What Was I Thinking Part Two


This is part two my first work of erotic art. If you like it, please feel free to write and let me know.
If I get enough responses, I’ll continue to post new stories.
While this particular scenario is fiction, most of the story is compiled from actual
What Was I Thinking ?
Part Two
As we lay there, enjoying the feel of each others naked bodies, she kisses me softly at first, then more deeply, our tongues dancing a slow tango.
She can taste herself on my lips and tongue as the eroticism of it stirs her again.
As we kiss, I reach down and tease her clit between my fingers, causing her to moan with pleasure.
She urges me to rub and tease faster as she grinds her pelvis against my hand.
Within a minute orgasm sweeps over her again as she tenses and relaxes, falling again on the pillow in total relaxation.
“I’ve never had that many orgasms in my entire life” she says.
“There’s more to come…. no pun intended” I reply…
    She takes my fingers in her mouth, tasting herself, causing me to stir and become hard again.
She slowly works my fingers in and out of her mouth, running her tongue over and under them making me crazy with pleasure.
This has to be the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced. She continues teasing my fingers, moving to my palm and eventually kissing and teasing her way up the inside, then moving to the outside of my arm.
Finding my neck, ear and shoulder, she kisses and nibbles, sending electric shocks through my body as I groan with pleasure.
She then rolls onto me and straddles my legs as she kisses my neck, moving slowly to my chest.

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I can feel her moistness against my leg as I anticipate feeling myself deep inside her.
I try to urge her to slide herself onto my eagerly awaiting cock but she giggles at me mischievously and shakes her head and says, ”No, not yet”.
I close my eyes and throw my head back in frustration as she takes my nipple between her lips and teases it expertly, sending a shiver through my body.
Moving from one nipple to the other, she has me where she wants me, slowly grinding her moistness against my leg.
I’ll do anything to be inside her…… but it’s her turn to tease and she’s not wasting this opportunity.   Paybacks are a bitch….
She kisses down my the length of my chest finding a ticklish spot just below my navel, causing me to quake again.
Continuing lower, she kisses and licks past my cock and down the inside of my thigh, using my own tricks on me.
Working her way up, she stops short a teases my balls with her tongue, making me squirm, moving my hips, trying to get her mouth to meet my cock.
She takes my cock in both hands and rubs the length of it, feeling it’s silky smoothness.
Playfully she asks. ” What do you expect me to do with this monster”
I reply,” You’re in control, do whatever you want with it”.
She lowers her head and gives a teasing stroke of her tongue the full length of the shaft, causing my body to jump.
“Damn you’re big” she says…”I don’t know if I can fit my mouth around that thing” as she flicks her tongue across the swollen head.
I throw my head back in anticipation of her taking me in her mouth as she runs her tongue along the bottom of the shaft, it’s full length, then back up the top, fondling my balls in her hand as she goes.

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She brushes her hair over one shoulder as she takes the tip between her lips, trying to easy more into her mouth and running her tongue along the bottom of the shaft.
Slowly she takes more and more as her lips part wider, working half the length.
Sensing her distress over not being able to handle anymore, I whisper,” I need to be in you……now”.
     She rolls off my legs and parts her legs, preparing for me as she rubs her moistness around the opening.
I position myself between her legs, about to experience heaven as I place the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy, I rub it up and down her fold, lubricating the head.
As I try to gently ease myself in, I can feel the incredible tightness.
I say out loud ,” you might be right…. it might be too big”.
But she urges me anyway, trying to enter her slowly and gently, inch by inch, moving in and out with each stroke she gets more and more moist.
I can feel her tightness relax with each stroke as my thick cock moves slowly deeper and deeper.
As we build a slow pace, I can feel her velvety softness release with each stroke as she moans with each new introduction.
As I enter her, I can feel her release and I plunge half my length into her, making her body tighten up as I withdraw again, then I enter her again easing still more in.
“My God, you’re going to kill me with that thing” she says as she looks up at me.
She arches her back and throws her head from side to side, as I slide the remaining length in.
As our bodies move together in rythym, I slide my full length in and out slowly,
feeling her tightness, I lean in and kiss her passionately, like lovers.

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    Feeling her breathing getting heavier and her body moving with mine, she moves her pelvis to meet mine with each stroke. I sense she’s in need for a good hard fucking.
 I move her legs over my arms to allow me to drive into her my full length.
Sliding in and out, slowly at first, wanting to feel her tightness down my full length.
As I drive deeper and faster, increasing my pace, I feel her body begin to tense.
As I drive in deeper than anything she’s ever felt before as she explodes, grabbing me and pulling me to her, burying my face into her chest. I look up to see her face contorted in a mask of pleasure and pain, she digs her fingers into my back, her body shaking.
I feel her pussy convulse over and over and over as she grabs a pillow screams into it, not wanting to make any noise.
Her body collapses in a heap as I give her one last teasing stroke, making her gasp and quake as her climax fades to total relaxation.
I roll over onto my side facing her, giving her a gentle kiss as I feel her heavy breathing.
I wrap my arms around her, feeling the sweat on her body.
“So, how was that?” I ask.
“Fucking incredible” she replies in between labored breaths as we hold each other until she recovers for the next round.
End Part Two
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