Freebie (part Three)


All of my stories include descriptions of sex scenes that could cause offence to some people. Please do not read this story if you are offended by perverse sexual material, or if you are under the legal age of consent for your own country. These stories are pure fiction and are not based on anyone living or deceased.

As this is now part three of my tale, I'm assuming you've read parts one & two, so you know how I got into the situation I find myself in at the moment.

So some time later, maybe half an hour or so, I'm still lying face down on my bed sobbing, when I hear Gerry's voice as he stood in the doorway to my bedroom,
“Come-on Mary. You know I didn't mean it. ”
I lay there trying to totally ignore him. I could sense he was moving closer to the bed,
“Please babe. I'm sorry. I was angry, and I just lashed out without thinking. ”
He moved in closer still and I felt his hand resting on my back. He slowly moved it around in a gentle manner as he'd done many times in the past; stroking my shoulders, I guess he thought relieving the tension. This was nearly always his approach when he wanted to say sorry after we'd had some kind of fight.

I lay there for maybe fifteen minutes as he sat on the edge of the bed; and whilst his hand attempted to soak away my stress, he would occasionally speak soft words of apology to try to explain away his stupid behaviour. I have to admit; I was on the point of talking to him, even if only to give him a mouthful of abuse. But before I'd opened my mouth, there was a sound from downstairs,

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It was someone at our front door, and as I felt Gerry getting to his feet he said,
“I'll go and see who it is. ”
I turned on my side and in an angry voice snapped,
“I don't care who it is, tell them to clear off!”

I listened carefully and as I heard the door downstairs opening, I then heard Gerry say,
“Oh, it's you. ”
Then I heard the reply, and even at this distance I could recognise Peter's voice.
“I've just come around to make sure Mary is alright. ”
“Yes she is. And she doesn't want to see anyone. So you can clear off and tell Mr Spencer we don't want him to call either. ”
“I've just come from Graham's office. There were two of his cronies with him, and they were bragging about fleecing you, and taking advantage of your wife. I just want to make sure she's ok. ”

“I've already told you. She's ok, so just go away and leave us alone. ”
“Ok. I don't want to interfere if I'm not needed.

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   But please tell Mary, if she wants anything, advice, someone to talk to, or anything at all, she can call me day or night. ”
I didn't know at the time, Peter had handed Gerry his card at this moment, all I heard was a short pause before the front door slammed shut with a loud,

All the time I'd been listening to Peter's voice, it had brought back such a warm feeling inside, and now as I heard the noise of the door being shut in his face, I felt instantly angry. I leapt from the bed and dashed to the front window, where I could see Peter closing our front gate and walking across the road to his car. I dashed onto the landing and down the stairs. As I was descending, Gerry had been about to start to come up,
“What's wrong?”
“Get out of my way you stupid idiot. ”

His face as I yelled at him changed from a look of concern to one of anger, but before I'd reached the bottom step he'd stepped back off the stairs and moved clear of my pathway to the door. I wrenched on the front door handle and as I swung the door open called out as loud as I could muster,
He was at the other side of the road, and just on the point of getting into his car. He stopped and as he stood he looked back across to where I stood in the doorway.
I beckoned with my hand and called, not quite so loudly, but still shouting to make myself heard.
“Please. Come back, I want to talk to you. ”

He closed his car door and began to walk back towards where I stood. I turned around and looked back at Gerry and gave him a scowl that didn't needs words to show its meaning. He in turn, looking somewhat confused, asked,
“What? All I did was tell him to fuck-off. Like you told me to.

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“Never mind what I said; the way I feel right now, I'd rather talk to him than you. ”
“Well fuck you then. ”
And with that Gerry stomped off and went into the living room.

I waited for Peter to arrive at the door and then said,
“Come on in. I'm sorry my husband was so rude to you. ”
As he walked past me and made his way towards our front room he replied,
“That's alright; I guess he was feeling more than a little angry after being cheated like that. ”
By now I was following him into the room and Gerry was again seated in his chair next to the TV, and again he'd got a can of beer in his hand. I was still angry with him, but now I was also burning with curiosity to know what Peter meant by his remark about Gerry being cheated.

After asking Peter to sit down I sat myself in the chair opposite both Peter and Gerry, and then I asked,
“Cheated? What do you mean?”
Peter looked across to Gerry, and then said cautiously,
“I'm not sure if I've spoken out of turn. ”
Then he looked at Gerry,
“Doesn't she know?”
Before Gerry could answer I again gave him a scowl as I asked,
“Know what? What the hell's going on?”

Gerry looked sheepishly in my direction as he said,
“It's nothing. I was going to tell you later. ”
Peter now looked uncomfortable as he said,
“Look I didn't come here to cause trouble; do you want me to go?”
I snapped my reply back,
It came out in a lot angrier tone than I'd wanted to use to my guest, so I instantly changed my tone of voice,
"Its not you I'm angry with. Once this rat has explained what he's been up to, I might need your shoulder to cry on. ”
And then I turned my head and as I pointedly glared at Gerry I said,
“Well? What's all this about you being cheated?”

Gerry then went on to tell me about the negotiations that had led up to the session with the two men, of course, you the reader already know what had taken place. And then Gerry finished his tale with a classic male excuse,
“And when you came down after those men had left, I was so angry with what they'd done to you, and how they'd only paid two hundred measly quid, I just lashed out at the first person I saw.

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   I didn't mean to call you what I did, but I guess I just used the words they'd fed me earlier. ”

Peter looked quite confused,
“My god man, are you saying you not only persuaded your wife into going with two men to earn you money, but then hurled abuse at her once she'd done your bidding?”
Gerry had been looking quite guilty, but on hearing this rebuke, he turned instantly angry,
“You fucking butt out. She's my wife and what goes on between us is nothing to do with you. ”
I was already angry, so my flare-up was instant; I sprang to my feet and as I knocked the can of beer from his hand I blurted out,
“You drunken shit. I might be your wife now, but if you keep up this behaviour, I've a good mind to let your dirty minded boss send you to fucking jail. And don't think I'll be here waiting for you when you come out. ”
This obviously wasn't the kind of reaction Gerry expected as he sat himself up and took hold of my hands he begged,
“Hey Mary. I didn't mean anything. Come-on girl you know I love you. I just wanted to sort things out without, you know, outsiders interfering. ”

“Interfering? I invited Peter in because I can't talk to you these days. One minute you're acting like my pimp, and the next like a bloody holy inquisitor. If you can't say anything civilised, keep your mouth shut until Peter and I have finished talking. ”
“Please Mary, just calm down. ”
"I am calm, but you butt out until I tell you.

