Mishi's Dark Lust


 The Perils of Greggie-Poo   Chapter 1: "Mishi's Dark Lust"   (Note: these events follow from those in the series "The Misadventuresof Mishi")   * * * * *   My wife, Mishi, is a petite 5'6", 100 lb. , natural blonde.   The trussesof her hair reach just below her ears.   Her breasts are perky and stand outat a slightly up-thrust angle, her stomach is flat, and she's got a round,tight ass.   Her thighs are set apart a little giving her pelvis structure areal fuck me look.   She keeps herself fit at the YWCA swimming, and we liketo cycle.    One day I was looking for some papers I had misplaced and was rummagingthrough her night stand when I discovered a big black vibrator and anillustrated fuck book about white women with black men.    I was going to simply put them away as if nothing happened, but shewalked in while I was examining them.   I found myself apologizing forgetting into her "private things".   After a very uncomfortable silence Ifinally said, "I guess I am little shocked that you're interested in suchthings.   Can we talk about it?"   Her bluntness shocked me.   After several seconds of silence she took abreath and said, "OK, I want to fuck a black man!  There I said it!  I hopeit's not the end of our marriage, but, yes, I want to be a total slut witha big, hung, black stud who would fuck me silly!"   I was in shock, "Anyone in particular?"   "No.   Just read the book!"   When I finished the book, I asked, "Wow!  How much of this do you want?"   She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Help me get ready, and we'll seewhere it goes!"   "When do you want to and how?"   "You know I'm just about to get my period and I'm the horniest then. Tomorrow's the biggest night down at IT. " IT was a disco that was usuallyabout eighty percent black.   The girl in the book picked up her first blackstud at a disco.

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    IT had a reputation for being a white chick/black manpick up spot.    I re-read some of that first encounter in the book.   The thought startedto turn me on, so I said, "Well, I don't mind if you do it . . .   but, can Iwatch?"   "NO, this is just for me.   I don't want any distractions from you.   Youcan arrange a room, get me ready, take me down to IT, and then come up whenit's over.   But . . .   if every thing goes OK, and you're still agreeable,then MAYBE you to watch the next time. " The next time?  How's she so sureit will happen again?   The next day I was a wreck at work.   Mishi called me to remind me tomake the hotel reservation and then come straight home.   I called the hoteland reserved a room and left work early.

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    When I got home I asked if shestill   wanted to go through with it.   She said she definitely did - her pussyhad been wet all day in anticipation.   I said I hoped she didn't fix anydinner because my stomach was too nervous to eat.   She laughed and saidhers was too.    She then told me to help her get ready.   First she wanted me to give hera bath.   We spoke very little as I bathed her and dried her beautifulpetite, perfectly proportioned body off.    When I was done, she sat on the edge of the tub and told me to get a panof hot water, my razor with a new blade, and shaving cream.   She smiled andsaid "the woman in the book didn't have any hair on her pussy, and I wantthe same thing".   I always wanted her to do this before for me, but shealways refused.   Now, however, she was going to do it for a black man.   For   the first time, I was starting to get jealous.   She spread her legs wideapart giving me total access to her groin area.    My fingers started to tremble, and it took all my will power to steadymy hand as I shaved her natural blonde curls from her pubic mound andaround her pussy.   When I was done she had me pad it dry and rub her entiregroin area all over with   scented oil.

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     Her bald pussy turned me on so much, I told her it was beautiful andasked if I could eat her now.    "No, not now; you'll have to wait until later. " The hidden meaning wassubtle.   I whined a little.    "OK, just one kiss though. " Ignoring her wishes, I dove in aggressively,but she grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed me away.    "I said you have to WAIT!"   She got up and went into the bedroom and told me to dress her.   She toldme what clothes to get and where to find them: a silky red evening dress,spilt up the side, beautiful sheer red hose, which had a three inch stretchhem at the top so no garter was necessary, and matching red spiked pumps. Ithen dressed her and added the finishing touches: gold anklet, gold   necklace, gold earrings, and several rings, including our wedding ring. Obviously excluded from the ensemble were panties and a bra.   She wantednothing but her natural lines to show on the slinky dress.    She looked stunning, a total slut!  When she stood with her legs apartand pelvis forward it was obvious, to me anyway, that Mishi not only had nopanties on, but also was without pubic hair.    When we checked into the hotel, she asked for two keys and gave me one. Up in the room, she gave me last minute instructions.    "We'll go in IT's separate.

