first time ;]


Topic: One day, me and my boyfriend "danny" were at his house in his room making out. we've been going out for about six months now and have intense make-out sessions. he was touching me alll over and kissing my neck (i go crazy for that) and then he started nibbling my neck, which i LOVE. we've seen each other naked before, but only when i give him a bj and he eats me out. we were getting really horny because his parents wern't home, and we got naked slowly.
After we were fully naked he started kissing me all the way down my body, and back up. he started rubbing, kissing, and sucking on my tits and by now, my nipples were very firm ;] he started kissing my clit and licking my wet pussy until i couldn't take it anymore, and i wanted him in me soo bad. i was kinda scared though, because i was still a virgin, and i knew he was one too.
"Are you sure u wanna do this babe?"
"yea, im so fucking hornyy right noww, i want your hard long cock (6'1/2 to be exact ;])"
"mmm i want you too"
He then asked me to suck his cock, because we didn't have a condom, but we didnt' care anyway. i sucked on his long hard cock until he pushed me down and got on top of me. i told him to go slow because i was scared it would hurt, but in the end, it didn't as much as i thought it would. 
After that, we just couldn't stop ourselves, we have sex at least three times whenevver we see each other and we are still together, it's been 10 months now ;]