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   Otherwise I promise I will see you go to prison. ”
He looked genuinely scared, and I knew my words had really struck home. He pulled himself back into his chair, never even answered, but gestured that his lips were sealed.

I turned to Peter,
“Yes, that's exactly what he did. He asked me to have sex with those men because they were friends of Graham, and because he said we'd get two thousand pounds. I wouldn't have done it for the money alone, but I knew that Graham could still get Gerry in trouble with the police. And then when I came down after doing what he asked me to do, he called me. . . well you can guess what he called me, exactly what those dirty sods had told him to call me. ”
Gerry tried to explain himself,
“Please Mary, let me just explain. ”
“Don't bother. ”

Then Peter said,
“Look I know I'm an outsider here, and if you tell me I'm not in a position to say anything, then I'll understand. ”
I interrupted,
“No please. That was why I called you back in; I need someone from the outside, just to know I'm not going totally insane.

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“Ok for what its worth, this is my opinion. ”

“Gerry messed-up at work. And don't get me wrong, we all make mistakes, its just some come home to roost with a lot heavier consequences than we expect. "
He paused here, and then turning to me continued,
"Well that said, you were faced with a choice of seeing him go to jail, or doing something you wouldn't have otherwise considered. The incident at the night club could have netted you both a sum of money you hadn't at that point even dreamed of accruing. Now this time it was you who, dare I say it, screwed up. I know you did eventually agree to do the business, but it was after all, your delay, that caused the loss of what could have been a tidy sum of money. And then just to prove how fucked up your head was, you go and fuck the guy for free. ”

“But that's all water under the bridge now. But what you have to understand, in Gerry's mind, you've already shown him you have the potential for earning money. And let's not pretend, you've also demonstrated you don't exactly dislike the work. "
I think as he'd said this he must have seen the look on my face.
"Hey don't look so offended, I'm not criticising. Now to today, Gerry isn't used to dealing with sharks like those two. "
He was still looking directly at me when he asked,
"And be honest, if they'd paid the two grand you'd expected; you'd both be sitting down now trying to work out how to line up your next punter.

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“Don't look so disappointed my dear. Its human nature. You've found something you've got a real talent for, and it pays well. Well it should do. "
He now looked back towards Gerry,
"Now Gerry don't get me wrong lad. You're a good sort, and I know you mean well. But you aren't dealing with this situation as it should be dealt with. ”
Gerry went to speak, but I held my hand up indicating he should let Peter finish. I think I'd taken more criticism from Peter than I'd expected, and just wanted to let Gerry have a bit too even things up.

Peter continued,
“You see lad, your first priority should be to get Graham off your back. ”
“But. . . ”
I interrupted Gerry before he'd hardly began to but in,
“Gerry! Let him finish!”
“As I was saying, we need to get some kind of document signed by Graham, which once signed, will prevent him from wielding this police matter over your head. I know it will involve Mary here doing the business again, but if she tells me her preferences, I'm sure I can guide Graham's mind into a direction where he thinks he's got her squirming, when in reality, she can just do what-ever, and then you'll be free of him.

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Gerry couldn't restrain himself,
“Like what?”
“I don't know yet, I need to talk to Mary to see what she finds the most acceptable. But I'm not trying to pretend he'll go for anything that doesn't involve her having sex with someone. ”
“So why should you be the one to do the deal?”
“I'm not saying I should. That's for Mary to decide. But I will say this, I think I've got more experience in negotiations than you, and I for one wouldn't let any deal be influenced by getting two tickets to a football match. ”

Peter could see my look of curiosity, but Gerry just sat there silent. Then Peter said,
“Oh I see. That's something else you didn't mention?”
I snapped at Gerry,
“Come on, what's all this about ticket to the footy?”
“Its nothing, they just threw them in. It didn't make any difference to what happened. ”
Peter said,
“So Larry and James were just shooting their mouths off?”
This I took to be the names of the two men who'd been with me this morning; not exactly the right protocol to find out a man's name after the event. But I guess in my new profession, this was something I'd have to get used to; that is, if I even find out their names at all.

I turned to Peter,
“Ok being as you're the one stirring the shit pile, why don't you tell me about these bloody tickets?”
“I'm not trying to stir anything up. It was just when I met Graham. Larry and James were going on about Gerry as if he was some kind of moron. They say he point blank refused to let them double fuck you for two hundred quid, and then almost bit their hands off when they threw in two tickets to the game.

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   The irony was, the tickets were freebies they'd been given by the security firm that just re-furbished the warehouse security cameras. And those were the very same security cameras that caught Gerry; getting you into this mess in the first place. ”

I looked across at Gerry as I said sympathetically,
“That's about typical for you lately; if it wasn't for shit luck, you'd have no luck at all. ”
I think this remark was taken as I intended it, and Gerry said in an apologetic tone,
“It wasn't like that honest. I really did think you'd kick-up a fuss as soon as they both started playing around with you at the same time. ”
“It's ok. I guess I should have told you before, just how far that perverted sod of a boss of yours had already pushed me. ”
And then I looked across at Peter,
“And for all his protective talk, he's no angel either. ”

Peter looked a little defensive as he came back with,
“That's not fair. I've never forced you into anything. ”
“No, but you didn't miss out on your chance to take advantage of me, no matter which hole was vacant. ”
Gerry looked surprised,
“What? He's fucked your arse as well?”
“Hey don't look so shocked. Ass fucking is almost as common as a pussy fuck these days. And ask her, she wasn't forced. ”
Gerry looked quite sad as he asked,
“Am I the only man in this town who hasn't fucked your arse?”

Peter could see my distaste at this kind of comment, and he answered before I got chance to speak,
“See lad, that's the kind of remark that kills the goose that lays the golden egg.

