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Topic: The storyThe day I lost my virginity was the day I became a man. Unlike some, I didn't always know I was bi. I didn't know until the Ninth grade. I was in Seventh grade when I made friends with a guy named Dillion. Dillion quickly became my best friend and towards the end of the year, he confide in me he might be bi or gay. I had already decided I was cool with gay people and I decided to help him figure it out. One fateful day he came over to my house and we went to the secluded woods by my house. We came to a spot and I said "So, you for real thing your gay?"And he said "Yea I think so"At that point I moved around him and slid my hands into the back of his boxers. He asked " James, what are you doing?" as he slid his hands down mine groping my ass, and I secretly loved it. We continued on for half an hour before heading home. ~. ~. ~. ~. ~I still figured I was just doing him a favor. we would go out there and play truth or dare and he would always end up groping my cock.

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   Still secretly loved it. This went on til 9th grade when I found out I was bi. We progressed from the woods to my locked room. I came in to discover him sitting there (I thought he was upstairs). We started playing T or D and he was fondling me until he dared me to let him jack me off. I obliged. He started to masturbate me up and down. I was only about 5 inches then. I came on his hand and he washed it off.   He dared me to rub him, but fortunately he had to go. Up until this point we had only had him touch me. I wasn't ready to admit I was yet. Next time I had no choice, I started to masturbate him and I was horrible. He was already 6-7 inches and I felt small. After that, we he came over less and we progressed yet again.


   ~. ~. ~. ~. ~Many times he came over, he spent the night. by now I had come out to him, but noone else. Dillon was extra horny that day and I went to the bathroom when I had an idea. I grabbed myself and got hard (now up to 5 and a half) and rolled my flavored condom on, and hid it in my pants. I come in and tell him to sit. He sits and I say
"Dillon, whip out your cock and close your eyes. "
luckily he opened his mouth when I jacked him off so then I stuck it in. He was caught off guard but got the idea and started to blow me. I unfortunately came quickly and he asked me to blow him. I, yet again, could not bring myself to do it so we went to sleep. ~.

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  ~. ~. ~. ~Now its 10th grade and I'm feeling more confident now ar 6 inches (though Dillon is at 8). This time it's truth or dare with other people and we play under the stage at our school. Earlier that year I had fingered and ate my first pussy under there and now we were under there again. Nothing happened but some asshole poking (no penetration). I came back with Dillon and my gf (hoping to get some pussy) but she was claustrophobic so only me and Dillon went.   We were just standing when I start rubbing myself to get hard and I graze his hand with my cock. He says "James, damn" as he unzips and grabs my cock and masturbates us both in the same hand. I pull away and he asks "what?" and then I took it into my mouth. I've always prided myself on having no gag reflex and This was no exception. I took all eight inches in my mouth and throat and took him almost to a climax, slowly sucking on and off and twirling my tongue around. As he neared I backed off and his slippery dick calmed down. Still wet he began to poke my ass and he began to say "If you let me fuck you I'll.

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  . . " and that's when I pushed onto him and said go for it. Up until now I've used a recorder (musical flute like thing) to anally penetrate. My push took his head and he wasted NO time trying to force it all up my ass. Half way in It's started to hurt but I ignored it. He got all 8 inches in and I was wincing and on my toes and he pulled me to him going even further. I yelped and my gf asked " What happened?" I quickly replied "syubbed my toe" and continued to cry in pain. slowly the pain died and he was fucking the shit out of my hole. he slows saying he's going to cum and I tell him I'll take it. he fucks me hard and shoots deep into me. He slowly keeps fucking me til he's soft and pulls out. He says my turn and I tell him I'd rather be blown, so he blows me and swallows it all. ~. ~.

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  ~. ~. ~For a few months nothing happens between us. He gets a job and hardly comes over. The few times He comes over I'm not in the mood and we do nothing. Then one night I'm on my bed and he's on the mattress on the floor he asks why we never have fun anymore.   I'm usually depressed and I tell him do go to sleep and roll over turning my back to him. He grabs me (we both sleep naked) and slowly pulls me off kissing my neck (I love my neck being kissed) and spoons me on his mattress. He's stroking me and I get hard and Dillon says "There we go" as he turns me over and gets on top in 69 and starts blowing me. He's to far up for me to blow him and he asks me to toss his salad. Now, horny I'm up for anything and i stretch his hole with my tongue and tell him to stop. (I'm can now control my orgasm and can go anywhere from 3-15 min depending on how soon I want to. ) I get up and tell him to close his eyes telling him I'm getting a condom. I get it and secretly lay it aside and hold him as he is still on his knees. I start poking him and he says do it, and i mean to barely penetrate but I slide all the way in and he whimpers "Shit! fucking ow! Don't do so fast! and I become dominant (I'm a slave kinda guy, not the master) and say take it pussy.

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   as I continue to fuck his tight ass. I fuck him  for 10 minutes and he comments on my endurance (he usually shoots in 4) and I load him up. Then whiles he's hard I roll the condom on and sit on his cock and it's worse then my first time, so I vasoline him (I use for my recorder) and I get him to fuck me on the edge of my bed, for deeper penetration. He goes deep to what feels like my back and slowly fucks me and shoots. I pull off and take off his condom and drain it into my mouth. We fall asleep with him hard in my ass, spooning. From that day on I realize I'd rather be fucked and I have used a homemade butt plug every time I masturbate. Later on Dillon plugs me as I plug my Gf, but that's a different story. Should I describe my encountering three way? Comments please! (note just turned 18, this happened when I was 15-16)
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