My 15th birthday


This is a story happens when I was a little boy.  I spend a summer vacation with my  uncle . That change my whole life….
       Todd… that’s  my uncle’s name. He was  24 yrs. A good looking guy. He had short light brown hair. He was 6 feet height he was ripped, broad shoulders, massive pecs, and a tapered waist with a six-pack.
  One day I said to him “uncle today is my birthday”
“Oh happy birthday” he replied. “ we must celebrate this”. He continued “go and take a bath in that while I will arrange all” . He went outside. I come back to my room . In 10 minute I take a bath and enter into my room. Oh god …He arranged a birthday cake on my table.
He starred at me with a naughty smile   .

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   The only clothing on me  was a tiny towel wrapped on my waist. It just reach to my mid thigh .
“Come on, boy, what are we waiting for” He asked. “Hmm please waite a little. . I want to change”
“Don’t worry boy come here” He said this in a passionate voice. He pull my hand and lead me to the table. I take the knife. He stands in my back  . He place his hands on mine through both sides and starts to cut the cake. In that push my towel fell down. I was totally naked in his hands I was now feeling uncomfortable . Before I opens mouth he press a piece of cake to my lips. The cream spread on my lips and chine. I feel he hold me tightly than before.

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   He pushed me towards. I bent over the cake. My cock and abs covered with cream. I feel something gone to be happens.
But I can’t resist. Without saying anything he take me on his hands. He walk towards bed. He lay me on the bed. I try to wake. “No. . its your birthday ” he slowly started unbuttoning his  shirt. Then he  unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down revealing his black boxer . He hooked the waistband and slid them down. Finally he reveals his 8” cock.

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   It was half erect. He came to me. “I will clean you”. He whispered in my ears. He starts to lick my lips . Slowly it turns to a sweet kiss . It was first experience to me . His tounge enter into me . He kiss me passionately. Then he crawled down. He reach in my middle. He lick my abs. . then my pubic hairs…finally he reaches on my cock. He licked it slowly.

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   I feels it wake up gradually. After a few minute it  become too hard to point towards the roof  . He was sucking me deep into his mouth which was wonderful and he seemed very expert too . He was so eager for my  cum, that my cock head kept bumping into his face as he stroked it. My breathing got heavy and my hips started to buck forward. i could feel myself starting to twitch violently in his mouth when all of a sudden i exploded with gush after gush of hot thick cum filled his mouth and he gullped eagerly to swallow every last drop, then came  to my face gently kiss me on the lips and let me taste the last remaining drops of my own cum around his lips . He lay on my side and hug me. Our naked body collapsed. . . . Slowly we fell into sleep