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   She's done nothing wrong, and you should be supporting her, and making her feel good about her performance. Now come on tell her all that stuff about how much you love her, and less of this silly jealousy. If old Graham got one thing right; it was what he told you the other night. ”
Gerry asked,
“What was that?”
“That little girl has got more cunt than you or any other one man can satisfy. ”

On hearing this crude remark once again, I instantly covered my face with my hands as I coloured up bright red.
“No Mary. Don't take that as an insult. You're good. In fact I'll repeat what I said the other night, you fuck better than anyone I've ever been with; and that I can tell you, is no short list. Be proud of that pussy, if it's managed properly, Gerry can quit work, and both of you could make enough money in the next eight to ten years for you both to retire on a comfortable pension. ”

I couldn't be sure I understood what he was actually saying, and I guess Gerry was having the same problem. But he asked the first question,
“Are you saying she should become a prostitute?”
“What do you mean become one? She already is. What did you think those two men paid you two hundred quid for. ”
Gerry again flared up,
“You filthy sod. ”
He sprang to his feet and launched himself at Peter, who rose to intercept him, and being a far bigger build, just took hold of his wrists and restrained him as Gerry carried on slagging him off.



I got to my feet and took hold of one of Gerry's arms,
“Please Gerry. Stop it. I'm sure he wasn't trying to insult me. ”
Gerry shook his wrists free and slumped back into his chair,
“Fucking typical. I say something in anger, and I'm the anti-Christ. He calls you a hooker in cold blood, and you say its ok. ”
“But he's right. I am a hooker. A prostitute. A whore. It doesn't matter which word you use, I let those men do it to me for money. ”

Peter now had a big beaming smile on his face,
“Good girl. Now you Gerry; if you can accept it, and not get upset, then think of what this means. ”
Gerry reluctantly asked,
“I don't get it. ”
“Those men came here today prepared to pay up to five grand.

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   They'd told Graham what they wanted to do, and he didn't think she'd go that far for less than that amount, if at all. But in the event, they got what they wanted, and they were only here for just. . . ”
He shrugged his shoulders, then continued,
“I don't know; how long were they upstairs with her?”
Gerry replied,
“About twenty minutes at most. ”
“The pair of them were cock-a-hoop about getting to do the double. They'd only thought it would be an arse fuck; one at a time. ”
“Ok so they conned me, how was I to know what had been said before they got here?”
"That's my point; not only are you not in the right circles to know who will pay what amount, but you don't even know the value of the goods you're selling. "

I spoke up, feeling more than a little used in their conversation,
“So that's all I am? Something to be sold to the highest bidder. ”
“It was your choice. Nobody was holding a gun to your head, or a knife to your throat. It wasn't even Graham using his blackmail to back you into a corner. ”
He paused for a second and then broke the silence,
“Don't feel bad about it. It's done, and you're none the worse for it. But think, you could have been five grand richer.

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   Never mind about other people's opinions, it's yours, and you know how to use it; if you want to make a living from it, then that's your decision. ”

“So what are you saying, she should do this all the time, and I don't even need to go to work?”
“I'm not saying she should. But I'm saying if she wants to, then she has the natural talent. And if she gets handled properly, she'll only need to do it until she's around thirty, and by then you'll have so much money invested, neither of you will need to work for the rest of your lives. ”

“Bull-shit. ”
“I'm not kidding you. But it will only workout that way if you spend carefully, and invest every spare penny. It has to be managed and planned. ”
“Ah. Now I get it. She fucks all your mates, we get a pittance to live on, and you fuck-off with all the money. Fuck you! Do I look that stupid?”
“Well from where I'm sitting, if you're not stupid, you're a good actor. ”

Gerry again sprang to his feet, and Peter again countered him, holding him as they danced around the room.
“Pack it up. It's my life you pair are talking about.

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   Don't I get to have an opinion?”
As Gerry begrudgingly returned to his seat I said,
“It's no good Peter; I couldn't do that for a living. ”
“Please Mary. Think about it. If I'd arranged those men this morning, you'd now have earned Gerry's normal weekly wage, and been able to put four-thousand four-hundred pounds into a high interest no tax investment account. And it took you twenty minutes! If I only find you say five or ten tricks a week, you'll be on the same kind of money as a premiere league footballer. Now I'm sure that's putting it in terms even Gerry can understand. ”

I thought that remark would again antagonise Gerry, but when I looked across to where he was sitting, it clearly hadn't; I think the penny had now dropped, and Peter's ideas must have sunk in, because instead of anger, there was an excited enthusiasm in his voice,
“Are you sure she could earn that kind of money?”
“Maybe not for the first few months, but it one of those things, the newer she is and the less people know about her, the juicer the pretence, and the higher the price per session.

But of course, if not many people know about her, then she won't get many customers. Then come the glory days, when she gets a hot reputation, and everyone wants to have a slice of the action; during that time the price is high, and I can get as many as she's willing to take. That's where she can make the bulk of her money. But we have to be careful how we play that; otherwise she'll loose the fresh appeal. Once that happens it's up to you whether you want to call it quits, or just move into another part of the market to boost your bank balance before calling it a day. ”

Gerry was on the edge of his seat listening intently, now obviously taken by the idea, and then he asked,
“How come you think you know so much about this kind of thing?”
“I'm in the hiring end of advertising. And in our business, the money to be earned by the, so called actors and actresses is good. But most runs of an advert are not repeated.

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   I know there have been some that keep using the same old face, but they're the exception. Usually we don't want any particular face to become associated with the product, so it's very much a one shoot and goodbye. If they're lucky we'll use the same face again for a few more different customers' lines, but very soon the work dries up. With the men I don't even get involved, and never see most of them again. But a girl whose face is appearing regularly on TV, even if it is only five seconds of loading a dishwasher or selling insurance; she has a short but lucrative earning window. And as I say, by the time their adverts are out in the public eye, most of them are struggling to find work. I can always find a customer to keep them in the luxury to which they've become accustomed. And once their glory days run out, if they still want work, there is lots of low-end porn. So being as I said to Mary, 'it's no good her pretending she's something she's not'. Then neither will I, as far as these girls are concerned, I'm their pimp. ”

“How many girls do you look after?”
“Difficult to put a number on. There's about ten or fifteen high-end girls, ones whose adverts are still in peoples minds. About twenty or so who get the odd good earner, but rely mostly on porno, either film or club acts. Then I've got twenty girls in a block of flats, but they're just straight pay-for-fuck at fifty quid a go. ”
“So this is your real job, and that rubbish about advertising is just a cover?”
“No, this is the sideline.

