My First College Semester


By the time I moved off to college to start my first semester as a transfer student I was 22, and as the weeks past I felt myself growing more and more lonely since I didn’t know anyone in my new town. I was seeing a girl when I first moved, but we didn’t get along at all and so I got rid of her and was back to square one essentially. I would usually sit around in my apartment on the weekends and get drunk and listen to music and play around on the net, chatting with people and looking at porn mostly. When I moved it’d been awhile since I was with a guy last, in fact the last guy that I did it with was the very first guy that I’d done it with years earlier. I’ve never been the type to seek out other men, in fact, of the 7 or so men I’d been with before, it just randomly happened, and was with people I had known for years. I had a bad habit of being a tease when on the net talking to other guys and made a lot of guys mad when they would come over and I didn’t put out. Truth is, I’ve never just given it away and did not plan on starting now but there was a couple of exceptions here and there. I hate to admit this, but I used the net mostly as a hustle to get guys to buy me alcohol and bring it over so that I could get drunk for free. The first two that came over weren’t even close to my type, one was a bigger guy who was very pushy and grabby and the other was a real feminine guy who just wasn’t for me. So I made excuses and sent them away "temporarily," promising to call them as soon as I was done doing whatever it was that I’d made up and had them leave the liquor but never called. The next guy I let come over was in his late 40's and during our chat session he spent the whole time whining about his wife not doing anything for him anymore and this and that and whatever. I had changed into what I called my "hosting outfit," which consisted of a pair of panties, usually thongs and a pair of short gym shorts and a t-shirt and when he got there we fixed drinks and sat down and talked. All this guy did was talk and ask me questions, which was fine with me I guess and we both started getting really buzzed after a couple hours. He asked me at one point to take off my shorts and I did and sat next to him in just my panties and shirt and he was making some flattering comments about my appearance that I knew he didn’t really mean. Then he said that this was the most sexual excitement he’d had in over a year which made me feel sorry for him so I suggested that he whip it out for me. He obliged by standing up and dropping his pants to his ankles and sat back down and his long, and skinny 8 or so inch penis was at full mast.

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   I leaned over and took the base of it into my hand and lowered my mouth onto it, taking it about halfway in. He moaned and groaned as I slowly and awesomely went down on his neglected old pecker, and let out a little bit of a yelp when I took it almost all the way down my throat. I could tell he was about to go, so I took it out slowly and beat it off furiously with my hand and seconds later he sprayed all over the place. He was very grateful and he thanked me several times before finishing what was left of his drink and leaving. This got me to thinking and realizing that I was a lot more comfortable and could be my more submissive self when I was around older married men who were sex deprived and seeking attention and a new adventure, so I decided that’s all I would deal with from now on.
A week passed and I’d been chatting for several nights with the same man online, another older man, 48 I think he was who’s wife was never at home and was always off on some type of trip or weekend adventure with her friends and when she was there was a cold fish in bed. That Friday was a federal holiday so we were out from school and when I woke up around 11 that morning I had an IM from him on my pc screen. He was asking me to come over and spend the day with him at his house and promised that there would be plenty of privacy, a pool and lots of booze. I was reluctant at first, but then agreed and put on my bathing suit and a shirt and set out to find the address I was given. When I arrived, it was a huge ass house that you had to drive up a long driveway to get to. I parked and rang the bell and was soon greeted at the door by him. He was an average looking man I guess, about 5'9'’ average build, salt and pepper hair, and was wearing only a bathing suit. He invited me in and we immediately went out to the private pool area where he made me a drink at the wet bar. After a few drinks and some idle chit chat, we jumped into the pool and swam around a bit before making our way over to the pools edge to sip our drinks a little more. The conversation soon shifted to him asking me a lot of questions about my sex life.

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   He asked how many times I’d gone "all the way," and I told him that I wasn’t sure the exact number of individual times, but I’d only been with 5 guys "all the way," and pointed out that I had blown more guys than just 5 but I don’t just give it all away to just anyone. I turned the question on him and asked him how many younger men he’d been with and he told me that he honestly had never done it with anyone, male or female, other than his wife, and that they had been together for like almost 35 years. I asked him what his wife’s problem was and he said that he didn’t know. He said when she first cut him off a couple of years ago, he suspected infidelity and hired a guy to follow her for a month, but that wasn’t it, he said she just wouldn’t do anything with him and had no interest in it except maybe once a year on his birthday. I asked him why he chose to seek out a younger man as opposed to a younger woman and he said that he’d thought a lot about it and wanted to expand his horizons. We got out to fix what I think was our forth drink a piece and while he fixed mine behind the bar, he suggested that we skinny dip, so when he handed me my drink I took a big swig and then removed my swim trunks. As I stood there naked the warm afternoon breeze blew across my body and when my new friend walked around from behind the bar, also naked, I glanced down to see his semi hard erection which hung half way down his thigh! When he walked over to me I was still staring and he asked me if I liked it and instead of saying yes or no, I took a sip of my drink, sat it down, and walked to him, dropped to my knees, grabbed it and took it in my mouth and began bobbing and sucking on it. It didn’t take long for this old guys 10 inch pole to become totally and completely hard and being buzzed and being really turned on, I sucked it like a porn star from the get go. I was giving the most furious blow job of my life to this guy and I was driving him crazy. It had been an extremely long time since I found myself this turned on and truly craving a cock. I kept on at that pace for several, several, minutes and when I could tell that he was about to go, I pulled it out and told him to cum on my face. He started to beat his meat fast as I tilted my head back and closed my eyes in anticipation of what was to come, and seconds later, there it was, hot spirts of his seed covering my face and neck and I loved it. I immediately jumped into the pool to wash myself off and then quickly returned and asked him how it was. He was still dazed looking from the pleasure he’d just received and he said it was fantastic. Then I made his year when I walked over to the lounge chair and pulled off a big cushion and lay it by the edge of the pool and laid down on it and told him to join me.

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   As soon as he lay beside me and gobbled up his big cock again, getting it as hard and as wet as I could. After accomplishing that, I rolled over on my side, my back to him, kept my left leg straight but shifted my right one up and told him to slip it in. It took him a second to get it right, but before long the head of that long, skinny snake was inside me and with a couple of good thrust, it was totally in, something I had never felt before. Old folks went to town on me and oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, is all I could say. When he would go deep in me, I’d respond by clenching around it as hard as I could with my ass and would hole it for several seconds then release. He did me for a good 10 minutes more before he busted his load deep inside me. I stayed on for several hours after that and before I left we had done it three more times, the last time being in his bed with me dressed up in a pair of his wife’s panties and stockings. When I left that night he sent me home with a bottle of top shelf bourbon, $200 and the promise to come back the next week for a repeat, which I did, and for the next three weeks after that before the semester break.