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    When I've picked out my stud, follow as faras the hotel lobby.   Don't come up.   Wait an hour, then use the house phoneto call every fifteen minutes.   I'm going to take the phone off the hookuntil I'm done with him.   Don't come up until I answer the phone.   Got it?"I nodded.   Damn, she   thought this whole thing out to every little detail!   We walked to IT's and arrived at 10.   The place was already jumping.   Ifollowed at a safe distance and took a seat at the bar.   She turned downdances until the ultimate stud hit on her.   He was maybe 6'3", looked likean athlete with nice broad shoulders and narrow hips.   I was immediatelyintimidated and jealous.   After two fast dances with a lot of touching,they sat down at a small table, then got up and did a slow dance.    His hands were all over her; he almost engulfed her small white body inhis huge frame.   I was already trembling inside, but a strange feelingswept over me like a wave.

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    Back at the table they didn't sit down; theysimply finished their drinks in a gulp and left with him leading her by thehand.    I made my way to the door and stayed well behind them as they made theirway to the hotel.   He was fondling her right on the street.   As I walkedinto the lobby my eyes made contact with her pointing nipples, gleamingeyes, and his bulging crotch in the second it took for the elevator door toclose.    It was now 10:55.   The next three hours and 15 minutes where the longestof my life up to that point.   I went into the bar and had a couple ofdrinks.   It would have been very easy to have drank myself numb, but Iwanted to have most of my senses for after he left.    That feeling that had sweep over me in the disco just kept building witheach passing minute as I wondered what they were doing at every instant.    As directed I called the room at 1 hour - busy.   At an hour and a halfit was still busy.   I got nervous that she might have forgotten that I waswaiting for her or maybe she passed out.   I went up to the room to check upon them.   The sounds of love making, or should I say *fucking*, whereobvious to any one in the hall.   The groaning, grunting, creaking of bed orfurniture   became louder and louder as I approach our room.

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    Most of the sounds Irecognized as coming from Mishi.   I never heard her make sounds like that   when we had sex.   It was simultaneously threatening, reassuring, andexciting.    I stood silently at the door, but I was so turned on that after a whileI couldn't take it any more and returned to the bar and tried to calm   down.    At 2:10 the lobby phone rang.   It was Mishi.   She just wearily said,"Get up here", and hung up.    It was a long elevator ride.   My heart raced.   When I got to the door,the hall way was completely silent.   I knocked.   No answer.   My handtrembled as I put the key in the door and opened it.   The smell of raw sexfilled my   nose as I entered.    I almost jumped out of my skin as I passed the opening to the bathroom.

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  Her stud stood there naked, toweling himself off.    "You must be Greg.   I'm Luke. " He offered his hand.   I took it weakly asI stared blatantly at his cock.   Jesus Christ!  Even limp after all thefucking, it was longer than mine is when hard, and much bigger around.   I'dnever seen a limp cock so big; it seemed to hang half way down to hisknees!   "Where's M. . Mishi?" I stammered.    "Oh, she's still in the bed.   That's one hot bitch you got there!  Ittook nearly three hours of constant fucking and sucking to satisfy her. "   I couldn't believe that.   Mishi and I rarely fucked for more than a halfhour and she never complained.   And even if she did, I doubt I could havekept going.   Three hours?  Is that possible?   I turned and walked into the room.

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    I scanned the whole scene, taking itall in.   From the look, and smell, of things, you'd have thought the roomhad just been used by a orgy of 10 people.   The bed covers and sheets were   off both double beds, leaving the mattresses bare.    I then saw that Mishi was in the bed that was pulled away from itsheadboard on the wall.   It was adjacent to a mirrored wall, and I could seeher reflection in it.   Mishi was laying on her back with her head angled tothe side.   Two pillows propped up her feet, which made her legs form in a"V" shape.   They almost seemed clamped shut.    From my position at the foot of the bed, I could see straight at thecrack of her bald asshole, which I had also shaved.   I had never seen itlike this before.   It didn't even resemble the asshole I had shaven earlierthat day.   It was all red and swollen, and her inner assrings were openabout an inch like the a toilet drain.   The crack itself was full of awhitish liquid.   Her asshole looked way too big to belong to a person withsuch a petite ass.    Then I looked at her face.