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   Call it a hobby. ”
“But one that pays good money?”
“I'm not short of a bob or two, but then I wouldn't be destitute if I only had my advertising, that's good for seventy-five grand a year. So like I said, this is just something I enjoy, that also pays well. ”

“So if I let you look after Mary, what's your cut?”
“I'm not sure how much you know about running whores, but I think you'll probably know the normal split doesn't favour the girl. ”
“So what's normal?”
“The fifty quid a go girls get a fiver a fuck. ”
“So you take forty-five quid for doing nothing?”
“Not nothing. They get a place to operate from, with built-in security. If they could do better elsewhere, they'd leave. ”
“Well don't think you're getting that cut from my wife. ”

I broke up their cosy chat,
“I think you're both getting the cart before the horse. ”
As they turned and looked quizzically, I continued,
“I'm not doing it. ”
Peter added,
“She's right, we haven't reached the point where we discus who gets what cut. Lets just workout how to get Graham off your backs. All the rest can wait. ”

Gerry responded first,
“Have you any ideas on that score?”
He asked looking at Peter.

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   But before Peter replied, I spoke up,
“I'm wondering if our best idea would be to just find ourselves a solicitor. ”
Peter took up the conversation,
“I can see why you would say that, and of course, it is your choice. After all you're the driver, and even if Gerry is your husband, in this respect, we're both passengers along for the ride. So if that's what you want to do its fine by me, and I won't try to talk you out of it. But before you go off half cocked, let me just run through what you'd be letting yourself into. ”

I interrupted,
“Oh I know all that stuff about being dragged through the courts and our friends and family finding out. But at least it would be over one way or the other. ”
Gerry butted in,
“That's the problem. It might be over for you, but think about me. At best, like you just said everyone will know, I'll loose my job and have difficulty finding another, and even if they don't send me down it'll be a hefty fine. But if it goes the other way, and you've already said about the way my lucks running, they'll send me down for twenty to thirty years. ”

Peter again continued,
“You're both right to some extent, but let me just explain something else. You go to a solicitor first; he then has to employ a barrister. Now to get a good brief, costs real money. I'd guess if you want to keep Gerry out of prison, you'd be paying the best part of thirty grand just for the legal team.

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   From what Graham says, the total cost of the false insurance claims are very substantial, so the fine won't be lower than ten grand, and could be a lot higher. So unless you have rich relatives or money stashed away I don't know about, I can only think of one way you can get that kind of money. But there is another way. We could just persuade Graham to sign a disclaimer. ”

I answered,
“No. I know you think you have all the answers, but blackmailers don't give up. And all that stuff about legal costs is just you trying to frighten me. I know we could get free legal aid, that way it won't cost a penny. ”
Peter laughed,
“Ha ha ha. Legal aid! How do you know so much about these matters?"
"I've seen programs on TV. "
"Well unlike TV, blackmailers are just people who think they've got the upper hand, you just need to outwit them. And yes you can get legal aid, but I guarantee if you go down that route, Gerry will be middle-aged before you see him again. But I've said my piece. And if that's your choice, it's nothing to do with me. If you have a change of heart, Gerry's got my card.

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At that he rose to his feet, but before he'd moved Gerry said,
“Hey, don't go just yet. ”
“I'm sorry lad, but it's not my place to push your little lady into a life she isn't happy with. ”
“But you said we could get Mr Spencer off our backs another way; what did you mean?”
Still standing he replied,
“Mary knows what Graham's first proposal was. ”
With that he looked at me.

I blushed, but said nothing. Gerry said,
“Well come on, am I the only one who doesn't know what's going on?”
“But you do lad, she refused him the first time. And then he brought you into the game to win her around. ”
“What, not that thing about modelling the knickers from your catalogue?”
“That was it. ”
“For fucks sake Mary. You'd send me to prison, rather than flash your fanny in his kinky knickers. ”

“You don't understand. I've done that and more already, and we're still no nearer getting your situation over with. What ever I do that man will just keep asking for more and more. ”
At this point I actually broke down and began to sob. Not hysterically, but I just felt so sad and helpless, as if I was on a never ending spiral downwards.

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   Now you might think Gerry would be the one to sit alongside me, wrap his arm around my shoulder and say,
“Come-on love. I know it's been hard for you. But I promise I'll make sure that bastard doesn't control you again. ”
But no, it was Peter whose neck I now buried my head into and sobbed.

Gerry asked,
“So what's your plan to get Mr Spencer off our backs?”
Peter replied in a soft voice,
“Not now lad. Let her have a little cry. Once she's got it out of her system, they'll be plenty time to discuss tactics. ”
So that was it, Gerry sat there silently as I sobbed on the chest of what to all intents was a perfect stranger. How long we would have stopped there like that I'm not sure, but after about ten minutes the phone started ringing, and Gerry got up and answered it.

“Hello. ”
”Ah Gerry lad. ”
“Oh. Hi Mr Spencer. ”
“I was just calling to make sure you were in. I'm coming around to see you about tonight.

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“Tonight? Why what's happening tonight?”
“I'm going to meet some friends, and I want your little lady to accompany me. I need to give her the details, and make sure she's ready for the hairdresser and beautician when they arrive later. Anyway, I'll be there in about thirty minutes and I'll explain everything. ”

We of course, didn't hear Graham's end of the conversation, but even while he was on the phone, I'd sat up and was waiting to find out what Graham wanted. So as soon as he'd put the phone down, I asked,
“What's he on about tonight?”
“He's coming around now, to tell you all about it. ”
“About what?”
“He wants you to go with him tonight to meet some of his friends, and he's arranged for a hairdresser and beautician to come here this afternoon. ”
“Oh my god!”
And as I let out my cry of desperation I again started to sob as I buried my head back into Peter's chest.

He gently eased me from his chest, and using one hand to wipe the hair from my tear soaked face, he said softly,
“Come on. Let's not let him get the upper hand. We haven't got long, have you got a PC. ”
Gerry answered,
“Yes, and it's got the latest graphics card, so it can handle just about any of the latest games. ”
“So long as you've got word or some other kind of word processor, I don't think we've got time for games. ”
I looked up at Peter and through my tears mumbled,
“What are you going to do?”

He helped me to my feet and we followed Gerry into the back room, by the time we got there, he had already fired up the PC. As we waited for it to boot, Peter said to me,
“Now you can't let Graham know I'm involved. And he already knows Gerry's capabilities, so when he arrives, this will all have been your idea.


