One Friday afternoon, whilst at work, I received a phone call from a college friend called Vera.   She was distraught, as her long-term boyfriend - also from college - had left her for another girl.   Over the phone it was difficult to be of any consolation, and Vera asked if I could come down to Clapham for the weekend.   As I was living not too far away in Buckinghamshire, I of course, said that I would grab a weekend bag straight after work and see her as soon as possible.   So about 5. 30 pm I loaded my BMW bike and set off for south London.   Although it was an early Friday evening - always a busy time for travelling to or from London - I quickly made the journey and shortly after 7 pm I arrived at Vera’s flat. Vera was always jovial, with an almost permanent large grin on her face.   But that night she was very different.   She looked as if she had spent the day in her pyjamas and an old dressing gown.   Her eyes were red and looked sore and it was obvious that she had been crying on and off all day.   In the kitchen, I made some tea and Vera started to tell me about the break up.   I continued to listen to her story, feed her tissues to wipe her tears and make appropriate comments and noises. When she had finished, I started to be practical and as she had not eaten since the previous day, I suggested I fetch a take away meal and some wine.   I was soon back at the flat and Vera had found some plates, cutlery, and glasses, which had briefly taken her mind off her break up.   I opened the wine, and after talking about some of the things I’d been up to since college, Vera started to laugh and join in the story telling.

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    The crying had finished and the food and wine seemed to put her in a better frame of mind.   Having put the remains in the kitchen, I returned to the living room.   I told Vera she would feel better after a bath and a change of clothes.   So I started to run a bath for her, while she found something to change in to. Vera soon entered the bathroom, as I finished filling the bath.   She unbuttoned her pyjamas top, slipped it off and after untying the bottoms, let them slide down her slim legs - her Scandinavian ancestry meant she had never been shy about her body - seeing her tiny pert tits, and a smoothly shaven cunt had my cock straining against my jeans.   So, I said I would see her when she had bathed.   Vera said no, she still wanted some company and I could always help with her bath. I knelt by the bath and started to wash her hair. Vera has wavy, naturally pale blonde hair, cut in a short bob.   I finished rinsing her hair and after soaping a sponge, I started to wash her face.   I moved on to her back and Vera splashed the soap off her face.   I moved around to her breasts.   She said I might as well use my hands now.   I was now felling uncomfortable as I still had a large erection pressed against the fly of my jeans.

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    As I washed her breasts, her nipples become very erect, and as I lent forward Vera lent towards me and kissed me.   Her arms went around my neck and our kissing became more passionate and I was becoming soaked by the bath water. “Take your clothes off, and get in” she whispered.   I must have broken some record, and I soon had them off.   My newly freed cock felt more comfortable out of its confines. Vera splashed me with water as I got in the bath. We embraced and kissed again. I started to play with her tits.   Her breasts were tiny but her nipples were long and rosy pink.   I lifted her out of the bath and perched her on corner - where the two walls around the bath met.   Taking the soapy sponge I soaped her belly and down to her thighs.   Vera opened her legs and as I rubbed her pubic mound she began to moan sensually.   I rinsed the sponge and washed off her flat belly, cunt and legs. I lowered my mouth to her cunt that had started to open its pink love petals.   I ran my tongue around her outer lip.

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   , In doing so, her inner flaps engorged and her cunt opened even more.   Vera’s sighs were becoming more vocal.   Her hands moved to my head and gently pulled me towards her.   I pushed my tongue into her vagina, flicking in and out.   Reaching up I inserted two fingers into her, fucking her with my hand and moving my tongue onto her clit.   Vera let out a gasp as I circled her love bud, which was now visible as it become engorged and peeked out from its hood, allowing even more pleasurable sensations and causing several orgasms to course through Vera’s body.   Her body slumped down into the bath and onto my body. I moved her forward so that she was facing the end of the bath, and on her knees.   She leaned in front of herself and held on to the end of the bath.   The small globes of her bum were tilted upward and I positioning myself behind her.   Stroking my glans along the pouting lips of her cunt - as Vera groaned in pleasure - I pushed forwards and stretching her wonderfully tight little cunt and was bollock deep inside her.   Having been erect for quite some time I knew that I would not last long, especially as Vera was gripping my cock so tightly.   I pushed in and out as slowly as possible, but soon I was pounding Vera with increasing speed and her cries increased with pleasure as a string of powerful orgasms wracked through her.   Then I shot spurt after spurt into her body.   She flopped back onto me and I reached around her to caress her tiny tits, and kissed her neck and face.