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    She was breathing gently through her mouth. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were half-open, and she had a dreamy look asshe stared at nothing in particular.    I took in the room again; images began to form in my mind as I noticeddetails: A ruffled pillow was draped across the arm of the over stuffedchair by the windows -- she must have been face down in the chair takinghis black shaft from behind.   The desk was pulled out from the wall at oneend and a large bath towel was spread out on top of it, hanging off the end-she was on her back, legs up on his shoulders as he stood driving hisshiny black rod into her tight shithole.    The pile of bed sheets on the floor has a matted down area, I lookedcloser: there was a familiar looking diamond shaped wet spot.   I lookedback at the pillow over the arm of the chair; wet spot there too, and onthe other bed right at the edge.    I set down on the corner of the bed that Mishi was on.   "You OK?"   "Ohhhh . . . yaaa!" she responded dreamily.   Her lips were stained brown. . . obviously from her own shit which she must have sucked off Luke's hugecock.

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     I startled as Luke came back into the room.    "Yes sir, one hot slut!  They all get excited, but I never had no whitechick go so fucking nuts for my dick before!" Luke started gathering hisclothes that were scattered   about.    My throat was parched; I tried to swallow but it was too dry.   I lookedat Mishi and saw her eyes following Luke as he moved around and dressed. The room was quiet.   When Luke was done, he went over to the desk, took outa note pad and scribbled.   He handed it to me.    "This is my phone number.   She said you make all the arrangements andstuff and get her ready, so call me when she needs it again.   I figureit'll take a week for her shithole to recover, and soon after that she'llbe beggin' for more. "   I just stared at him, then the piece of paper.   He must have read theexpression on my face, because he then said:   "Face it man, it ain't ever going to be the same with you.   Aftertonight she won't even be able to feel your little five incher in her, andshe'll be needing mine all the time to keep her satisfied. "   I couldn't believe it; she told him I only have a five inch dick!  Sheknows I've always been sensitive about the size of my penis.   What else didshe tell him?   "Oh," he added, "and you know that once they go black, they never goback, so I don't think you'll be getting much from her anymore.


    Maybe I'lllet you suck my cock to get it ready for her.   Hell, I might even fuck yourwhite ass   too!  It's probably as tight as that whores!"   He pushed me to the floor and pulled my mouth to his cock.   I was insuch shock I didn't respond.   Sensing no resistance, he slid his cockheadinto my mouth and began pumping my face.    My wife caught sight and moaned as she started frigging herself as herhusband sucked her black lover's cock!  I gagged at the taste of shit,apparently she hadn't gotten it all off.    He stopped pumping my face and paused for a second.   Suddenly my mouthwas filling with liquid!  At first I thought he was cumming in my mouth,but it was too hot and fluid!  The bastard was pissing in my mouth!   "Drink it or I fuck your white ass, faggot!"   My wife moaned as she realized what he was doing.    "Oh, GOD!!!  Yes!  Feed him your piss, Luke!  Isn't it yummy, faggot?!"   Not wanting this monster up my ass, I drank it down as fast as I could,but he piss-stream was too strong, and it tasted of his cum, left over inhis cock.   I actually swallowed most of it, but some of it spilled overdown my chin and soaked my white dress shirt.   My wife came in   another screaming orgasm and he continued to piss in my mouth.    "Damn, you ARE a cocksucking little faggot whiteboy, aren't you" the bigblack man laughed   as I finished the last of his piss.    He unceremoniously yanked his cock from my   mouth making an obscene sound and caused me to burp and drool spilledout down my chin.   With that he started laughing and slapped me on the backas he zipped up.    "Don't worry, faggot, I'll be back for your ass tomorrow night. .