   Ok, just give me a few minutes, and I'll see what I can come up with. ”
Gerry and I stood silently behind Peter as he tapped away on the keyboard. After a few minutes, he'd finished the document, and the printer burst into life. This was the text he'd written.

To whom it may concern.

I G. W. Spencer do affirm that G. Kendal, being my employee was working under my instructions in the testing of a comprehensive security installation. This work involved a simulation of warehouse stock damage. Looting or, and stealing of the same. Filling in false insurance claim forms for the same. Distribution of the same amongst other employees. And loading of the same stolen goods into his own private transport.

Therefore any recorded material, audio or video, on whatever format, purporting to show this kind of activity, is not to be taken as evidence of any crime or misdemeanour.

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Mr G. Kendal, is a trusted employee, who has my full confidence.

I am sorry that he has decided to move on to a new position with another company, but I wish him well in his new endeavour, and can assure any new employer that he will be getting a first class worker who can be trusted implicitly.

G. W. Spencer

As he handed the paper to me he said,
“Right now once that's signed by Graham, put it somewhere safe until you see me, and I'll get my legal boys to ratify it, and file it away. ”
I could feel such an overwhelming surge of appreciation building as I read the words and began to think this would maybe secure my freedom. And as Peter handed the paper to me, I wrapped my arms around his neck, and smothered him with kisses. As I kissed like a silly child showing gratitude for a Christmas present, I could feel Peter's hands gradually applying more pressure, trying to prise me from himself. Then when he managed to get his face out of reach of mine, he said,
“Come-on. I appreciate your gratitude, but we really haven't got time for this. ”

As I realised how silly my behaviour was, I blushed and as I backed away, said shyly,
“Sorry. ”
“That's ok, and maybe some time soon, if you still feel that way, you can show me properly. But right now, you have to decide what you want to offer Graham to get him to sign, and how we can manoeuvre him into doing what you want. Now our starting point has to be the two options he has already given you, but that's not to say he'll go for them now.

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Gerry asked,
“Two options, I thought there was only one. ”
“Well I'm afraid that before he involved you, he'd already been trying to get your little lady to come across with her goodies, still using your prison stretch as the stick. But your little lady refused him, and told him to get lost. It was then he threatened you directly, and it was you who persuaded her to cooperate. ”
“So if posing in your sexy knickers was one option, what was the other?”
“He said if she'd fuck both him and me; that would be debt paid. ”

Gerry's face was at first a scowl, and then suddenly it changed into a big smile,
“That's it!”
“What's it?”
“Don't you see? She's already let you and Graham do it the other night, remember you phoned me from that hotel room. ”
“It's not something I'm likely to forget. But that's been and gone. If you'd had the sense to write out something before then, he'd have signed that night to get her to fuck. But now, it's water under the bridge. ”
“I see, so either she poses in your stuff, or you get to fuck her again. Seems like you win all around. ”

“Stop getting distracted from who your real threat is. If you don't decide on your strategy soon, it will be too late. If he knows I'm helping you, he won't go for it at all.

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I could see Peter was right,
“Come on Gerry, it doesn't matter if he gets something out of it. All we want is to get that prison threat lifted. And as far as I'm concerned, as soon as possible. ”
“Ok, but why don't you just do the modelling of his undies, at least that way it doesn't involve having sex with anyone?”
“No, but Graham wanted me to do ten different sessions of that. And even if I do one every night, that still means ten days of being under his threat. ”
“So are you saying you want Mr Spencer and this guy to fuck you again?”
“If you want to put it that way; then yes. I'd rather have them do it and get it over with, and then we can get back to our normal life. ”

At this point Peter spoke up,
“I think she's got a point Gerry, Graham wouldn't sign anything until she's done all ten parties, and until then, he can keep coming back and manipulating her into doing other things. ”
“You're biased. All you want is to get back into her knickers. ”
“Well we're running out of time, if I don't move my car soon, he'll be here and then this scam won't work whichever route we follow. Hang on. "
He paused for a split second,
"He's just been talking with those two earlier, and so I'll bet he's all fired-up and wanting to try you out with a double fuck. ”

Gerry burst out,
“Well he's out of luck. ”
“No don't be so hasty.

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   What if I can somehow persuade him to double fuck her, but with you and him being the two men. ”
“What you won't get involved at all?”
“Hang on I haven't got this clear in my mind yet. ”

There was a pause, and then Peter said,
“Right Mary, you know what he's like, if he thinks you want something, that's the last thing he'll go for. So you need to keep pushing for the ten panty parties. I'll go now, and then I'll phone him, and ask him if there's any chance he can set you up for a double penetration session. But I'll tell him I can't make it until tomorrow. When he tells me he's too horny to wait until then, and that he's already either here, or on his way. I'll suggest he double fucks you with Gerry. That will really appeal to his warped sense of humour. ”

He looked at Gerry,
“If you show your disgust at the suggestion; that will make him all the more determined. ”
Gerry asked sarcastically,
“So what do you get out of it?”
“I told you, I'm not your enemy; concentrate on getting Graham off your back. "
Then he looked at me,
"Will you be able to do this cold, or do you want one of these?"
He was holding out a little yellow pill. I took it from him, and immediately slipped it in my mouth, and picking up the remains of a cold cup of coffee from the table, swigged it down, making sure the pill was gone.

Gerry stammered,
"What in gods name was that?"
I answered,
"Mothers little helper. "
He looked at Peter,
"What was it?"
"Nothing to worry about.

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   But it'll help her relax. Now I'd better go. And the form for him to sign, don't even mention it until his already stripping off, and at the point where you know he isn't about to stop. But for gods sake make sure he signs before his fucked you. Right I'm gone. ”

As he got to his feet I again went over to him, and reaching up as high as I could, I put my hand around his neck, pulled myself up, and planted a big juicy wet kiss. Not just on his lips, but I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth. During those few moments as I hung from his neck, with our bodies pressed tightly together, I not only felt his cock stiffen as it pressed against my tummy, I also felt a turmoil in there, one I now recognise as a prelude to my arousal. Gerry was stood at my side watching, and I guess his tolerance ran out. He reached up behind Peter's neck, pulled my hands loose and as I dropped back to the floor, he said,
“Enough of that, I thought you were in a hurry. ”

Peter replied,
“He's right; just do your best to make it work. ”
With that he turned and was on his way. Gerry went on about the pill I'd taken, but I told him we hadn't got time right now, so he let it drop. We put the paper Peter had printed out of sight, and waited. As it was Peter and I could have continued that kiss for at least another ten minutes, as it was a good fifteen minutes before Graham knocked at our door.