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    I picked her up and wrapping her in a large towel we stepped put of the bath.   I quickly dried her and then she dried me. I carried her into the bedroom and we dropped onto the bed, kissing and intimately touched each other.   I spent a long time caressing her firm breasts, and flicking my tongue over her nipples, teasing them with my lips, and gently biting them.   Vera was even more ecstatic and reached down to stroke my penis, rubbing its velvet skin up and down.   Then she bent and circled her tongue around its tip and ran saliva down its length, as her tongue ran up and down, before easing it into her mouth.   She bobbed her head until I very quickly started to cum, as her lips increased their pressure on my cock, shooting into her mouth.   She swallowed it all. I rolled her onto her back, and lifting her legs up, placing them on my shoulders, then leaning forward, thrust into her pussy.   Vera to gasped, and then let out shouts to fuck her harder and faster.   I did and having cum several times, continued much longer than before.   Vera came again and again and I stopped noting how many.   She was pushing to meet my thrusts, whilst cumming even more and with increasing strength.   Her cunt tightened with every orgasm and pushed me over the edge.   Again my sperm flooded her, then run out and down the crack of her arse.

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    As her cunt continued to pulse, I slipped from her.   I lay alongside her and with her back towards me we cuddled together, after we had pulled the covers over ourselves.   Warm, glowing and sated, we soon drifted off to sleep. In the morning I was woken by having my cock wanked.   Looking up I saw Vera with a big smile on her face.   It was no longer red and puffy.   Now I was awake, she kissed me.   As I was lying on my back Vera climbed on top and still holding my cock guided it past her slick wet labia.   She slowly slipped down my stiff pole, her lips gripping very firmly.   Vera began moving up and down, her pace slowly increasing as her cunt leaked more and more love juice.   Her sighs and moaning was enough to wake the neighbours and as I played with her breasts I started to thrust up into her. After several orgasms during which her cunt rhythmically squeezed my penis, I was near to cumming.   Vera lent forward and kissed me, and slipped of my cock.   I thought she was going to finish me off with her hand or mouth, but instead she gripped the base of my cock and squeezed tightly to stave off my ejaculation.   She then reversed her position, and again guided me back into her warm, slippery pussy.

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    She pumped my cock and I reached to her breasts and rubbed and pulled on her nipples.  To my surprise she asked me to finger her arse - the first girl to suggest this to me.   I put a hand to her cunt and using her copious fluids, lubricated several fingers. I then gently stroked her anus in a circular motion, before pushing its centre.   It slipped in with unexpected ease.   I moved it in and out, before I introduced a second digit.   Vera was moving quicker and after another couple of cum’s she suddenly stopped, raised herself off my cock and fingers.   She shouted to me to fuck her in the arse and placed my tip at the entrance of her bum and gentle pushed down.   As I gripped my prick, it disappeared into her tight rear hole.   I slowly moved in her, whilst I rubbed at her clitoral hood.   As we gently moved we both came quickly.   An exhausted Vera rolled over onto the bed as my now soft prick left her arse. After a short rest we had another bath and we fucked there again.   We spent the rest of the weekend naked - except when we had to briefly shop for provisions, to keep our strength up - and fucked as often as we could.    Vera now seemed to take a stoical attitude to the break up, and early Monday I left to start work.

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    We had several other weekends together, but with the busy schedule we both had and Vera being such an obviously sexy, beautiful woman she soon had another lover whom she later married.   So an enjoyable interlude in my life ended.   I also found a new love and married - though that turned out to be a big mistake.   May be I should have tried harder and married Vera? .