a lot of cock head. I guessed four inches across judging by my soft cock which was two inches across soft.
 I found myself really proud having taken one so fat in its cockhead. "How're we getting that copy to you dude'?" 'I'm not sure,how would it be if I saw you up here in a day or two?' "Yeah could do,you could persuade us to show you some of the regulars fucking each other,we know all the best vantage points. See you day after tomorrow then,same place" 'See you Jake,Sid' I've just finished having another look at the vid' another lap full of spunk here,how about you? We meet up again tonight,brilliant.