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   Mind you, its maybe a good thing Gerry interrupted us when he did, otherwise, left to my own devices, I'd have probably have been riding his cock at this moment. But day-dreaming aside; back to Graham's arrival.

As he waltzed in our front room, with all the swagger of someone who feels in control, he said,
“Are Gerry lad, I've been hearing good things about you. ”
“Me? What have I done?”
“This morning. My two business partners. ”
Then he winked and nodded towards me,
“Your little lady. ”

Gerry's response even took me by surprise,
“Those bastards! If they come here again, I'll fucking kill them. ”
Graham looked shocked,
“Why Gerry lad. What did they do?”
“Did you really send them?”
“Well yes.

But I thought you might appreciate the money. ”
“Money! They came in, saying you'd told them to tell me I had to let both of them have sex with Mary. I said no, but they said you'd hand over your evidence to the police if I didn't cooperate. I said I would phone you to make sure it was really your orders. They again said, no, saying if I did, you'd shop me to the police. ”
“So what happened?"
"They took Mary upstairs, both of them at the same time.

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“You went with them?”
“No they wouldn't let me. When they came down, they each threw me five twenty pound notes. And one of them also chucked two tickets to the football match, saying. ‘Here, they're no good to me now the blues are out of the running'. ”

“So you're angry with them for only paying two hundred?”
“No. It isn't just that, it was what they did to Mary. They forced her to. . . oh shit, I can't even say it. ”
His acting almost convinced me, and I knew the truth. But as he hesitated and covered his face with his hands, I continued,
“One of them held me while the other took me from behind, and once he was in me, he held me tight, while the first man took me from the front. ”
Now it was Graham, who started acting,
“You mean they both fucked you at the same time?”

Gerry answered, and not in his usual submissive tone,
“YES! And there's no need to be crude about it. ”
“Now now Gerry lad; lets not forget about your warehouse activities. ”
“How can I, but I'd have thought with all Mary's been through, that debt would have been settled by now.

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“I'm not sure it's her who has been through anything; it's more the other way around. "
"The other way around? What do you mean?"
"I thought it was more a case of all the men who've been through Mary. "
And as he said this he gave a dirty laugh,
"Ha ha,"
"You dirty sod. "
"Less of that my boy, I still have the evidence to get you put away. "
"That's my point. You've just said in your crude way, she's already done it for you with more than one man. She must have paid off the debt?"
"Well now lad, she hasn't done any of the lingerie parties yet. ”
Just as he was speaking his mobile phone started ringing in his pocket.
“Hang on; I'll just see who this is. ”

As he looked at the screen on his phone a smile appeared on his face, and the phone went up to his ear,
“Hi Pete old mate. I was just thinking about you. ”
“I was just ringing to ask a favour. ”
“Course mate, just name it. ”
“That bit of skirt you've got jumping through hoops, I've been thinking about what Larry and James did with her this morning, and I can't get it out of my head. I was thinking that maybe instead of getting her to do those undies demos for me, how about arranging a double fuck for some time tomorrow?”
“I'm with her right now; can't you get straight over here?”
“No can do today.

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“Are you sure you can't make it, now you've sown the idea in my head, I quite fancy doing it now. ”
“Well go for it. ”
“But who with, I've already got a stiffy and its getting worse as we speak. ”
“What about that creep of a husband. I would have thought getting him to partner you would have appealed to your warped sense of humour. ”
“Shit yes. That's it. Thanks for the idea, call you later once I've done the dirty. ”

We obviously didn't hear Peter's end of the conversation, but we assumed he was trying to steer Graham towards what we'd already talked about. As Graham folded his phone and slipped it in his pocket, he said,
“That was Peter. ”
Gerry asked,
“The advertising man from the knickers firm?”
“That's him. ”
“So did you make arrangements for Mary to model his stuff, so we can call it debt paid?”
“Not that simple. ”
“Why, she's agreed to do it for him. ”
“Maybe, but he's not sure he wants it modelled anymore. ”
I then pleaded,
“Look I know you've got me over a barrel, but I can't take this day after day.

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   If he doesn't want the modelling doing, isn't there any other way we can get this sorted?”

“Well maybe. ”
He looked at me as he asked,
“I take it you didn't like the idea of two men fucking you at the same time?”
“No. "
And then using the most sarcastic tone I could muster,
"Why, do you think that's some sort of treat?”
He then looked at Gerry,
“And you, have you ever fucked her up the arse?”
“Of course not. ”

Graham looked at Gerry,
“Ok I've got a proposition for you. We all go up to your bedroom, and me and your little lady will get comfortable. Once I've got her all juiced-up, I want you on your back on the bed. If you ain't hard, it'll be up to her to get you there. And then once you're ready for action, I want her to drop her snatch onto your dick, and I'll give her the arse fucking of a lifetime. ”
“You might as well go now. ”
“What are you telling me you'd rather go to jail?”
“You know I don't want jail, but there are some things I won't do. ”
“You'll regret it. ”

I could see what Gerry was doing, but I thought it was now about time to let Graham think he was calling the shots,
“Look Mr Spencer. Gerry isn't trying to be difficult, but it seems we keep doing what ever you say, and we're no nearer getting this debt to you paid. If. I'm not saying I will, but if we do let you do as you've just said, and Gerry does.


  . . you know, join in with you. Will that completely settle our debt?”
“Maybe. ”

Gerry took over,
“This is pointless. If you're just going to keep stringing us along, then it might as well end here. Go to the police and get it over with. ”
“Don't be so hasty. I said maybe. ”
I asked,
“So what is it that will make it a definite?”

“Now let me see. What about if once we get upstairs, Gerry takes your clothes off for me, and then he holds your legs open as I get on the bed and start fucking you. And then once I get you going, we'll just follow the plan I laid out a minute a go. ”
Gerry spoke up,
“No way am I preparing my own wife for you to fuck. And I don't care what you say; I'm not having sex with her at the same time as you. ”
“But Gerry, if he agrees this is the last thing we need to do, and all your problems are over.