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  . you'll get your fill of black dick and nigga seed tomorrow. . .   and don'teat nothin', cuz I'm gonna fill you up with cum, piss and shit- just likeyour whore wife!"   He turned and headed for the door.   As he did, Mishi looked me right inthe eye -- no shame, no guilt, just wantonness.   I knew then that what hesaid was true.    The door closed and he was gone.   I looked closer at her body as shestudied my face.   Mishi had dried juices down the inside of her thighs in acouple of directions, both centering on her asshole.   It was not onlygaping open and pooled with cum inside, but the crack of her ass and outershithole assrings had junks of whitish jelly clinging to the folds.   Herthighs were red   inside, her hips where red, her tits looked like they had been mauled,and they had dried juice crusting on them.   I moved up to stroke her hair,it had dried cakes of cum in it, ratting her messy hair.    "Are you sure you're OK?" I queried.   She nodded yes.

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     I asked, "Do you still love me?"   "Oh God, yes!  More than ever for being such a good faggot cuckold forLuke.   But do you still love ME?" This was the first sentence I heard herutter, and her voice was raw, as if she had a cold or sore throat.    "Yes, of course I do," I replied.    "Then kiss me. " I leaned over slowly.   She reached up and pulled my faceto hers.   It was a long, gentle, passionate kiss.   She tasted funny.   Icould taste him; it was his cum, I knew that.   Her mouth was soft andgiving, she explored my mouth with her tongue and pushed it against aroundmine.   I liked that and was surprised because she usually didn't do that.    "You know you're going to have to tell me every detail!  Did you suckhim?"   I had to know.   She almost never sucks on my dick because she claims itmakes her choke.   Luke's should have strangled her.    "Of course.

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    Why do you think my voice is so hoarse?"   "I figured it was from all the yelling and screaming I heard you make. "   "Well, I guess that had something to do with it too. "   "Did he cum in your mouth?"   "Yes, twice. " Damn, on the rare occasions that she did give me a blowjob, she always made me pull out and cum over my hand.    "Did you swallow his cum?"   "Yes, completely the first time, except for a few dribbles; he got realsloppy the second time though.   I swallowed half of it, but then he pulledout and shot it all over my face, tits, hair -- he shot out like a fuckingfire-hose!"   I couldn't believe this; she always claimed she hated the taste of spermand would never let me pull out and cum on her face!  Was this the samewoman I'd been married to all these years?  While I had a hard-onpractically all night, it was throbbing in my pants now.   I felt like I was   going to cum in them soon if I didn't take them off to relieve thefriction.    Without any prompting from me, she went on.   "The first blowjob I gavehim, he must produced a pint of sperm.   You know the times I've swallowedyour cum, its never taken more than one swallow.   Usually I can hold yourwhole   load in my mouth without swallowing.   But with him, I swear I had toswallow four or five times, and I still choked and dribbled some. "   What the hell was she talking about . . .

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    "the times I've swallowed yourcum"?  That was a long time ago when were still dating.   Since we got   married, she steadfastly refused to swallow my cum.    I stewed over that one for a moment then asked "Did he eat your pussy?"   "A little bit.   The second time I sucked him off we were sixty-nining. He had fucked me for maybe 20 minutes by then, but hadn't cum yet in mycunt.   I begged him to cum in my mouth again; I just couldn't get enough ofit. "   "So, how many times did you cum?"   "Oh God, I lost count somewhere around seven; after that it was like onelong high!  Believe it or not the first small one happened while I wassucked him the first time!  The excitement of his squirts hitting the backof   my throat got me off!  Then the first big one --oh my god-- the firstanal orgasm in my life -- took about one minute of his cock . . . and it   wasn't even all the way in!"   In all seriousness, I stated, "You know all of this is giving me aninferiority complex. "   "So, is that why you have a big hard-on?" she teased.   Her responseindicated that she either thought I was joking or didn't care.   She paused.    "I'm sorry, but Luke made me realize that I never had a real orgasm withyou.   I thought I did, but I never experienced anything with you like I didwith him.

