high school boys part 1


it was the first day of the 7th and all of my friends were in high school. i hated school in the first place and now i had to go to school without my friends. every kid in my grade hated my hated me, because i hated them, so no one wanted to hang with the girl who wanted to kill every one in the 7th grade.
so after one week of not hearing for any of my friends, i got a text form one of them tell me to go the point for a party at 5pm. so at 5 lift the house to go to the party. i was wearing a black halter and a black many skirt.
my friends waited for me at the door. "wow you look hot and you in high school. " my friend alex said with every one agreeing with her. "but you need to pull back hair to show off your face and neck. " my other friend mike said. so he grabed the pony tail holder form my wrist and put into a sexy bun. "now for sure you look like your in high school girl. "mike told me and then gave me a hug.
" so can we go in i want to see a high school party. "i said erger to get in.

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  " ok ok jumpy. " cleo said.
once we got in we dance till we were clovered in sweat. "hey i'm going to go grab us some drinks guys ok. " then i walked a way to grab the drinks.
"hey hot mama what you up to?" said a hot tall dude woth drown hair and green eyes. " just grabing some drinks for me and my friends. " i said. i mean this dude was in high school and i was inthe 7th grade what would he want with me i mean i my look like i'm in hight school but i looked like a freashmen.
"ok what you want sexy?" he said to me. "and my name is joe by the way. what is your's?" joe asked me. "my friends call me jumpy. "i said. "jumpy how did you get that name?" he asked me.

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   "well in the 6th grade i won a fight by jumping form place and not getting hit once or not hitting her once. " i said. "wow nice. " he said and then he gave me a drink. " so what year you in jumpy?"he asked me. "umm well i'm in the 7th grade. " " so you are in the 7th grade. " he said to me. "yeah. " "yo mike, anderw come over here. " he yelled over thee music. when he waited for them i drank the rest of my drink. as soon as they saw me they made a triangle around me. with each of them wispering to each other.
after a minite of them talking joe said," hey lets go for a walk.

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  " then his friends went to my sides.