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I then looked up to Graham,
“That is what you're saying; if we do this it is all over?”
“I guess so. ”
“Please Gerry, I know you don't want to, and god knows neither do I, but if Graham rights-off the debt, slate clean, then please let's just do it. ”
“Ok, but this is the last time. ”
Graham had a smug little smile on his face as he said,
“Come on then get your little lady up those stairs, I want to see you preparing her for me. ”

We all trouped up to the bedroom, and Graham took the seat by my dressing table whilst Gerry began to remove my clothing. As he released the clip on my bra, Graham said,
“That's it Gerry lad let's see her tits hanging free. ”
Gerry continued without comment, and then put his fingers into the waist band of my panties. As he started to peel them down my legs, Graham again goaded,
“Good lad, now we can see that little bald snatch. ”

Once I was naked I stepped back and as I sat onto the bed, swung my legs around and lay down full stretch on my back. As Gerry lifted my legs open, Graham came up behind him,
“Ok lad, get your face down there and juice it up ready for my dick. ”
Gerry buried his face into my crotch, and his tongue began to lick and flick around my pussy slit, and he gave my mound the occasional chew. Over this last hour, the little yellow pill had been slowly taking effect, so my body had been gradually preparing itself for an inevitable sex session. And not being totally sure of what that session would entail, only served to heighten this arousal. So as Gerry's mouth worked my pussy, and my eyes trained on Graham who was by now naked, and working his cock up ready for action, my hips began their self propelled heaving motion.

By now Graham was stood there with a proud look on his face and his stiff cock in his hand,
“Ok lad, lift her legs up, and hold them as wide as you can.

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   She's got to make room for this little beauty of mine. ”
Gerry followed instructions, and up went my ankles, and with him stood at the side of the bed, he lent over the top of me and stretched my legs open wide. As Graham positioned himself in between my legs and lowered his cock into line with my pussy, I looked up to Gerry to see if he was coping with the situation. To my surprise, his eyes were not weepy or diverted from the action. But instead, they were out on stalks, watching Graham's cock as it pushed up into my pussy. I then diverted my gaze to Gerry's pants, and his cock was so aroused, it was sticking out like a centre pole holding up a circus tent.

So as Graham got into his stride, and I started to give in to my arousal, I suddenly remembered the document graham was supposed to sign. I knew I wanted to stop him, to make sure we got his signature, but on my first attempt, no words left my lips. I remember thrashing my arms about trying to get Gerry's attention. But this was fruitless. Then I tried kicking to see if I could break my legs free. This was also to no avail. I swallowed and tried to cry out again, and still all I got was a pathetic sigh, like a dying person's last breath.

But just then Gerry looked my way and said,
“Stop kicking you silly bitch. ”
My head reeled, and I couldn't believe my ears.

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   He was deeper into a trance than I was, and it was as if it was some kind of game or roll play. But what ever it was, it was his oblivion to my plight, which brought my voice back under my control. As I let fly this time, I was that loud, I almost scared myself,
Graham didn't flinch; he just kept pumping his stiff shaft deep up inside my pussy. But Gerry shook, and then reality must have kicked-in.
“What? What's wrong?”
“Stop him. Put my legs down. He hasn't signed the form. ”

The next few minutes were almost a comedy situation, me thrashing around, Gerry trying to pull Graham free, and Graham just steaming ahead as if on auto-pilot. But eventually, maybe after a minute or so, grahams cock slipped out, more I think due to my thrashing around than Gerry's tugging. But between us, the fuck was actually halted. Graham looked none to pleased, and snarled.
“What the fucks going on?”
I said to Gerry,
"Get that piece of paper from my dresser. ”
Gerry brought the paper and gave it to Graham.

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“What the fucks this? Couldn't it have waited to we'd finished?”
I replied,
“No it couldn't. You said this would be the last time, and I want you to sign that to make sure it is. ”
He read it and then said,
“Where did you get this shit from?”
“I wrote it. ”
He threw it on the floor,
“It's all crap. It isn't worth the paper it's written on. Now get her legs back up. Before I do it myself. ”

I pulled myself up to the head of the bed and said,
“If it's all crap, it won't hurt you to sign it. ”
“Stop fucking me around. Get back down here before I get rough. ”
Gerry had stepped back, taken hold of my dresser chair, and he held it over his head as he said,
“You move towards her and I'll break this over your head. ”
“Put that down you stupid fool. Where do you think you are in some western saloon?”
“I'm warning you, if you so much as lean towards her, I'll fucking do it. ”

He looked down at the paper on the floor where he'd thrown it,
“Ok, I'm just going to pick this up. ”
He took hold of the paper and read it again.

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“It's like I said, pure shit. Even if I sign it; it wouldn't stand up in a court of law. ”
I again spoke,
“So sign it and you can have your fuck. ”
As I said the last bit, still well out of his reach, I spread my knees open and flashed my wet and juicy pussy at him.

“Where's the pen?”
“Get him a pen Gerry. ”
“I can't put this chair down until he's signed. ”
“I think you can, I don't think he'd like you to break it over his back while he is busy ramming my pussy. I think he knows a normal household chair would hurt more than the stunt chairs in his western movies. ”
Gerry slowly put down his chair, and graham didn't try to make any advances. So when Gerry handed him the pen he signed it.
“Ok, now are you happy?”
“Oh yes. ”
At this I pushed myself down the bed towards him, lifted my legs high in the air, and let them fall wide open. As graham looked down at my glistening pussy, I said to Gerry,
“Make sure you put that somewhere safe, I don't want him getting any ideas about destroying it. ”
Then looking down at Graham through the 'V' formed by my legs, I said,
“Come on then, let's see how well you and my Gerry can work as a team. ”

I could see my eagerness wasn't the reaction Graham wanted, but even if his gut reaction would have been to try some other route to humiliate me, his ardour got the better of him.

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   He was back on top of me, and thrusting his cock for all he was worth. Not I hasten to add at a mad pace, but never the less, his purposeful long strokes were delivered with an almost vengeful force. But if this action was in any way designed to intimidate or worry me, he couldn't have been wider of the mark. As each thrust neared the end of its stroke, my hips would lift, bringing my crotch into contact with his groin in a squelchy collision. He rammed me in this manner for a good five to ten minutes, and I began to think he'd forgotten about his original intention involving Gerry.