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  " She looked at me,   waiting for a response.   "Do you understand?"   "Well, I guess so.   He must have been hung like a horse, but I only sawhim limp.   How big was he hard?"   "At least 12 inches . . .   at least.   He said 12 and 1/2, but it seemedbigger.   More than twice as long as yours.   And big around, shit!" Mishimade an open circle with her finger indicating she couldn't get her handclosed   around it, at least an inch shy.    "How much of that did you take, it's obvious his width opened you up?"We both glanced at the mirrored wall at her still gaping butthole.    "Orally, only about half, maybe six inches. " I'm thinking that means shecould take all of me, but she never really tried to take it all.   ThenMishi stretched her arms around my head and smiled real big.   She slowlypulled me   toward her mouth for a kiss.

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     "My asshole took the whole fucking thing!" Boy, was she proud ofherself.    "WOW!  This I gotta see: My little 100 lb.   Mishi, taking that thing allthe way!"   "Maybe, next time . . .   if you're lucky," she responded.    "So, what was your favorite part?"   "The first time he fucked me and got it all the way in.   It took awhile, but when it finally sunk all the way in . . .   oh, I just can'tdescribe the feeling.   Then later when he carried me around on his cock. . . "   "Did what?" I interrupted.

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     "Well, once when we took a break for a drink and pee -- he let me holdit while he pissed a gallon -- right in my mouth- it tastes so good!  Ofcourse, you know that, too. . .   we ended up fucking with me on the counterin the bathroom.   He picked me up and carried me around with his hands onmy thighs, my arms around his neck and his cock up my shithole the wholetime.   It was like a bull ride.   I went berserk while I was impaled on hiscock.   I just kept thrusting up and down on it and had . . .   oh maybe my 5thcum.   And he never had to touch my cunt!  It felt like he was tearing me upinside, but I just couldn't stop; it felt too good.   But, God, am Istarting to regret it now; my poop chute is sooo sore. "   I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead.    "My next most favorite part is right now; telling you all about it,without any fear or guilt.

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    I swear it's turning me on . . .   and I think youtoo!"   She stroked my hard-on through my slacks.    "So what now?  Shall we get you cleaned you up?  I could start a nicehot bath. . . "   "Maybe later . . .   just clean me up right here for now. "   "I'll get a warm rag. " I started to get up, she pulled me back andlooked at me wickedly in the eyes.    "No, Greg, use your mouth.   Clean me up with your mouth.

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  " She peeredright into my eyes to the depth of my soul.   "You see that's the final partof my fantasy tonight.   That's why I'm laying here like this with my feetpropped   up on these pillows.   That way his sperm wouldn't run out.   I told himto deposit it deep for you. "   "You told him you were going to have me eat his cum from your. . .   yourasshole?!" I asked, humiliated by the knowledge that she was sharing herdesire for kinky behavior from her husband with another man.    "Of course, and the pillows were his idea.   It really turned him on too. During our final fuck, he kept going on and on about how he was going toshoot a big load in there for you to eat out.   He even said that if he hadknown, he wouldn't have cum twice in my mouth, and instead shot it in myshithole, so there would be even more in there.   But I told him I wouldhave   missed eating it myself. "   I just laid there in shock.

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    Then Mishi started to whisper in my ear,with her still hoarse sexy voice, "Come on, Greg, you wanted to eat mynasty shithole before.   Now here's your chance. " I was still to stunned tomove.    She was right of course, but not in this condition.   I started toprotest, "I know, I know, but. . . "   "Greg, if you don't eat my shithole while its full of a black man's cum,I wont let you watch next time.   Now do it!  I can't keep it up there muchlonger. " Now I was beginning on having second thoughts about watching herfuck Luke.    Mishi placed her hands on top of my head and used them to push my faceto her boiling asshole.   It was like I was in a trance, as I let her placemy head were she wanted it.   Soon I laid between her out stretched legs. She   clasped my head over my ears with both hands and guided, not forced, mymouth to her cum-filled shithole.   She reached back and spread herasscheeks as far apart as she could.