While this thought was milling through my head, I felt him grip me tightly to his body, and with his cock firmly deep up inside me, he rolled over on the bed, settling on his back, with me above him. Then as he released his grip, I took my weight with my knees either side of him, and continued the fuck, keeping to his long and deliberate strokes, and ending each one with my whole weight forcing myself down onto his cock. His attention however seemed momentarily distracted, and there wasn't any deliberate attempt on his part to deliver a simultaneous push.

As I opened my eyes I could see his gaze was also diverted, and I looked in the direction of his attention. Gerry was just at the point of stepping from his boxer-shorts, and his cock was as big, if not bigger than I'd ever seen it. To say he was aroused would be an understatement. Graham called across to him,
“Come on then. I'll hold her while you work it up her arse. ”
Gerry couldn't wait, and in seconds he was on the bed behind me, and his cock began to push at my bottom.

Now I know I was well and truly arouse, but Gerry didn't even rub the end of his cock around in the surplus amount of my sticky juices.

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   He just pushed. Even though I was well worked up and willing to take it, it didn't even enter. I felt the pain as he about ripped my flesh, and instinctively let out a yell,
“CHRIST! Gerry. ”
Graham must have instantly known what was wrong; I guess you can put that down to his experience in these things. He said to Gerry,
“For gods sake lad, wet it up a bit. If you rip her arse she won't be worth fucking. ”

And then Graham did something I didn't expect. He withdrew his cock completely from my pussy, and then said,
“Go on lad, get it in there and juice it up a bit. ”
Gerry was instantly up in my pussy, and bashing like a mad dog with only seconds to live. Graham spoke again,
“Take your time, and while you're wetting your dick, use your fingers to get some of her snatch juices into her arse. ”
I never thought I'd be grateful to Graham, especially for him giving sex instructions to my own husband.

But Gerry followed instructions, and when he next pushed his cock at my bottom, I got that wonderful surge of exhilaration that I'd come to expect from this experience. But then Graham re-entered my pussy, and with the addition of this extra cock, and the stretching this caused, it took the stimulation onto a higher plain. Now all the anxiety of getting Graham to sign or question over Gerry's willingness to take part, was over, I just let myself drift off into the land of lust. Between them ramming my body from different direction and at different paces, and my own uncontrollable humping motion, the very essence of my being was aflame with passion.

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They fucked me in this manner for maybe five minutes, before, at Graham's command, it was all change. I now had Gerry underneath me, and he just resumed his fucking of my pussy, but with an eagerness I'd not felt from him for a very long time. Graham was on his knees, and pushing his cock at my bottom. Once it entered, he didn't just ram it up hard, but started with his slow strokes, and then gradually increased the pace. So now as they both resumed their individual rhythms, we set forth on the next, and as it was to be final stage of this session. I have to say at this point, the fact that my husband was one of my two partners didn't in anyway influence my behaviour or even my pleasure. At this stage of the action, it could have been any two men; not that I'd admit that to Gerry.

Although I guess over time it must have become obvious to Gerry, that this method of having sex, (two men), would become my favourite. It didn't matter whether they took turns at my pussy or use my bottom or throat. Over time, I've come to believe, once there are more than two men involved, they loose that personal touch and tenderness which is so important to put you at your ease. And one man by himself can rarely give the overall stimulation. These statements are like any generalisation, not cast in stone, and you never know at the outset of any encounter, just how good it will be.

But back to these two, Graham and my husband. I felt Graham was still attempting to make his action as aggressive as possible, but as my body was in full fuck mode, the harder he pounded the more I liked it. Whereas my Gerry was fucking deeper and harder than I'd ever known, and I don't think it was deliberate, I just think he was so turned on.

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   I even think he had forgotten it was his own wife he was fucking. As they both fucked, neither of them diverted any of their attention towards simultaneously fondling or exciting any other part of my body. Gerry's hands were on my waist as I rode on top of him. And Graham had one arm down by my side taking his weight, whilst gripping a handful of my hair with the other.

I was surprised that Gerry managed to keep up this action for so long without shooting his cum, but in the event, after maybe five minutes of this last position, he was the first to cum. As I detected his jerky movements, my own orgasm just erupted, not as the result of a conscious decision, just an automatic response to the feeling in my pussy. Once my pussy actions started, I assume either my bottom had also started to pulse, or the reverberation from my pussy must have reached Graham in my bottom. But what ever was the cause, my pussy had only just started to pulse, when Graham about ripped the handful of hair from my head as he rammed so hard, shooting his cum deep up inside my bottom.

From that point I just went to dream land while they finished delivering there cum. Once they'd finished, they left me on the bed still moaning and writhing around. Gerry said it took a good five minutes before I came to my senses, but that it appears is now normal for me. When I got downstairs after my shower, Graham had left, and Gerry asked,
“Are you ok?”
“Yes. Are you?”
“I guess so. But I don't want to talk about it. ”
“Fine by me.

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   Have you got that paper he signed put away somewhere safe?”
“Yes for all the good it is. ”

“What do you mean?”
“Mr Spencer said we might as well rip it up and burn it. He says if he calls the police, they'll laugh if we show them that. He recons it has no legal standing at all. ”
“I'll bet he does. But I hope you didn't fall for that and let him get hold of it?”
“No. I knew you'd blow-up if I did that. But he says you need to stop in this afternoon, he's got a hairdresser and beautician coming here to give you the once over ready for tonight. ”

“What. And you didn't tell him to go and get stuffed?”
“No way. I don't think he's kidding about that stupid paper, and it isn't worth risking him going to the police. ”
“What so you're expecting me to go with him tonight. ”
“We have to. It's not worth risking everything; all he wants you to do, is go to some dinner function as his guest. It's not like he wants you to do sex or anything.


“You're so gullible. Where's that card Peter gave you?”

He reached into his inside pocket and gave me the card he pulled from it. I went to the phone and rang Peter's number.
“Hello. Is that you Peter?”
“Yes. Is that Mary?”
“Yes, Graham's just left. ”
“Did he sign the paper?”
“Yes. But he said. . . ”
Peter interrupted,
“Never mind what he said, you've got the signed paper there?”
“Yes. ”
“I'll be right over. See you in about twenty minutes. ”

As soon as I put the phone down Gerry asked,
“Well what did he say?”
“He's coming straight over; he'll be here in twenty minutes. ”
“But what did he say when you were going to tell him what Mr Spencer said?”
“He just said, never mind, so long as he's signed it.

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