     Before my lips even hit her shithole, I new I was hooked.   As strong asthe sex odor had been when I walked into the room, it was nothing   compared to the pungent fumes of sperm and shit that drifted from herhole.    I dipped the tip of my tongue into the liquid that pooled at the gapingopening of her   shithole assrings.   After a few licks the sperm along her rosebud wasgone.   Then I locked my lips to her puckerhole and dove in for the rest.   Iloved it!  My lips and mouth and her shitty asshole were on fire with thepungent black cock juice!   As I started to suck out Luke's cum, Mishi yanked my head up by my hair. Almost my entire face was covered in a film of sperm, and my open mouth washalf full of it.    Mishi stared me right in the eyes, smiled wickedly, and whispered almostsoundlessly, "Swallow it!".   And I did.   With that she shoved my face backdown to her butt.    Now I went berserk.   I licked the thickening lumps from the depths ofher shithole, and ass crack.   Before I was finished Mishi had cum again andcontracted her asshole muscles, which caused   even more cum to squirt out of the depths of her bowels and fill mymouth.    Luke's long cock must have deposited a fucking pint deep within her!   Just when I thought I had it all, Mishi told me to lie on my back.   Shethen got up on her knees at straddled my face, her shithole about sixinches away.

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     "Open wide," she practically sang.   When I did, she contracted herstomach muscles and the biggest load yet plopped into my mouth.   I could   actually watch it falling out in globs and stringy rivulets.   But then ayellow liquid   started running out of her ass, less viscous!   "Oh yeah, after I told Luke about your dinner, he took a nice hot pissup my ass!  He said he was mixing you a cocktail!  Get it?  Cock?  Tail?  "She giggled and continued to squirt cum and piss in my mouth.   Some clungto her open, inner shithole assrings.    When the flow subsided, she lowered her butt onto my face so that Iwould sweep it clean   with my tongue deep inside and around the edges.   She leaned back andwatched me feast on the remaining juices.   I looked up at her and saw a bigshit-eating grin on her face; she also knew I was hooked.    Then she farted- right in my mouth!  I could feel more of Luke's cumsplatter onto my tongue and I went crazy!  I glued my mouth to her assholeand moaned as she practically shit Luke's cum into my mouth!   Then, a hard lump came out, maybe by accident, maybe not, but she didn'tstop!  She shit right into my mouth!   She looked down at me and hissed "Oh, FUCK!  Eat my shit you worthlessfaggot!  Oh, GOD!  I can't wait to watch that big black dick fuck you upthe ass!  YESSS!!!" she must have cum again as she shit soggy turds in mymouth!   I was so turned on, I swallowed it all down!  I couldn't believe what Iwas doing!  I had let my wife get ass-fucked by a big-dicked   black man, sucked his cock, drank his piss, drank his cum and piss frommy wife's asshole, and now I was eating my wife's shit!  As she farted andshitted in my mouth, I was so excited a that point that I couldn't holdback any longer and   came in my pants, without even being touched!   Mishi didn't notice, however, she was too busy feeding me her shit!  Itshot all in my underwear, soaking them.   I groaned loudly through amouthful of shit into my wife's freshly-fucked asshole!  She contractedagain, and the final drops slid out.   I had gotten most of the shit in mymouth, and swallowed all of Luke's deposits, but my face was practicallycovered from ear to ear.    Mishi leaned down and said, "Aaaah, you missed some.   Here, I'll help. "   With that she wiped her index finger across my face and then stuck in mymouth to lick clean.   She continued this until my face was clean.

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     Satisfied for now, Mishi crawled off my face and laid down.   Then I laiddown next to her and tried to kiss her.    She looked at me and said "Don't kiss me; your breath is terrible. " Shewas exhausted, but just before she fell asleep, she said this was betterthan in her wildest dreams.   I told her that I wished I could have beenthere and watched.   She agreed; that way I could clean her shithole aftereach of Luke's deposits were still fresh and she wouldn't have to struggleto keep it from sliding out.   Then, of course, I would   drink both their piss and eat both their shit.    And when her ass was too sore, Luke would fuck MY ass like a two-dollarwhore!  I told her I couldn't wait!   At that point, I got out of bed to get some covers for us and remove myclothes, especially my own cum-filled pants.   Mishi saw this and took myunderwear and stuffed them in my mouth and told me to sleep that waythrough the night,   sucking my own cum out of my dirty underwear!   Of course, I did and dreamt about Luke's return tomorrow night. . .    To be continued in "The Misadventures of Mishi" and "The Perils ofGreggie-Poo"! 
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